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Peculiar Plant, Need Identification

I’ve seen these little guys growing along several city and park trails. These seem immature and between 4 and 6″ in height, moist soil, partial sun. Any ideas what it is?

Commuter Shortcut 0

Commuter Shortcut

I was updating the custom Google Map I keep with all the resources near my place that can be reached on foot or by bike and I noticed that many of the smaller roads...

Hoh Rain Forest Vacation 0

Hoh Rain Forest Vacation

My sister and her boy friend just got back from their vacation in the Hoh Rain Forest and sent me some great photographs. My envy knows no bounds. The place looks amazing and primordial....

Rock Town Day Hike 3

Rock Town Day Hike

Saturday morning, Cyberduck, Ranch_Medicine and myself drove up to Pigeon Mountain (just outside of Lafayette, Georgia) to hike around Rock Town (not to be confused with Rock City). It’s a collection of oddly eroded...