If A WebDev Could Wiki, What Would A WebDev Wiki?

wiki.jpgSo I’ve been reading up on the various distributions of wiki hosting software out there. Unsurprisingly, Wikipedia itself has a fairly comprehensive and seemingly unbiased set of articles on many of them. I thought it might be a fun personal project to set up a Wiki of some flavor as a developer exercise and as a job skill… ok, moreso for the fun, but I have to at least make a nod at practicality. A topic for this Wiki is order, I suppose. I’m aiming for a topic that would generate at least some personal and peer interest, not so important that it’s a grave responsibility but not so transient/trivial that it’s a waste of effort. Yeah, I know that’s very fine line indeed. Any recommendations? What can you see me doing or what would YOU do with the resource? Vote using the new website voting/polling function in the right hand column of the site!

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9 Responses

  1. Mystech says:

    Some suggestions already on my list…
    – A Victorian Era wikipedia, gaslight, etc (too niche?)
    – A LARP focus wikipedia (too generic? has it effectively been done)
    – Shattered Isles wikipedia (not sure where things stand for part three though)
    – A Forest of Doors wikipedia (not sure if I can play enough to support it)
    – Hikepedia; focus on hiking articles, techinques, locations, etc (this could be a lot of work)
    – Atlanta wikipedia

  2. Mystech says:

    I’ve also added a polling/voting function to the web site for this question. I’ll probably use it for similar articles in the future.

  3. Tom K. says:

    I’ve set up a wiki for group solving larp plot stuff in the past.

    Right now I really want to make a homebrewing wiki for my beer hobby. There are two or three out there, but they are small, weak, and contributed to by mostly a single person. I’d wiki whatever you can get the most commuunity support for. Participation is what makes a wiki strong, not the code or form.

    Oh, and now that I’ve knocked the code, lemme know what package you use. 🙂

  4. Mystech says:

    Good point about the community. Wiki as a one-man show is a brutal proposition. Codewise, right now I am leaning toward MediaWiki just because there is so much support and extendability for it. Other contenders were OpenWiki, PhpWiki, PHPWiki and Midgard.

    Speaking of booze… What do you know about making cider? 🙂

  5. Tom K. says:


    First one was primed with 11oz apple juice, the second with 16 oz. Both were appropriately primed.

    Both of these recipes will ferment to dryness. If you prefer a sweet cider to a dry cider, add a half-teaspoon of sugar to the finished product when you drink it. Warning: it will foam up a lot when you add the sugar, so use a big glass.

  6. Mystech says:

    Hey, thanks for the pointers. Any advice for local suppliers of yeast, campden, etc?

  7. Tom K. says:

    The three local homebrew shops I use are WineCraft on Roswell Rd, just outside the Perimeter, Beer Necessities in Alpharetta, and Home Brewing Supply in Lilburn. I don’t know what part of town you’re in right now.

    Campden tabs are standard, use the blue foil packet “Premeir Cuvee” yeast, and I felt the yeast nutrient helped the fermentation. Tell the person at the brew shop what you’re doing; they’ll give you pointers. Remember that sanitation is the most important part of the process! Sanitize your container!

  1. September 2, 2006

    […] Two New Features at Cafe Arcane by Mystech @ 12:14 pm I’ve added a voting booth/poll system and a random thumbnail image to the right sidebar of the site. Refreshing any page will update the thumbnail, which can also be clicked on to take you to the gallery in which the image resides. The current poll is for the Wiki article from earlier this week. Past polls will be archived and can be access via the “Previous Polls” feature (at the bottom of the poll box). Voters can also add their own voting items to an existing poll (play nice, don’t abuse). Posted in: LiveJournal, Site Information | 1 reads | | Permalink Digg this | Del.icio.us Bookmark […]

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