Faux News vs. Utah Mayor

Speaks pointed me towards the Fox News website for this, but their site is a tangles nightmare of bad code, poor browser support and I’m not sure how much longer the video will remain there, but Google Video is another matter… Faux/Fox News showing it’s typical style as they try to shame Salt Lake City’s mayor for not blindly supporting President Bush’s continued erosion of the Constitution and lies to the American public. After some well-rehearsed and Fox issued rhetoric by their blond, host-bot, Rocky opens up on them. Fox hangs in there as long as they can, trying to cut Anderson off with everything short of a mute button but ultimately has to shut down the interview. Slither back under that rock, Fox and please, don’t insult us by using the word “Journalist” in your job descriptions. Livejournal reader, click through for video.

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3 Responses

  1. hoshiadam says:

    Wow, that is exactly what it is like trying to talk to my coworkers about politics. They interrupt and ask driving questions as if one tiny point disproves everything I am trying to say.

  2. Mystech says:

    In psychology there is a phenomena of rabidly and unrealistically defending a choice (for a president in this case) even after that choice is glaringly bad for the chooser. A sort of defense mechanism comes into play to attempt to justify the decision maker’s choice by any means possible. In this case, if the barest shred of supporting material can be vaguely indentified, the chooser feels his/her decision making powers and judgement are still somewhat intact and shame/responsibility can be deferred. The desperation you hear in your coworker’s voices is typical of this process.

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