From Russia, With Freelance

Sometimes you see those freelance gigs that just set off all sorts of alarms in your head. I’m not sure how long this offer for Proxy Server and Script Setup will remain up so I’ve also taken a screen capture. Oh sure, sure there are plenty of legitimate and even beneficent uses for such a project, but there are a whole lot more nefarious or at least dubious ones.

There are some important points the author leaves unanswered though, such as: Will I be paid in Rubles, Black Market Art Treasures, Crates of AK-47s or Cold War Memorabilia?

On the flip side there are distinct advantages of working for the Russian Mafia:

  • No pesky 1099s
  • You are paid upon delivery (and get to keep the metal briefcase your cash comes in)
  • After 3rd job you get a great mob nickname (Ivan Codefingers)

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