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DSM-IV Supplemental Entry: Econopath 0

DSM-IV Supplemental Entry: Econopath

General Traits & Warning Signs: Individual exhibits exceptional glibness and superficial charm, particularly among casual or newly established relationships. Particularly adroit at Congressional Hearing interviews. Core interpersonal relations centered on hostility and domination. Other...

Google & T-Mobile G1 Android Phone 1

Google & T-Mobile G1 Android Phone

All the good stuff is there, but there are several items between the three parties responsible (Google, HTC and T-Mobile) that annoy me.  Some are easy to fix and may change under customer pressure...

Search & Seizure Goes Corporate 3

Search & Seizure Goes Corporate

Imagine, if you will, a theft steals a candy bar from a convenience store. The clerk suspects that the thief lives in a large apartment complex nearby.  So the clerk approaches the apartment complex...