Luciferous Logolepsy

Years ago there was a site packed with all sorts of wonderful archaic words. It was both a pleasure to explore and inspiration to reference. Sadly, the domain seems to have expired and is now squatted by a California Hotels page. I’ve reproduced what I can of the site’s old content here and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

“Welcome to Luciferous Logolepsy, a collection of over 9,000 obscure English words. Though the definition of an English word might seem to be straightforward, it is not. There exist so many adopted, derivative, archaic or abandoned words in what we loosely define as the English Language, that a clear-cut definition seems impossible.

For the purposes of this project though, words are included that may stretch any basic definitions. Particular attention has been paid to archaic words, as they tend to be more evocative – as if their very age lends additional meaning or overtones.”

a chevalphrase'on horseback'; astride; straddling.
a corps perduphrase'with lost body'; impetuously; in desperation.
a fondphrase'to the bottom'; thoroughly.
a la belle étoilephrase'under the beautiful star'; in the open air at night.
a la mortphrase'to the death'; mortally.
a mensa et thoroadjective'from table and bed'; applied to judicial separation of husband and wife.
a outrancephrase'to the utmost'; to the death.
ab initiophrasefrom the beginning; from the very start or outset
ab iratophrasefrom an angry man: hence, not to be taken tooseriously
ab ovophrasefrom the egg: from the very beginning, hence completely and in great detail; throughly or voluminously
abderianadjectivepertaining to foolish or excessive laughter
abdominousadjectivehaving or pertaining to a distended stomach
abligurationnounextravagance in cooking and serving
ablutomanianouna mania for washing oneself
abscissinnounhormone which triggers the fall of autumn leaves in certain trees
absquatulateverbto leave hurriedly, suddenly, or secretly
abstersiveadverbserving to cleanse or purge
acalculianounthe inability to work with numbers
acapnoticnounperson who doesn't smoke
acariasisnouninfestation with mites or ticks; the itch.
acaricidenounsubstance killing mites. acaricidal, adjective
acarpousadjectiveBotany, not yielding fruit.
acatalepsynounstate of being impossible to understand; Philosophy, sceptic doctrine that knowledge cannot be certain. acataleptic, adjective
acaudateadjectivelacking tail.
acaulescentadjectivelacking a stem.
accensornounRoman Catholic, acolyte.
acceptilationnounthe settlement of a debt without payment
accessitnounhonourable mention of one who comes nearest to a prize.
acciaccaturanounMusic, very short note played before a longer note; short appoggiatura.
accismusnounrhetorical device of pretending to refuse.
acclivitynounslope upward. acclivitous, acclivous, adjective
accouchementnounchildbirth. accoucheur, accoucheuse, noun male and female midwife respectively
accrementitionnounBiology growth by addition of similar matter.
accrescentadjectiveBotany, growing larger even after flowering.
accubationnounact or state of reclining at table; Medicine, accouchement.
accumbentadjectiveBotany, (of plants) lying against something.
acediastnouna person who is slothful or wickedly lax when it comes to spiritual or religious matters
aceldamanounfield, or scene, of bloodshed.
acephalistnounthe balky maverick who acknowledges no head or superior or authority
acephalousadjectivelacking a head or a leader; lacking the first syllable or foot (of a hexameter).
acericadjectivepertaining to the maple.
aceroseadjectivelike a needle.
acerousadjectivewithout horns or antennae.
acersecomicnounone who has never had a haircut
acervateadjectiveBotany, growing in heaps; clustered.
acervationnounheaping up.
acervulineadjectiveresembling small heaps
acescentadjectivebecoming, or tending to be, sour.
acetabulumnouncuplike hollow on hipbone to receive thighbone.
acetariousadjectiveapplied to plants used in salads.
acetometernouninstrument measuring strength of acetic acid or vinegar. acetometry, noun
acharnounkind of pickles.
achenenounsmall one-seeded fruit of plant; naked seed.
acheronticadjectivedarky, gloomy, forbidding
achlamydeousadjectiveBotany having neither petals nor sepals.
acholousadjectivelacking bile.
achondroplasianouncondition where cartilage does not develop normally, resulting in dwarfism.
achornounMedicine, archaic, eruption on the scalp.
achromatopsianouncolor-blindness, where only white, grey and black are visible.
achromianounMedicine, pallor. achromic, adjective
acronychaladjectiveOccurring at nightfall
aciculanouna needle-shaped prickle, spine or crystal. acicular, adjective aciculate, adjective having bristles or spines; with scratched appearance.
acidophilicadjectiveeasily stained by acid dyes; thriving in acid environment.
acidulousadjectivesharp or sour in taste or manner. acidulate, v.
acieragenounprocess of steel-plating. acierate, v. make into steel.
acinaciformadjectivehaving shape of scimitar.
aciniformadjectiveshaped like cluster of grapes; full of seeds, like a grape.
acinousadjectivecontaining small seeds or drupes.
aclinicadjectiveapplied to line passing through all points where there is no magnetic inclination. aclinic line, magnetic equator.
acologynounscience of medical remedies.
aconitenounthe monk's-hood or wolf's-bane plant.
aconitinenounpoisonous alkaloid obtained from aconite.
acopicnoun& a. Medicine, curative of fatigue.
acornounMedicine, stomach acidity.
acosmismnoundoctrine denying existence of universe distinct from God. acosmist, noun
acotyledonnounplant without differentiated seed lobes. acotyledonous, adjective
acouasmnouna ringing sound in the head
acoumeternouninstrument measuring keenness of hearing. acoumetry, noun
acousmanounringing noise in head.
acquittancenounpayment of, or release from, debt; full receipt.
acraeinnounfoul-tasting butterfly's juice
acrasynounanarchy, disorder.
acroamaticadjectiveesoteric, told only orally.
acroaticadjectivepertaining to profound learning
acrocephalicnoun pertaining to pointed heads; someone with apointed head
acrodontadjective(of a tooth) fused with the jaw; having such teeth.
acrogennounBotany, any flowerless plant where growth takes place at the tip of the main stem. acrogenous, adjective
acrolithnounstatue with wooden trunk and stone head and extremities.
acrologicadjectivepertaining to initials.
acromegalynoungigantism; enlargement of extremities, head, jaw, etc., due to excess secretion of pituitary gland. acromegalic, adjective
acromonogrammaticadjectiveapplied to verse in which each line begins with letter with which preceding line ended.
acronyxnouningrowing nail.
acrophonynounThe use of a word starting with a letter of the alphabet as the name of the letter.
acroscopicadjectiveBotany, facing, or moving to, apex.
acrospirenounthe first real shoot developing in a germinating grain seed.
acrotericadjectivepertaining to or affecting the extremities.
acroterionnounArchitecture, ornament or its pedestal at angle of pediment.
acroticadjectivepertaining to surface. acrotism, noun failure of pulse.
actamernouna substance preventing the growth of bacteria in cosmetics and soaps.
actinismnounproperty of solar radiation of causing chemical change. actinic, a.; actinic glass, glass opaque to actinic rays.
actino-chemistrynounchemical study of actinism; photo-chemistry.
actinographnouninstrument for calculating time of photographic exposures.
actinoidadjectivestar-shaped; like rays.
actinologynounscience of chemical effects of light.
actinometernouninstrument measuring heating power of the sun's rays; Photography, instrument for calculating exposure times. actinometry, noun
actinomorphicadjectiveBotany, having symmetrically radiated shape.
actinomycosisnounparasitic disease in men and cattle resulting in inflammation of jaw; 'lumpy jaw'.
actinophonenouninstrument in which sound is produced by actinic rays. actinophonic, adjective
actinotherapynounuse of ultra-violet and other actinic rays in medical treatment.
actum ut supraphrase'done as above' (abbr. a.u.s.).
aculeateadjectiveBotany, bearing many sharp points; Zoology, having sting; incisive.
acuminateadjectivepointed; tapering; v.t. sharpen; v.i. end in point.
acuminulateadjectivevery sharply pointed; ending in minute point.
acushlanounterm of address: darling.
acutorsionnountwisting artery with needle to stop bleeding.
acyanopsianouncolor blindness towards blue.
acyrologynounincorrect diction.
ad baculumphraseto the rod: appealing to or suggesting the use of force to settle the question
ad captandum (vulgus)phrase'to capture' the affection or suit the taste (of the crowd).
ad captandum benevolentiamphrasewith intent to win good will or favor
ad captandum vulgusphrasewith intent to take in the public: designed to court the crowd emotionally, even if using unsound reason
ad crumenamphraseto the purse: appealing to greed or to the hearer's pocket
ad finemphrase'to the end' (abbr. ad fin.).
ad hanc vocemphrase'to this word' (abbr. a.h.v).
ad hunc locumphraseLaw, 'at this place'; on this passage (abbr. ad loc. ; a.h.l.).
ad ignorantiumphraseto ignorance: depending for its effect on thehearer's not knowing something essential; arguing that something is true because it has not been proven false, or challenging another to disprove rather than endeavoring to prove
ad interimadjective'at interval'; meanwhile; for the present (abbr. ad int.).
ad judiciumadjectiveto judgment: appealing to the common sense of mankind or to the judgment of the people
ad libitumadjective'at one's pleasure'; as much or long as desired; Music, according to desire of performer (abbr. ad lib.). ad-lib, v.i. & t. speak impromptu, especially (of actors) jokes, words, etc., not written or rehearsed, or to replace forgotten lines; a. said on the spur of the moment; n. an ad-lib statement.
ad locumadjective'at the place' (abbr. ad loc.)
ad misericordiamadjectiveto compassion: appealing to a sense of pity or mercy; asking compassion
ad populumadjectiveto the people: appealing to popular sentimental weaknesses rather than to facts or reasons
ad remadjectiveto the matter: to the point; pertinent to the matter
ad unguemadjectiveto the fingernail: with great precision; finely
ad usumadjective'to usage'; according to custom (abbr. ad us.)
ad valoremadjectivein proportion to value, especially of import duties of a percentage of the value of the imports (abbr. ad val.).
ad verbumadjectiveto the word: word for word; literally; verbatim
ad verecundiamadjectiveto modesty: appealing to traditional values, reverence for authority, or sense of prestige; requiring an opponent to offend against decorum
ad vitam aut culpamadjective'to life or misdeed'; so long as good behaviour lasts.
adactylousadjectivelacking fingers, toes or claws. adactylia, noun congenital lack of toes or fingers.
adaxialadjectiveon, beside, or turned towards, axis of an organ, organism, or plant.
additamentnounthing added.
addititiousadjectivepertaining to, or resulting from, addition; Astronomy, applied to force increasing gravitation between planet and satellite.
adductverb(of muscles) draw towards a central axis. adductor, noun such a muscle.
adelphogamynounform of marriage in which brothers share a wife or wives.
ademonistnounperson denying existence of demons or the Devil.
ademptionnounLaw, revoking by testator, donor, etc., of legacy, donation, etc., by previously paying sum or parting with object bequeathed.
adenianounMedicine, enlargement of glands.
adenitisnouninflammation of glands.
adenomanounusually non-lethal tumour of gland. adenomatous, adjective
adenopathynounglandular disease.
adenotomynounincision into or removal of gland.
adespotonnounanonymous saying, poem, etc.
adevismnoundenial of legendary gods.
adhibitverbgrant admittance to; apply; attach.
adiabaticadjectivewithout losing or gaining heat. adiabatic gradient, rate of change in temperature of rising or falling air.
adiabolistnounperson denying existence of the Devil.
adiactinicadjectivenot transmitting actinic rays.
adiaphoresisnounabsence or lack of perspiration. adiaphoretic, n & adj. (drug) preventing perspiration.
adiaphoristicadjectivetheologically indifferent
adiaphoronnoun(pl. -ra), matter of indifference; Theology, religious observance left to conscience; amoral matter. adiaphorism, noun belief in doctrine of adiaphora. adiaphorist, noun adiaphoristic, adj. applied to certain controversies on religious observances. adiaphorous, adj. neutral; indifferent, neither right nor wrong (of conduct, etc.)
adiaphorousadjectiveneutral; neither right nor wrong; neither deleterious nor salubrious
adiapneustianoundefective perspiration.
adiathermicadjectiveimpervious to heat. adiathermancy, noun
adientadjectivetending to expose an organism to, or turn it towards, a stimulus or situation.
adipescentadjectivebecoming fatty.
adipicadjectiveChemistry, pertaining to fatty or greasy substance.
adipsynounlack of thirst. adipsous, adjective Medicine, quenching thirst.
aditnounentrance, especially horizontal passage into mine.
adjectitiousadjectiveadded, thrown in
adjuvantadjectivehelping; Medicine, remedial; n. such drug.
admaxillaryadjectivenear or connected with jaw.
adminiclenounsomething that helps or supports; corroboratory evidence; explanatory proof
adnateadjectiveBotany closely attached; related; grown together especially unusually. adnation, noun
adonizeverbadorn oneself (of men).
adoptionismnoundoctrine that Christ was Son of God by adoption and not birth. adoptionist, noun & a.
adoraladjectivenear to mouth.
adosculationnounsexual impregnation by contact only; wind-pollination.
adoxographynoungood writing on a trivial subject
adrectaladjectiveclose to rectum.
adrenergicadjectivereleased or activated by adrenalin.
adscititiousadjectivenot essential; supplemental; superfluous"adsorb"
adsumadjective'I am present'.
adumbrateverbshadow forth; outline; sketch out. adumbrative, adjective adumbration, noun
aduncousadjectivehook-shaped; crooked. aduncity, noun inward curvature.
adustadjective (sun) burnt or scorched; dried up by heat; gloomy, sad.
advectionnounhorizontal movement of an air mass, causing temperature changes.
advenientadjectivedue to outside causes. advenience, noun
adventitiousadjectiveMedicine, Botany, added from without; not essential; accidental; casual; acquired; adventive.
adventiveadjectiveBotany, (plant) not completely naturalized or growing out of natural habitat.
adversarianounpl. collection of notes and comments; commonplace book.
adversativeadjective nounGrammar, (word or clause) expressing opposition or antithesis.
adynamicadjectivelacking strength; causing weakness. adynamia, n..
adynatonnounmagnifying or exaggerating an actual event by reference to something impossible
adytumnouninner sanctuary of temple; secret room.
aedilenounhead of ancient Roman office of works. aedility, noun aedile's office.
aedoeologynounstudy of generative organs.
aegagrusnounmountain goat of Asia Minor.
aegilopsnounstye in inner corner of eye.
aegrotatnoun'he or she is ill'; certificate of student's illness for absence from university lectures or examination. aegrotat degree, degree given to student absent from examination by reason of illness.
aeneousadjectivelike brass.
aenosnounuse of erudite words or allusions to appeal to the learned
aeolipylenounfirst steam engine, with globe made to revolve by steam jets, described in 1st century AD.
aeolotropicadjectivehaving different physical properties in different positions or directions.
aepyornisnounlarge fossil bird of Madagascar.
aeriformadjectivelacking substance, unreal; gaseous.
aerobiologynounthe biology of airborne particles and organisms.
aerodoneticsnounscience of gliding.
aerogenicadjectivederived from air; gas-forming. aerogenesis, noun
aerologynounstudy of physical properties of atmosphere, especially meteorological.
aeromancynoundivination by the state of the air; weather forecasting. aeromantic, adjective
aeromechanicsnounscience of mechanical properties of gases.
aerometernouninstrument measuring weight or density of gases. aerometry, noun such measurement; pneumatics.
aeronomynounstudy of chemical and physical phenomena in the upper atmosphere. aeronomic, adjective
aeropausenounlevel above surface of earth above which ordinary aircraft cannot fly.
aerophagianounneurotic habit of swallowing air.
aerophobianounfear of air, draughts.
aerophorenounapparatus for inflating lungs, especially of still-born child.
aerophytenounplant obtaining all nourishment from the air; epiphyte.
aeropleusticadjectivepertaining to aerial navigation.
aeroscopynounobservation of varying air conditions.
aerospacenounthe Earth's atmosphere and space beyond it.
aerospherenounthe entire atmosphere surrounding the Earth.
aerostatnounlighter-than-air craft. aerostatic, adjective aerostatics, noun science of gases in equilibrium. aerostation, noun navigation of aerostats.
aerugonounrust, especially of copper and brass; verdigris. aeruginous, adjective
aesculaceousadjectivepertaining to or like horse-chestnut; belonging to the horse- chestnut family of plants.
aesculapianadjectiverelating to that which is medical or to the artof healing
aesthesianounsensibility, sense perception.
aesthesiogenicadjectivecausing sensation.
aesthesiometernouninstrument measuring acuteness of sense perception.
aesthesisnounsense perception, aesthesia.
aestivaladjectiveof summer. aestivation, noun Zoology, sleepiness in animals during summer; Botany, arrangement of organs in flower bud.
afebrileadjectivefree from fever.
afferentadjectivecarrying towards, especially of nerves carrying impulses to centres.
affichenounposter; placard.
affinaladjectiverelated by marriage.
affinedadjectiveclosely related; connected.
afflatusnoundivine breath; inspiration. afflation, noun act of breathing upon; inspiration.
affluxnounflowing towards or together.
affranchiseverbliberate from servitude, debt etc.
affreightmentnounhiring of a ship to carry freight; such a contract.
affricatenounrub; grate on;, noun Phonetics, sound, as or, comprising a stop developing into a fricative. affrication, noun affricative, n., adjective
affusionnounpouring liquid on, especially in baptismal ceremony or as medical treatment.
afreetnounin Arabian mythology, an evil spirit or giant monster.
afrormosianouna dense tropical hardwood resembling teak, used for furniture and panelling.
afterdampnounpoisonous gas (mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen) remaining after explosion of fire-damp in mine; choke-damp.
agalactianounMedicine, absence or lack of milk secretion. agalactic, agalactous, adjective
agamogenesisnounnon-sexual reproduction. agamogenetic, adjective
agamynounlack of marriage or sexual reproduction.
agastopianounadmiration of a particular part of someone's body
agelastnounsomebody who absolutely never laughs
agenesisnounincomplete development of body or part of body. agenesic, adjective
agenhinanouna guest at an inn who, after having stayed for three nights, was considered one of the family
agenocratianounopposition to birth control
ageotropicadjectiveBotany, turning away from the earth; apogeotropic.
ageustianounabsence of sense of taste.
aggernounearth rampart or bank, especially Roman.
aggerationnounheaping up; mound raised by prehistoric people when erecting standing stones. aggerose, adjective in heaps; having many heaps.
aggerwatornounlocks of hair that frame the face
agglomerateverbcollect, especially into a mass; a. so collected; clustered; n. Geology, rock comprised of angular volcanic fragments.
agglutinateverbjoin firmly; thicken; make like glue; coagulate; Philology, make compound words by additions. agglutinin, noun substance in blood causing coagulation. agglutinogen, noun substance causing production of agglutinin. agglutinative, adjective applied to agglutinated words or languages containing many such words. agglutination, noun
agglutinationnouncompound-word formation from discrete word elements, or the creation of derivatives and inflections, by added affixes, e.g. 'disestablishment' from 'dis', 'establish',and 'ment'
agionouncharge made when cash is given for paper currency, or one currency is exchanged for another. agiotage, noun such exchange; speculation; brokerage.
agiotagenounplaying the stock market
agistverbLaw, care for, feed cattle, horses, for payment. agistment, noun this practice; pastureland available for this.
aglossaladjectiveZoology, lacking tongue.
aglutitionnounstate of being unable to swallow.
agnateadjectivehaving same male forefather; allied; Law, related on father's side; n. such relative. agnation, noun kinship.
agnathousadjectivelacking jaws. agnathia, noun
agnogenicnounof unknown cause
agnoiologynounthe study of ignorance
agnomennounadditional name. agnomination, noun surname; punning; alliteration.
agnosianounloss of ability to recognize familiar things or people."agnosy"
agonnounstruggle, contest (especially athletic); conflict between main characters in a play, novel etc. agonist, noun competitor; protagonist in literary work. agonistic, a., competitive; striving for effect.
agonicadjectiveapplied to line drawn through all places where magnetic north is the same as true north.
agonistnouna struggler; a person who is contending, whether in a mental or spiritual conflict or against an opponent for an athletic prize
agonisticnouncombative; strained for the sake of effect
agraffenounhook, especially on piano-string to prevent rattle.
agraphianouninability to write due to form of aphasia.
agrestialadjectivegrowing in country, fields (especially of weeds).
agresticadjectiveof the countryside; rustic, uncouth.
agriologynounstudy of customs of primitive peoples.
agrologynounscientific study of soils. agrological, adjective
agrostologynounBotany, study of grasses. agrostologic(al), adjective agrostologist, noun agrostography, noun description of grasses.
agrypnianounsleeplessness. agrypnotic, noun & a. (stimulant) causing wakefulness.
agynaryadjectiveBotany, lacking female organs.
ahimsanounprinciple of non-violence towards any living creature, in Hinduism and Buddhism.
aigernountidal wave in river; bore.
aigrettenounspray of feathers; any object in that shape; egret.
aiguillenoun'needle'; sharp point; peak.
ailurophilenounone fond of cats. ailurophilia, noun ailurophobe, noun one with dread of cats.
ailurophobenounthe person who can't stand cats
airmongernounthe man or woman who is attracted to visionary ideas and projects
aischrolatreianounworship of filth, dirt, smut; obscenity cult
aitnounsmall island in river or lake; eyot.
akinesianounparalysis of motor nerves. akinetic, adjective
alanoun(pl. -lae ) 'wing'; wing- shaped projection.
alalianounloss of speech.
alamodenounsoft, light silk, used in 19th century for shawls, dresses, etc.
alaninenounan amino-acid occuring in protein.
alar(y)adjectivelike or pertaining to a wing or shoulder.
alastrimnoundisease like, or mild form of, smallpox.
alateadjectivewinged. alation, noun state of having wings; disposition of wings in insect.
alaudineadjectivebelonging to bird family which includes the skylark; like or pertaining to skylark.
albnounlong white priestly garment.
albescentadjectivebecoming white; whitish.
albicantadjectivegrowing white. albication, noun formation of white patches in plants.
albificativeadjectiveable to whiten.
albiflorousadjectivehaving white flowers.
alboradonounmorning song.
albugineanounwhite of eye; white fibrous tissue. albugineous, adjective like white of eye or egg.
albugonounMedicine, white spot on cornea of eye; leucoma; Botany, white rust.
albuminurianounpresence of albumin in urine.
aleatoricadjective(of electronic music) with random elements inside a framework.
aleatoryadjectivedependent on chance; pertaining to gambling or luck.
alegarnounsour ale; malt vinegar.
alegernounin good spirits, happy
alembicnounancient distilling apparatus; purifying or transforming apparatus or act. alembicate, v. distil. alembicated, adjective rather too refined (of literary style).
alephnounfirst letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
alethiologynounstudy of nature of truth.
aleurometernouninstrument measuring gluten content of flour.
aleuronenounprotein granules in plant seeds; external protein layer of cereal seeds.
alevinnounyoung fish, especially salmon just hatched.
alexianouninability to read due to aphasia.
alexipharmicadjective noun(antidote) against poisoning.
alexipyreticnoun& a. (drug) curative of fever.
alexitericnoun& a. preventive of contagion; antidote against poison.
alfetnountest in which an accused person plunges his hand into vat of boiling water
alfinnounbishop in game of chess
algedonicadjectivepertaining to pain, especially in association with pleasure.
algedonicanounthe science of pleasure and pain
algidadjectivechilly, especially during fever. algidity, noun
algificadjectivemaking cold.
alginuresisnounMedicine, painful urination.
algivorousadjectivefeeding on algae.
algogenicadjectiveproducing pain; reducing body temperature.
algolagnianountaking sexual pleasure in inflicting or enduring pain. algolagnic, adjective algolagnist, noun
algometernouninstrument measuring sensitivity to pain. algometry, noun
algophobianounmorbid dread of pain.
algornouncoldness; shivering fit in fever.
algorismnounart of calculating, especially in Arabic numeration; arithmetic. algorismic, adjective
algousadjectivepertaining to algae.
aliasadjectiveotherwise called; n. assumed name.
alicyclicadjectivedenoting organic compounds that are both aliphatic and cyclic, i.e. aliphatic in chemical behaviour but having their carbon atoms in a ring.
alidadenouninstrument used in surveying & navigation.
alienismnounstudy of mental disease. alienist, noun expert in alienism; American, psychiatrist specialising in legal aspects of mental illness.
aliferousadjectivehaving wings.
aliformadjectivelike a wing.
alimentnounfood; nourishment. alimental,, adjective affording food. alimentary, adjective pertaining to food; nourishing; alimentation, noun act of feeding or being fed. alimentative, adjective nourishing.
alimentotherapynounMedicine, treatment by dieting.
alipedadjectivehaving winged feet; n. such an animal.
aliphaticadjectivepertaining to fat; Chemistry, applied to group of organic compounds, including the fats, having open-chain structure.
aliquantadjective(number) not dividing exactly into another number; not aliquot.
aliquotadjective noun(number) contained an exact number of times in another number; equal share; v.t. divide into equal parts.
aliteradjective'otherwise'; Law, requiring a different rule.
alknounresin obtained from turpentine tree.
alkahestnoununiversal solvent sought by alchemists.
alkalifyverb& v.i. change into alkali.
allagrugousadjectivegrim and ghastly
allantiasisnounsausage poisoning.
allantoicadjectivepertaining to allantois; sausage-shaped. allantoid, adjective
allantoisnounsac-like fetal membrane developing into umbilical cord and forming part of placenta.
allativenoun& a. Grammar, (case) expressing motion towards.
alliaceousadjectivehaving smell or taste of garlic; belonging to the onion family of plants."alligation"
allisionnounintentional collision, especially of ships.
allocaturnounLaw, (certificate of) allowance of costs.
allochromaticadjectivepertaining to change of color; variable in color.
allochroousadjectivechanging in color.
allocutionnounauthoritative or exhortatory address; Roman Catholic, formal papal address to College of Cardinals.
allodiumnounproperty under absolute ownership; freehold; American, estates in fee simple. allodial, adjective
allogamynouncross-fertilization. allogamous, adjective
allogeneousadjectivedifferent in kind. allegeneity, noun
allograftnounsurgical graft from a non-identical donor.
allographnounwriting especially signature, for another; opposite of autograph.
allolalianounform of aphasia in which words are spoken at random.
allomerismnounChemistry, variation in constitution without variation in form.
allometrynounstudy of growth of a part of an organism in relation to the whole.
allongenounCommerce, slip of paper attached to bill of exchange for additional endorsements.
allonymnounother person's name assumed by writer; work published under an allonym. allonymous, adjective
allophonenounany of several speech sounds regarded as variants of a given phoneme.
allopurinaladjectivesynthetic drug used against gout.
allosematicadjectivehaving imitative protective coloration.
allotheismnounworship of strange gods
allotriophagynounthe craving for weird food
allotropynounexistence of an element in more than one form. allotrope, noun form taken by allotropic element. allotropic, adjective
alluvionnounimpact of water on shore; flood; alluvium.
almagestnouncomprehensive treatise or textbook, especially on astronomy, generally the treatise of Ptolemy.
almandinenounkind of violet-colored garnet.
almiranounfurniture for storing, e.g. cupboard or chest.
almonernounofficial who distributes alms; hospital official who interviews prospective patients, etc. almonry, noun place for alms distribution.
almucantarnounAstronomy, circle of celestial sphere parallel with horizon; parallel of altitude; telescope that, in rotating, sweeps out curves of this kind.
alniconountrademark, permanent magnet alloy of aluminium, nickel and cobalt, with some iron and sometimes copper.
alogianounspeech defect due to brain lesion, etc.
alogismnoununreasonableness; absurdity
alpestrineadjectivepertaining to alpine zone.
alphosisnounMedicine, lack of skin pigmentation.
alsikenounpink-flowered clover, grown as forage.
alsinaceousadjectivelike or pertaining to chickweed; belonging to chickweed family of plants.
altaragenounofferings at altar; payment for masses for dead; certain payments to priest.
altazimuthnouninstrument measuring altitude and azimuth of heavenly bodies.
alterativeadjectivecausing change; Medicine, changing gradually to healthy state; n. drug or other treatment changing nutritional processes.
alteritynounstate of being different.
altiloquencenounpompous, high-sounding speech.
altisonantadjectivehigh-sounding, pompous.
altivolantadjectiveflying high.
alulanounpart of a bird's wing, corresponding to thumb.
alvearynounbeehive; outer canal of ear.
alveolanoun(pl. -lae ) Botany, small cavity, especially in surface of an organ.
alveolaradjectivepertaining to alveolus; bearing alveolae; Phonetics, pronounced with tongue and alveolus; n. sound so pronounced. alveolar arch, tooth-bearing part of upper jaw.
alveolateadjectivehaving many deep cavities; like a honey-comb.
alvineadjectivepertaining to belly or intestines.
amandinenounalbumin in sweet almonds; cold cream composed of that substance.
amanousadjectivelacking hands.
amanuensisnoun(pl. amanuenses ), employee who writes from dictation; secretary.
amaranthineadjectiveeternally beautiful; unfading; everlasting
amarthritisnounarthritis of several joints.
amaryllisnounbelladonna lily; any of several similar plants; poetic name for country girl.
amatolnounexplosive composed of T.N.T. and ammonium nitrate.
amatorculistnounan insignificant or hypocritical lover
amaurosisnounloss of sight without noticeable change in eye, due to failure of optic nerve; gutta serena. amaurotic, adjective
amazianounabsence of breasts dating back to one's birth
ambagesadjective nounarchaic, circuitous path or approach; circumlocution. ambagious
ambarinounfibre-yielding plant of E Indies; kenaf.
ambatchnounspongy wood, often used for rafts
ambisinisternounleft-handed in both hands; awkward.
ambitnounscope, limits.
ambivertnounsomeone who is both extroverted and introverted.
amblyopianounpartial loss of sight not due to disease of eye; early stage of amaurosis.
amblysianounphrasing in such a way as to forewarn or to cushion a dire announcement, but sometimes thereby alarming in itself
ambonounraised place or pulpit in early Christian Church.
ambrynounniche containing sacred vessels in chancel.
ambsacenoundouble ace; lowest score; bad luck.
âme damnéenounlost soul'; dupe; tool; devoted follower."
amebicidenounsubstance killing amoebas.
amelificationnounformation of tooth-enamel.
ameloblastnounenamel-producing cell of tooth.
amendenounfine; reparation. amende honorable, public apology; full reparation for dishonour.
amenorrhoeanounabnormal absence or arrest of menstruation.
amentnouncatkin. amentaceous, adjective like or composed of catkins. amentiferous, adjective bearing catkins. amentiform, adjective catkin-shaped.
amentianounsevere, usually congenital, mental deficiency.
amerceverbpunish, especially by fine. amercement, noun amerciable, adjective
ametropianounabnormality in optical refraction, resulting in inability to focus images on the retina. ametropic, adjective
ami de cournounthe fairweather or foul-hearted friend
amiantusnounasbestos with silky fibres. amianthine, adjective
amicenounRoman Catholic, white linen square covering shoulders of celebrant priest.
amicicidenounmurder or murderer of a friend.
amicronnounone of the smallest microscopically detectable particles.
amicus humani generisnouna philathropist
aminenouncompound derived from ammonia.
aminobutenenounsynthetic pain-relieving drug, less addictive than morphine.
amitosisnoundirect cell division. amitotic, adjective
ammotherapynounmedical treatment by sand baths.
amour-proprenounself-love; self-respect.
ampelideousadjectiveof or like the vine.
ampelotherapynounMedicine, grape cure."amphibole"
amphibolicadjectiveable to turn backwards or forwards, especially of joints and limbs; ambiguous; like amphibole.
amphibolitenounrock composed of amphibole; hornblende.
amphibologynounambiguous speech; equivocation; quibble. amphibolous, adjective
amphibolousadjectivesusceptible of two meanings; ambiguous; equivocal,e.g. 'we'll engage them in battle hopefully after our reinforcementsarrive.'
amphichroicadjectiveproducing two colors. amphichrome, noun such a plant. amphichrom, noun
amphicoelousadjectiveZoology, having both surfaces concave.
amphictyonicadjectiveapplied to ancient Greek council of state-deputies. amphictyany, noun league of adjacent states.
amphicyrticadjectivewith both sides convex.
amphigeanadjectivefound or occuring throughout the world
amphigonynounsexual reproduction.
amphigorynounnonsensical writing
amphimixisnouninterbreeding; joining of germ plasm of two individuals in sexual reproduction.
amphipodousadjectiveZoology, having both walking and swimming feet.
amphiprostyleadjective noun(building) with columns at each end but not at sides.
amphirhinaladjectivewith two nostrils.
amphisbaenanounMythology double-headed serpent able to move in both directions; kind of worm-like lizard.
amphisciannoun& a. (inhabitant) of tropics, whose shadow falls in different ways according to the time of year.
amphivorousadjectiveboth carnivorous and herbivorous.
amphotericadjectiveof both kinds; Chemistry, reacting as either alkali or acid.
ampicillinnounan improved form of penicillin taken by mouth.
amplexusnounthe mating embrace of frogs and toads.
ampollositynounbombast; pompous style
amurcousadjectivestinking; filled with dregs
amycticadjectiveirritating; abrasive
amygdalanoun(pl. -lae ) any almond-shaped formation in body, e.g. tonsil.
amygdalinnounglucoside in bitter almonds, used as an expectorant. amygdaline, adjective pertaining to almonds; pertaining to tonsils.
amygdaloidnounbasaltic rock with almond-shaped cavities, adjective almond-shaped.
amylolysisnounconversion of starch into soluble products in digestive process. amylolytic, adjective
amyotonianoundeficiency of muscle tone.
anabasisnoun(pl. -ses ) upward journey; military advance inland, especially of Persians and Greeks under Cyrus (401 BC); Medicine, first phase of disease; increase of fever. anabatic, adjective ascending; Meteorology, (of wind) moving upwards.
anabiosisnounreturn to life after seeming death.
anacampserotenounsomething which can bring back a lost love
anacardicadjectivepertaining to cashew nut.
anacatharticnoun& a. (drug) causing vomiting.
anachorismnounforeign to a certain locality; geographically impossible
anachronicadjectiveout of (chronological) order; out of date.
anacliticadjectiveoverly dependent on another
anacoluthonnounan abrupt shift in midsentence in syntax to another construction
anacreonticadjectivejovial, festive and amatory
anacrusisnoununaccented syllable(s) at beginning of verse-line, or such notes at beginning of piece of music. anacrustic, adjective
anademnounband; wreath; fillet.
anadiplosisnounrhetorical device of repetition of last word of one clause at beginning of next.
anadipsianounMedicine, abnormal thirst. anadipsic, adjective
anadipsicadjectivepertaining to excessive thirst
anadromousadjectiveascending, especially of fish that ascend rivers to spawn.
anemotrophynouninsufficient nourishment of blood.
anaereticadjectiveMedicine destructive.
anaerophytenounBotany, anaerobic plant.
anagalacticadjectiveAstronomy, beyond our galaxy; not galactic.
anagapesisnounlack of interest in former loved ones
anagenesisnountissue regeneration.
anagnorisisnoundenouement in play, arising from recognition.
anagogenounspiritual exaltation; mystical interpretation of sacred works such as the Bible. anagogic(al), adjective mystical.
anagogigadjectiverelating to things spiritual and mystical; occult;gnostic
analectsnounselected parts of a literary work or works
analectsnouncollection of writings; literary gleanings. analectic
analemmanoungraduated scale in figure-of-eight, showing difference between actual time and that shown by the sun.
analepticadjective nounMedicine, restorative.
anallagmaticadjectiveMathematics, unchanged in shape by inversion.
analphabetnounan illiterate, or one who is literally ignorant of the abc's
anamnesisnounact of reminiscence; history of medical case. anamnestic, adjective
anamnesticadjectivereminiscent; aiding the memory
anamorphosisnoundistorted image only recognisable if viewed through appropriate device; method of making such images; Biology, evolution by slow changes; Botany, abnormal change of shape. anamorphoscope, noun device for viewing anamorphosis.
anandrousadjectiveBotany, without stamens.
ananiasnouna teller of untruths; liar (from a follower of the apostles who was struck dead for lying)
ananthousadjectivehaving no flowers.
ananymnounname written backwards as pseudonym.
anaphoranounrepitition of a word or phrase in successive clauses,sentences, or paragraphs for rhetorical effect, e.g. a sure man
anaphrodisianounabsence of sexual desire. anaphrodisiac, noun & a. (drug) reducing sexual desire.
anaphroditicadjectiveasexually produced.
anaplasianounreversion of plant or animal cells to a simpler form.
anaptoticadjectivePhilology, with weakened or no case inflections.
anaptyxisnouninsertion of a vowel between two consonants for ease of pronunciation.
anarthrousadjectiveZoology, non-jointed; Grammar, without the article (of Greek nouns).
anastomosisnoun(pl. -ses ) intercommunication between branches of blood-vessels, nerves, etc., or of rivers; formation of network. anastomotic, adjective
anastrophenounrhetorical device of reversing natural order of words; inversion.
anatocismnouncompound interest; taking such interest.
anatrepticadjectivedefeating, refuting
anaudianounloss of voice.
anautarchianounperpetual unhappiness
ancillanouna sidekick who helps another to accomplish or master something difficult or complicated
ancipitaladjectivehaving two faces or edges; double-headed; twofold.
ancistroidnounhaving shape of hook.
anconnounArchitecture, one of a pair of brackets supporting a cornice.
ancoraladjectivelike an anchor; hooked.
ancylostomiasisnouninfestation with hookworms, leading to anaemia.
andabatenounone who is hoodwinked, in the dark or virtually blind to the realities of a situation
androcentricadjectiverevolving around men; regarding the male sex as primary.
androcephalousadjectivewith human head.
androcracynoundomination of society by men. androcratic, adjective
androgynenounhermaphrodite; effeminate man; masculine woman. androgynism, noun
androlepsianouninternational governmental kidnapping forpolitical gain"andromedotoxin"
androphilicadjectivepreferring the male sex, or humans rather than animals.
androphobianoundread or hatred of men.
androphonomanianounhomicidal mania.
androphorousadjectiveZoology, having male organs.
androsphinxnounfigure with man's head and lion's body.
androsteronenounandrogenic steroid male hormone.
anechoicadjectivefree from echoes and reverberations; sound-absorbent.
aneleverbarchaic anoint; administer extreme unction to.
anemochordnounkind of pianoforte having strings vibrated by air currents.
anemographnounrecording anemometer. anemogram, noun record made by an anemograph.
anemophilousadjectiveBotany, pollinated by wind. anemophile, noun such plant. anemophily, noun such pollination.
anemophobianounmorbid dread of high winds, hurricanes, etc.
anemoscopenounany instrument indicating direction of wind.
anencephalynounstate of lacking a brain or a part of the brain. anencephalic, anencephalous, adjective
anenterousadjectivelacking intestine or stomach.
anergynounabsence of energy; loss of immunity.
aneroidadjectivenot using liquid. aneroid barometer, instrument measuring atmospheric pressure by recording the movements of the surface of an air- tight box.
anesisnounMedicine, abatement of symptoms; Music, tuning to lower pitch.
anfractuousadjectivewinding, tortuous
angarynounright of belligerent to take or destroy property of neutral, subject to compensation.
angelusnounprayer(s) said at early morning, noon and sunset. angelus bell, bell calling to prayer at such times.
angiitisnounMedicine, inflammation of vessel.
angiographynountechnique for X-raying major blood vessels, using dye opaque to X-rays.
angioidnounlike blood or lymph vessel.
angiologynounstudy of blood and lymphatic system.
angiomanountumour due to dilated blood vessels. angiomatosis, noun state of having many angiomas. angiomatous, adjective
angiospasmnounsudden contraction of blood vessels. angiospastic, a.; n. substance causing angiospasm.
angiotomynoundissection of or incision into blood vessel.
angosturanounBrazilian tree and its bark; tonic fluid extracted from the bark.
anguiformadjectivehaving shape of snake.
anguilliformadjectivehaving shape of eel.
anguineadjectivepertaining to or like a snake.
anhedonianounthe inability to be happy
anhedralnoundenoting the angle at which the main planes of an aircraft are inclined downwards to the lateral axis.
anhelationnounshortness of breath.
aniconicadjectivewithout idols; (of objects of worship) portrayed symbolically rather than representationally. aniconism, noun worship of object symbolising but not representing god; iconoclasm.
anicularadjectiveold-womanish, weak; feeble-minded
anidianadjective(of an embryo) shapeless.
anileadjectivelike a very old woman; imbecile.
anililagnianounsexual desire for older women
anilinenounpoisonous substance obtained from indigo, nitro-benzene, etc., used in manufacture of dyes; a. applied to dye prepared with aniline.
animadversionnoungenerally adverse criticism
animadvertverbtake notice; comment; criticize; reprove. animadversion
anionnounnegatively charged ion. anionic, adjective
aniseednoundried fruit of anise; cordial made from it.
anisometropianouncondition of eyes having unequal refractive power. anisometropic, adjective
anisosthenicadjectiveof unequal strength.
ankusnounelephant goad with hook and spike.
ankylosisnounjoining together of bones or hard parts; resulting stiffness. ankylose, v.i. (of bones) to fuse or stiffen in this way.
ankyroidadjectivehaving shape of hook.
anlacenounshort double-edged sword or long dagger.
annattonounreddish dye used for coloring foodstuffs; tropical American tree from seeds of which it is obtained.
annealverbstrengthen; temper, especially by subjecting to great heat and slow cooling.
annectantadjectiveconnecting; Biology, linking, especially of species.
annominationnounplay on words; pun.
annos vixitphrase'lived (so many) years'; was aged (abbr. a.v.).
annotinenounone-year-old, especially bird after first moult.
annuentadjectivenodding, especially of muscles that nod the head.
annulismnounringed structure.
annunciateverbannounce; proclaim. Annunciation, noun announcement of the Incarnation to Mary, mother of Jesus; feast celebrated on Lady Day (March 25); Annunciation lily, madonna lily. annunciative, annunciatory, adjective
anoanounwild ox of Celebes.
anobiidnounone of the family of beetles which includes the deathwatch and the furniture beetle.
anocatharticadjective noun(drug) causing vomiting or expectoration.
anodenounElectricity, positive terminal; electrode by which current enters, or to which electrons flow. anodal, anodic, adjective anodize, v. coat with protective film electrolytically.
anodonnounhingeless and toothless bivalve; freshwater mussel.
anodontianounabsence of teeth.
anodyneadjectivepainless, soothing
anoesisnounPsychology, mere reception of impressions without understanding or intellectual effort.
anoestrusnounperiod between two periods of sexual activity in animals. anoestrous, adjective
anoeticadjectivepertaining to anoesis.
anogenicadjectiveGeology, formed from below; plutonic.
anolytenounElectricity, portion of electrolyte about anode.
anomalisticadjectiveAstronomy, pertaining to anomaly. anomalistic month, interval between two perigees of moon. anomalistic year, interval between two perihelion passages of Earth.
anomaloscopenoundevice for testing for color blindness.
anonymunculenounan insignificant anonymous writer
anoopsianounupward squint.
anophelesnounkind of mosquito. anopheline, adjective
anopisthographicadjectivebearing writing, etc., on one side only.
anorchousadjectivewithout testicles; or gutless
anorthographynouninability to write correctly due to imperfect muscular co-ordination.
anosmianounloss of sense of smell. anosmic, adjective
anosognosianounthe lack of interest or belief in the existence of one's disease
anourousadjectivelacking a tail, especially applied to frog.
anovulatoryadjectivenot associated with ovulation; suppressing ovulation.
ansateadjectivehaving a handle. ansate cross, ankh. ansation, noun handlemaking.
Anschauungnounintuition; sense awareness of perception
anserineadjectivelike or pertaining to a goose; foolish.
antalgicadjective noun(drug) alleviating pain.
antanaclasisnouna phrasing in which the topic or key word is repeated, sometimes with a different sense or connotation, for a play on words, e.g. the business of america is business""
antapexnounAstronomy, point 180° from that to which sun is moving.
antarthriticadjective(drug) used against gout.
ante mortemphrase'before death'.
antecedaneousadjectivebefore in time."antefix"
antelucanadjectivepertaining to or occurring before dawn
antemeticadjective noun(drug) preventive of vomiting.
antemundaneadjectivebefore the Creation.
antenataladjectivebefore birth.
antenuptialadjectivebefore marriage.
antepaschaladjectivebefore Easter or the Passover.
antepastnoun foretaste, especially a first course.
antependiumnounaltar frontal; similar cloth on pulpit or lectern.
antepenultnounantepenultimate syllable or word. antepenultimate, adjective third from last.
antephialticadjectivepreventive of nightmares
anteprandialadjectivebefore dinner.
antevertverbto displace a body organ forwards. anteversion, noun
antevocalicadjectiveimmediately preceding a vowel.
anthelionnounkind of solar halo opposite sun; antisun.
anthelminticnoun(remedy) used against intestinal worms.
anthemionnoun(pl. -ia) flat cluster of leaves or flowers as ornament in classical art; Architecture, honeysuckle ornament.
anthernounBotany, male, pollen-bearing organ of flower. antheral, adjective antherozoid, noun male sexual element in lower plants; spermatozoid.
antheridiumnoun(pl. -dia) male organ in cryptogams.
anthesisnounthe process or period of flowering.
anthimerianounthe using of one part of speech for another for a strking effect
anthomanianoungreat love of flowers.
anthophagousadjectivefeeding on flowers.
anthophilousadjectiveflower-loving; feeding on flowers.
anthophorousadjectiveBotany, flower-bearing.
anthorismnouna counterdefinition, or a delineation or description differing from that of an opponent
anthotaxynounBotany, disposition of flowers in cluster.
anthozoannounsea-anemone; coral polyp; any creature of the natural class Anthozoa. anthozoan, anthozoic, adjective anthozooid, noun coral polyp.
anthracoidadjectiveresembling anthrax; resembling carbon, coal or charcoal.
anthropogenesisnounstudy of human generation or evolution. anthropogenetic, adjective
anthropogenicadjectivepertaining to the effect of human beings on the natural world.
anthropogeographynounstudy of geographical distribution of human beings.
anthropoglotnounanimal with human-like tongue; parrot.
anthropolatrynounworship, deification of a human being.
anthropolithnounpetrified human remains.
anthropometrynounmeasurement of parts and functions of human body, especially as part of study of evolution.
anthropopathynounascribing human feelings to a god or inanimate object. anthropopathic, adjective
anthropophaginianouna cannibal
anthropophobianounfear of meeting people; fear of society
anthropophuismnounascribing human nature to God.
anthropopsychismnounascribing human-like soul to nature.
anthroposcopynounevaluation of human bodily characteristics by inspection rather than anthropometry.
anthroposociologynounstudy of effect of environment on race, and vice versa.
anthroposophynounknowledge of human nature; human wisdom; form of mysticism akin to theosophy. anthroposophical, adjective
anthropotheismnounbelief that gods have human nature or are only deified human beings.
anthropotomynounhuman anatomy.
antibasilicanadjectiveopposed to principle of monarchy.
antiblasticadjectiveopposing growth, especially of harmful substances; giving natural immunity.
antibrachialadjectivepertaining to forearm.
antibromicadjectivecausing the elimination of odors; deodorizing
anticholinergicadjectiveblocking nerve impulses, in order to control intestinal spasms.
antichresisnoun(pl. -ses ) possession and enjoyment of mortgaged property by mortgagee in lieu of interest payments.
anticlasticadjectivehaving transverse and opposite curvatures of surface.
anticlinenounGeology, upward fold. anticlinal, adjective anticlinorium, noun arch-shaped group of anticlines and synclines.
anticousadjectiveBotany, turning away from axis.
anticrypticadjectiveZoology, having protective resemblance to environment.
antidromicadjective(of nerve fibres) conducting impulses in the opposite direction to normal; Botany, twining towards right and left in members of one species.
antifebrilenoun& a. preventive or curative of fever.
antigalacticadjective nounpreventive of milk-secretion.
antihydropicadjective noun(drug) used against jaundice.
antilapsarianadjective noun(person) denying doctrine of the fall of Man.
antilogarithmnounnumber of which logarithm is a power of 10 or other base (abbr. antilog.).
antilogismnounLogic, statement containing three propositions two of which contradict the third. antilogistic, adjective
antilogousadjectivecontrary; inconsistent
antilogynounself-contradictory statement.
antimetabolenounrepetition of words or ideas in different order.
antimetathesisnounrepetition of parts of antithesis in reverse order. antimetathetic, adjective
antineuriticadjective nounpreventive of neuritis, especially applied to vitamin B or food containing it.
antinomiannounone believing that belief in Christ frees someone from normal legal and moral obligations.
antinomynounan inconsistency, or built-in contradiction; opposition of one law to another
antiodontalgicadjective noun(drug) used against toothache.
antiorgasticadjective nounsedative.
antipedobaptistadjective noun(person) denying validity of infant baptism.
antiperistasisnounopposition; resistance; denying an inference while admitting the fact on which it is based.
antiphlogisticnoun& a. (drug) used against inflammation.
antiphonnouna response said or sung as part of the liturgy; a psalm etc. sung alternately by two choirs. antiphonal, adjective (of music) sung alternately.
antiphrasisnounRhetoric use of a word in the opposite sense to its usual one, for humorous or ironic purposes.
antipodagricadjectiveused against gout.
antipruriticadjective noun(drug) alleviating itching.
antipsychiatrynountreatment of mental illness not relying on drugs, etc.
antipyroticadjective noun(treatment) used against burns.
antirachiticadjectivepreventive of rickets, especially applied to vitamin D or food containing it.
antisciansnounpersons living on opposite sides of equator but in same longitude.
antiscorbuticnoun& a. preventive of scurvy, especially applied to vitamin C or food containing it.
antisidericadjective noun(substance) counteracting effect of iron.
antispastnounmetrical foot comprising an iambus followed by a trochee.
antistasisnounthe defense of an action that prevented something worse from happening
antistrophenounstanza answering strophe in Greek chorus, recited during movement from left to right. antistrophic, adjective
antistrumaticnounremedy for scrofula.
antithalianadjectivedisapproving of festivity and laughter.
antithrombinnounsubstance in blood preventing coagulation of blood.
antitoxicadjectiveneutralizing poison. antitoxin, noun antibody, especially obtained from infected animal.
antitropicadjectiveZoology, symmetrically reversed, as right and left hands. antitrope, noun such appendage. antitropy, noun state of being antitropic.
antitussivenoun& a. (drug, etc.) that alleviates or prevents coughing.
antitypenounobject or person prefigured by the type or symbol. antitypic, antitypical, adjective
antitypynounresistance to penetration or alteration."antizymic"
antoecialadjectiveapplied to places in opposite hemispheres but in same latitude and longitude. antoecians, persons living in such places.
antonomasianounliterary device of using descriptive epithet or phrase instead of person's name; using proper name as epithet.
antrorseadjectiveBiology, turning upward and forward.
antrumnoun(pl. -ra) sinus; cavity, especially leading into nose.
anuptaphobianounfear of staying single
anurannounany of the order of amphibians which includes frogs and toads.
anuresisnouninability to urinate. anuretic a.
anurianouninability to produce urine.
anurousadjectivelacking a tail, especially applied to frog.
aolistnouna person who claims to be inspired--to feel within that sudden wind of genius or artistic urgency; the wind is sometimesmore like a draft
aoristnounGrammar, (tense) signifying happening in unrestricted or unspecified past. aoristic, adjective indefinite; pertaining to aorist.
apaesthesianounloss of feeling in limb.
apaetesisnounthe angry putting aside of a matter to be takenup later
apagogenounMathematics, argument by reductio ad absurdum. apogogic(-al), adjective
apagogicadjectivepertaining to a proof by reductio ad absurdum; an indirect demonstration of a proof
apandrousadjectivehaving non-functioning male organs (of fungi, etc.).
apanthropynoundislike of being with people; love of solitude
apateticadjectiveZoology, having protective imitative coloration or shape.
apercunouna quick, penetrating insight; immediate impression,intuition, or estimate
aperientnoun& a. laxative (medicine). aperitive, adjective
apetalousadjectiveBotany, lacking petals.
aphaeresisnouncutting off beginning of word. aphaeretic, adjective
aphagianouninability to swallow.
apheliotropicadjectivegrowing away from the sun. apheliotropism, noun
aphemianounloss of power of articulate speech; motor aphasia.
aphephobenounthe person who doesn't like being touched
aphesisnoun(pl. -ses) loss of unaccented vowel at beginning of word. aphetic, adjective
aphilophrenianouna feeling that one is unloved or unwanted
aphisnoun(pl. -ides, plant-louse; member of genus Aphis which includes greenfly, etc. aphidiphagous, adjective feeding on aphides.
aphonianounloss of voice. aphonic, adjective voiceless.
aphoticadjectivewithout light.
aphrasianouninability to speak, or to make intelligible phrases.
aphyllynounabsence of leaves. aphyllous, adjective
apiaceousadjectiveparsley-like; belonging to plant family including carrot, parsley, etc.
apianadjectivepertaining to bees.
apicaladjectiveat the summit or tip; Phonetics, pertaining to a consonant formed with help of tip of tongue. apicad, adv. towards the summit.
apiculateadjective(of leaves) having short point at tip.
apiculturenounbee-keeping. apiculturist, noun
apiologynounstudy of bees.
apivorousadjectiveeating bees.
aplanatnounaplanatic lens. aplanatic, adjective free from spherical aberration. aplanatism, noun
aplasianounMedicine, incomplete development. aplastic, adjective
aplotomynounsimple surgical cut.
apocarteresisnounsuicide by starvation
apocatastisisnounrestoration; Medicine, relapse; subsidence; Astronomy, reversion to same position; Theology, conversion of whole world to Christianity.
apocentrenounpoint in orbit opposite centre of attraction. apocentric, adjective different from archetype. apocentricity, noun
apocopenouncutting off end of word. apocopate, v. & a.
apocrisisnounreplying to one's own arguments
apocrusticadjective nounastringent (medicine).
apocynthionnounpoint in an orbit of the moon which is farthest from the moon's centre.
apodeicticadjectiveevident; demonstrable; incontrovertible.
apodiabolosisnoundiabolical treatment
apodicticadjectiveabsolutely certain or necessarily true;uncontestable
apodixisnounindisputable evidence or proof
apodosisnoun(pl. -ses ) main clause in conditional sentence.
apodysophilianounfeverish desire to undress
apogaicadjectivepertaining to apogee.
apogamynounBiology, interbreeding in a separated group which has no characteristic differentiating it from parents; Botany, non-sexual reproduction in some ferns.
apogenynounBotany, sterility. apogenous, adjective
apogeotropicadjectiveBotany, bending up or away from the ground. apogeotropism, noun
apographnouncopy; facsimile. apographal, adjective
apolausticadjectivegiven to enjoyment; self indulgent
apolegamicadjectiveBiology, pertaining to selection, especially sexual.
apologuenounparable, moral tale.
apolunenounpoint in the orbit of body revolving round the moon that is farthest from the centre of the moon.
apomecometernouninstrument measuring height and distance.
apomictnounorganism reproducing by, or formed by, apomixis.
apomixisnounnon-sexual reproduction. apomictic, adjective
apomnemonysisnounquoting an approved authority
apophasisnounrhetorical device of emphasizing a fact, by pretending to ignore or deny it.
apophthegmnounbrief wise saying. apophthegmatic, adjective
apophygenounArchitecture, curve between shaft and base, or between shaft & capital, in a column.
apophysisnounoffshoot; projecting part, especially of bone. apophyseal, apophysial, adjective apophysate, adjective Botany, having an apophysis.
aporianounprofessing to be at a loss as to what to say, where to begin, or how to express something; true or feigned doubt or deliberation about an issue
aposematicadjectiveZoology, giving warning, applied to coloration, odour, etc., of animals.
aposiopesisnouna conscious breaking off in the middle of a sentence because of emotion, a dramatic change in thought, or, sometimes, a shifting to understatement or irony
apostasynoundesertion from religion or similar body.
apostatenoun& a. (person) committing apostasy. apostatize, v.i. change one's religious allegiance; forsake one's principles.
apostil(le)nouncomment; note in margin.
apotelesmnouncasting of horoscope.
apothegmnouna concise formulation of a truth; an aphorism
apothemnounperpendicular from centre of regular polygon to any of its sides.
apothesisnounMedicine, setting of broken limb.
apotropaicadjectiveaverting or combating evil. apotropaism, noun such magical practice.
apotypicadjectivediffering from type.
appanagenounperquisite; provision, such as land or office, for younger son(s) of king or high official.
apparitornounherald; harbinger; officer executing order of ecclesiastical court.
apperceptionnounperception of inner meaning, and of relation of new facts to facts already known; mental assimilation; state of being conscious of perceiving. apperceptive, adjective apperceive, v.
appersonationnoundelusion of insane person that he is another, generally famous, person.
appetencenounstrong desire; craving; powerful instinct. appetent, adjective
appetibleadjectivedesirable. appetition, noun yearning.
applanateadjectiveflattened. applanation, noun
appoggiaturanounMusic, short note placed before a longer one. short appoggiatura, acciaccatura.
apportnountangible object caused to appear by spiritualist medium; production of such object.
apposeverbto place (things) side by side or next to each other.
appositeadjectiveappropriate, fitting, apt, suitable
appositionnounjuxtaposition; Grammar, putting two nouns or phrases together as attributive or adjunct terms; relationship of such nouns or phrases. appositive, adjective"appulse"
apraxianounimpaired ability to execute complex muscular movements.
aprosexianouninability to concentrate on anything
apsenounrounded extension at end of building, especially at east end of church; Astronomy, apsis.
apsidaladjectivehaving shape of apse; pertaining to apsides.
apsisnoun(pl. -sides ) Astronomy, point at which heavenly body is most or least distant from centre of attraction. higher apsis, most distant point. lower apsis, least distant point.
apteraladjective(of classical temple) having columns at front or back only; (of church) lacking aisles: apterous.
apterousadjectivelacking wings.
apterygialadjectivewingless; finless.
aptronymnouna name befitting the occupation, role or nature of a person or character, e.g. doctor sawbones
aptyalismnounlack or absence of saliva.
apyreticadjectivewithout fever. apyrexy, noun absence or abatement of fever.
aqua regianoun'royal water'; mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acids which dissolves some metals. Used in etching and by alchemists to dissolve gold.
aquarellenounmethod of painting in transparent water-color; such painting. aquarellist, noun artist painting aquarelles.
aquaristnounperson who studies aquatic life; owner of an aquarium.
aquatintnoun(print made by) a method of etching having effect of water- color drawing.
arachnophagousadjectiveeating spiders.
araneidnounspider; a. pertaining to spiders. araneiform, adjective shaped like a spider. araneology, noun study of spiders.
araneousadjectivelike a spider's web; transparent; delicate.
arbalestnouncross-bow with mechanism for drawing string.
arboraceousadjectivepertaining to or like a tree; wooded.
arboreousadjectivehaving many trees.
arborescentadjectivebranched; having shape or growth like a tree. arborescence, noun
arboricaladjectivepertaining to trees.
arboricolenounliving in trees.
arboriformadjectiveshaped like a tree.
arborizeverbtake on or give tree-like shape. arborization, noun
arborousadjectivepertaining to trees; composed of trees.
arbusclenoundwarf tree; shrub-like tree. arbuscular, adjective
arbusculenountuft of hairs.
arbustumnoun(pl. -ta) copse; orchard.
arbutusnounstrawberry tree.
arcateadjectiveshaped like a bow. arcature, noun small or blind arcade.
arc-boutantnoun(pl. arcs-boutants [pron. same]) flying buttress.
archaeozoicadjectiveliving in the earliest geological era.
archecentricadjectivepertaining to archetype.
archeolatrynounworship of archaic customs, expressions, etc.
archididascalosnounheadteacher of school etc. archididascalian, adjective
archiepiscopaladjectivepertaining to an archbishop.
archilnoundye obtained from certain lichens; lichens yielding this.
archimagenoun(pl. -gi ) great magician.
archimandritenounsuperior of large monastery of Greek Church; abbot.
architectonicadjectivepertaining to architecture, or to the systematization of knowledge; resembling architecture; structural; showing constructive ability; n. pl. science of architecture; constructive skill.
architravenounbeam resting directly on columns; epistyle; moulding at head and sides of window or doorway.
archivoltnouncurved moulding on face of arch.
archizoicadjectivepertaining to earliest living things.
archologynountheory of origins; science of government.
archonnouna chief magistrate of ancient Athens. archontic, adjective
arcifiniousadjectivehaving a frontier which forms a natural defence.
arciformadjectiveshaped like an arch.
arctogealadjectivepertaining to the region including Europe, Africa, Asia and N America.
arctoidnounlike a bear.
arctophilenounperson who loves or collects teddy bears.
arcuateadjectivebow-shaped. arcuation, noun
arcus senilisnoun'senile ring'; whitish ring round iris in eyes of old people.
arecanounseveral palm trees, especially the betel. areca nut, betel-nut.
arenaceousadjectivelike or consisting of sand; growing in sand.
arenicolousadjectiveliving in sand.
areniliticadjectivepertaining to sandstone.
arenoidadjectivelike sand.
arenoseadjectivesandy; containing much sand.
areographynoundescription of surface of planet Mars; descriptive biogeography.
areologynounstudy of planet Mars.
Areopagusnounhighest legal tribunal in ancient Athens; any important tribunal. Areopagite, noun member of such a tribunal.
aretaicsnounscience of virtue.
aretalogynounrelation of wonderful deeds of a god or hero.
argentnounsilver; silver-like. argentate, argenteous, argentic, argentine, argentous, adjective argentiferous, adjective yielding silver. argentine, noun silvery metal. argentometer, noun instrument measuring strength of silver solutions.
argilnounclay, especially used in pottery. argillaceous, argillous, adjective containing clay; clay-like. argilliferous, adjective yielding or containing clay. argilloid, adjective like clay.
argolnouncrust formed on long-kept wine.
Argusnounmonster with a hundred eyes; careful watcher. Argus-eyed, adjective ever watchful. argus, noun any of several small brown butterflies with eyespots.
arguteadjectivequick; sharp; shrill; astute; subtle.
argyrocephalousadjectivewith silvery or shining head.
ariettanounshort aria.
arioseadjectivecharacterized by or like melody.
aristarchnounsevere critic.
aristarchianadjectiveextremely critical
aristologynounart or science of dining. aristological, adjective aristologist, noun
aristophrenianouncondition of having a superior intellect
arithmancynoundivination by numbers.
arithmocracynounrule of the numerical majority
arithmogramnounnumber composed of numerical values assigned to letters in a word. arithmocracy, noun government by the majority. arithmography, noun representing a number with letters having numerical values. arithmomania, noun obsession with numbers, especially compulsion to count things. arithmometer, noun early adding machine.
armiferousadjectivecarrying weapons or arms.
armigernounarmour-bearer; knight's squire; person bearing heraldic arms. armigerous, armigeral, adjective
armillaryadjectivelike, pertaining to or composed of rings. armillary sphere, celestial globe composed only of rings marking equator, tropics, etc.
armipotentadjectivehaving strong armament. armipotence, noun
armisonantadjectiveresounding with the clash of arms.
arnicanoungenus of plants including the mountain tobacco; tincture obtained from mountain tobacco used for bruises, etc.
arointverbarchaic, (imperative) begone!
arquebus(e)nounancient hand gun supported on tripod. arquebusier, noun soldier armed with arquebus.
arrasnountapestry, especially covering wall. arrasene, noun embroidery material of silk and wool.
arrectadjectiveraised up; attentive.
arrhanoun(pl. -ae ) pledge; earnest money. arrhal, adjective
arrhenotokynounto only give birth to boys
arrière-bannounsummoning by king of his feudatories and their vassals to military service; vassals so called; the nobility.
arrière-penséenounhidden meaning; ulterior motive; mental reservation."arris"
arrivistenounpushful, ambitious person.
arrogateverbtake or claim beyond one's rights. arrogation, noun
arrondissementnounlargest subdivision of a French department.
arsinotheriumnounrhinoceros-like fossil mammal.
arthralgianounpain in a joint.
arthrosisnounjoint or articulation connecting two bones.
articularadjectivepertaining to joints.
artuateverbto tear limb from limb
arumnounlarge-spathed plant, called 'cuckoo-pint' or 'lords and ladies'. arum lily, calla lily.
arundinaceousadjectivelike or pertaining to a reed.
arvicolineadjectiveliving in the fields or countryside. arviculture, noun cultivation of fields.
asciannounone without a shadow: applied to the inhabitants of the torrid zone, where the sun is vertical at noon for a few days every year
aseismicadjectivefree from earthquakes; designed to withstand earthquakes. aseismatic, adjective reducing or withstanding effect of earthquakes.
ashlarnounsquared building stone; stonework composed of these; thin, dressed stone for facing rough wall. ashlaring, noun partition in attic to cut off angle made by rafters and floor.
asomatousadjectiveincorporeal; lacking body. asomatophyte, noun Botany, plant in which body and reproductive cells are undifferentiated.
asparaginousadjectivepertaining to, like or eaten like asparagus.
asperateadjectiverather rough; v.t. make rough. asperation, noun
aspergeverbsprinkle. asperges, noun Roman Catholic, ceremony of sprinkling holy water.
aspergilnounRoman Catholic, brush-like implement used to sprinkle holy water.
aspergillusnoun(pl. -li ) minute fungus forming mould. aspergilliform, aspergillosis, noun animal disease caused by aspergilli.
asperitynounroughness, acrimony.
aspermatismnounfailure of male generative powers. aspermic, adjective
aspersoriumnounRoman Catholic, vessel holding holy water; aspergil.
asperulousadjectiveBotany, rather rough.
asphalianounemphatic guaranteeing of what one is saying, as by assuring others, wagering about the truth of something
aspheterismnoundoctrine that there should be no private property.
asphodelnounkind of liliaceous plant; daffodil; Literature, flower of the Elysian fields. bog asphodel, British grass-like moorland plant.
asportationnounremoval, especially crime of removing property.
assecurationnounmarine insurance.
assentationnounready, insincere assent. assentatious, adjective willing to assent. assentator, noun flatterer; one assenting insincerely or conniving. assentatory, adjective
asseverateverbto state positively, emphatically
assibilateverbpronounce with sibilant sound or hiss. assibilation, noun
assiduitynoununremitting care; unflagging or obsequious attention. assiduous, adjective
assoil(zie)verb pardon; absolve; acquit; release. assoilment, noun
assuetudenouncustom or habit
assumpsitnounLaw, contract (not under seal); suit for breach of such contract.
assurgentadjectiveascending; Botany, upward-curving. assurgency, noun
astasianouninability, due to imperfect muscular co-ordination, to keep erect.
astaticadjectiveunstable; in neutral equilibrium; Electricity, not tending to assume a definite position. astatic pair, pair of magnetized needles of opposite charges. astatics, noun study of equilibrium of body under known forces.
astatinenounradioactive element of the halogen group.
asteismnounan ingeniously polite insult
asterianoungem cut so as to show asterism.
asterialadjectivestarlike; n. a fossil starfish.
asteriatedadjectivehaving star-like rays.
asterismnounconstellation of stars; group of asterisks; appearance of star-like reflection by certain crystals. asterismal, adjective
asthenianoundebility. asthenic, adjective weak; of slender build; weakening.
asthenophobenounthe circumspect stoic, the stiff-upper-lip afraid to admit to weakness of any sort
asthenopianounoptical weakness, especially muscular. asthenopic, adjective
asthenospherenounhypothetical layer of fluid matter below rigid surface of earth's crust.
astomatal astomous"adjective
astragalnounankle-bone; rounded beading or moulding on column; pl., dice. astragalar, adjective astragalomancy, noun divination by ankle-bones or dice. astragalus n. Medicine, ankle-bone.
astrakhannounclosely-curled black or grey fur from fleece of karakul lambs: cloth resembling this.
astraphobianounmorbid fear of thunder and lightning.
astrictverbastringe. astriction, noun astrictive, adjective
astringeverbbind; brace; restrict; constipate.
astrogateverbguide (spaceship, etc.); v.i. navigate in space.
astrognosynounknowledge of fixed stars.
astrogonynountheory of the origin of the stars.
astrolatrynounworship of stars.
astrolithologynounstudy of meteorites.
astrophilenounperson fond of learning about stars.
astuciousadjectivehaving keen perception; of astute and penetrating discernment
astylaradjectiveArchitecture, lacking columns.
asymptotenounline approaching a curve but meeting it only at infinity. asymptotic, adjective
asyndeticadjectivenot connected by conjunctions: I came, I saw, I conquered
asyndetonnounrhetorical device of omitting conjunctions. asyndetic, adjective
asynergynounMedicine, lack of co-ordination, especially of muscles.
asyngamynounBotany, failure to effect cross-fertilization due to asynchronous development of flowers.
atacticadjectiveasyntactic; irregular; pertaining to ataxy.
ataraxianounimperturbability; utter calmness
ataraxicadjectiveof or pertaining to freedom from anxiety or emotional disturbance; calm and imperturbable
ataraxynountranquillity of mind; imperturbability. ataractic, ataraxic, noun & a. (drug) able to calm or tranquillize.
ataxaphasianouninability, due to imperfect muscular co-ordination, to speak sentences.
ataxynouninability to co-ordinate muscles; lack of order. ataxic, adjective
atelectasisnounincomplete dilatation or collapse of lungs.
ateliosisnounimperfect development; dwarfism.
atelophobenounthe driven perfectionist, one with a morbid fear of having things less than perfect
athelingnounAnglo-Saxon noble; prince, especially heir apparent.
athermanousadjectiveimpervious to radiant heat. athermancy, noun
atherogenicadjectiveleading to atheroma.
atheromanounfatty degeneration of the arteries. atherosclerosis, noun hardening of the inner lining of the arteries with fatty degeneration. atheromatous, adjective
athetiseverbto spurn, reject
athetosisnounnervous twitching of fingers and toes.
athrepsianouncomplete debility in children. athreptic, adjective
atlantesnounpl. male figures used as columns.
atmogenicadjectiveGeology, of atmospheric origin.
atmologynounstudy of laws of watery vapour.
atmolysisnounmethod of separating gases of different densities.
atmometernouninstrument measuring rate of evaporation into atmosphere. atmometry, noun
atokousadjectivelacking offspring.
atomynounvery small creature; skeleton.
atrabilariannouna gloomy hypochondriac
atrabiliousadjectivevery melancholic; hypochondriac.
atramentnounvery dark liquid; ink. atramentous, adjective
atresianounlack or closing of a passage of the body. atretic, adjective
atrousadjectivejet black.
attaindernounloss of civil rights, formerly result of outlawry or death sentence.
attaintverb pass sentence of attainder on; sully; attach disgrace to; infect; n. dishonour; misfortune. attainture, noun
attemperverb alter quality by addition or mixture; moderate. attemperate, v. archaic, moderate temperature. attemporator, noun apparatus for moderating temperature.
attingentadjectivetouching, in contact.
attrahentadjectiveattracting; drawing towards or forward; n. such thing or muscle.
au faitadjective'to the fact'; having complete and up-to-date knowledge; conversant.
aubadenounmusical piece performed at or describing dawn.
auctorialadjectivepertaining to an author.
audilenounperson whose mental processes are stimulated more strongly by hearing than by other senses; a. pertaining to such persons; auditory.
audiogenicadjectivecaused by sound waves, especially of high frequency.
aularianadjectivepertaining to hall
aulicadjectivecourtly; ceremonious.
aureateadjectivegolden-colored; ornate.
aureitynounproperties of gold.
aureomycinnountrademark, an antibiotic drug extracted from a soil mould, used in treatment of infections, especially of eyes, skin, etc.
auricadjectivepertaining to, like or composed of gold.
auriclenounexternal ear; ear-shaped appendage; upper cavity of heart.
auricomousadjectivehaving golden hair; making hair golden.
auricularadjectivepertaining to hearing, or to the ear; spoken secretly. auricular finger, the little finger.
auriculateadjectivehaving ears or ear-shaped outgrowths; lobed; ear-like.
auriferousadjectivecontaining gold.
aurifyverbchange into gold. aurific, adjective producing gold. aurification, noun working with gold.
auriphrygianoungold embroidery. auriphrygiate, adjective
auristnounspecialist on the ear and its diseases.
aurousadjectivepertaining to, containing, or made of gold.
auscultateverbMedicine, listen to sounds in human body; examine in this manner. auscultation, noun auscultative, adjective auscultator, noun person practising auscultation; stethoscope. auscultatory, adjective
auscultationnounthe process of listening
auslautnounfinal sound of syllable or word.
autacoidnounhormone. autacoidal, adjective
autarchianounperpetual happiness
autarchynounabsolute sovereignty; autocracy. autarchic, autarchical, adjective
autecologynounthe ecology of the individual organism.
autoangelistnounone who does his own communicating
autocephalousadjectiveEcclesiastical, self-governing. autocephaly, noun
autochthonnounnative; aboriginal species. autochthonous, adjective autochthony, noun
autochthonousadjectivenative, aboriginal, indigenous
autoclesisnounintroducing an idea or subject by seeming to refuse discussion of it, thereby arousing interest
autoeciousadjective(of fungus, etc.) passing through all life stages on same species of host.
autogamynounself-fertilization. autogamic, autogamous, adjective
autogenesisnounspontaneous generation. autogenetic, adjective
autognosisnounknowledge of self, especially the appreciation of one's own emotional conflicts
autointoxicationnounpoisoning due to toxins produced in body.
autokinesisnounvoluntary or automatic movement. autokinetic, adjective
autologicaladjectiveself-descriptive, or being a word that exemplifies what it means, e.g. english" is english
automorphicadjectiveformed after its or one's own pattern. automorphism, noun
autonymnounwriter's own name; work published under own name.
autophagynoundevouring of cell constituents by enzymes of same cell. autophagous, adjective
autophobenounthe socializer who does not like to be alone
autophobianounfear of solitude.
autophonynounapparent distortion of one's own voice due to infection or stoppage of ears; sound of auscultator's voice as reverberating in patient's chest.
autophytenounplant able to organize its foodstuffs; nonsaprophytic plant. autophytic, adjective
autoplastynoungrafting tissue from patient's own body. autoplastic, a.; Biology, pertaining to self-adaptation to environment; pertaining to autoplasty.
autoschediasmnounimprovization. autoschediastic, adjective
autoschediasticadjectiveimpromptu; on the spur of the moment
autoskeletonnouninternal skeleton.
autotelicadjectivehaving itself as its only purpose.
autothaumaturgistnounthe coy or cagey person whose mission is to appear mysterious or quite remarkable
autotheismnounbelief in self-subsistence of God the Son; deification of oneself.
autotheistnounthe individual who is not only self-centered but self-deifying, or at least self-worshipping
autotomynounreflex loss of part of the body to save the whole (in lizards, etc.)
autotrophicadjectiveBotany, nourishing itself; autophytic.
autotropicadjectiveBotany, tending to grow in straight line.
autotypenounfacsimile; true copy. autotypy, noun process of producing such copies.
auxanometernouninstrument measuring rate of growth of plants.
auxesisnounan ordering of thoughts expressed in a sequence of ascending importance
auxinnounChemistry, substance increasing growth of plants; plant hormone.
auxographnouninstrument recording variations in volume.
auxologynounscience of growth.
auxotonicadjectiveaccording or due to growth.
avenaceousadjectivepertaining to or like oats. aveniform, adjective like oats in shape.
avenousadjectivelacking veins.
aventurinenounglass containing golden or green flecks; quartz containing mica flakes.
averruncateverbavert; weed out.
avicidenounkilling of birds.
avicularadjectivepertaining to small birds.
aviculturenounrearing of birds.
avifaunanounbirdlife of a region.
avigationnounaerial navigation.
avirulentadjective(of bacteria) not virulent.
avulsionadjective nounact of pulling away part of body, either by injury or surgery. Avulsive
axenicadjectivefree of parasites and similar forms of life; surgically sterile.
axilnounupper angle between leaf and stem, or branch and trunk. axile, adjective
axillanoun(pl. -las, -lae ,) armpit; shoulder. axillary a. of arm-pit; of or growing in an axil.
axiniformadjectivehaving shape of axe-head.
axiologynounstudy of ultimate values. axiological, adjective axiologist, noun
axonometrynounmeasurement of or by axes. axonometric projectio, noun method of representing three-dimensional object in two-dimensional drawing.
axungenounmedicinal lard or grease.
azoficationnounnitrogenization of soil by bacteria. azofier, noun bacterium causing azofication.
azoicadjectivelacking life, especially of geological period.
azoologynounstudy of inanimate nature.
azotenounnitrogen. azotaemia, azotemia, noun excess of nitrogen in blood. azotic, adjective azotize, v. combine with nitrogen.
azothnounalchemists' name for mercury; Paracelsus' postulated panacea.
azulejonounbrightly colored tile of Near East, Spain and Holland.
azygousadjectiveunpaired; odd.
azym(e)noununleavened bread; Passover cake; pl. feast of such bread.
babagnounargument or fight
baberynounbizarre architectural ornamentation
baccaceousadjectivelike a berry; bearing berries.
baccateadjectivepulpy; like a berry; bearing berries.
bacchantenouna frenzied woman, as at a rousing orgy or let-it-all-hang-out cult ceremony
bacciferousadjectivebearing berries. bacciform, adjective berry-shaped. baccivorous, adjective feeding on berries.
bacteriotropicadjectiveaffecting bacteria.
bacteriticadjectivecaused or marked by bacteria. bacteroid, adjective like bacteria; n. irregularly shaped form of bacterium, especially found in plant root-nodules.
baculusnounstick; rod; symbol of power. baculiferous, adjective bearing canes, reeds, etc. baculiform, adjective rod-shaped. baculine, adjective pertaining to rod or punishment therewith.
badaudnounan idle, markedly stupid individual who believes just about anything and is a half-witted gossip
badigeonnounmixture of plaster and ground stone, or glue and sawdust, for repairing masonry and woodwork respectively; v.t. repair with badigeon.
baffonanouna woman with a slight moustache
bagassenoundry residue, especially of sugar cane and beet after extraction of juice, and plants after removal of fibre.
baimaidennounfemale underground miner
balandranounsingle-masted Spanish cargo ship.
balaniferousadjectivebearing acorns.
balanismnounuse of suppositories or pessaries.
balanoidadjectiveacorn-shaped; pertaining to acorn barnacles; n. acorn barnacle.
balatanounelastic gum obtained from milk-tree of Brazil.
balatronnouna joker; a clown
balbriggannounknitted cotton fabric used in underwear.
balbutiesnounMedicine, stammering.
baldachin(o), baldakin, baldaquinnounsilk and gold fabric; fabric canopy over throne, altar, etc.; stone canopy over altar.
baldric(k)nounshoulder belt for sword, etc.
balistariusnoun(pl. -ii ) crossbow-man.
balistrarianouncross-shaped opening in fortress wall for discharge of arrows.
balizenounpole bearing beacon, etc., on sea-shore.
balladromicadjective(of missiles, etc.) maintaining course towards a target.
balletomanenounperson fanatically devoted to ballet. balletomania, noun
ballistitenounkind of smokeless explosive power.
ballottementnoundiagnosis of pregnancy by sharp pressure, causing movement of foetus. renal ballottement, diagnosis of floating kidney by same means.
balnealadjectivepertaining to bathing. balneary, noun bathing-place; medicinal spring. balneation, noun bathing. balneatory, adjective
balneographynountreatise on baths. balneographer, noun author of such.
balneologynounscience of medical application of baths. balneological, adjective balneologist, noun
balneotherapynountreatment by natural waters. balneotherapeutic, adjective balneotherapeutics, noun
balsamicaladjectiveunctuous, mitigating, soothing, balmy
banausicadjectivecommon, ordinary, and undistinguished; dull and insipid
banderillanoundart stuck into bull at bull-fight. banderillero, noun bull-fighter wielding this.
banderol(e), bandrolnounsmall streamer, flag or banner.
bandobastnounpractical, detailed organization; settlement.
bandognounfierce dog on chain; mastiff.
bantlingnounbrat; illegitimate child.
baraesthesianounability to perceive pressure.
baragnosisnounloss of ability to perceive weight.
baratheanounworsted fabric with twill hopsack weave; silk or silk-and- worsted fabric with lightly ribbed or pebbled weave.
barbastellenounlong-eared species of bat.
barbateadjectivebearded; tufted; barbed; having awns.
barbelnounfleshy appendage on head of certain fishes; carplike fish having a barbel. barbellate, adjective bristly.
barbetnounbrightly plumaged toucan-like tropical bird of Old World; kind of long- haired poodle.
barbettenoungun platform behind parapet; armoured protection of gun platform on ship.
barbicannountower on or beyond outer wall of city or castle.
barbigerousadjectivehaving beard.
barbitonenouna sleep-inducing drug; veronal.
barbotinenounkaolin paste used to ornament pottery.
barbulenounhooked out-growth on barb of feather. barbullate, adjective barbellate.
barcarole, barcarollenoungondolier's song.
barghestnoungoblin, often dog-like, appearing as portent of death.
barkhan, barchannouncrescent-shaped sand dune.
barley-breaknounOld English catching game.
barognosisnounability to perceive weight.
barogramnounrecording made by barograph.
barographnouninstrument continuously recording atmospheric pressure.
barologynounscience of weight and gravitation.
baroscopenounweather-glass. baroscopic(al), adjective
barothermographnouninstrument recording simultaneously pressure and temperature, especially atmospheric.
barouchenounfour-wheeled four-seater carriage with folding hood and separate driver's seat. barouchet, barouchette, noun light barouche.
baroxytonnounMusic, large bass brass wind instrument.
barquentine, barkentine, barkantinenounthree-masted vessel with square-rigged foremast and fore-and-aft rigged main and mizzen masts.
barracoonnounenclosure in which slaves or convicts were confined.
barratrousadjectivepertaining to the habitual causing of fights
barratrynoununlawful action by captain or seamen injuring owner or freighter of ship; inciting to litigation or riot; simony. barrator, noun person habitually entering into quarrels and law-suits. barratous, barratrous, adjective quarrelsome; guilty of barratry.
bartizannounsmall overhanging turret.
barycentrenouncentre of gravity. barycentric, adjective
baryecoianounMedicine, hardness of hearing.
baryphony, baryphonianoundifficulty of speech. baryphonic, adjective
baryspherenounarea of earth underlying lithosphere.
barytanounbarium oxide. barytes, noun barium sulphate.
barythymianounnervous depression.
basculenounbalanced lever. bascule-bridge, noun drawbridge raised by falling counterpoises, as Tower Bridge, London.
basialadjectivepertaining to kissing. basiate, v. kiss. basiation, noun
basifugaladjectiveBotany, growing away from base, or at apex only.
basilaradjectivepertaining to or at the base.
basipetaladjectiveBotany, growing from top to base.
basophobianouna fear of falling which makes one afraid to stand up
bastinadonoun(pl. -oes) beating on soles of feet; v.t. administer such punishment to.
bathicadjectivepertaining to depths, especially of sea.
bathmismnounenergy or force of growth. bathmic, adjective
batholith, batholitenounGeology, mass of intruded igneous rock below surface and of great depth. batholithic, batholitic, adjective
bathyaladjectivepertaining to zone of sea from 180 metres/600 feet to abyssal zone.
bathybicadjectivepertaining to or dwelling in deepest zone of sea.
bathylimneticadjectiveliving at bottom of lake or marsh.
bathymeternouninstrument for deep-sea sounding. bathymetric, adjective pertaining to vertical distribution of organisms in sea. bathymetry, noun process of measuring depths of sea.
bathyorographicaladjectivepertaining to or showing depths below and heights above sea level.
bathypelagicadjectiveliving in deep sea.
bathyseismnounearthquake taking place at great depth.
bathysmaladjectivepertaining to deepest part or bottom of sea.
bathysophicaladjectivepertaining to knowledge of deep-sea life and conditions.
batistenounfine linen; cambric; fine cotton or wool fabric, especially as treated for use as antiseptic dressing.
batologynounscientific study of brambles. batological, adjective batologist, noun
batophobianounfear of heights, or of being close to high buildings.batrachian
battelsnounpl. accounts of Oxford college, especially for provisions.
battenverbto thrive and grow fat by feeding
batterverbArchitecture, recede as it rises (of a wall); n. such inclination. batter rule, plumb-line of such walls, falling within base.
battologicaladjectivepertaining to unnecessarily repetitive writing or speaking
battologynounan unnecessary repetition. battological, adjective battologize, v.i. battologist, noun
battuenoundriving of game towards guns; shooting-party of that kind; massacre of helpless persons.
batturenounraised bed of sea or river.
bavardagenounsmall talk or chitchat; idle chatter
baylanouna song and dance routine done by gypsies
bdelloidadjectivepertaining to leech; leech-like in appearance; n. leech. bdellometer, noun cupping-glass for surgical bleeding. bdellotomy, noun surgical application of leeches.
bdelygmianouna litany of abuse; string of execrations
beccaficonounEuropean songbird, considered a table delicacy, especially in Italy.
bechicadjectivecurative of cough.
becketnounhook-like device of rope, wood or metal to secure ship's ropes, etc.
bedizenverbdress gaudily.
bee-breadnounmixture of honey and pollen stored by bees for food.
beelenounminer's pick with two sharp ends. beeleman, noun worker using a beele.
beestingsnounfirst milk of cow after birth of calf.
beeswingnounscum found at surface of aged wine
beguinenounmember of religious order of lay sisters, especially of Belgium; rumba-like dance of French W Indies. beguinage, noun convent of beguines.
bel espritnoun(pl. beaux esprits, ) genius; witty person; wit.
beldamnouna repulsive older woman
belemnitenounbullet-shaped molluscan fossil. belemnitic, adjective
bel étagenounmain storey of building.
bellericnounkind of myrobalan.
belliferousadjectivebringing war.
bellingnoundeer's cry at mating time.
bellipotentadjectivepowerful in war.
bellonionnounmechanical musical instrument consisting of drums and trumpets.
bellote, ballotenounholm-oak acorn.
belocolusnounmagic stone held by a soldier which will make him invisible
belomancynoundivination using arrows.
belvederenounturret, or open shelter on roof, giving fine view; summer-house.
ben trovatophrase'well invented'; a. well expressed; n. such speech or thought.
benchernounsenior member of an Inn of Court.
bend sinisternoundiagonal line on coat of arms indicating bastardy.
benedicknounnewly married husband, especially one formerly a confirmed bachelor.
beneficadjectivefavourable, especially astrological.
beneficenounchurch living; v.t. endow with a benefice. beneficed, a., holding a benefice.
beneficiateverb nounprepare for smelting. beneficiation
benthosnounsea-bottom's flora and fauna. benthic, benthoic, benthonic a.
berceusenouncradle-song; lullaby.
bergamotnounvariety of pear; essence obtained from rind of variety of pear-shaped orange; fruit and tree yielding such essence; snuff scented with such essence; aromatic plant of mint family.
berg�renoun'shepherdess'; kind of 18th-century chair and sofa. berg�rette, noun kind of country song or dance.
berkeliumnounradioactive, metallic element made artificially.
bersaglierinounItalian sharpshooter corps.
bestiariannounanimal-lover, especially opposed to vivisection. bestiarianism, noun
bête noirenoun'black beast'; pet abomination; bugbear.
bêtisenounfoolishness; foolish or stupid act.
bétonnounconcrete made by mixing gravel with cement and sand.
betulin(ol)nounresinous extract of birch bark; birch camphor.
bevatronnounsynchrotron-like apparatus for accelerating charged particles to an immensely high level.
bezelnounsloping edge of cutting tool; edge and facet of cut gem; flanged groove holding watch- or clock-glass; v.t. grind to edge; bevel.
bezoarnounstone-like mass found in stomach of ruminants, formerly used in East as antidote to poison. bezoardic, adj.
bialateadjectivewith two wings.
bibaciousadjectivefond of drinking. bibacity, noun
bibbleverbto drink often or much; or to drink or eat noisily
bibelotnounsmall object of art; trinket; curio.
bibitoryadjectivepertaining to drinking.
biblia abiblianounbooks that are no books: books of no human interest or worthless as literature
bibliobibulinounthose who read too much, and hence tend to be unaware of or oblivious to the real world
biblioclasmnoundestruction of books; destructive criticism of Bible. biblioclast, noun person so destroying or criticizing.
bibliognostnounperson having deep knowledge of books. bibliognostic, adjective
bibliomancynoundivination by reference taken at random in book, especially in the Bible.
bibliopegynounart of book-binding. bibliopegic, adjective bibliopegist, noun book- binder.
bibliopoesynounmaking of books.
bibliopolenounbookseller, especially of rare books. bibliopolery, bibliopolism, bibliopoly, noun selling of books. bibliopolar, bibliopolic, adjective bibliopolist, noun bibliopolistic, adjective
bibliotaphnounperson keeping his or her books secret or locked up. bibliotaphic, adjective
bicameraladjectivehaving two Chambers or Houses. bicameralism, noun bicameralist, bicamerist, noun person advocating such legislative system.
bicenoungreen or blue pigment.
bicephalous, bicephalicadjectivehaving two heads.
bichordadjectiveMusic, having two strings, especially two strings for each note.
bicipitaladjectivepertaining to biceps; bifurcating. bicipitous, adjective having two heads or extremities.
bickernnounanvil pointed at both ends.
bicollateraladjectivehaving two sides the same. bicollaterality, noun
biconicadjectivehaving shape of two cones with bases together.
biconjugateadjectiveBotany, having a pair each member of which is divided into a pair.
bicornadjectivehaving two horns or points. bicornuate, bicornuous, adjective
biddery, bidreenounalloy of several metals on which gold and silver are inlaid.
bidentnountwo-pronged instrument; sheep aged two years. bidental, bidentate, adjective having two prongs or teeth. bidenticulate, adjective having two small teeth.
biduousadjectivelasting two days.
bien-aiménoun(fem. -aim�e pron. same) 'well beloved' (person).
bien aisenoun'well being'; comfort.
bienséancenounproper, correct or fitting thing; pl. the proprieties.
bifacialadjectivehaving distinct upper and lower surfaces; having both sides the same; having two faces.
bifariousadjectivein two rows; twofold; pointing in two directions.
bifernounplant flowering or fruiting twice a year. biferous, adjective
bifid(ate)adjectivedivided into two portions; forked. bifidity, noun
bifilaradjectivehaving two threads, especially of measuring instrument.
bigeminateadjectivebiconjugate. bigeminal, adjective arranged in pairs.
bigenernounhybrid arising from two genera. bigeneric, adjective pertaining to two genera.
bigridadjectiveapplied to thermionic valve having two grids and combining functions of two valves.
bijugate, bijugousadjectivehaving two overlapping heads, said of coin struck to two persons; Botany, with two pairs of leaflets.
bilboesnounpl. fetters, especially long iron bar with sliding shackles used to imprison persons on ship.
biliaryadjectivepertaining to bile.
biliteraladjectiveconsisting of or using two letters; n. such linguistic root.
billonnounalloy of precious metal with larger quantity of base metal.
biloquistnounperson with power of speaking in two distinct voices.
biltongnounstrips of dried meat.
bimanous, bimanaladjectivehaving two hands; pertaining to human species. bimanual, adjective requiring or using two hands.
bimarineadjectivesituated between seas.
bimaxillaryadjectivepertaining to both jaws.
bimensaladjectiveoccurring every two months.bimestrial
bimetallismnouncurrency system in which both gold and silver are standard money. bimetallic, adjective bimetallist, noun advocate of bimetallism. bimetallistic, adjective
bimillenarynounspace of two thousand years. bimillennium, noun (pl. -ia) two thousand years.
binateadjectivedouble; in couples. bination, noun celebration by a priest of Mass twice on the same day.
binenounflexible shoot of climbing plant, especially hop.
binnaclenounfixed case or stand for ship's compass. binnacle list, list of sick men on man-of-war.
binoclenounbinocular instr.
binotonousadjectiveconsisting of two notes.
biocoenosis, biocenosisnoun(pl. -ses ) association of living creatures in a certain area. biocoenotic, adjective
biogen(e)nounultimate component part of protoplasm.
biogenesisnountheory that life derives only from living matter. biogenetic, a.; biogenetic law, recapitulation theory. biogenesist, noun adherent of biogenesis.
biogenousadjectiveproduced from living organism; giving life.
biogenynounhistory of evolution of living organisms; biogenesis. biogenic, adj.
biogeographynounstudy of geographical distribution of plants and animals. biogeographic(al), adjective
biognosy, biognosisnounsciences of life collectively.
biographnounearly form of cinematograph.
biokineticsnounstudy of changes during development of organism.
biolinguisticsnounstudy of relations between physiology and speech.
biologismnounbiological theory; use of biological terms. biologistic, adjective
biolysisnoundestruction of life or organic substance. biolytic, adjective
biometrics, biometrynouncalculation of length of human life; statistical biology. biometric, adjective biometrician, noun student of biometrics.
bionergynounvital force.
biontnounphysiologically independent living organism.
biophagousadjectivefeeding on living organisms. biophagy, noun
biophilismnounbelief that animals have rights which human beings should respect
biorgannounphysiological organ.
bioscopenounform of cinematograph. bioscopy, noun med. examination of body for presence of life.
biosisnounlife, as distinguishing living organisms.
biostaticsnounstudy of physiological relations between structure and function.
biostratigraphynoundetermination of age, etc., of sedimentary strata from fossils which they contain.
biotaxynounbiological classification.
biotelemetrynounautomatic transmission over a distance, for measurements of the condition, functions, etc., of a living creature, e.g. of an astronaut on space flight.
biotinnoungrowth-promoting vitamin of the vitamin B complex, found in liver and yeast.
biotopenounarea having uniform conditions and supporting a particular, uniform association of animal life.
biotypenounall organisms having the same genetic constitution.
biparousadjectivebringing forth two offspring at a birth.
bipennateadjectivehaving two wings.
bipropellantnounrocket propellant consisting of fuel and oxidizer stored separately until ignition.
biramose, biramousadjectivedivided into two branches.
biremenoun(galley) having two banks of oars.
birettanounRoman Catholic, cleric's square cap.
bisenouncold, dry north wind of Switzerland, Italy and S France.
bisonantadjectivehaving two sounds.
bisontineadjectivepertaining to bison.
bisquenounpoint allowed to tennis player; stroke(s) allowed to golfer; extra turn allowed to croquet player; kind of rich thick soup; pottery fired but not glazed.
bissextnounintercalary day. bissextile, adjective containing the bissext; intercalary; n. leap-year.
bistortnouna plant with twisted astringent root; snake-weed.
bistourynounsmall, narrow surgical knife. bistournage, noun a method of castration.
bistrenounbrown pigment derived from wood soot.
bisulcateadjectivewith two grooves; cloven.
biune, biunialadjectivecombining two in one. biunity, noun
biunialadjectivecombining two in one
bivariateadjectivedenoting a quantity that depends on two variables.
biventraladjectivewith two bellies.
biverbaladjectiverelating to two words; punning.
biviousadjectiveoffering two paths or directions.
bivocalnoundiphthong. bivocalize, v. place between two vowels.
blainnounsore; blister.
blanquettenounstew of white meat in white sauce.
blastogenesisnounreproduction by budding; theory of inheritance of characters through germ-plasm. blastogenetic, blastogenic, adjective pertaining to germ cells.
blendenounzinc sulphide; name of several lustrous metallic sulphides.
blendlingnounhybrid. blendure, noun mixture.
blennoidadjectivelike mucus. blennogenic,blennogenous, adjective generating mucus. blennorrhoea, noun mucus discharge. blennorrhoeal, adjective
blennophobianounmorbid fear of slime.
blennynounlong, slender, spiny-rayed marine fish.
blepharaladjectivepertaining to eyelids. blepharism, blepharospasm, noun muscular spasm of eyelid. blepharitis, noun inflammation of eyelids.
bletonismnounfaculty of water divining.
blissomadjectivewith strong sexual desires; in rut.
blowtopnouna person who becomes angry very easily or quickly
bluchernounleather half-boot.
blungeverbv.i. mix clay and water for pottery; blend. blunger, noun apparatus for such mixing.
boanthropynouna type of insanity in which a man thinks he's an ox
boatel, botelnounwaterside hotel for sailing enthusiasts.
bobstaynounrope attached to and steadying bowsprit.
bocagenounboscage; decorative representation of trees, leaves, etc.
bockingnouncoarse baize; smoked herring.
bogienounwheeled undercarriage of a rail vehicle; railway coach; truck for coal, etc.
bolaradjectivepertaining to clay.
bolection, bilectionnounprojecting part of moulding round panel.
bolidenounlarge meteor; 'fire-ball'.
bolometernouninstrument measuring small amounts of radiant heat electrically. bolograph, noun photograph made with a bolometer. bolometric, adjective
boltheadnounlong, straight-necked glass vessel for distilling; matrass.
bolusnounlarge pill; any round mass. bolus alba, china clay.
bombardonnoundeep bass double-reeded wind instr.
bombasine, bombazinenountwilled, black, worsted, worsted-with-silk or worsted-with- cotton dress material. bombazet(te), noun thin smooth-surfaced worsted fabric.
bombeadjectivebulging or curved outward, especially such furniture, embroidery, etc.
bombicadjectivepertaining to silk-worm.
bombilate, bombinateverb nounbuzz; boom. bombilation, bombination
bombousadjectiverounded; convex.
bon tonphrase'good tone'; high society; good breeding.
bona vacantianounLaw, unclaimed property, especially of a person who has died intestate.
bonbonnierenoundainty sweetmeat box.
boncenounlarge playing marble; kind of marbles game.
bonificationnounbetterment; payment of bonus. boniform, adjective like or seeming good. bonify, v. improve; make good.
bonnenounfemale servant.
boracicadjectivepertaining to or derived from borax. boracic acid, former name for boric acid. boracous, adjective
borasco, borasca, borasquenounMediterranean squall.
borborologynounthe stomach-like rumbling of unclean talk
borborygmnounthe noise made by gas in the bowels; a fart
borborygmitenouna dirty mouth, or practitioner of spurcitious--foul and obscene--language
borborygmusnounrumbling of gas in the stomach. borborygmic, adjective
bordereaunoun(pl. -x) invoice; detailed bill; memorandum.
borrachanouncrude rubber; rubber tree.
bortnounground diamond fragments, used in polishing, etc. borty, adjective
bos in linguanounan ox on the tongue: a weighty reason for silence
boscage, boskagenounthicket of trees or shrubs.
boschnounwood; bush. bosch-bok, noun bush-buck; kind of antelope. bosch-man, noun Bushman. bosch-vark, noun kind of wild pig. bosch-veldt, noun bush country.
boskynouncovered with trees
bosselatedadjectivecovered with or formed into knobs.
botargonounrelish made from tunny's or mullet's roe.
botryoid(al)adjectivehaving shape of cluster of grapes. botryose, adjective with flowers in clusters that develop upwards from base.bottine
bottomrynounraising loan on ship as security.
boucherizeverbpreserve by impregnating with copper sulphate.
bougienounwax candle; flexible medical instrument for insertion into body passages; suppository.
boulenounadvisory council or senate of ancient Greece. bouleuterion, noun (pl. -ia) assembly-place.
boulesnounform of bowls played in France.
bouleversementnounoverturning, upset.
boult, boltverbsift. boultel, noun sifting cloth. boulter, noun one who sifts; sieve; fishing line with many hooks.
bouquetinnounibex of the Alps.
bourdonnounMusic, bass drone, as of bagpipe.
boursenounforeign money-market.
boustrophedonnounan ancient style of writing in which the direction of the lines alternated
bouts-rimésnoun'rhymed endings'; composition of verses to given rhymes; verses so composed.
bovriliseverbto condense an ad to essentials; to epitomize
bow-chasernounship's gun for firing ahead.
bowyernounmaker of bows (the weapons).
boyaunoun(pl. -aux ) winding trench; zigzag
braccialenounwall socket or bracket.
brachialadjectivepertaining to arm; arm-shaped. brachiate, v.i. swing by arms from place to place; a. having arms. brachiation, noun brachiferous, adjective having arms or branches. brachiotomy, noun amputation of arm.
brachistocephalic, brachistocephalousadjectivehaving skull of which breadth is 85 per cent or more of length.
brachycatalecticadjectivewith two syllables lacking from end; n. such verse line
brachycephalic, brachycephalousadjectiveshort-headed; having skull of which maximum breadth is 80 per cent or more of maximum length. brachycephalism, noun
brachycerousadjectivehaving short horns or antennae.
brachydactylous, brachydactylicadjectivehaving short digits. brachydactylism, brachydactyly, noun
brachygraphynounshort-hand. brachygrapher, noun stenographer. brachygraphic(al), adjective
brachylogynouncondensed expression; laconic speech.
brachymetropy, brachymetropianounshortsightedness. brachymetropic, adjective
brachypodousadjectivehaving short legs or stalk.
brachypterousadjectivehaving short wings.
brachyurenounshort-tailed animal, bird, etc. brachyuran, noun a crab.
bractnounleaf from axil of which flower is produced. bracteal, adjective bract-like. bracteate, adjective bearing bracts. bracteiform, adjective bract-shaped. bracteole, noun small bract; bract at base of flower. bracteolate, adjective having bracteoles. bracteose, adjective having many bracts.
bradycardianoun(abnormally) slow heart rate. bradykinetic, adjective moving slowly.
bradykininnounblood hormone causing dilation of blood vessels. bradytelic, adjective evolving at a slower rate than normal.
brailverbtruss sail; haul up. brails, cords on edge of sail for trussing.
branchial, branchiacadjectivepertaining to gills. branchiate, adjective having gills. branchicolous, adjective living in gills. branchiform, adjective gill-shaped.
brashnounslight sickness; broken pieces of rock or ice; collection of fragments; a. rash; brittle; lifeless. water-brash, noun pyrosis.
brassagenouncharge for minting coin, difference between value of metal, with cost of minting, and face value.
brassardnounarmlet; arm-badge.
bratticenounpartition, especially in mine gallery to regulate ventilation or support sides or roof; v.t. erect brattice. brattice cloth, canvas sheet for regulating ventilation in mine.
braxynounapoplectic disease of sheep; meat of sheep dead from disease, especially from braxy; a. sick with or dead from this disease.
breccianounGeology, aggregate of angular rock fragments. breccial, adjective brecciation, noun making into brecciae.
breedbatenounsomeone looking for an argument
bressummernounbeam or girder over opening and supporting a wall.
breviatenounsummary; precis.
brevicaudateadjectivehaving short tail.
brevifoliateadjectivehaving short leaves. brevilingual, adjective having short tongue. breviloquence, noun laconic manner of speech. breviped, adjective having short legs. brevipennate, adjective having short wings.
brewsternounbrewer. Brewster Sessions, court hearing applications for liquor trade licences.
Briareanadjectivepertaining to Briareus, monster in Greek legend with hundred hands; having many hands.
bricolenounindirect stroke, especially in real tennis, in which ball is hit against wall or rebounds from it; and billiards, in which ball hits cushion between the two contacts of a cannon.
bridewellnounprison; house of correction.
brigantinenountwo-masted ship, square-rigged on foremast only.
brimborionnounsomething useless or nonsensical
britannia metalnouncheap white alloy of copper, zinc, antimony and bismuth, with lead.
brocatel(lo)nounkind of variegated marble; thick figured silk used in upholstery.
brocknounbadger. brocket, noun stag in its second year; Brazilian pronged deer. brock-faced, adjective having white mark on face.
broderienounembroidery-like pattern. broderie anglaise, mixture of solid and open-work embroidery.
brogannouncoarse, strong shoe; brogue.
bromatologynountreatise on or study of food.
bromidrosisnounthe secretion of foul-smelling sweat; body odor
brominenounnon-metallic chlorine-like element found in seawater and mineral springs. bromize, v. compound with bromine; prepare photographic plate with bromide. bromism, noun condition due to excessive use of bromide. brominated, adjective compounded with bromine.
brontephobia, brontophobianoundread of thunder and lightning.
brontidenounsound like distant thunder, due to seismic causes.
brontographnouninstr. recording discharges of atmospheric electricity. brontogram, noun record made by this.
brontologynounstudy of thunder. brontometer, noun brontograph.
brosenounkind of porridge; broth. Athole-brose, mixture of whisky and honey.
brotusnounany extra measure without charge, such as a baker's dozen
brouettenounsmall two-wheeled carriage; kind of four-seater motor car.
brucellosisnounan undulant fever of cattle.
brucin(e), brucinanounstrychnine-like poison derived from nux vomica plant.
bruitnounsounds in chest symptomatic of disease; rumour; v.t. report; spread abroad.
brumaladjectivepertaining to brume or winter.
brumby, brumbie, brumbeenounwild horse.
brumenounmist or fog. brumous, adjective
brummagemnounmaking an imposing display but inferior and of little worth; showy but cheap
brunneousadjectivedark brown.
brutum fulmennounfailed thunderbolt: empty noise or idle threat
bruxismnoungrinding of teeth, especially in sleep.
bruxomanianounthe habit of unconsciously grinding the teeth, especially in sleep, or under stress
bryologynounstudy of mosses and liverworts; plant life of such kind of a region. bryological, adjective bryologist, noun bryophyte, noun moss or liverwort.
bubonoun(pl. -oes) swelling with inflammation of lymphatic gland, especially of groin. bubonalgia, noun pain in groin. bubonic, adjective
bubulinnouncompound obtained from cow dung, used in calico printing
buccaladjectivepertaining to mouth or cheek.
buccannounframework over which meat is roasted or dried; v.t. dry meat on such.
buccateadjectivewith protruding cheeks.
buccinaladjectivehaving shape or sound of trumpet. buccinator, noun muscle forming cheek- wall. buccinatory, adjective
bucculanoundouble chin
bullacenounsmall wild plum fruit and tree.
bullateadjectivepuckered; with blistered appearance. bullation, noun
bullionnoungold or silver in the mass, especially uncoined. bullionist, noun upholder of metallic currency.
bullishadjectiveCommerce, anticipating or associated with a rise in price.
buphthalmianounenlargement of eye. buphthalmic, adjective
burbotnounlong, slender, freshwater fish of cod family; eel-pout.
burettenoungraduated glass measuring tube; Ecclesiastical, sacramental cruet.
burgeenounsmall triangular pennant of yacht, etc.
burgensicadjectivepertaining to citizen or freeman of borough.
burinnounengraver's tool; graver. burinist, noun engraver.
burlettanounlight comic opera.
burnettizeverbsaturate with zinc chloride solution to prevent decay. burnettizing, noun such process, invented by Sir W Burnett.
burrstonenounflinty rock used for millstones; millstone made of this.
bursanoun(pl. -sae or - sas) sac, especially fluid-filled at point of friction in joint, etc. bursal, adjective pertaining to bursa; pertaining to states revenue. bursitis, noun inflammation of bursa.
buskinnounhigh boot; thick-soled boot (also called cothurnus) worn by actors in ancient Greek tragedy; classic tragedy.
buttenounsteep, isolated hill.
byssusnounfilamentous tuft ('beard') by which molluscs attach themselves; fine flax and fabric woven from it. byssaceous, adjective consisting of fine threads; like a byssus. byssal, adjective byssiferous, adjective having a byssus; tufted. byssine, adjective silky; the fabric byssus. byssogenous, adjective producing a byssus. byssoid, adjective like a byssus; fibrous; cottony.
bywonernounsub-tenant of farm; agricultural labourer.
cabochonnounconvex-cut, polished stone. en cabochon, cut in that manner.
cabotagenouncoastal navigation; restriction of internal air services to a country's own carriers.
cabotinnounmedical quack
cacaesthesianounmorbid sensation.
cacemphatonnouna harsh-sounding word or phrase
cacestogenousadjectivecaused by unfavorable home environment
cachaemianounpoisoned condition of blood. cachaemic, adjective
cachalotnounsperm whale.
cache-sexenounsmall cover for the genitals.
cachexy, cachexianoungenerally unhealthy physical or mental state. cachectic, cachexic, adjective
cachinnateverblaugh harshly and loudly. cachinnation, cachinato, noun cachinatory, adjective
cachinnationnounloud or immoderate laughter
cachounounlozenge for sweetening the breath.
cachuchanounquick Spanish dance, with castanet accompaniment.
caciquenouna slightly pompous person
cacoepynounincorrect pronunciation. cacoepist, noun cacoepistic, adjective
cacoethesnounstrong desire; bad habit. cacoethic, adjective
cacogennounan anti-social person
cacogenicsnounstudy or process of racial deterioration. cacogenic, adjective
cacographynounincorrect spelling or writing. cacographer, noun bad speller. cacographic(al), adjective
cacologynounbad pronunciation; impropriety of wording or unacceptable diction
caconymnounbad or wrongly derived name. caconymic, adjective
cacophenismnounan unfairly harsh or derogatory word ordescription
cacophrenicadjectivepertaining to an inferior intellect
cacotechnynouna corrupt state of art
cacozelianounstudied affectation in diction or style, as in aspeech filled with pedantic latinisms and inkhorn words
cacuminaladjectivepertaining to point, top or crown. cacuminate, v. sharpen. cacumination, noun cacuminous, adjective pointed.
cadastrenounregister of lands, their values and owners. cadastral, adjective cadastration, noun making this.
cadgeverbto hawk or peddle, as fish; or to beg, sponge or fleece
cadinounlocal judge in Islam.
cadit quaestiophrasethe investigation drops: the argument or case collapses; that dispenses with the issue
caducousadjectivefleeting; transient; unenduring
caecumnoun(pl. -ca), blind outgrowth at junction of large and small intestines, terminating in vermiform appendix. caecal, adjective caeciform, adjective shaped like a caecum. caecity, noun blindness.
caenogenesisnoundevelopment in individual of processes not common to its species. caenogenetic, adjective
caesaropapacynounsecular possession of highest ecclesiastical power.
caesiousadjectivepale blue-green.
caespitose, cespitoseadjectivegrowing in tufts.
cagamosisnoununhappy marriage
caitiffadjectivebase; despicable; cowardly; wicked
calamusnounfeather quill; reed used as pen; Malacca and rattan cane palm.
calascentadjectiveincreasing in warmth
calcareousadjectivepertaining to limestone; consisting of carbonate of lime.
calcariferousadjectivespurred. calcariform, calcarine a. spur-shaped.
calcicolenounplant thriving on limy soil.
calcineverbconvert or be converted into powder or lime by burning; roast. calcination, noun calcinatory, a.; n. vessel for calcination.
calcitoninnounhormone secreted by the thyroid gland, controlling the rate of bone destruction.
calcivorousadjectiveapplied to plants thriving on limestone.
calcographernounone who draws with crayons
calefacientadjectivewarming. calefaction, noun calefactive, adjective calefactory, a.; n. warm room or vessel.
calelectricitynounelectricity caused by changes in temperature. calelectric(al), adjective
calendernounmangle or press, especially to produce glazed surface.
calendsnounpl. first day of month in ancient Roman calendar. at the Greek calends, never. calendal, adjective
calenturenounsunstroke, or other fever or delirium due to heat.
calepinnouna dictionary, esp. a polyglot dictionary
calescentadjectivebecoming warm. calescence, noun
caliductnounconduit for hot fluid.
caliginousadjectiveobscure; dim; misty; dark
caligonoundim-sightedness. caliginous, adjective dim; obscure.
caliologynounstudy of birds' nests. caliological, adjective caliologist, noun
calipeenounedible jelly-like substance found on underside of turtle
callipygian, callipygousadjectivehaving well-shaped buttocks.
callisectionnounvivisection of anaesthetized animals.
callisteianounbeauty prizes.
callisthenics, calisthenicsnounstrengthening and beautifying exercises.
callithumpiannouna noisy demonstration
callomanianounthe delusion that one is beautiful
calodemon, calodaemonnoungood spirit.
calomelnounstrong purgative, compound of mercury, acting on liver.
calottenounskull cap, especially of Roman Catholic clergy; small dome.
calquenounword or phrase directly translated from one language and used in another.
caltropnounspiked device laid on the ground to disable enemy horses or vehicles.
calumniateverbslander. calumnious, calumniatory, adjective calumny, calumniation, calumniator, noun
calvarialadjectivepertaining to crown of head.
calvitiesnounbaldness. calvous, adjective
calyxnoun(pl. -lyces ) outer whorl of generally green floral leaves (sepals) in flower. calycate, adjective having calyces. calyciform, adjective calyx- shaped. calycine, adjective pertaining to calyces. calycoid, adjective calyx-like.
camarillanounpolitical secret society, especially of king's favourites.
cambismnountheory of commercial exchange. cambist, noun person dealing in bills of exchange. cambistry, noun study of international exchange.
cambiumnounsoft enveloping tissue of trees from which new tissues are formed. cambial, adjective cambiform, adjective like cambium in nature or function. cambiogenetic, adjective producing cambium.
camera lucidanouninstrument containing prism by which image of object is projected onto flat surface, where it may be traced.
cameralismnouneconomic theory in which public revenue is sole measure of national prosperity. cameralist, noun adherent of cameralism. cameralistic, adjective pertaining to public revenue. cameralistics, noun study of national finance.
camerate(d)adjectivedivided into chambers. cameration, noun division into chambers; vaulting.
camerlingo, camerlengonounpapal treasurer.
camionnounflat, low, four-wheeled truck or dray.
camisade, camisadonounattack by night.
camletnounfine dress fabric of silk and camel-hair, or wool and goat's hair. camleteen, camletine, noun imitation camlet of hair and worsted.
camorranounsecret terrorist organisation, especially of 19th-century. camorrism, camorrist, noun
campanologynounstudy and knowledge of bells; bell-making; bell-ringing. campanological, adjective campanologist, noun campanist, noun expert on bells; bell-ringer.
campanulate, campanular, campanulousadjectivebell-shaped.
campestral, campestrialadjectivepertaining to or thriving in open countryside.
canaillenounthe mob; rabble.
canasternouncoarse tobacco.
cancellate(d), cancellousadjectivemarked with network of lines; having a sponge-like structure.
cancriformadjectivecrab-shaped; Medicine, cancer-like. cancrivorous, adjective feeding on crabs. cancrizans, adjective moving crab-wise or backwards; Music, having theme repeated backwards. cancroid, adjective crab-like; cancer-like.
cancrinenounreading the same backwards as forwards
candescentadjectiveglowing. candescence, noun
canephorusnoun(pl. -ri) sculpture of a young man or woman carrying a basket on head.
canescentadjectivebecoming white; hoary. canescence, noun
cang(ue)nounwooden yoke, inscribed with list of his offences, hung round criminal's neck in China.
canicularadjectivepertaining to dog star or dog days.
canitiesnounwhiteness of hair.
cannelnounkind of fine, brightly burning coal.
cannellate(d)adjectivefluted. cannelure, noun groove, especially in cartridge.
cannular, cannulateadjectivehollow; tubular.
cantabanknounsecond-rate ballad singer
cantatoryadjectivepertaining to singer or singing.
cantatricenounfemale singer.
cantharidesnounmedical preparation of dried Spanish flies, formerly used as a diuretic or aphrodisiac. cantharidal, adjective cantharidate, v. treat with this. cantharidean, cantharidian, adjective made of this. cantharidism, noun condition due to excessive use of this.
canthusnounangle between eyelids at corner of eye. canthal, adjective
cantilenanounsmooth, flowing melody or vocal style.
cantornounliturgical singer and leader of prayers in synagogue; precentor. cantoral, cantorial, adjective pertaining to the north, or precentor's, side of choir.
capacitancenounElectricity, ability to store an electric charge; measure of such ability. capacitor, noun device for accumulating electric charge.
capiasnounwrit of arrestment.
capitateadjectivehead-like. capitatim adv. per head. capitation, noun counting or levying by the head, i.e. per person; poll tax. capitative, adjective per person.
capitularadjectivepertaining to cathedral chapter. capitulary, noun statute or member of such chapter.
caporalnouncoarse tobacco.
capotenounlady's long hooded cloak.
capreolateadjectivehaving tendrils.
capricadjectivepertaining to goat. caprid, noun goat.
caprifoliaceousadjectivepertaining to or like honeysuckle; belonging to honeysuckle family of plants.
caprine, caprinicadjectivepertaining to or like goat.
caprylicadjectiveof or pertaining to an animal odor
capsicumnounplant yielding (e.g. red or green) peppers; its fruit.
captationnounattempt to obtain applause or recognition.
captiousadjectiveintended to confuse or artfully entangle inargument; deceptive or sophistical
caracolenounhalf turn by trained horse; caper; v.i. make such turn.
caravanserai, caravansarynounEastern inn, especially for accommodation of caravans.
caravel, carvelnounsmall three- or four-masted ship of 15th and 16th centuries; Turkish battleship.
carbacidometernouninstrument measuring quantity of carbon dioxide in air.
carbasusnounlint; gauze.
carbomycinnounantibiotic drug obtained from a soil fungus, used chiefly against respiratory infections.
carcanetnounjewelled necklace or collar.
cardophagusnoun(pl. -gi ) eater of thistles; donkey.
careenverbheel over; turn on side for repairs.
caricologynounstudy of sedges. caricography, noun description of sedges.
carillonnounpeal of bells. carilloneur, carillonist, noun player on carillon.
carinateadjectivelike or having a keel. carinal, cariniform, adjective keel-shaped. carination, noun
cariole, carriolenounlight one-horse carriage or cart; Canadian, kind of sleigh.
carmagnolenounwide-lapelled, buttoned jacket of Piedmont; costume of Jacobin French revolutionaries, including the carmagnole, red cap and tricolor sash; French revolutionary song and dance.
carminativeadjectivepertaining to farting
carminativenoun& a. (medicine) expelling wind.
carnassialadjective(of teeth) adapted for tearing.
carneliannounhard, red variety of chalcedony.
carneousadjectivelike or of flesh; flesh-colored. carnifex, noun executioner. carnification, noun conversion into flesh. carnificial, adjective pertaining to executioner or butcher. carniform, adjective flesh-like. carnify, v. convert into or become like flesh. carnivorous, adjective flesh-eating. carnose, adjective fleshy.
carnetnouncustoms licence for temporary importation of motor vehicle.
caronamidenounsubstance that prolongs the action of penicillin by preventing its excretion.
carpelnounBotany, pistil; organ forming part of pistil. carpellary, adjective carpellate, adjective having carpels. carpid(ium), noun small carpel.
carpitisnounarthritis of carpus.
carpogenousadjectivefruit-producing. carpolith, carpolite, noun fossil fruit or seed. carpology, noun study of fruit structure. carpophagous, adjective feeding on fruit.
carpusnoun(pl. -pi ) wrist; small bones of wrist. carpal, adj.
carrageennounkind of dark red, branched seaweed; Irish moss.
carrel, carrellnounbooth for individual study in library.
carriwitchetnounan absurd, riddling question, somewhat ofa hoax; teasing quibble; pun
carron oilnounlotion, composed of limewater and linseed oil, formerly used for burns.
carronadenounkind of short, light ship's gun.
cartogramnounmap showing statistical information diagrammatically.
cartomancynoundivination or fortune-telling by playing-cards.
carunclenounfleshy outgrowth. caruncular, carunculous, adjective carunculate, adjective having caruncles.
caryatidnounsculptured female figure acting as pillar. caryatidal, caryatic, adjective
caseasenounenzyme decomposing the casein in milk and cheese.
casematenounbomb-proof room in fortification.
casern(e)noungarrison's barracks.
cassationnounannulment. Music, a serenade-like instrumental composition for outdoor performance. court of cassation, highest French court of appeal.
cassiteritenounnative dioxide of tin, the chief ore of tin.
castanean, castanianadjectivepertaining to chestnut. castaneous, adjective chestnut-colored.
castrametationnounart of laying out a camp.
castrophrenianounthe belief that one's thoughts are beingstolen by enemies
casualismnoundoctrine that all things happen by chance.
casuistnounsophist; resolver of questions of conscience. casuistic, adjective casuistry, noun study of rules of right and wrong; application of such rules to particular cases; false reasoning, especially on moral matters.
casuistrynounthe determining of right and wrong in matters of conduct or conscience, or the applying or principles of ethics, particulary in instances that are complex or ambiguous; false, deceptive reasoning about law or morals
casus bellinounevent which justifies a declaration of war.
catabaptistnounopponent of infant baptism.
catabasisnoun(pl. -ses ) decline of disease. catabatic, adjective
catabolismnoundestructive chemical processes in living creatures. catabolic, adjective catabolize, v.
catachresisnounincorrect use of a word or phrase, especially from any etymological misunderstanding
catachresisnounuse of wrong words. catachrestic, adjective
catachthonian, catachthonicadjectivesubterranean.
cataclasisnoun(pl. -ses ) Geology, deformation of rocks by crushing and shearing. cataclastic, adjective
cataclasmnounbreaking down. cataclasmic, adjective
catacosmesisnounan ordering of words in descending order ofimportance; anticlimactic sequence in phrasing
catacousticadjectivepertaining to echoes. catacoustics, noun study of echoes.
catadioptricadjectivepertaining or due to both reflection and refraction of light. catadioptrics, noun study of such phenomena.
catadromousadjectivemigrating from fresh to salt water to spawn.
catafalquenounfixed bier for lying-in-state.
catakineticadjectivedestructive of energy.
catalecticadjectivelacking a syllable at end. catalexis, noun
catalepsynounrigid or trance-like fit. cataleptic, adjective cataleptiform, adjective like catalepsy.
catallacticadjectivepertaining to exchange. catalactics, noun study of commercial exchange.
catalysisnounalteration in speed of chemical reaction due to introduction of a substance which remains unchanged. catalyse, v. catalyst,, noun such introduced substance. catalytic, a.; n. catalyst; alterative. catalytic converter, noun device for reducing toxic emissions from internal-combustion engine.
catamitenounboy kept for homosexual purposes.
cataphasianounspeech disorder involving constant repetition of word or phrase.
cataphoresisnounmovement, due to application of electricity, of particles through fluid; injection of drugs electrically. cataphoretic, adjective
catarolysisnouncursing to let off steam
catastalticnouna. (drug) exercising restraint; astringent.
catastasisnoun(pl. -ses ) climax or culmination of drama.
catchpole, catchpollnounbumbailiff.
catechunounastringent substance extracted from fruit, wood or leaves of several tropical plants including acacias and areca palm.
catechumennounperson receiving instruction, especially in religion. catechumenate, catechumenism, noun status of a catechumen catechumenical, adjective
catenanounchain; series. catenoid, catenular, catenulate, adjective chain- like. catenarian, adjective pertaining to chain or catenary. catenary, adjective chain-like; n. curve assumed by chain suspended between two points. catenate, v. join together like a chain; a. chain-like. catenation, noun
cathedranounthrone; bishop's or professor's chair. ex cathedra, (Latin) 'from the chair'; authoritative. cathedratic, adjective
catholytenounportion of electrolyte about cathode.
cationnounpositively charged ion moving towards cathode in electrolysis.
catogenicadjectiveGeology, formed from above; sedimentary.
catoptricadjectivepertaining to reflection of light. catoptromancy, noun divination by gazing into mirror or crystal. catoptrics, noun study of reflection.
cattalonouna cross between domestic cattle and N American bison.
caudaladjectivepertaining to tail. caudad, adv. towards tail. caudate, adjective tailed. caudiform, adjective tail- like.
caulnounmembrane sometimes covering head of new-born infant, and regarded as lucky.
caulineadjectiveBotany, growing on stem. cauliform, adjective like a stem. cauligenous, adjective borne on stem. caulescent, adjective with aerial stem. caulome, noun stem structure of plant. caulotaxy, noun disposition of branches on stem.
causerienouna light and informal conversation; brief,conversational essay
cauterynounmedical instrument used for searing wounds, etc.; use of such instrument cauterant, a.; cauterize, v.
cavatinanounsimple song or melody.
cavernicolousadjectiveliving in caves. cavernulous, adjective full of small cavities.
cavicornadjectivewith hollow horns.
cavilverbfind fault; n. querulous objection.
cavo-relievonounsculpture in which highest part is level with surface of stone; hollow relief.
cedillanounmark under letter C to show that it should be pronounced S.
ceilidhnouninformal gathering with music, dancing etc.
ceilometernouninstrument measuring the distance between cloud ceiling and Earth's surface.
celadonnounporcelain with greyish-green glaze; pale greyish green.
celationnounconcealment. celative, adjective
celaturenounprocess of embossing metal.
celibatariannoun& a. (person) advocating celibacy.
celidographynoundescription of sun's or planet's surface markings. celidographer, noun
cellulosicadjectiveplastic made from cellulose.
celoscopenounMedicine, instrument for examining body cavities.
cembalonoundulcimer; harpsichord; any musical instrument with hammers to strike strings. cembalist, noun player on a cembalo.
cenaclenoundining-room, especially room in which the Last Supper was held.
censernounreceptacle for incense.
centalnounmeasure of weight equivalent of 100 lb.
centesimaladjectivecounting or counted by hundredths. centesimate, v. punish by punishing (especially executing) every hundredth man. centesimation, noun
centimetricadjectiveless than 1 metre in length (of very short radio and radar waves).
centrobaricadjectivepertaining to centre of gravity.
centupleadjectivehundredfold; v.t. increase a hundredfold.
centuriateadjectivedivided into hundreds. centuriation, noun
cepaceousadjectivelike an onion.
cephalosporin, ceporinnounantibiotic drug extracted from cephalosporium mould, of very wide application.
cephalothoraxnounbody, or head with thorax, of spiders, crustaceans, etc. cephalothoracic, adjective
ceraceousadjectivelike wax. ceral, adjective pertaining to wax or cere.
ceratenounmedical unguent composed of wax, lard, etc.; a. having a cere. cerated, adjective covered with wax.
ceratoidadjectivehorny; like or shaped like horn.
ceraunoscopenounancient instrument used to simulate the sound of thunder.
cerenounwax; wax-like protuberance at base of upper part of bird's bill. cerous, adjective pertaining to or like a cere.
cerebrotonicadjectivehaving a shy, inhibited temperament associated with ectomorphy. cerebrotonia, noun
ceriferousadjectiveyielding wax.
cermetnouna strong alloy of a metal with a heat-resisting compound, especially used for turbine blades and similar objects.
cernuousadjectiveBotany, drooping; hanging.
cerographynounwriting on wax; painting with wax colors; encaustic painting. ceroplastics, noun wax modelling.
certiorarinounwrit for transference of hearing to superior court, or calling for production before superior court of records of a lower court.
cerumennounwax of ear. ceruminiferous, adjective yielding this. ceruminous, adjective pertaining to this.
cerusenounwhite lead.
cervicaladjectivepertaining to the neck or cervix.
cervineadjectivepertaining to or like deer.
cervisialadjectivepertaining to beer.
cetanenounan oil found in petroleum. cetane number, number representing ignition value of diesel oil, being the percentage of cetane in a mixture used for testing by comparison.
ceteris paribusphrase'other things being equal'.
chaetophorousadjectivebearing bristles.
chagrinnoundisappointment annoyance; vexation; v.t., disappoint deeply; annoy.
chaisenounlight, two-wheeled carriage, especially with suspended body.
chalcedonynounblue or grey variety of quartz. chalcedonic, chalcedonous, adjective
chalcographynounengraving on brass or copper. chalcolithic, adjective pertaining to copper or bronze age. chalcotript, noun person who takes rubbings of ornamental brasses.
chalicosisnounstone-cutters' lung disease, due to inhaling stone dust.
chalonenounglandular secretion curbing activity. chalonic, adjective pertaining to this; restraining.
chalybeateadjectivecontaining salts of iron; n. such water, medicine, etc.
chamaecephalicadjectivehaving a flattened skull. chamaecephalus, noun (pl. -li ) such person. chamaecephaly, noun such condition.
chambr�adjectiveat room temperature (of wine).
chammanouncloak-like Abyssinian garment.
champertynounLaw, crime of aiding another's lawsuit in order to share in gains therefrom. champertous, adjective
chancrenounsyphilitic ulcer. chancriform, adjective like a chancre. chancroid, noun local sore resembling a chancre. chancrous, adjective like or having these.
chapbooknounsmall popular book, formerly of songs, etc., sold by pedlars. chapman, noun pedlar.
chapelle ardentenoun'burning chapel'; framework bearing burning candles over coffin or catafalque.
charcuterienoun(shop selling) cold meats made from pork.
charientismnouna gracefully veiled insult
charivarinounmedley, especially of noises; mock musical performance with whistles, utensils, etc.
charpoynounlight bedstead.
charquinoundried strips of meat; jerked beef. charqued, adjective cut into strips and dried.
chasmogamynounopening of flower for fertilization. chasmogamic, chasmogamous, adjective
chasmophilousadjectivefond of nooks, crannies, crevices, and chasms
chatoyantadjectivewith lustre that seems different colors in different lights; n. stone which shines with a wavy band of light; cat's-eye.
chaussurenounfoot covering.
chef-d'oeuvrenoun(pl. chefs - pron. same) masterpiece.
chelanoun(pl. -lae ) pincer-like claw of e.g. crab, scorpion. cheliferous, adjective having pincers. cheliform, adjective
cheloniannoun(pertaining to) tortoise or turtle. chelonid, noun sea turtle.
chemin-de-fernoun'road of iron'; railway; a kind of baccarat.
chemokinesisnounincrease in activity caused chemically. chemolysis, noun decomposition chemically caused. chemonuclear, adj. pertaining to or arising from both a chemical and a nuclear reaction. chemoprophylaxis, noun prevention by means of a chemical drug. chemoreceptor, noun sense organ that responds to chemical stimuli. chemotaxis, noun movement of organism towards or away from chemical substance. chemotherapy, noun medical treatment by chemicals attacking disease-producing organism. chemotropism, noun growth in response to chemical stimulus.
chemurgynounindustrial organic chemistry.
chermanynountype of baseball played in southern U.S.
cherophobianounfear of gaiety
cheval de bataillenounwar-horse: one's favorite subject or argument, often to a tiresome degree
cheval-de-frisenoun(pl. chevaux- ) spiked bar on wall or window-sill. cheval glass, full-length mirror in frame.
chevalinenounequine; n. horseflesh.
chevelurenounhead of hair.
chevetnouneast end of (especially French Gothic) church or chancel.
chevillenounan unnecessary word added to round off a sentence or complete a line of verse
chevrettenounkind of thin kid leather.
chiasmanoun(pl. -mata) cross-shaped configuration especially in pairing chromosomes.
chiasmusnoun(pl. -mi ) inversion of order of corresponding elements of two parallel phrases, as in born under one law, to another bound. chiastic, adjective
chignonnounknot or 'bun' of hair; pad over which hair is arranged.
chiliadnounone thousand (years). chiliadal, chiliadic, adjective chiliagon, noun thousand-sided figure. chiliarch, noun ancient Greek or Roman officer in charge of a thousand men. chiliasm, noun belief in second incarnation of Christ as king of world; millenarianism. chiliast, noun adherent of such belief. chiliastic, adjective
chillumnounhookah; bowl of hookah; tobacco-smoking. chillumchee, noun brass wash basin.
chimera, chimaeranounimaginary monster; bogy; impossible idea. chimerical, adjective imaginary; fanciful; fantastic.
chinenounbackbone; cut of meat adjoining backbone; saddle; ridge; small ravine; v.t. cut into pieces.
chinoiserienoundecoration, furniture etc. imitating Chinese design.
chionablepsianounsnow blindness.
chiragranoungout of the fingers.
chiraladjectivepertaining to hand; turning to either left or right. chirality, noun chirapsia, noun massage.
chirrverbmake trill sound like a grasshopper.
chirurgeonnounarchaic, surgeon. chirurgery, noun surgery. chirurgic, adjective
chlamysnounhorseman's loose cloak of ancient Greece. chlamydate, adjective having a mantle. chlamydeous, adjective Botany, pertaining to floral envelope.
chloralnounoily liquid obtained from chlorine and alcohol; (properly chloral hydrate) sleeping draught obtained from chloral. chloralism, noun condition due to abuse of this.
chloramphenicolnounan antibiotic drug originally isolated from a soil micro- organism, effective against various bacterial and viral diseases.
chlorometernouninstrument for measuring chlorine, especially in bleaching powders.
chlorosisnounanaemia in young women; green sickness; similar condition of plants, due to lack of light. chlorotic, adjective lacking chlorophyll.
chokedampnounasphyxiating gas, mainly carbon dioxide, of mines.
cholecystnoungall bladder. cholecystectomy, noun removal of gall bladder. cholecystitis, noun inflammation of gall bladder.
cholelithiasisnounproduction of gall-stones.
cholinounshort, close-fitting blouse worn under a sari.
choliambnouniambic trimeter having trochee or spondee in third foot. choliambic, adjective
cholicadjectivepertaining to bile.
chollernoundouble chin.
chololithnoungall-stone. chololithic, adjective
chondraladjectivecartilaginous. chondric, adjective chondrification, noun conversion into cartilage. chondrogenesis, noun production of cartilage. chondroid, adjective like cartilage. chondrosis, noun formation of cartilage. chondrostean, chondrosteous, adjective with cartilaginous skeleton.
choragusnounleader of chorus in ancient Greek drama; person officiating at festival.
chorditisnouninflammation of vocal cords.
choreanounnervous disease marked by involuntary twitchings. chorea minor, St. Vitus's dance. choreic, choreal, adjective
choreuticadjectivepertaining to choral song and dance.
choriambnounmetrical foot comprising a trochee and an iambus. choriambic, adjective
choricadjectivepertaining to chorus in ancient Greek tragedy.
chorionnounmembrane enclosing amnion. chorial, chorionic, adjective
choripetalousadjectivewith petals separated. chorisepalous, adjective with sepals separated.
chorographnouninstrument finding position of a place from angles enclosed by lines between it and three other known places.
chorographynoungeographical description of a region. chorology, noun study of geographical distribution. chorometry, noun surveying of land.
chose jug�enoun'judged thing'; settled matter, on which further argument is useless. chose in action, Law, thing, such as mortgage, debt etc., in respect of which there is a right of legal action. chose in possession, thing, as goods and chattels, in ownership.
chrematisticadjectivepertaining to gaining of money. chrematistics, noun study of money.
chrestomathynouna collection of choice literary pieces
chromaesthesianounmental association of colors with tastes, sights, sounds, figures, etc.
chromatinnounprotoplasmic substance in cell nucleus, forming chromosomes and carrying hereditary characters.
chromatismnounoccurrence of abnormal coloration.
chromatopathynoundisease causing abnormal coloration of skin.
chromophilous, chromophilicadjectiveChemistry, readily staining. chromophobe, adjective staining only slightly.
chromoptometernouninstrument measuring eye's sensitivity to color. chromoptometry, noun
chromotypographynounprinting in colors. chromoxylography, noun printing in colors from wooden blocks.
chronogramnounphrase or sentence certain letters of which form a date, generally in Roman figures. chronogrammatic, adjective chronogrammatist, noun composer of this.
chronophernounelectrical contact-maker for transmitting time signals.
chronophotographynountaking of a set of photographs of a moving object at regular intervals.
chronoscopenouninstrument measuring very small intervals of time; chronometer in which figures are seen through apertures in dial. chronoscopy, noun
chronostichonnounchronogrammatic line of verse.
chronothermometernounchronometer whose rate is altered by temperature changes.
chronotropicadjectiveaffecting rate of pulse. chronotropism, noun
chryselephantineadjectivemade of, or ornamented with, ivory and gold.
chrysocarpousadjectivehaving yellow fruit.
chrysochlorousadjectivegreenish-gold in color.
chrysochrousadjectivegolden yellow.
chrysologynouneconomic study of precious metals and their value.
chrysophilist, chrysophilitenounlover of gold.
chrysopoeticsnounmanufacture of, or transmutation into, gold.
chrysoprasenoungreen variety of chalcedony used as gem.
chrystocrenenounGeology, rock formation resembling glacier.
chthonicadjectivedwelling or reigning in the underworld as deities or as spirits; infernal; ghostly
churrusnounhemp resin; leather bag for drawing water from well.
chylenounmilky fat-containing fluid secreted into blood by lactic vessels in small intestine. chylaceous, adjective chylific, adjective producing chyle. chyliform, adjective like chyle. chylocauly, noun Botany, possession of fleshy leaves. chylopoiesis, noun production of chyle. chylous, adjective consisting of chyle.
chymenounsemi-liquid partly digested food leaving stomach. chymiferous, adjective containing chyme. chymiflcation, noun conversion of food into chyme. chymous, adjective
chyprenounmixture of resins, etc., used in perfumery.
cibationnounfeeding. cibarian, adjective pertaining to mouth. cibarious, adjective pertaining to food.
cibophobianoundislike for food.
ciboriumnoun(pl. -ria) vessel holding consecrated wafers; canopy over altar.
cicatrice, cicatrixnounscar. cicatricial, adjective cicatricle, noun small scar. cicatricose, adjective scarred. cicatrize, v.i. & t. heal; grow over.
ciceronenoun(pl. -ni ) guide escorting tourists, sightseers. ciceronage, noun
cicisbeonoun(pl. -bei ) married woman's lover or escort.
ciconine, ciconianadjectivelike or pertaining to a stork.
ciglingnounbuzzing noises made by a swarm of locusts
cilicenounhair-cloth; hair shirt.
cillosisnounmuscular spasm of upper eyelid.
cinemographnouninstrument recording speed, especially of wind.
cineraryadjectivepertaining to ashes, especially of cremated body. cinerarium, noun place where ashes of cremated bodies are deposited.
cinerialadjectivepertaining to like or colored like ashes. cinereous, cineritious, adjective like ashes.
cingulateadjectivehaving girdle. cingular, adjective ring-shaped.
cinquainnoungroup of five, especially five-line stanza.
cipolinnoungreen-streaked white marble.
cippusnoun(pl. -pi) small column marking burial- place or landmark.
circinateadjectivering-shaped; rolled into a close spiral.
circumambientadjectivesurrounding on all sides. circumambiency, noun
circumcrescentadjectivegrowing over or round. circumcrescence, noun
circumesophagaladjectiveabout or along the gullet.
circumferentornounsurveyor's angle-measuring compass instrument.
circumfluentadjectiveflowing round. circumfluence, noun
circumforaneousadjectivewandering, especially from street to street; vagrant.
circumfulgentadjectiveshining about or round.
circumfuseverbsurround with liquid; pour round. circumfusion, noun
circuminsularadjectivesurrounding an island.
circumjacentadjectivesurrounding. circumjacence, circumjacency, noun
circumlittoraladjectivenext to shore.
circummigrateverbwander from place to place. circummigration, noun
circumsolaradjectiverevolving round sun.
circumvallationnounsurrounding trench or rampart.
circumvolantadjectiveflying round.
circumvoluteverbtwist; wind round. circumvolution, noun revolution; fold; circumlocution. circumvolutory, adjective
cirrateadjectivehaving tendrils.
cirrhosisnounMedicine, hardened or fibrous condition, especially of liver. cirrhotic, adjective
cirripednounparasitic marine crustacean, as barnacle. cirropodous, adjective
cisalpineadjectiveon this side of the Alps, especially on the southern or Roman side. cisandine, adjective on this side of the Andes. cisatlantic, adjective on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. ciselysian, adjective on this side of Elysium or heaven. cismarine, adjective on this side of the sea. cismontane, adjective on this side of mountains; desiring limitation of papal power. cisoceanic, adjective on this side of ocean. cispadane, adjective on this (southern) side of the River Po. cispontine, adjective on this side of bridges, e.g. on north side of Thames. cisrhenane, adjective on this side of the Rhine.
cisvestitismnounwearing weird or inappropriate clothes
citharanounancient lyre-like stringed musical instrument. citharist, noun player on this.
citreousadjectivelemon-colored. citric, adjective pertaining to or derived from lemons and other acid fruit. citrine, adjective lemon-colored. citron, noun large lemon-like fruit. citrous, citrus, adjective pertaining to or like citron.
cittosisnounan abnormal desire for strange foods
cladisticsnounBiology, method of animal classification by shared characteristics.
cladoptosisnounannual shedding of twigs.
clairaudientadjectiveable to hear sounds not actually present, as spirit communications, etc. clairaudience, noun
clairsentientadjectiveable to perceive sensations not actually present. clairsentience, noun
clamantadjectiveloud; insistent. clamatory, clamorous, adjective loud.
clangournounloud, often repeated noise.
claquenoungroup of paid applauders. claqueur, noun member of this.
clasticadjectivedetachable into component parts; Geology, composed of fragments.
clathrateadjectivelattice-like. clathroid, adjective clathrose, adjective marked with lattice-like lines or grooves.
claudicantadjectivelimping. claudication, noun
claustraladjectivecloistral. claustration, noun confinement, especially in convent.
clavecinnounharpsichord; carillon keyboard.
claviaturenounkeyboard; fingering system.
clavicembalonoun(pl. -li ) harpsichord.
clavicytheriumnounharpsichord-like musical instrument.
clavigernounclub-bearer; key-keeper or caretaker. clavigerous, adjective
clavisnoun(pl. -ves ) key; glossary.
clavusnoun(pl. -vi ) purple stripe worn on toga by persons of high rank in ancient Rome; corn (on foot); intensely painful headache.
cledonismnounusing circumlocution to avoid speaking words deemed unlucky.
clegnoungad fly; horse-fly.
clemverbstarve. clemmed, adjective famished.
cleocentricadjectivepertaining to the belief that fame is everything
clerestorynounwindowed part of nave wall rising above aisle roof.
clerisynouneducated or literary people collectively.
cleromancynoundivination by casting lots. cleronomy, noun inheritance.
clevisnounany securing device, U-shaped and with a pin between the extremities.
clewnouncorner of sail to which ropes are attached; v.t. haul on this when changing sail.
climactericadjectivecritical; forming a turning-point or crisis; n. turning-point, especially in life of individual, generally reckoned at 21, 35, 49, 63 and 81 years of age; 'change of life', menopause. grand climacteric, 63rd or 81st year of life. climacterical, adjective
clinamennoun(pl. -mina) bias.
clinocephalic, clinocephalousadjectivehaving a saddle-shaped skull. clinocephalus, noun (pl. -li ) such person. clinocephaly, noun
clinodromicadjectivemoving at an angle, especially of missiles travelling at an angle to a moving target. clinoscopic, adjective pertaining to missiles travelling in line with a moving target.
clinologynounstudy of organism's retrograde development after passing maturity. clinologic, adjective
clinomanianounexcessive desire to stay in bed
clinometernouninstrument measuring angle of slope. clinometric, a., clinometry, noun
clinophobianounmorbid fear of going to bed.
clinquantadjectiveglittering; showy; n. tinsel; meretricious work of art.
cloacanoun(pl. -cae ) sewer; watercloset; Zoology, passage or chamber receiving all bodily excretions in birds, reptiles, etc. cloacal, adjective
clonicadjectiveirregularly spasmodic. clonicity, noun
clounoun'nail'; cynosure.
clupeoidnoun& a. (fish) like a herring.
clypeusnounshield-shaped plate on an insect's head. clypeate a. shaped like a round shield.
clysisnounMedicine, washing-out of body cavity.
clysmianadjectivepertaining or due to flood. clysmic, adjective cleansing.
clysternounan injection into the anus; an enema
cnemisnounshin bone. cnemial, adjective
coadjuvantadjectiveco-operating. coadjuvancy, noun
coadunateadjectivecombine into one;, adjective united. coadunation, noun coadunative, adjective
coagmentverbcement together.
coapt(ate)verbjoin or fit together. coaptation, noun
coarctateadjectiveclosely pressed together. coarctation, noun constriction.
cocciferousadjectivebearing berries.
coccusnoun(pl. cocci, ) spherical bacterium.
cocottenounflirt; prostitute; kind of casserole.
coddumnounold-fashioned guessing game
codonnouna character, or group of characters, in the genetic code carried by the living cell, which directs the formation of a particular amino-acid.
coelialgianounpain in belly.
coelomnounbody cavity. coelomate, adjective having this. coeliac, adjective
coemptionnoungaining monopoly in a commodity by buying all available supplies. coemptor, noun person practising this.
coenaculousadjectivefond of eating, especially suppers.
coenaesthesisnounPsychology, sensation as a whole.
coenotropenounPsychology, conduct characteristic of a group.
coessentialadjectiveReligion, formed from same substance.
coevalnoun& a. (person or thing) of same age; of same length of time.
cognomennoun(pl. -nomens, -nomina) family name; nickname. cognominal, a.; n. namesake. cognominate, v.
cognovitnounLaw, admission by defendant of justice of plaintiff's case.
cohibitverbrestrain. cohibition, noun cohibitive, adjective
coignnouncorner; angle; viewpoint.
coinstantaneousadjectiveoccurring at same instant. coinstantaneity n.
colchicumnounmeadow saffron; autumn crocus. colchicine, noun extract of this used as specific against gout.
coleopterousadjectivepertaining to beetles and weevils; having hard anterior wings. coleopteran, noun such insect. coleopteroid, adjective beetle-like. coleopterology, noun study of such insects.
coliformadjectivelike a sieve.
colletnounflange holding a gem; metal collar or sleeve.
colleticnounadhesive (substance).
colligateverbbind together; collate facts for deduction of principle therefrom. colligation, noun
collimateverbmake parallel; adjust into line; adjust line of sight. collimation, noun collimator, noun device in optical instrument for adjusting line of sight or producing parallel rays.
collocutionnounconversation. collocutor, noun speaker in this.
colloidnounmixture between a solution and a fine suspension; jelly-like substance. colloidal, adjective
colloquynouna conversation or dialogue; serious or formal conference
collotypenounmethod of printing illustrations from hardened gelatin film.
colluvialadjectivepertaining to a mass of filth
colluviumnounGeology, mixture of rock fragments. colluvial, adjective
collyriumnoun(pl. -ia) eye wash or ointment; suppository.
colocynthnounkind of cucumber forming ingredient of purgative; 'bitter apple'.
coloraturanounhighly ornamented, virtuoso (musical passage); singer, especially soprano, of such music.
colubrineadjectivesnaky, sneaky, cunning
columbaceousadjectivepertaining to pigeons. columbarium, noun collection of pigeon- holes; cinerarium. columbine, adjective like a dove. columboid, adjective like a pigeon.
columniationnounuse or arrangement of columns in a structure.
colurenouncelestial circle intersecting other at poles. equinoctial colure, such circle passing through equinoctial points. solstitial colure, such circle at right angles to equinoctial colure.
colyticadjectiverestraining; antiseptic.
comatulidadjectivehaving hair that is neatly curled
comburentadjectiveburning; n. substance aiding combustion. comburivorous, adjective consuming by burning.
commaticadjectivedivided into short stanzas or lines; pertaining to comma. commatism, noun
commensaladjectiveliving and feeding together; n such organism; symbiont. commensalism, commensality, noun
commensurableadjectivemeasurable by same standard; proportionate. commensurate, adjective proportionate; v.t. make proportionate. commensuration, noun
commerenoungossiping woman; female compere. commerage, noun gossip.
comminationnoundenunciation; threatening or cursing
comminatoryadjectiveaccusing publicly; denunciatory; threatening
comminuteverbpulverize. comminution, noun
commissurenounseam; joint; cleft. commissural, adjective
commonaltynouncommon people.
commorantnoun(person) residing or dwelling. commorancy, noun
commorationoundwelling on a point by repeating it in different words
commorientadjectivedying together
comoseadjectivewith tuft of hair. comoid, adjective like a tuft of hair. comous, adjective hairy.
complanateadjectivelevel. complanation, noun act of levelling.
complectverbto connect together; intertwine
compossibleadjectiveable to coexist or coincide with other thing.
compotationnoundrinking together
compotenounmixed fruit with syrup; mixed savoury dish. compotier, noun dish for this.
comprador(e)nounnative major-domo; Chinese native agent or manager.
comprecationnounpraying together.
comprobationouncomplimenting one's judges or audience togain their favor
compte rendunoun'account rendered'; report.
compurgationnounvindication; that which vindicates
conariumnounpineal gland. conarial, adjective
conationnounmental striving. conative, a.; Grammar, expressing endeavour.
concameratedadjectivedivided into chambers. concameration, noun vaulting; vaulted roof.
concatervateadjectiveheaped up
concavo-convexadjectivewith one side concave and other convex. concavo-concave, adjective concave on both sides.
concertanteadjectiveMusic, exhibiting or needing great skill and brilliancy; alternating tutti passages and passages for a group of soloists.
concettismphraselove of or use of literary conceits, intellectual analogies, or erudite comparisons
conchersnoundocile cattle
conchyliatedadjectiveobtained from molluscs. conchyliferous, adjective bearing a shell.
conciliabulenounsecret meeting of plotters.
conciliaradjectivepertaining to council.
concinnitynounskill and harmony, esp. of style, in a literary work; elegant arrangement
concinnousadjectiveharmonious; fit; elegant. concinnity, noun
conclamationnounshouting together. conclamant, adjective
concolorateadjectivehaving same color on both sides.
concordia discorsnoun'discordant concord'; armed truce.
concresceverbgrow together; coalesce. concrescence, noun concrement, noun concretion.
concubitantadjectivemarriageable. concubitancy, noun concubitous, adjective concubitus, noun coition.
concupiscencenounstrong appetite; excessive sexual desire
concupiscentadjectivehaving strong sexual desires. concupiscence, n lust.
condignadjectivedeserved; adequate; appropriate.
conductitiousadjectivehired; for hire.
condylenounknuckle-like prominence at end of bone. condylar, adjective condyloid, adjective near or shaped like this.
confelicitynounpleasure in other's happiness.
confervanoungreenish algae on surface of stagnant water. conferval, confervoid, confervous, adjective
confiteornoun'I confess'; n. prayer confessing sins.
conflationnouna combining or blending of two or more versionsof a text; confusion or mixing up
confuteverbprove to be wrong; overcome in argument. confutation, noun
congenounleave, especially to go; dismissal; bow. congelire, permission to elect.
congelationnounact or state of freezing solid.
congenernounperson or thing of same kind. congeneracy, noun congeneric, congenerous, adjective
congeneticadjectivehaving common origin.
congeriesnounconglomeration; heap or mess.
conglobateadjectiveball-shaped; v.i. & t. form or be formed into a ball-shaped mass. conglobation, noun
conglobulateverbform into a ball. conglobulation, noun
conglutinateverbjoin together; glue;, adjective stuck together. conglutinant, noun & a. glueing or healing (substance). conglutination, noun conglutinative, adjective
conjunctivanounmembrane lining eyelid and joining it with eyeball. conjunctival, adjective conjunctivitis, noun inflammation of this.
connateadjectivecongenital; joined together from birth. connation, noun connatural, adjective congenital; having same nature.
connumerateverbcount together. connumeration, noun
conoidnounsomewhat conical (object). conoidal, adjective
consanguinitynounblood-relationship. consanguineal, consanguineous, adjective
consectaneousadjectivelogical consequence; corollary
consecutionnounlogical advance in argument; sequence. consecutive, adjective following in uninterrupted or logical order.
consenescencenoungrowing old together.
consensus gentium fallacyphrasethe fallacy of arguing that an idea is true because most people believe it or because it has been said throughout history
consentaneousadjectiveagreeing; unanimous; suitable. consentaneity, noun
consentientadjectiveagreeing; unanimous. consentience, noun
consignificantadjectivesynonymous; meaningless unless used with another word. consignification, noun meaning in context. consignify, v.
consilientadjectiveagreeing in inferences drawn from different premises. consilience, noun
conspeciesnounspecies belonging to same genus; variety. conspecific, adjective belonging to same species.
conspectusnoungeneral view or outline; summary.
conspueverbspurn; despise.
conspurcateverbto pollute; defile
constateverbestablish upon positive evidence. constatation, noun
constringeverbcause to contract; constrict. constringent, adjective constringency, noun
constructio ad sensumphraseconstruction according to sense, or framing a sentence from word sense rather than by adhering to standard grammar
constuprateverbto violate, to debauch
consuetudenouncustom, tradition
contabescentadjectivewasting away. contabescence, noun
contangonounCommerce, charge paid by purchaser for postponing payment from one settling day to next; v.i. permit such postponement. contango day, the day, second before settling day, on which such arrangements are made.
contenounshort story. conte pieux, moral story. conteur, writer of these.
contectverbcover. contection, noun
contemnverbview with contempt, scorn, and disdain; despise
contortuplicateadjectivetwisted back upon itself
contra bonos moresphrase'against good morals'; harmful to public morality.
contra mundumphrase'against the world'; in defiance of all accepted belief.
contra pacemphrase'against the peace'.
contrabassnoun& a. (voice or instrument) one octave lower than bass; double-bass.
contractileadjectiveable or causing to grow smaller. contractility, noun
contrahentnoun& a. (party) entering into contract.
contrapuntaladjectivepertaining to counterpoint. contrapuntist, noun expert in counterpoint.
contraremonstrantnouna remonstrator against remonstrance
contrectationnounhandling; the love play preceding sexual intercourse; act of caressing someone, especially furtivelyor against their will
contubernalnoun& a. cohabiting (person).
contumaciousadjectiveobstinate; rebellious. contumacy, noun contumacity, noun such act.
contumelynouninsult; contempt. contumelious, adjective
contuseverbbruise. contusion, noun contusive, adjective
conurbationnouncity surrounded by large number of urban districts.
convenancesnounthe proprieties; conventions.
conventiclenounchapel; meeting-house; nonconformist assembly. conventicular, adjective
conventualadjectivepertaining to convent; n. inmate of convent.
convexo-concaveadjectiveconvex on one side and concave on other. convexo-convex, a., convex on both sides.
copaibanounkind of oily resin. copaibic, copaivic, adjective
copalnounkind of resin used in varnishes, etc.
coparcenernounjoint heir. coparcenary, noun & a.
copolymernouna compound of high molecular weight produced by polymerizing two or more different monomers. copolymerize v.i. & t. to become or make into a copolymer.
copremianounpoisoning resulting from chronic constipation.
coprolalianounuse of obscene language. coprolaliac, person practising this.
coprolitenounfossilized feces. coprolith, noun hard mass of fecal matter. coprolitic, adjective
coprologynounstudy of filth or faeces, or of obscene literature.
coprophagynounfeeding on dung. coprophagan, noun dung beetle. coprophagous, adjective
coprophemianounobscene language
coprophilianounlove of obscenity. coprophilous, adjective living in or feeding on dung.
coprozoicadjectiveliving in dung.
copulanounlink; verb, especially part of to be, linking subject and predicate. copular, adjective
copyholdnountenure of manor land at will of lord of manor; land so held. copyholder, noun holder of such land.
coquillagenounshell-like decoration.
coraclenounlight round wicker boat covered with skin.
coram populophrase'in the presence of the public'; for appearance's sake. coram judice, before a judge. coram paribus, before one's equals or peers.
corbelnounsupporting projection from wall.
corbiculateadjectivelike a small basket; pertaining to bee's pollen-holding organ.
cordateadjectiveheart-shaped. cordiform, adjective
coriaceousadjectivelike or consisting of leather.
coriandernounplant yielding seeds used in medical and in curries and pickles.
corkagenouncharge made by hotel keeper for serving bottle of wine, or for consumption in his hotel of bottle purchased elsewhere.
corneanountransparent hard material protecting eyeball. corneal, adjective
cornemusenounancient bagpipe-like instrument.
corneousadjectivehorny. corniculate, adjective having horns or horn-like outgrowths. cornific, adjective producing horn or horns. corniform, adj., horn-shaped. cornigerous, adjective bearing horns.
cornichenouncoastal road, especially one running along a cliff face.
cornutenouncuckold; a. with horn-like outgrowths. cornuted, adjective horned; horn- shaped.
coronagraphnounastronomical instrument by which the solar corona can be observed in full sunlight.
corposantnounflamelike electrical discharge from ship's masts, steeples, etc., in thundery weather; St. Elmo's fire.
correptionnounshortening in pronunciation.
corrienounround hollow in hillside.
corrigendumnoun(pl. -da) thing to be corrected; erratum.
corrivateverbmake to flow together. corrivation, noun
cortinateadjectivecobweb-like. cortinarious a.
cortisonenounhormone, essential to life, secreted by cortex of adrenal glands; synthetic equivalent of this obtained from ox-bile or sisal.
corundumnounexceptionally hard mineral, crystallized alumina, used, when transparent, as gem.
coruscateverbsparkle; flash. coruscant, adjective coruscation, noun
corvineadjectivepertaining to or like a crow. corviform, corvoid, adjective
corybantnounpriest, votary or attendant of Cybele, ancient goddess of nature. corybantic, adjective pertaining to wild and noisy rites performed by these; n. wild, frenzied dance.
corymbnounflat-topped raceme-like inflorescence. corymbiate, corymbiform, corymbose, corymbous, adjective corymbiferous, adjective bearing these.
coryphaeusnouna leader of a school of thought, a religious movement, a political party or group
coryzanouncold in head.
cosmesisnounpreservation of bodily beauty, especially of face. cosmetic, noun & a. cosmetician n. maker, seller, etc. of cosmetics. cosmetology, noun art of using cosmetics.
cosmocracynoungovernment of whole world. cosmocrat, noun ruler over world. cosmocratic, adjective
cosmogenicadjectiveproduced by action of cosmic rays.
cosmogonynounstudy or theory of the origin and development of the universe or the solar system. cosmogonal, cosmogonic, adjective
cosmoramanounseries of views of different parts of world. cosmoramic, adjective
costaladjectivepertaining to ribs. costard, noun ribbed variety of apple. costate, adjective having ribs; ridged. costalgia, noun pain in ribs. costectomy, noun removal of rib. costellate, adjective finely ribbed.
costiveadjectiveslow or stiff in the expression of opinions and in action and reaction generally
coteaunoun(pl. -eaux ), divide between valleys; valley-side.
cothurnusnoun(pl. -ni ), buskin. cothurnal, cothurnian, adjective pertaining to cothurnus or tragedy. cothurnate, adjective wearing cothurnus.
cotyledonnounfirst, embryonic seed leaf of plant. cotyledonal, cotyledonary, cotyledonous, adjective cotyloid, adjective cup- shaped.
couchantadjectiveHeraldry, lying, especially with head raised.
coulissenoungroove, especially in timber, for thing to slide in; back- stage place; lobby.
couloirnoundeep cleft in mountain; corridor.
countercasternouna contemptuous word for a bookkeeper or accountant;a person dealing in numbers
counterpoisenounequal and opposite weight or force; v.t. counterbalance.
counterpolenounexact opposite.
coup de plumephrasestroke of the pen: a literary attack
coup d'essaiphrasetrial stroke: a trial or warmup piece; an effort serving as practice
couvadenouncustom among some peoples, whereby the husband of a woman giving birth simulates pregnancy and labour.
couveusenounincubator for human infants.
couvre-feunouncurfew; scuttle-shaped device for covering fire at curfew.
coverturenounLaw, status of married woman.
covin(e)nouncollusion; fraud. covinous, adjective
covinousadjectivedeceitful, conspiring
coxalgy, coxalgianounpain in hip. coxalgic, adjective coxitis, noun inflammation of hip joint.
cozenverbto cheat or fool
crambe repetitaphrasewarmed-over cabbage: annoying repitition or a tiresome, harped-on old story
cranklenounto break into bends and turns, as a stream
crapulousadjectivegiven to gross excess in drinking or eating; debauched intemperance
crasisnounconstitution; blending; running together of two vowels to form a long vowel.
crassamentumnounclot of blood.
cratometernouninstrument measuring power of magnification. cratometry, noun
cratonnounGeology, large, relatively stable section of earth's crust, forming the basis of a continent or ocean.
creancernounguardian; mentor.
creaticadjectivepertaining to flesh or meat. creatophagous, adjective flesh-eating.
credencenounbelief; Ecclesiastical, small table or sideboard for sacred vessels.
cremnophobianoundread of precipices.
crenateadjectivescalloped. crenation, crenature, noun
creniticadjectivepertaining to mineral springs. crenotherapy, noun medical treatment by mineral springs.
crenulateadjectiveminutely crenate. crenulation, noun
creophagousadjectivecarnivorous. creophagia, creophagism, creophagy, noun eating of flesh. creophagist n.
crepehangarnouna gloomy person; a pessimist
crepitateverbcrackle. crepitant, adjective crepitation, crepitus, noun
crepuscularadjectivepertaining to twilight; appearing or active at twilight. crepuscle, crepuscule, noun twilight. crepusculine, adjective
crescographnouninstrument recording plant growth.
cressetnounhanging light-giving brazier.
cretifyverbchange into chalk or lime. cretifaction, cretification, noun
cri de coeurphrasecry from the heart: an ardent, impassioned declaration, appeal or lament
cri de guerrephrasewar cry: a martial motto or slogan, as used ona heraldic device
cribriformadjectivelike a sieve. cribrous, cribrose, adjective cribration, noun sifting.
criminisnounpartner in crime; accomplice.
crimpnounperson luring or 'shanghaiing' sailors aboard vessel; v.t. so to obtain sailors for ship. crimpage, noun rate paid to crimp.
crinaladjectivepertaining to hair. crinite, adj. Biology, covered in soft hair or tufts.
crinoidadjectivelike a lily in shape; n. Zoology, one of a class of sea creatures with round body and feathery arms.
crinoseadjectivehairy. crinosity, noun
criophorenounsculptured figure of man carrying ram. criosphinx, noun sphinx with ram's head.
crispateadjectivecurled; crisped. crispation, crispature, noun curling; shudder.
cristateadjectivebearing crest. cristiform, adjective crest-shaped.
criticasternounan incompetent, inferior critic
cromlechnounprehistoric monument, comprising a flat stone resting horizontally on two vertical stones or circle of stones.
crosier, croziernounshepherd's crook-like staff borne by abbot or bishop.
crotalineadjectivepertaining to rattle-snake. crotalic, crotaliform, crotaloid, adjective like a rattlesnake.
crounotherapynounmedical treatment by mineral waters.
crozenoungroove in the staves of a barrel into which the endpiece fits.
crunounvineyard; category in classification of certain French wines.
cruciateadjectivecross-shaped or Y-shaped; marked with cross; v.t mark with cross. cruciation, noun torture; cruciate state.
cruentationnounoozing of blood, especially from dead body.
cruraladjectivepertaining to leg, especially thigh.
crurophilousadjectiveliking legs
crusenounsmall earthenware pot.
crux criticorumphrasecross for critics: a riddle or puzzle for the critics
crymodinianounrheumatism due to cold. crymotherapy, noun use of cold as medical treatment.
cryophorusnouninstrument demonstrating freezing of water by its evaporation. cryophoric, adjective
cryoscopynoundetermination of freezing points. cryoscope, noun instrument used in this. cryoscopic, adjective
cryptaesthesianounclairvoyance. cryptaesthetic, adjective
cryptaladjectivepertaining to or like a crypt.
cryptoclasticadjectiveGeology, composed of tiny fragments.
cryptoclimatenounclimate of the inside of a building or other enclosed structure.
cryptogamnounnon-flowering or non-seeding plant. cryptogamian, cryptogamic, cryptogamous, adjective
cryptogenicadjectiveof unknown origin. cryptogenetic, adjective
cryptophytenounplant whose buds or seeds develop underground or under water.
cryptorchidismnouncondition in which one or both testes do not descend normally.
cryptozoicadjectiveliving hidden, or in darkness.
crystallomancynoundivination by a crystal ball.
crysticadjectiveGeology, pertaining to ice.
crystographnounpainting or writing on glass.
ctenoidadjectivewith comb-like edge. cteniform, adjective comb-like.
ctetologynounBiology study of acquired characteristics.
cuculineadjectivepertaining to or like a cuckoo. cuculiform, adjective like a cuckoo. cuculoid, adjective
cucullateadjectivehooded; hood-shaped. cuculliform, adjective hood-shaped.
cucurbitnoungourd-like chemical vessel, main part of still or alembic. cucurbitine, adjective like gourd seed in shape.
cui bonophraseto whose benefit: to what end or for what good (more strictly, who stands to gain from this)
cuirassnounarmour for breast and back. cuirassier, noun horse-soldier wearing this.
culiciformadjectivelike a mosquito. culicifuge, noun substance killing mosquitoes.
cullionnounrascal; orchid root; man orchid.
culmnoungrass stem. culminal, adjective
cultrateadjectiveshaped like a knife blade; sharp-edged.
culverinnounkind of ancient small cannon.
cumshawnountip; gratuity.
cumuloseadjectivecontaining small heaps.
cunabularadjectivepertaining to cradle or original dwelling; pertaining to incunabula.
cunctationnoundelay. cunctator, noun procrastinator.
cunctativeadjectivetardy, dilatory
cunicularadjectivepertaining to underground passages or burrows; burrow- dwelling.
cupelnounsmall dish, especially of bone ash, or furnace hearth for cupellation. cupellation, noun refining or separating precious metals.
cupreousadjectivepertaining to or like copper.
cupressineousadjectivepertaining to or like the cypress.
cupricadjectiveapplied to compounds of bivalent copper. cupro-nickel, noun alloy of copper and nickel used for making 'silver' and 'nickel' coins. cuprous, adjective applied to compounds of univalent copper.
cupulateadjectivecup-shaped; having a cup-shaped appendage. cupuliform, adjective cup-shaped.
curettenounsurgical instrument for scraping sides of body cavity; v.t. use a curette on. curettage, noun use of this.
curiologynounpicture-writing. curiologic(al), adjective curiologics, noun
curlicismnounliterary indecency
currente calamophrasewith a running pen: fluidly or offhand
curriclenounlight two-horse two-wheeled carriage. curricular, adjective pertaining to carriages and driving; pertaining to curriculum.
cursorialadjectiveadapted for walking or running. cursorious, adjective
curtaladjectiveshort; curtailed; n. person wearing short garment; animal with docked tail.
curtateadjectiveshortened; short. curtate distance, Astronomy, distance of heavenly body from sun or earth in ecliptic plane. curtation, noun difference between curtate distance and true distance.
curtilagenouncourtyard; land attached to house.
curuleadjectiveapplied to curved-legged chair occupied by high officials of ancient Rome. curule leg, outward-curving furniture leg.
curvetnounleap; bound; leap of trained horse with forelegs first raised, immediately followed by raising of hind legs.
curvulateadjectiveslightly curved.
cushatnounwood-pigeon or ring-dove.
custos morumphrase'keeper of morals'; censor. custos rotulorum, keeper of the rolls. custos sigilli, keeper of great seal.
cutis anserinaphrasegoose bumps.
cyanometernouninstrument measuring blueness. cyanometric, adjective cyanometry, noun
cyanosisnounheart condition or disease causing blueness of surface of body; blue disease. cyanotic, adjective
cyclarthrosisnoun(pl. -ses ) pivot joint. cyclarthrodial, adjective
cyclazocinenounsynthetic drug protecting against the addictive effects of the morphine group.
cyclitisnouninflammation of ciliary muscle.
cyclometernouninstrument measuring arcs of circles or revolutions of bicycle wheel.
cyclophorianounsquint due to weakness of an eye muscle.
cycloplegianounparalysis of ciliary muscle. cycloplegic, adjective
cyclostylenounapparatus for printing copies from a handwritten stencil.
cyclothymianounmental condition of alternating moods of euphoria and depression. cyclothyme, noun person having such moods. cyclothymic, adjective
cyclotomynounincision into ciliary muscle. cyclotome, noun instrument used in this. cyclotomic, adjective
cyesisnounpregnancy. cyesiology, noun medical study of this.
cyesthesnounmaternity clothes
cyllosisnoun(pl. -ses ) congenital deformity, especially clubfoot.
cymbiformadjectiveboat-shaped. cymbate, adjective cymbocephalic, cymbocephalous, adjective having head with forehead receding and back projecting.
cymographnouninstrument for tracing outlines of projections, profiles, etc.
cynanchenounany inflammatory disease of throat, etc.
cynanthropynounform of insanity in which patient has delusions of being a dog.
cynarctomachynounbear-baiting with dogs.
cynocephalous, cynocephalicadjectivehaving dog-like head or face. cynocephalus, noun flying lemur; mythological ape with dog's head.
cynoidadjectivedog-like. cynopodous, adjective having dog-like claws. cynorrhodon, noun dog-rose.
cynophobianounmorbid fear of dogs.
cynosurenounguiding star; object of common interest. cynosural, adjective
cyphonismnounpillorying as punishment.
cyprianadjectivelecherous, licentious, and lewd
cyprinoidadjectivepertaining to or like a carp.
cypripareunianounsexual intercourse with a prostitute
cypselineadjectivepertaining to or like a swift. cypseloid, adjective
cythereanadjectivepertaining to Venus; n. votary of Venus.
cytitisnouninflammation of skin.
dacrygelosisnouncondition of alternating laughing and crying
dacryopsnounmoistness of the eye.
dactylioglyphnounengraver of gems, especially for rings. dactyliographic, adjective dactyliography, noun study of gem engraving. dactyliology, noun study of finger-rings.
dactylitisnouninflammation of fingers and toes.
dactylogramnounfinger-print. dactylography, noun study of finger-prints.
dactyloidadjectivelike a finger.
dactylologynounsign language; deaf and dumb language.
dactylomegalynounabnormal largeness of fingers and toes.
dactylonomynouncounting on the fingers.
dactyloscopynouncomparison of fingerprints for identification.
daddocknouncentre of rotten tree
daedaladjectiveingeniously contrived or intricate; skillfully and artistically crafted
daemonnouninward spirit; personality; genius. daemonic, adjective
damascene, damaskeenverb adjectiveornament (metal) with wavy patterns; a. pertaining to such art or to damask. damascene blade, sword made in Damascus or ornamented with damascening.
damiernounlarge-squared pattern.
damnosa hereditasphrase'burdensome inheritance'.
damnum fatalephraseLaw, loss resulting from act of God.
dapiferphrasebearer of meat to table; steward.
darnelnountall, awned grass, a weed of corn-fields.
dartrenounany eczema-like skin disease. dartrous, adjective
dashpotnounshock-resisting device, using air or liquid.
dasymeternoundevice for measuring the density of gases.
dasyphyllousadjectivewith downy leaves.
dasypoedesadjective nounbirds having downy young. dasypoedal, dasypoedic
dasypygaladjectivehaving hairy buttocks
dationnounact of giving; conferment.
dauerschlafnounlong drug-induced sleep, used as psychiatric remedy.
davitnounship's small crane, especially for lowering boats.
dawknounprinter's mark in shape of dagger
de aequitatephrase'by equity'; by justice if not by right.
de jurephraseadv. 'by right'; rightful.
de nouveauphrase'again'; afresh.
de novophrase'from the beginning'; afresh.
de tropphrase'too much'; unwanted; in the way.
dealateverb nounrob or divest of wings. dealation
deambulatorynounambulatory; a. wandering.
deasilverbto move in a clockwise direction
debellateverb nounconquer. debellation, debellator
debenturenounofficial certificate of right to receive payment; bond; any company security other than shares. debenture stock, class of shares, holders of which are guaranteed repayment but cannot demand it until default or winding up of company.
debouchverb nounissue into open place; n. outlet. debouchment, noun act of debouching; river mouth.
debridementnounsurgical removal of dead tissue from wound.
decadnoungroup of ten. decadal, adjective decade, noun period of ten years.
decadescentadjectivetending to become decadent.
decadicadjectivepertaining to decimal system.
decalcomanianounart of transferring a design from paper to another surface; transfer.
decalescencenounsudden increase at certain temperature in amount of heat absorbed.
decameraladjectivedivided into ten. decamerous, adjective Botany, having parts in tens.
decapodnounten-legged crustacean, including shrimps, lobsters, etc. decapodal, decapodan, decapodous, adjective
decarchnounmember of decarchy; commander over ten. decarchy, noun rule by or ruling body of ten persons.
decarnateadjectivedivested of bodily form.
decastichnounten-line poem.
decastylenounportico with ten columns.
decatizeverbcause to uncurl by steaming or damping.
decemvirnounmember of decemvirate. decemviral, adjective decemvirate, noun ruling body of ten persons.
decimestrialadjectiveconsisting of or lasting ten months.
declivitynoundownward slope. declivitous, declivous, adjective
decoctnoun adjectiveextract the essence of flavor of, as by boiling
decollateverbto behead
decompensationnounMedicine, inability of heart to maintain adequate circulation.
decorticateverb noun adjectivedivest of bark, peel, husk, skin, etc.; flay;, adj. lacking such outer layer. decortication, decorticator, n.
decrepitateverb nounv. make to crackle by roasting. decrepitation, n.
decrescentadjectivev. make to crackle by roasting. decrepitation, n.
decretalnoundecree, especially papal; a. pertaining to decree. decretist, noun student of decretals. decretive, decretory, adjective pertaining to or like a decree.
decrudescencenoundiminution in disease.
decubitusnounact or attitude of lying down. decubital, adjective pertaining to or resulting from this.
decumbence, decumbencynoundecubitus. decumbent, adjective decumbiture, noun confinement to bed.
decupleadjectivetenfold; arranged in tens; n. such amount; v.i. & t. multiply by ten.
decurrentadjectiverunning downwards; elapsing. decurrence, noun
decurtateadjectiveshortened; v.t. curtail. decurtation, noun
decurveverbcurve downwards. decurvation, noun
decussateverbX-shaped; to make an x; intersect
defalcateverbto embezzle
defenestrationnounthe act of throwing a thing or person out of a window
defervesceverb nounv. become cool; lose interest. defervescence, n. defervescent, adj. pertaining to or causing cooling; n. such drug.
defiladenounprotection provided by obstacles or fortifications against enemy fire; v.t. arrange (fortifications) for this purpose.
definiendumnoun(pl. -da) thing to be defined.
definiensnoun(pl. -ientia ) something that defines.
deflagrateverb nounv. burn up suddenly. deflagration, deflagrator, n.
deflocculateverb nounv. disperse in fine particles. deflocculant, adj. & n.
defluentadjectiveflowing down. defluxion, noun discharge of mucus from nose.
dégagéadjective(fem. -ée) 'disengaged'; at ease; unworried.
deglutinateverb nounv. unstick; remove glue or gluten from. deglutination, n.
deglutitionnounact or power of swallowing. deglutitious, adjective deglutitory, adjective aiding swallowing.
degruggernoununiversity degree, originally from Oxford
degust, degustateverb nountaste, savour. Degustation
dehiscentadjectivegaping; discharging contents (e.g. seeds) by bursting open. dehiscence, noun
Dei gratiaphrase'by the grace of God' (abbreviation D.G.)
Dei judiciumphrase'judgement of God'; trial by ordeal.
deicticadjectivedirectly proving or demonstrating; Linguistics, specifying the person, thing, etc., referred to.
deiparousadjectivegiving birth to god or Christ.
deipnosophistnouna skillful dinner conversationalist
deipotentadjectivewith god-like power.
deja luphrasealready read: a sense of familiarity or recognition in something read
delationnounlaying information against a person. delator, noun informer. delatorian, adjective
delatornounan informer or accuser
delendumnoun(pl. -da) thing to be deleted.
delignateverbv. remove wood or woody matter from.
deliquesceverbmelt away; gradually dissolve
deliramentnounraving; a foolish story
delitescentadjectivehidden; inactive
deltiologynounhobby of collecting post-cards.
demegoricadjectivepertaining to demagogic speech.
démentinounofficial denial.
demephitizeverbv. purify (air). demephitization, n.
demersaladjectivesinking to bottom. demersion, noun
demesnenounestate; territory; unrestricted possession of land. demesnial, adjective
demi-mondenounclass of women of doubtful reputation. demi-mondain, adjective demi-mondaine, noun woman of that class.
demitverbrelinquish, abdicate. demission, noun
demiurgenouninferior god who created world; creative power or spirit. demiurgeous, demiurgic, adjective
demiviergenounwoman who is sexually promiscuous but remains technically a virgin.
demogenicadjectiveapplied to societies based on citizenship rather than kinship.
demonifugenouncharm against evil spirits.
demophil(e)nounfriend of people; person fond of crowds or the masses. demophobe, noun person disliking the masses or crowds.
demophobenouna people-hater
demulcentadjective nounsoothing (substance) demulsify, v. extract from an emulsion. demulsion, noun soothing.
demurragenoundelay by charterer of a vehicle's or vessel's loading, departure, etc.; payment for such delay. demurrer, noun Law, objection to pleading.
denaryadjectiveof ten; tenfold; decimal n. ten; group of ten; one tenth.
dendrachatenounmoss agate.
dendraladjectiveliving in trees; arboreal. dendriform, adjective tree-like; branched.
dendrochronologynounanalysis of the annual rings of trees to date past events.
dendrographnouninstrument recording growth of tree's girth. dendrography, noun such recording; treatise on trees.
dendrologynounstudy of or treatise on trees. dendrologic(al), dendrologous, adjective dendrologist, noun
dendrophilousadjectivefond of or inhabiting trees.
deniernounoriginally a unit of weight (about 81/5 troy grains) of silk, rayon, nylon, etc.; later, an indication of the fineness of such yarns, the lower the denier number the finer the yarn.
denticlenounsmall tooth or tooth-like part. denticulated, adjective with small, tooth-like prominences.
dentigerousadjectivebearing teeth.
dentilnounsmall rectangular block, one of a row used as ornamentation, especially beneath a cornice.
dentilingualadjective noun(sound) pronounced (as th) with tongue against teeth.
dentiloquistnounone who speaks with clenched teeth
dentinasaladjective noun(sound) pronounced (as n) with nasal passage open and tongue against upper teeth or teeth-ridge.
denumerationnounMathematics, determination of number of things able to fulfil certain conditions. denumerable, adjective countable.
Deo volentephrase'God being willing' (abbreviation D.V.)
deobstruentadjective noun(medicine) removing obstacles; purgative.
deontologynounscience of moral duty. deontological, adjective deontologist, noun
deoppilateverb noun adjectivev. & t. remove obstructions (from). deoppilant, n. & a. deoppilation, n.deoppilative, adj.
deordinationnoundisorder; abnormality.
deorsumversionnouna turning downward
deosculateverbto kiss affectionately
dépayséadjective(fem. -ée pron. same) 'away from natural country or environment'; lost; out of one's element.
depeculationnounan embezzling of public funds
dephlogisticateverbto make fireproof
depotentiateverb nounv. divest of power; weaken. depotentiation, n.
depredateverbplunder; ravage. depredation, noun
depurateverb nounv. purify. depurant, n. & a. depuration, n. depurative n. & a.
deracinateverbextirpate; eradicate; abolish completely
dermatoglyphicsnoun(study of) lines forming fingerprints and other skin patterns. dermatograph, noun fingerprint or other impression of skin markings. dermatography, noun description of skin.
dermatomenouninstrument for cutting skin. dermatomic, adjective
dermographia, dermographismnouncondition in which slight pressure, as of writing, on skin causes red mark. dermographic, adjective
dernier criphrase'last cry'; latest fashion; newest discovery.
desacralizeverbdivest of supernatural qualities; remove taboo. desacralization, noun
descantnouna commenting or discussing at length, esp. withg reat interest or fervor
descryverbdiscern; detect.
desiderateverbdesire strongly; regard as lacking. desideration, noun desiderative, adjective desideratum, noun (pl. desiderata) desired thing; condition; thing regarded as lacking.
desinent(ial)adjectiveterminal. desinence, noun ending.
desipientadjectivefoolish, silly
desitionnounending; cessation. desistive, adjective final.
desmannounaquatic mole-like animal of Russia and Pyrenees; its fur.
desmidnounspecies of algae. desmidian, noun desmidiology, noun study of such.
desmoidadjectivelike a ligament.
desmologynounstudy of ligaments or bandaging. desmotomy, noun cutting or anatomy of ligaments.
despiteousadjectivespiteful, malevolent.
despumateverbto skim; to take the scum off
desquamateverb noun adjectivev. -i. peel off, or cause to peel off in scales. desquamation, n. desquamatory, adj. & n. desquamative, adj.
desucrationnounremoval of sugar.
detersionnounact of cleansing. detersive, noun & a. detergent.
detinuenounLaw, illegal detention of another's personal property; writ for recovering such detained property.
detrudeverbpush down or out.
detrusionnounact of detruding. detrusive, adjective
deuteriumnounheavy hydrogen, the oxide of which is heavy water used to slow down neutrons emitted in nuclear fission.
deuteropathynounsecondary illness. deuteropathic, adjective
deutoplasmnounyolk of egg. deutoplasmic, adjective
devenustateverbto deprive of beauty
devoirnounduty; best of which one is capable pl. respects; attentions; courtesy.
devorativenouncapable of being swallowed whole
dextraladjectiveon right-hand side. dextrality, noun use of right limb, eye, etc., more than left. dextrally, adv. towards right-hand side.
dextrocardianouncondition in which the heart is on the right-hand side of the chest.
dextrocularadjectiveusing right eye more than left. dextrocularity, noun
dextrogyratorynounturning to the right. dextrogyration, noun
dextrorotatoryadjectiveturning to the right, especially turning plane of polarized light to right. dextrorotation, noun
dextrosinistraladjectiveextending to right and left; applied to the left-handed person using right hand for writing.
dextroversionnounturn to the right.
diabrosisnounperforation, especially by ulcer. diabrotic, noun & a. corrosive (thing).
diachronicadjectivepertaining to the development of phenomena through time. diachrony, noun
diachylonnounkind of sticking plaster.
diaclasisnounfracture; refraction. diaclastic, adjective
diaconaladjectivepertaining to deacon. diaconate, noun deacon's jurisdiction or office; the order of deacons.
diacopenoundeep incision; the separation of a word by the interpolation of another or others, as in absogoddamlutely
diactinicadjectiveable to transmit actinic rays. diactinism, noun
diademnouncrown; fillet.
diadermicadjectivepertaining to penetration through skin.
diadromousadjectivemigrating between fresh and salt water.
diagraphnouninstrument for enlarging or reducing drawing, diagrams etc.
dialectic(s)nounart of logical and analytical argument. dialectical, adjective pertaining to or given to dialectic; logical. dialectician, noun person skilled in dialectic.
diallagenounconcentration of several separate arguments upon a single point
diallelusnoun(pl. -li ) arguing in a circle.
dialogue des sourdsphrasedialogue of the deaf: a discussion in which the participants pay no attention to one another's argument
dialysisnounrational disposing of reasons for or against something; dismembering or reasoning away
diamesogamousadjectiveBotany, not self-pollinated.
diandrousadjectiveBotany, having two stamens.
dianoeticadjectivepertaining to reasoning. dianoia, noun faculty of discursive reasoning.
diapasonnounloud, harmonious burst of music; entire gamut or compass; principal organ-stop.
diaplasisnoun(pl. -ses) setting of fractured or dislocated bone.
diapnoicadjective nounmild(ly) diaphoretic.
diapositivenounPhotography, slide.
diapyesisnoundischarge of pus. diapyetic, noun & a.
diarchynoungovernment by two rulers. diarchial, diarchic, adjective
diarthrosisnounjoint permitting free movement.
diaskeuasisnouneditorial revision
diastasenoundigestive ferment converting starch into sugar. diastatic, adjective
diastasisnounseparation of bones without fracture; final phase of heart dilation.
diastomaticadjectivethrough pores.
diastrophenounGeology, deformation, upheaval, etc., of earth's crust. diastrophic, adjective diastrophism, noun such geological process; result of diastrophe; any such process of upheaval or drastic change.
diasyrmnounrhetorical device of damning by faint praise.
diathermicadjectivetransmitting heat rays. diathermacy, diathermancy, diathermaneity, noun diathermanous, diathermous, adjective diathermotherapy, noun medical treatment by diathermy. diathermy, noun heating, by electrical means, of subcutaneous tissues; electric current used in diathermy.
diathesisnoun(pl. -ses ) congenital susceptibility or aptitude; predisposing factor. diathetic,, adjective
diatyposisnounvivid presentation by means of exciting language
dicacitynounoral playfulness; talkativeness
dicaeologynounrhetorical device of defending oneself by pleading justification.
dicerousadjectivehaving two antennae or horns.
dichaeologianouna defense of failure or disgrace, as by blaming extenuating circumstances, inadequate help, or betrayalby friends
dichogamynouncoming to maturity at different times of male and female elements of plant or animal, to avoid self-fertilisation. dichogamic, dichogamous, adjective
dicotyledonnounplant having two cotyledons. dicotyledonary, dicotyledonous, adjective
dicroticadjective(of the pulse) having a double beat. dicrotism, noun
dictum de dictophrasesaying from a saying: a secondhand report, hearsay
didelphianadjective nounmarsupial. didelphic, didelphous, adjective
didicoy, diddicoynounperson who lives like a gypsy but is not a true Romany.
didymous, didymateadjectivegrowing in pairs.
diectasisnounlengthening verse line by introducing extra syllable.
dieldrinnouna persistent chemical pesticide, generally forbidden in the U.K. since 1964.
dielectricadjective nounElectricity, non-conducting (substance). dielectrical, adjective
dies faustusphraseauspicious or favourable day'. dies infaustus, unlucky day'.
diffinitynounabsence of affinity.
diffluentadjectiveflowing away or melting with ease. diffluence, noun
digenesisnounsuccessive sexual and non-sexual reproduction. digenetic, adjective
digenynounsexual reproduction. digenous, adjective
dightverbarchaic, clad; v.t. clothe.
digitalisnounheart stimulant obtained from foxglove leaves. digitalism, noun condition due to over-use of this.
digitateadjectivehaving or resembling fingers. digitation, noun
digitigradeadjectivewalking on toes only; n. such animal.
digladiationnounfight; dispute.
diglossianounco-existence of a (in social and literary terms) higher and lower form of the same language.
diglotnounbilingual person
digoneuticadjectiveproducing two broods in a year.
digonousadjectivewith two angles.
digraphnountwo letters with one sound only (e.g. ph). digraphic, adjective
dihedralnounangle between an aircraft wing and the horizontal.
dilatoryadjectiveprocrastinating; slow.
dilogicaladjectiveambiguous; having a double meaning
dilogynounintentional ambiguity; emphatic repetition of word, etc.
diluentadjective noundiluting (agent).
dimerousadjectivearranged or divided in two parts.
dimidiateverbhalve. dimidiation, noun
dimissoryadjectivegiving permission to go; dismissing.
dinic(al)adjectivepertaining to vertigo.
dioeciousadjectivehaving male and female organs in separate individuals. dioecism, noun
dioestrumnounperiod of sexual inactivity between 'heats'. dioestrous, adjective
dionymnounname containing two terms. dionymal, adjective binomial.
dioristicallyadverbin a distinguishing manner
diorthosisnouncorrection; straightening, especially of deformed limbs. diorthotic, adjective
dioticadjectiveaffecting both ears.
diphyleticadjectivedescended from two genealogical lines.
diphyodontadjectivehaving two successive sets of teeth.
diplasiasmusnounthe incorrect doubling of a singgle [sic] letter
diplegianounparalysis of corresponding parts on both sides of body.
diplocephalusnoundouble-headed monster. diplocephalous, adjective diplocephaly, noun
diploidadjectivedouble, especially having double normal chromosome number. diploidy, noun such state.
diplopianoundouble vision. diplopic,, adjective
dipnoousadjectivehaving both lungs and gills. dipnoan, noun such fish; lungfish.
dipodynounverse measure of two feet; dimeter.
dippoldismnounbeating or whipping school children
dipseticadjective noun(thing) causing thirst.
dipsomanianoununcontrollable desire for drink, especially alcohol. dipsomaniac, noun sufferer from this. dipsomaniacal, adjective
dipsosisnoungreat thirst due to disease.
dipterousadjectivehaving two wings. dipteral, a.; Architecture, having double colonnade. dipteran, noun such fly. dipterology, noun study of two-winged insects.
diptotenounGrammar, noun with two cases only.
directoireadjectivesignifying style of low-necked, high-waisted dress, and curving Oriental furniture, of the Directory period (1795–99) in France.
diremptionnouna violent or final separation
dirigismenounstate control of economic and social affairs. dirigiste, adjective & n.
dirimentadjectiveLaw, nullifying, especially as regards impediments to marriage.
disagionouncharge made for exchanging depreciated or foreign money.
discalcedadjectivebare-foot. discalceate, noun & a. bare-foot (friar or nun).
discarnateadjectivehaving no body;, v. deprive of bodily existence.
disceptverb nounv. -i. discuss; dispute. disceptation, disceptator, n.
discerpverbtear off, or to pieces. discerptible, adjective discerption, noun
discinctadjectivepartly or loosely clad; having belt removed.
disembogueverbv. -i. debouch; discharge into sea, etc.; eject.
diseusenoun(masc. diseur ) reciter.
disgenericadjectiveof different kind or genus.
disjecta membraphrasescattered members: disjointed quotations or fragments; verbal bits and pieces
disjectionnoundispersion; scattering.
disomusnoun(pl. -mi ) monster with two bodies. disomatous, adjective having two bodies.
dispendiousadjectiveextravagant; costly.
dispermousadjectivehaving two seeds. dispermy, noun union of two sperm cells and one ovum.
dissentaneousadjectivedisagreeable; negative
dissepimentnounpartition, especially of tissue. dissepimental, adjective
dissilientadjectivebursting open or apart.
dissimulateverbfeign; pretend. dissimulation, noun dissimulative, adjective
distichnounverse couplet. distichous, adjective arranged in two rows.
distrainverbLaw. seize goods in default of payment. distraint, noun
distraitadjectiveinattentive; abstracted.
ditnoun'said'; commonly known as; reputed to be.
dithecaladjectivehaving two cells. dithecous, adjective
ditheismnounbelief in two equal gods, especially one good and one evil. ditheist, noun ditheistic(al), adjective
dithyrambnounemotional speech or essay
dithyrambicadjectiveany wild, frenzied, or emotional speech or writing
ditokousadjectiveproducing two offspring at a birth, or offspring of two kinds.
ditrichotomousadjectivedivided into two or three parts.
diuturnaladjectivelasting long time. diuturnity, noun
divagateverbto wonder or stray; or digress; deviate
divaricateverb nounv. -i. bifurcate; a. wide-spreading. divarication, n. bifurcation; straddling; disagreement; ambiguity.
diversivolentadjectivelooking for trouble or an argument
diverticulumnounblind passage or branch; caecum. diverticular, adjective diverticulate, adjective having such.
divulseverbrend apart. divulsion, noun divulsive, adjective
dixiphrase'I have spoken'; let that suffice or settle the matter. dixit, 'he has spoken'; person's statement, especially without corroboration.
dixitnounan unconfirmed, sometimes dogmatic statement
dizenverbdress in a gaudy fashion
do ut desphrase'I give that you may give'; reciprocal agreement or concession.
docimasynounexperimental testing or inquiry. docimology, noun treatise on this, especially on assaying metals. docimastic, adjective
docta ignorantiaphraselearned ignornace
dodecafidadjectivedivided into 12 parts.
dodecarchnounmember of dodecarchy. dodecarchy, noun government by 12 persons.
dolnounbasic and smallest unit for measuring the intensity of pain, equal to the faint sensation felt when heat rays are first applied to the skin.
dolabrate, dolabriformadjectiveshaped like axe-head.
dolce far nientephrase'sweet to do nothing'; pleasant idling.
dolichocephalic, dolichocephalousadjectivelong-headed; having skull of which maximum breadth is less than 80 per cent of maximum length. dolichocephalus n. (pl. -li ) such person. dolichocephaly, noun
dolichocercicadjectivehaving long forearms.
dolichocnemicadjectivehaving long legs.
dolichofacialadjectivehaving long face.
dolichopodousadjectivehaving long feet.
dolichoprosopicadjectivehaving very long and narrow face.
dolioformadjectiveshaped like a barrel.
dolorificadjectivecausing sorrow or pain.
dolorifugenounsomething that relieves sadness
dolorimetrynounmeasurement of pain.
dolus bonusphrasegood deceit: in roman and civil law, permissible bargaining and cunning in selling, as in the case of amerchant's overpraising of his products
dolus malusphraseevil deceit: in roman and civil law, unlawful deceit or misrepresentation growing out of evil intentor malice
domatologistnounpaid housekeeper
dominienounschool master; archaic () parson.
dopnounkind of coarse brandy; cup for holding diamond during cutting.
dormitionnounact of falling asleep; death. dormitive, noun & a. soporific.
dormy, dormieadjectivewinning in golf by as many holes as remain to play.
dorsiventral, dorsoventraladjectivehaving differentiated front and back, or upper and lower, surfaces. dorsiventrality, noun
doryphorus, doryphorosnounsculptured figure of spear-bearer.
dos-à-dosadjectiveback to back; n. such seat, etc.
dosimetrynounmeasurement of doses; medical system in which very few drugs in strictly regulated doses are prescribed.
dossalnounornamental hanging at the back of an altar or the sides of the chancel.
dossernouncovering for the back of a throne; bag or basket carried on the back; a person who sleeps in dosshouses.
dotterel, dottrelnounseveral kinds of plover, including ringed plover.
dottle, dottelnounplug of tobacco left in a pipe after smoking.
douanenouncustoms house. douanier, noun customs official.
doublettenounartist's copy of own work.
douceurnoun'sweetness, sweetener'; bribe; gratuity; gentleness of manner.
doulocracy, dulocracynoungovernment by slaves.
doxasticadjectivepertaining to opinion
draconenountowed flexible container for transporting liquids by water.
dragomannoun(pl. -mans or - men) guide and interpreter. dragomanic, adjective
dragonnadenouncruel persecution; violent invasion or punitive expedition.
drepaniformadjectivelike a sickle in shape. drepanoid, adjective like a sickle.
droitnoun'right'; law; justice. droit du seigneur, feudal lord's right to enjoy female vassal on her wedding night. droitural, adjective pertaining to right to property.
dromic(al)adjectivepertaining to foot-race course; Architecture, with long, narrow plan.
dromondnounlarge medieval sailing ship.
dromosnounavenue or entrance-way to a building; passage to a tomb; ancient Greek race course.
drosometernouninstrument measuring amount of dew. drosograph, noun such recording instrument.
drozenounto drip like a candle
druggetnouncoarse cloth used especially as floor-covering.
drumlinnounlong glacially-formed hill.
drysalternoundealer in dried goods, foods, chemicals, etc. drysaltery, noun
dubietynoundoubt; doubtful matter. dubious, adjective doubtful; suspicious; questionable. dubiosity, noun dubitation, noun doubting; hesitation. dubitative, adjective signifying doubt.
Duecentonounthe thirteenth century.
duennanounchaperone; governess.
dulcifyverbsweeten; mollify. dulcification, noun dulcigenic, adjective yielding sweetness.
dulianounRoman Catholic, veneration accorded to saints.
dulosisnounenslavement, especially of certain ant species. dulotic, adjective
dumose, dumousadjectivebushy. dumosity, noun
dunlinnounspecies of sandpiper.
dunnagenounpacking material for protecting cargo.
duramennounheartwood of tree.
duritynounhardness. durometer, noun instrument measuring hardness.
dvandvanouna compound word, neither element of which is subordinated to the other, as bitter-sweet
dwaalnounstate of befuddlement.
dwalenoundeadly nightshade.
dwergmalnounechoes from rocks
dyarchynoundual form of government. dyarchic(al), adjective
dygogramnoungraph showing amount, at all positions, of deflection of compass due to iron of ship.
dysaesthesianounloss of sense of touch. dysaesthetic, adjective
dysarthrosisnoundiseased or abnormal condition of joint.
dyschroa, dyschroianounskin discoloration.
dyschromatopticadjectivecolor-blind. dyschromatopsia, noun
dyscrasianounMedicine, constitutional weakness. dyscrasic, adjective
dysergianoundeficient muscular co-ordination.
dyskinesianounloss of power of voluntary movement. dyskinetic, adjective
dyslogianouninability to express ideas in speech due to mental deficiency.
dyslogynoununfavourable speech; censure. dyslogistic, adjective
dysmenorrheanounpainful menstruation. dysmenorrheal, adjective
dyspepsianounsevere indigestion, especially chronic. dyspeptic, a.; n. person suffering from this.
dysphagicadjectivehaving difficulty in swallowing. dysphagia, noun
dysphasianounimpairment of speech co-ordination, due to brain disease or injury. dysphasic, adjective
dysphemianounstammering. dysphemism, noun substitution of a derogatory or offensive word for an ordinary one; word so substituted.
dysphemismnounthe use of a disparaging or disagreeable term asa substitute for a standard, inoffensive one, e.g. old ladyfor girlfriend; gratuitous derogatory expression
dysphonianouninability to pronounce sounds, due to physical abnormality or disease. dysphonic, adjective
dysphorianoungeneralized feeling of being ill or depressed. dysphoric, adjective
dyspneanoundifficult breathing.
dysteleologynoundenial of a final cause or purpose of life.
dysthymianoundespondency. dysthymic, adjective
dystocianoundifficult childbirth. dystocial, adjective
eagre, eagernountidal bore.
ebeneousadjectivepertaining to or like ebony. ébéniste, noun cabinet-maker who veneers furniture; ebonist. ebonist, noun worker in ebony.
ebriectionnounmental breakdown from too much boozing
ebrioseadjectivedrunk. ebriosity, noun
ebriousadjectivetending to overimbibe; slightly drunk
eburnean, eburneousadjectivelike, pertaining to or made of ivory. eburnated, adjective like ivory. eburnation, noun disease in which cartilage or bone becomes very hard and dense like ivory.
ecbaticadjectiveGrammar, signifying result without intention.
ecbolicadjective noun(drug) helping childbirth or causing abortion.
ecchymosisnoundiscolored spot due to effusion of blood into tissue. ecchymosed, adjective
ecclesiarchnounchurch ruler. ecclesiarchy, noun government by clerics.
ecclesiolatrynounan all-consuming devotion to the church
ecclesiologynounstudy of ecclesiastical art, decoration, etc. ecclesiological, adjective ecclesiologist, noun
eccoproticadjective nounpurgative. eccoprophoric, adjective like a purgative in action.
eccrinologynounstudy of excretion and secretion. eccritic, noun & a. purgative.
ecdemicadjectiveoriginating elsewhere; not endemic.
ecdemomanianouncompulsive wandering
ecdysisnounmoulting of outer skin, etc.
echinulateadjectivehaving small spines. echinuliform, adjective like small spines.
echolalianounhabitual or pathological repitition of others' words or remarks
echometernoundevice measuring the duration of sounds.
echopraxianounhabitual repetition of others' actions.
eclipsisnounomission of a grammatical element necessary to the full meaning of a sentence
ecmnesianounloss of recent memory with retention of earlier memories
ecophobianoundislike of home.
ectasisnoundilatation. ectatic, adjective
ecthlipsisnoun(pl. -ses) in Latin, omission of final m.
ecthymanounskin eruption bearing several pustules.
ectocranialadjectivepertaining to exterior of skull.
ectodermnounoutermost membrane and tissue. ectodermal, ectodermic, adjective ectodermosis, noun disease of the ectoderm.
ectogenesisnoundevelopment outside body. ectogenic, ectogenous, adjective
ectomorphnounpsychophysical type with long thin bones and large surface relative to weight, often inhibited and shy. ectomorphic, adjective ectomorphy, noun
ectoparasitenounparasite on surface of animals. ectophyte, noun such plant parasite.
ectorhinaladjectivepertaining to exterior of nose.
ectozoonnoun(pl. -zoa) external parasite. ectozoan, ectozoic, adjective
ectypenouncopy; non-eternal being or idea. ectypography, noun etching in relief.
ecumenicaladjectiveworld-wide; pertaining to whole church. ecumenicalism, noun promotion of Christian unity. ecumenicity, noun
edaciousadjectivejocular, pertaining to eating; gluttonous. edacity, noun
edaphicadjectivepertaining to or conditioned by soil; indigenous. edaphology, noun study of soils. edaphon, noun living organisms in soil.
edeanounthe external genitals
edentateadjectivebelonging to the order including anteaters, armadillos, and sloths, lacking incisor and canine teeth.
edipolnouna mild oath
educeverbbring out, develop; elicit. educible, adjective educt, noun substance separated out unchanged from another decomposing substance. eduction, noun act of educing; exhaust stroke of steam or internal-combustion engine. eductive, adj.
edulcorateverbto sweeten or purify
eesomeadjectivepleasing to the eye
efferentadjectivecarrying away; conveying outwards; n. such nerve, blood-vessel, etc.
effictionounpersonal description, as a head-to-foot catalogue of one's outward appearance
effigurationnounelaborate, detailed description of an object oran event
efflationnounan emanation; a puff
effleuragenoungentle stroking used in massage.
effloresceverb noun adjectivev. -i. flower; burgeon; Chemistry, become powder when exposed to air; develop a powdery crust. efflorescence, n. efflorescent, adj.
effulgentadjectiveradiant; bright. effulgence, noun
egestverbexcrete. egesta, excrements. egestion, noun egestive, adjective
eideticadjective(of visual etc. images) exceptionally vivid; n. person having very vivid mental pictures.
eidolonnounphantom. eidolic, adjective eidolism, noun belief in ghosts. eidolology, noun study of mental imagery.
eirenic, irenicadjectivepromoting peace. eirenicism, noun such state of mind. eirenicon, noun such act. eirenics, noun theology aiming at religious unity.
eireniconnouna statement to bring into harmony or sythesize conflicting doctrines; articulated compromise or reconciliation
eisegesisnounincorrect explanation of text, especially of Bible, by distorting the meaning to fit preconceived ideas. eisegetical, adjective
ekisticsnounscientific study of human settlements.
elaeometernoundevice measuring the specific gravity of oils.
elateridnounclick beetle. elateroid, adjective
elateriumnounaperient extracted from a species of cucumber.
elaterometernouninstrument measuring pressure of gas.
eldritchadjectiveweird, eerie, ghastly, horrifying
elecampanenounlarge yellow-flowered plant, with root from which sweetmeat is made.
electretnouna non-conductor having permanent positive and negative poles, the electrostatic equivalent of a permanent magnet.
electroliernounchandelier for electric lamps.
electromerismnounionization of gases.
electromotiveadjectivepertaining to electric motion; causing electric current. electromotive force, amount of electric energy; voltage; potential (abbr. e.m.f.).
electrophorusnoun(pl. -ri) instrument consisting of ebonite disc, electrified by friction, and metal plate in which positive electricity is induced from the disc. electrophoric, adjective
electropositiveadjectivepositively charged; passing to cathode in electrolysis; basic; n. such substance.
electrotypenounplate for printing consisting of soft mould covered with metal electrolytically; v.i. & t. make electrotype (of). electrotypy, noun
electuarynounmedical remedy in syrup.
eleemosynaryadjectivepertaining to charity; living on charity
elegiacnounProsody, verse line of five dactyls with marked caesura; a. pertaining to or written in such verse line; mournful. elegiac couplet, dactylic hexameter followed by dactylic pentameter. elegiacs, noun verses written in elegaic metre or couplets. elegy, noun
elenchusnouna refutation of an opponent's conclusion, esp. througha syllogistic proof of an alternative conclusion
eleutheromanianounstrong desire for freedom. eleutheromaniac, noun & a.
elideverbPhonetics. suppress or omit in pronunciation. elision, noun
élogenouneulogy; laudatory funeral oration.
eluant, eluentnounsolvent used in elution. eluate, noun solution resulting from elution.
elucubrateverbto work studiously
elumbatedadjectiveweak in the loins
eluteverbwash out; purify or separate by washing. elution, elutor, noun elutriate, v. purify by washing and straining. elutriation, elutriator, noun
eluviumnoundetritus from weathering of rock. eluvial, adjective
elydoricadjectivewith both oil and water colors.
elytron, elytrumnoun(pl. -ra) insect's hardened forewing, forming case for hind wing. elytral, adjective elytriferous, elytrigerous, adjective bearing elytra. elytriform, adjective like elytra.
emarginateadjectivehaving notched edges. emargination, noun
emblicadjectivekind of myrobalan.
embolalianounthe use of virtually meaningless filler words, phrases, or stammerings in speech, whether as unconscious utterings while arranging one's thoughts or as a vacuous, inexpressive mannerism
embouchementnounopening of passage. embouchure, noun river mouth; mouthpiece; placing of lips, etc., about mouthpiece of musical instrument.
embowverbarch, vault. embowed, adjective
embracerynounLaw, offence of attempting to influence a jury or juror. embrace, v. embracer, noun
embranchmentnounbranching out; branch, ramification.
embrangleverbconfuse, perplex.
embrasurenounloophole in fortifications; window-opening with slanted sides.
embrocationnounlubricating or rubbing the body with liniment,oil, etc.
embulalianouninserting of nonsense into speech, as inschizophrenia
emenctae narisphraseof a wiped nose: of matured judgment; of nice discernment
emictionnounurination; urine. emictory, noun & a. (drug) promoting urination.
emmenagoguenoundrug aiding menstruation. emmenagogic, adjective emmeniopathy, noun menstruation disorder. emmenology, noun study of menstruation.
emmenologynounthe study of menstruation
emmetropianounperfect refraction of eye. emmetropic, adjective
emolumentnounsalary; profit.
empaestic, empaisticadjectiveembossed.
empasmnounscented powder concealing odour of perspiration.
empennagenountail assembly of an aircraft.
emphracticadjective noun(substance) closing skin pores. emphraxia, emphraxis, noun obstruction, especially of pores.
emphysemanounMedicine, swollen state of tissue due to air or gas, especially in lungs. emphysematous, adjective so swollen; bloated; bladderlike.
emphyteusisnouncontract granting possession of land for long period on certain conditions. emphyteutic, adjective
empleomanianouna mania for holding public office
emporeutic, emporeticadjectivepertaining to trade; n. merchandise.
empresséadjective(fem. -ée pron. same) in haste; eager. empressement, noun show of affection.
empressementnounextreme politeness
empyemanoun(pl. -ta) collection of pus in body cavity, especially in pleural cavity. empyemic, adjective
empyreanadjective noun(pertaining to) the sky; heaven. empyreal, adjective
emulgentadjectivedraining; purifying; pertaining to kidneys; n. drug stimulating bile.
emunctoryadjective nounexcretory (organ).
en clairphrasein plain, uncoded language, as in unclassified military communication
enallagenounGrammar, exchange of part of speech, gender, tense, etc., for another.
enantiomorphnouneither of a pair of asymmetric figures that are mirror images of each other, e.g. a pair of hands.
enantiosisnounrhetorical device of ironically stating the opposite of what is meant.
enarthrosisnounball-and-socket joint.
enateadjectivegrowing out; n. relation on mother's side. enatic, adjective related on mother's side; having same mother. enation, noun outgrowth; enatic relationship.
encaenianounfestival commemorating dedication or foundation.
encausticadjectiveburnt in; n. painting with wax colors fixed by heat.
enceinteadjectivepregnant; n. fortification enclosing fortress or town; cathedral close.
encephalonnoun(pl. -la) the brain. encephalograph, noun X- ray photograph of brain. encephaloid, adjective brain-like. encephaloma, noun brain tumour.
enchiridionnouna manual or handbook
enchorialadjectivenative, endemic
enchylemanounfluid part of protoplasm. enchylematous, adjective
encliticadjectivedependent, especially of word or particle attached to preceding word in pronunciation; n. such word or particle. enclisis, noun pronunciation of enclitic word.
encomicadjectiveapplied to closely curled woolly hair.
encomiumnoun(pl. -ia) eulogy. encomiast, noun composer of such. encomiastic, adjective
endermicadjectiveacting by absorption through the skin.
endiableeverbto put the devil into
endocardiumnounmembrane lining heart cavities. endocardiac, endocardial, adjective endocarditis, noun inflammation of this.
endogamynounmarriage to person of same tribe only. endogamic, endogamous, adjective
endogenynoungrowth from within. endogenesis, noun endogeny. endogenetic, endogenic, adjective produced internally; pertaining to geological processes occurring within earth. endogenous, adjective developing or originating within.
endophagynouncannibalism among members of same tribe; erosion of internal tissue.
endophasianouninternalized, inaudible speech.
endophytenounendoparasitic plant. endophytic, adjective
endosmosisnounmovement of substance into organ from surrounding fluid.
endothermynounsurgical introduction of electric needle or knife into tissues to produce heat. endothermic, endothermous, adjective pertaining to absorption of heat.
energumennounperson possessed by evil spirit; fanatic.
enervateverbweaken. enervation, enervator, noun enervative, adjective
enfleuragenounexposure of oils to scent of fresh flowers in perfume-making.
engastrationnounthe stuffing of one bird inside another
engrailverbdecorate with curved notches; give serrated appearance to.
enissophobianounfear of being reproached
enjambementnounrunning-over of sense or sentence from one verse line to next.
enneadnounset of nine. enneadic, adjective
enneaetericadjectivehappening every ninth year.
enneagonnounnine-sided plane figure. enneagonal,, adjective
enneahedronnounnine-sided solid figure. enneahedral, adjective
enneaticadjectiveoccurring once every nine times, days, years, etc.
enosiophobianounfear of having committed an unpardonable sin
enphytoticadjectiveendemic (disease) of plants.
ensate, ensiformadjectivesword-shaped.
ensynopticitynounthe ability of taking a general view of something
entablementnounplatform of a pedestal, supporting a statue.
entelechynounPhilosophy, perfect realization of end or cause.
entericadjectivepertaining to intestines; n. typhoid fever. enteritis, noun inflammation of intestines. enterography, noun description of intestines. enteroptosis, noun dropping and protrusion of intestines.
entheomanianounan abnormal state in which one thinks oneis inspired
entheticadjective(especially of infectious disease) introduced into the body from without.
enthymemenounan argument or formulated conclusion in which a premise is understood but not stated, whether in reasoning, advertising, or humor
entifyverbmake or regard as separate substance or entity. entifical, adjective entification, noun
entitativeadjectiveregarded as entity alone, apart from attendant circumstances.
entomophagousadjectivefeeding on insects. entomophilous, adjective pollinated by insects.
entophytenounparasitic plant living within another plant or animal. entophytal, entophytic, entophytous, adjective
entopicadjectiveAnatomy, in the normal position.
entopticadjectivepertaining to interior of eyeball. entotic, adjective pertaining to interior of ear.
entozoonnoun(pl. -zoa) internal parasite. entozoal, adjective entozoan, noun & a. entozoology, noun study of these.
entre nousadverb'between ourselves'.
entrechatnoundancer's leap in which legs are quickly crossed or heels tapped.
entrepôtnounwarehouse; importing for re-export.
entresolnounmezzanine floor.
enuresisnouninability to control urination; urine discharged involuntarily.
enzooticadjective noun(disease) attacking animals.
eo ipsophraseby it itself: by that fact alone
eoanadjectiveof dawn or east.
eonismnounadoption of opposite sex's manners, clothes and mentality, especially by a man. eonist, noun transvestite.
eosophobianoundepression caused by fear of dawn
epactnoundifference, represented by a number, between solar and lunar year, or calendar and lunar month; age of moon at start of calendar year. epactal, adjective intercalary.
epagogenouninductive reasoning. epagogic, adjective
epanadiplosisnounRhetoric, repetition at end of sentence of word used at beginning.
epanalepsisnounRhetoric, repetition. epanaleptic, adjective
epanodosnounRhetoric, return to theme from digression; repetition (of sentence) in reverse order.
epanorthosisnouncorrecting or retracting a statement even while making it, or thinking better of what one has begun to say
epeiricadjective(of sea) within the continental shelf.
epeirogenynoungeological formation of continents, oceans, etc. epeirogenic, adjective
epenthesisnoun(pl. -ses ) introduction of sound into word; removal of vowel into preceding syllable. epenthesize, v. epenthetic, adjective
epenthisnouninsertion of a letter or syllable into a word for pronunciation ease
epergnenouncentral ornament on table.
epexegeticadjectiveproviding additional explanation or clarification
ephebicadjectiveof a youth just entering manhood
ephecticadjectivehabitually suspending judgment.
ephelisnoun(pl. -lides, ) freckle.
ephemeromorphnounlower forms of life that defy animal orvegetable classification
ephemeronnoun(pl. -ra) thing, especially insect, living for a day only. ephemeral, ephemerous, adjective short- lived. ephemerid, noun may-fly. ephemeris, noun (pl. - rides, almanac showing daily positions of heavenly bodies.
ephodnoungarment of Jewish priest.
ephornounmagistrate of Sparta. ephoral, ephoric, adjective ephorate, noun office of ephor; whole body of ephors.
epicaricacynountaking pleasure in others' misfortune
epicediumnoun(pl. -ia) elegy; dirge. epicedial, adjective
epiceneadjective1. effeminate, unmanly 2. belonging to or partaking of the characteristics of both sexes
epichorialadjectivebelonging to a particular area. epichoric, epichoristic, adjective
epicolicadjectiveapplied to lower abdomen lying over the colon.
epicrisisverbpraising or disparaging by paraphrasing or citing somebody else
epicriticadjectiveresponding to small variations in temperature and touch.
epideicticnounfor rhetorical or impressive effect; demonstrative or dramatic
epidiascopenounprojector for use with opaque as well as translucent objects.
epididymisnoun(pl. -didymides ) convoluted duct at rear of testicle storing sperm.
epigamicadjectiveattracting opposite sex at breeding time.
epigastriumnounpart of abdomen lying over the stomach. epigastrial, epigastric, adjective
epigeal, epigean, epigeousadjectiveliving or growing near the ground.
epigenesisnounbiological theory of the development of the embryo, through progressive differentiation of originally undifferentiated cells. epigenetic, adjective epigenist, epigenesist, noun
epigenousadjectivegrowing on the (upper) surface of an organism.
epigone, epigonnoundisciple, follower, imitator, especially in later generation.
epigonesnounfollowers who are less gifted, lesser lights, inferior imitators
epilateverbremove (hair). epilation, noun
epilegomenonnounan added remark
epimorphicadjectivepassing several stages of growth in same form, especially of segmented insects. epimorphosis, noun
epimythnounmoral of story.
epinicianadjectivein celebration of victory. epinicion, noun song of victory or triumph.
epipasticnounmedical dusting powder.
epiphenomenonnounsecondary phenomenon associated with and apparently due to another. epiphenomenal, adjective
epiphoranounwatering of eyes.
epiphoricadjectivepertaining to a torrent of tears
epiphysisnoun(pl. -ses ) separately ossified portion of bone, joining to main portion later. epiphysis cerebri, pineal body. epiphysary, epiphyseal, adjective
epiplexisnounasking a question as a form of reproach, or arguing that a sensible person must surely see the truth
epiplexisnounRhetoric, reproof. epiplectic, adjective
epiplocenounrhetorical crescendo.
epipolismnounfluorescence. epipolic, adjective epipolize, v.
epipterousadjectiveBotany, having wings or wing-like projections at apex.
episcopicidenounthe killing of a bishop
episematicadjective(of coloration) assisting recognition between members of same species.
epispasticadjective noun(substance) causing blister as medical remedy.
epistemophilianounabnormal preoccupation with knowledge
epistrophenounRhetoric, repetition of same phrase at end of successive sentences. epistropheal, epistrophic, adjective
epitasisnounpart of drama in which action is developed; crisis of disease.
epithymeticadjectivepertaining to appetite, sexual and otherwise
epitimesisnounadverse criticism; reproof.
epitonicadjectivesubjected to too great strain.
epitropenounconceding a point in an argument in such a qualified or ironic way as to make it seem unimportant or injurious to one's opponent, or to make one's opponent the butt of ridicule
epizeuxisnounemphatic verbal repitition
epizeuxisnounrepetition for emphasis.
epizoonnoun(pl. -zoa) external parasite. epizoan, noun & a. epizoic, adjective
epizooticadjective noun(disease) epidemic among animals.
epopeenounepic poem or poetry. epopean, adjective epopoeist, noun writer of epics.
epoptnounperson initiated into mysteries. epoptic, adjective
eposnounepic poem or poetry; collection of lays dealing with same theme.
epularyadjectivepertaining to banquet. epulation, noun
epulosisnounformation of scar. epulotic(al), noun & a. (substance) aiding epulosis.
equilibristnounperson who performs feats of balancing, tight-rope walker.
equiparentadjectivehaving same mutual relationship. equiparate, v. level; equalize.
equipoisenounstate of equilibrium; counterpoise; v.t. counterpoise.
equipollentadjectivehaving equal force or power; having same meaning though differently expressed. equipollence, equipollency, noun
equiponderateverbbe equal in power, force, importance etc.; counterbalance. equiponderance, noun equiponderant, adjective
equitationnounhorse-riding. equitative, adjective
equivoquenounan ambiguous statement or passage, often intentionally evasive or phrased to have two possible interpretations
equivorousadjectiveeating horse-flesh.
erectarinenouncrude rhythm instrument consisting of a mop handle with bottle caps
eremicadjectivepertaining to sandy desert.
eremitenounhermit. eremitage, noun eremitic(al), adjective
eremologynounstudy of deserts. eremophyte, noun plant living in desert.
ereptionnounthe act of snatching away
erethismnounexcessive irritability or excitability
ergographnouninstrument measuring work involved in contracting a muscle. ergology, noun study of work's effect on mind and body. ergonomics, noun scientific study of work conditions, equipment and operations, to promote efficiency. ergophile, noun lover of work. ergophobia, noun hatred of work.
ergoismnounfussy adherence to logical protocols or forms
ergosterolnounchemical substance in the body developing into vitamin D on exposure to sunlight.
ericaceousadjectivepertaining to or like heath plant; belonging to the heath family of plants. ericetal, adjective composed of heath plants. ericeticolous, adjective living on heaths. ericineous, adjective ericaceous. ericoid, adjective like a heath plant. ericophyte, noun plant growing on heaths.
erigibleadjectivecapable of being erected
erinaceousadjectivepertaining to the hedgehog
eriometernounoptical instrument for measuring the diameters of fibres or particles by the diffraction of light.
eriophyllousadjectivewith woolly leaves.
eristicadjectivepertaining to dispute or argument.
erogenesisnounproduction of sexual desire. erogeneity, noun erogenetic, erogenic, erogenous, adjective
erotesisnounrhetorical questioning. erotetic, adjective
erotographomanianounmania for writing love letters
erotologynounthe description of methods of lovemaking; the science of love
erotomanianounabnormally strong sexual desire. erotomaniac, noun & a.
errabundnounwandering; erratic
errhineadjective noun(substance) causing sneezing.
erubescentadjectivebecoming red. erubescence, noun
erucanoun(pl. -ae) caterpillar. eruciform, adjective caterpillar-like. erucivorous, adjective feeding on caterpillars.
eructationnounthe action of voiding wind from the stomach through the mouth; belching
erumpentadjectivebursting forth.
erysipelasnoundisease marked by fever and inflammation of skin, especially of face; St. Anthony's fire. erysipelatoid, erysipelatous, adjective like erysipelas. erysipeloid, noun non-febrile disease resembling erysipelas.
erythemanouninflammatory redness of skin. erythemic, erythematous, erythematic, adjective
erythraean, erythreanadjectivered. erythraemia, noun excessive production of red blood corpuscles. erythrism, erythrochroism, noun excessive redness of hair, etc. erythrocyte, noun red blood corpuscle. erythrodermia, noun reddening of skin. erythroid, adjective reddish. erythrophobia, noun fear of red light, or of blushing. erythropia, erythropsia, noun seeing all objects red.
escaliernounstaircase. escalier dérobé, secret or back stairs.
escharnounscab. escharoticm, noun & a. caustic (substance).
eschrolalianoundirty (fecal) language
escritoirenounwriting-table. escritorial, adjective
esculentadjective nounedible (thing).
esemplasticadjectiveforming, by imagination, disparate partsinto a whole; aesthetically unifying
esotropianounconvergent squint. esotrope, noun person having this. esotropic, adjective
espaliernounlattice, especially for trained fruit tree; such tree.
espièglerienounmischievousness; mischievous trick.
esprit de l'escalierphrasewishful thinking of a witty comment or retort that one should have made earlier; hindsight wit
estivateverbto spend the summer
estopverbLaw, preclude, especially by estoppel. estoppage, estoppel, noun principle preventing a person denying a fact he/she has previously alleged to be true.
estrapadenouna horse's attempt to dump its rider
estreatverbLaw, extract from court's records in order to prosecute; n. copy or extract of record, especially of fines, etc.
esurientadjectivehungry greedy; avaricious; covetous
etat presentphrasean exhaustive summary of up-to-date knowledge about a subject, as opposed to new information or original thought
etesianadjectiveoccurring annually or periodically, especially such Mediterranean north wind in summer.
ethmoidadjectivepertaining to bones forming nasal cavity and division between nostrils; of the nasal area; n. such bone. ethmoidal, adjective
etiolateverbmake pale or sickly, especially by depriving of light. etiolated, adjective etiolation, noun
etuinounneedle-case; small case for toilet articles, etc.
euchologynounprayer-book. euchological, adjective
eucrasy, eucrasianounstate of general good health.
eudaemonianountrue happiness
eudemonnoungood spirit. eudemonic, adjective causing happiness; pertaining to eudemonism. eudemonics, noun conduct based on eudemonism; art of being happy. eudemonism, noun philosophical theory that happiness is ultimate moral good and criterion.
eudiaphoresisnounnormal perspiration.
eudiometernouninstrument measuring and analysing gases and purity of air. eudiometric(al), adjective eudiometry, noun
eudipleuraladjectivebilaterally symmetrical.
eugenesisnounfertility between hybrids. eugenesic, eugenetic, adjective
euhemerismnounbelief that mythological gods were deified early heroes. euhemerist, noun euhemeristic, adjective
eumenorrheanounnormal menstruation.
eumerismnouncollection of similar parts. eumeristic, adjective
eumoirousadjectivesomeone who is lucky or happy as a result of being good
euneirophrenianounpeace of mind after a pleasant dream
eunomynounstate of orderliness and good rule.
eupathynounstate of contentment and moderation.
eupatridnounaristocrat, especially of ancient Greece.
eupepticadjectivehaving good digestion. eupepsia, noun
euphelicianounhealthiness resulting from having all one's wishes granted
euphenicsnounbiological improvement of human beings after birth.
euphrasynouneyebright plant.
euphuismnounaffected style of writing full of high-flown language and far- fetched metaphors, especially in imitation of Lyly's Euphues (1579–80). euphuist, noun writer of such style. euphuistic, adjective
euphuisticadjectivedisplaying excessive elegance of language; high-flown and affected diction
eupneanounnormal breathing.
eupraxianouncorrect or normal action. eupractic, adjective
euripusnoun(pl. -pi ) narrow channel with swift currents.
eustaticadjectivepertaining to worldwide changes in sea-level. eustasy, noun
eusystolismnounthe use of initials, instead of full words,in the interests of delicacy, e.g. sob
eutaxynounorderly management. eutaxic, adjective
eutecticadjective noun(alloy) having lowest possible melting point. eutexia, noun state of having low melting point.
euthenicsnounstudy of improvement of human conditions of life, especially to increase efficiency. euthenist n.
euthermicadjectiveproducing warmth.
euthymianounmental tranquility
eutonynounpleasantness of sound of word.
eutrophynounstate of being well nourished; (of area of water) state of being over-rich in organic and mineral nutrients which promote plant life at the expense of animal life. eutrophic, a.; n. tonic. eutrophication, noun process of becoming eutrophic, especially owing to pollution.
eutropicadjectiveturning with sun.
evaginateverbturn inside out; protrude by so turning; a. evaginated. evagination, noun
evectionnounalteration in moon's orbit caused by solar attraction. evectional, adjective
eventerateverbto rip open; to open by ripping the belly
eventrationnounprotrusion of intestines from abdomen; dropped state of abdomen; evisceration.
evulgateverbmake widely known. evulgation, noun
evulsionnounact of uprooting or tearing out. evulsive, adjective
ex concessophrasereasoning on the basis of an opponent's premiseor admission of something
ex professophraseexpressly or avowedly
exanthemanoun(pl. -ta) (disease marked by) eruptions or rash, as measles. exanthematic, exanthematous, adjective
exarchnounviceroy; travelling bishop of E Church. exarchal, adjective exarchate, noun office or jurisdiction of exarch.
exarticulateverbdislocate; cut off at joint. exarticulation, noun
exaugurateverbto secularize; to desecrate
excalationnounomission or loss of part or unit from series.
excerebroseadjectivehaving no brains
exclavenounpart of a country surrounded by foreign territory.
excogitateverbthink up, devise; think out. excogitation, noun excogitative, adjective
excrescentadjectiveconstituting an excess; superfluous; supernumerary
excrescentadjectivegrowing out from main body; redundant. excrescential, adjective excrescence, noun such thing.
excursusnounlengthy discussion, especially appended to book; digression. excursive, adjective digressive, rambling.
exeatnoun'let him go out'; permission to be absent or late.
execrateverbcurse; loathe. execrable, adjective loathsome. execration, noun execrative, execratory, adjective
execrationnouncontemptuous denunciation; express loathing;a curse
exemplumnouna brief tale or anecdote offered to bolster an argument or suggest a moral, as in a medieval sermon
exenterateverbto literally or figuratively disembowel
exequaturnoundocument recognizing foreign consular officer, or permitting Roman Catholic bishops to rule their church and publish papal bulls.
exercitornounperson having right to ship's profits. exercitorial, adjective
exergasianounrepeating a point by using different figures of speech to give the impression of saying something new
exerguenounspace at base of figure on coin containing date. exergual, adjective
exheredateverbdisinherit. exheredation, noun
exigentadjectiveexacting; urgent. exigible a. chargeable. exigence, exigency, noun urgent need or requirement; necessary condition.
exiguousadjectivesparse; slender. exiguity, noun
eximiousadjectiveselect; excellent.
exocentricadjective(of a phrase) having a different grammatical function from any of its constituent words.
exocrineadjectivesecreting externally.
exoculateverbto poke out one's eyes
exodontianounteeth extraction. exodontist, noun
exodromynounstabilizing movement of exchange. exodromic, adjective
exogamynounmarriage to person not of same tribe, family, etc., only. exogamic, exogamous, adjective
exogenousadjectivegrowing or originating from outside, or due to external factors. exogenetic, exogenic, adjective
exopathicadjectiveMedicine, due to external causes.
exophagynouncannibalism outside tribe or family. exophagous, adjective
exophthalmicadjectivepertaining to or marked by protrusion of eyeball. exophthalmos, exophthalmus, noun such condition.
exoptableadjectiveextremely desirable
exordiumnoun(pl. -ia) opening portion of speech or writing. exordial, adjective
exosculateverbthe kiss, esp. heartily
exotericadjectivepopular; capable of being understood by uninitiated; n. uninitiated person. exotericism, noun
exotropianounoutward squint.
expatiateverb noun adjectivev. -i. speak or write at length. expatiation, n. expatiatory, adj.
expergefacientadjectiveawakening. expergefaction, noun
expergefactionnounan awakening
expiscateverbto examine or discover skillfully
explaterateverbto blab, gab, or run off at the mouth
explicandumnoun(pl. -da) Philosophy, thing, e.g. term, to be explained. explicans, noun thing or part that explains or gives the meaning.
expromissornounperson relieving another of debt by taking it upon himself. expromission, noun
expugnableadjectivecapable of being captured by storm.
exsanguineadjectivelacking blood. exsanguinate, v. drain blood from. exsanguineous, exsanguinious, exsanguinous, adjective
exscindverbcut out; uproot.
exsertverbthrust out. exserted, adjective protruding.
exsibilateverbto reject with a hissing sound
exsiccateverbdesiccate. exsiccation, exsiccator, noun exsiccative, adjective
exstrophynounMedicine, having organ especially bladder, turned inside out.
exsuccousadjectivelacking sap.
exsufflateverbblow away. exsufflation, noun blowing out; forced breathing.
extirpateverbto pull out by roots
extramundaneadjectiveoutside the known world or universe.
extramuraladjectiveoutside the walls or fortifications; outside, but under the aegis of, a university or other institution.
extravasateverbflow or filter out; expel from a vessel, especially blood; pour out; n. such fluid. extravasation, noun
extrorseadjectivefacing away or out.
exuviaenounpl. cast-off skin, etc., of animal. exuviable, exuvial, adjective exuviate, v.i. & t. slough; shed.
eyotnounlittle island
fabaceousadjectivelike a bean.
fabulistnounrecounter of fables; liar.
faciesnounMedicine, facial expression, as symptom; general aspect or appearance.
facinorousadjectiveextremely wicked; depraved; infamous
facon de parlerphraseway of speaking: manner of expression
facticenounvulcanized oil, used as substitute for rubber.
factitiousadjectiveartificial; spurious.
faculanounsmall bright patch on sun
fadaisenounan obvious or silly remark
faexnoundregs. faex populi, the rabble.
fagaceousadjectivebelonging to beech family of trees.
faiencenounglazed decorative earthenware.
faineantadjectivelazy, indolent
falchionnounbroad curved sword.
faldstoolnounprayer desk; bishop's round armless chair.
falsidicaladjectivegiving false impression.
famicidenouna slanderer; a destroyer of one's reputation
fanfaronadenounboasting; bluster; blast on trumpets.
fanionnounsmall marking flag.
farctateadjectivefull; crammed; plethoric
farcynoundisease affecting lymphatic glands of horses and cattle.
fardverbto put on makeup, to fard your face
fardelnouncumbersome bundle
farinanounflour or meal of cereals, nuts, etc. farinaceous, adjective like or consisting of flour. farinose, adjective like or yielding flour; mealy.
farobanknounestablishment where the gambling game of faro is played
faroucheadjectivewild; gauche; shy.
farragonouna mixture of diverse objects, hodgepodge
farriernounhorse-shoeing smith. farriery, noun art or place of shoeing horses.
farrowverbgive birth (of pigs); n. act of giving birth to pigs; litter.
fascesnounbundle of rods with an axe carried before ancient Roman magistrates, symbolizing authority.
fascianoun(pl. -ae ) band of color; band or layer of connective tissue; name-board over shop; dashboard. fasciate, fasciated a. tied round with a band or fillet; striped. fasciation n.
fasciclenounsmall bundle; part of book published separately; collection of written or printed sheets.
fascinenounbundle of sticks used in building fortifications.
fastinounn. -pl. pl. record; register; calendars of ancient Rome.
fastigateadjectivepointed. fastigiate, adjective narrowing at apex, fastigium, noun (pl. - gia) roof; top; gable.
fastuousadjectivearrogant; showy.
fata morgananounmirage.
fatidicadjectiveforetelling the future; prophetic; divinatory
fatiferousadjectivedestructive; deadly
fatwanounproscription pronounced by Islamic religious leader.
faucialadjectivepertaining to fauces. faucitis, noun inflammation of fauces.
fauteuilnoun'armchair'; stall seat in theatre; membership of French Academy.
faux naifphrasefalsely simple or naive; feigning artlessness
faveolateadjectivehoney-combed. faviform, adjective honeycomb-like.
favonianadjectivelike the west wind; mild
favusnouncontagious parasitive skin desease.
feazingsnounan unraveled rope end
febricantadjectivecausing fever. febricity, noun feverishness. febrific, adjective feverish; febricant.
febriculanounslight fever
febrifugeadjective noun(drug) allaying fever. febrifugal, adjective
febrileadjectivecharacterized by or symptomatic of fever; feverish. febrility, noun
februationnounexorcism; religious purification
fecitphrase'made (it)'.
feculentadjectivecontaining or covered with filth; faecal; turbid. feculence, noun
fedifragousadjectivetreacherous, deceitful
fefnicutenounhypocrite; sneak
felicificadjectiveproducing happiness
feliformadjectivecat-like. feline, adjective
fellnessnoundestructive cruelty
felloenounouter edge of a wheel, also the rim of a tire
felo de senoun(pl. felones ...) self-murder or self-murderer.
felonnouncriminal. felonious, adjective felony, noun serious crime.
femenounLaw, woman. feme covert, married woman. feme sole, unmarried woman or widow.
femicidenounkilling or killer of woman.
feraciousadjectiveproductive of good results; fruitful
feretorynounshrine; chapel for bier; bier.
ferianoun(pl. -ae ) feast day; holiday; Ecclesiastical, day neither feast nor fast. ferial, adjective
feriationnountaking a holiday; not working
feritynounwild state; barbarism.
ferruginousadjectiveferreous; pertaining to or colored like iron rust. ferruginate, v. stain with iron compound.
ferulenounrod or flat ruler for punishment. ferulaceous, adjective reed-like.
fervescentadjectivebecoming feverish. fervescence, noun
fescennineadjectiveobscene; lewd; licentious; scurrilous
fescuenounstick used by teacher as pointer; several tall kinds of grass.
fess, fessenounhorizontal band across a shield.
festina lentephrase'make haste slowly'.
festinationnounhaste; hurrying walk, symptom of some nervous diseases.
fetialadjectivepertaining to declaration of war and peace; heraldic.
fettlenounhealth or well-being
fewterernouna dog-keeper
fiacrenounsmall hackney carriage.
fibrinnounfibrous protein in blood formed in clotting. fibrination, noun condition of having excessive fibrin in blood. fibrinogen, noun substance in blood producing fibrin. fibrinosis, noun disease marked by fibrination.
fibromanoun(pl. -ta) benign fibrous tumour. fibromatous, adjective
fichunounsheer, triangular cape worn over the shoulders
ficiformadjectivefig-shaped. ficoid, adjective fig-like.
fictileadjectivepertaining to pottery; moulded; able to be moulded into shape or new shape. fictility, noun
fideismnoundepending on faith rather than reason
fideismnounreliance on faith alone.
fidicinaladjectivepertaining to stringed musical instrument.
fidimplicitaryadjectivefully trusting someone
figulineadjectivefictile; n. clay vessel, object. figulate, adjective made of clay; fictile.
figurantnoun(fem. figurante ) ballet dancer who dances only with group; minor character in play.
figurateadjectivehaving a definite shape or form; Music, florid.
filaradjectivepertaining to thread; having threads across eye-piece. filarial, filarian, filarious, adjective pertaining or due to thread-worms. filariasis, noun infestation with thread-worms. filariform, adjective thread-like.
filaturenoundrawing out or reeling of silk threads; apparatus or factory for doing this.
filicidenounkilling or killer of own child.
filiciformadjectivefern- or frond-shaped. filicoid, adjective fern-like.
filiferousadjectivebearing threads. filiform, adjective thread-like. filigerous, adjective flagellate. filipendulous, adjective hanging by a thread.
filiopietisticadjectivepertaining to ancestor worship
filipendulousadjectivehanging by a thread or string
filosellenounfloss-like silk.
fimblenounfemale hemp plant
fimbrialadjectivepertaining to or having a fringe. fimbriate, adjective fringed; v.t. fringe; hem. fimbriation, noun fimbricate, adjective fringed. fimbrillate, adjective having small fringe.
fimetariousnoungrowing or living in excrement
fimeticadjectivepertaining to dung. fimicolous, adjective living in dung.
finialnounornament at apex of gable, etc.; pinnacle.
firmannounOriental ruler's edict, authorisation, etc.
fissilingualadjectivehaving a forked tongue
fitchnounhair of polecat; brush of such hair. fitchew, noun polecat.
fizgignouna woman who flirts and gads about
flabellateadjectivefan-shaped. flabelliform, adjective flabellation, noun use of fan to cool.
flagitateverbdemand repeatedly. flagitation, noun
flagitiousadjectiveoutrageous, flagrantly wicked, scandalous,vicious
flambeaunoun(pl. -beaux ) burning torch.
flamennounpagan priest. flamineous, adjective pertaining to flamen. flamenical, adjective
flammeousadjectiveflame-colored. flammulated, adjective ruddy. flammulation, noun flame-colored or flame-shaped marking.
flaneurnounan intellectual trifler
flatulopeticadjectivepretentious, pompous, inflated
flavedonounyellowness, especially of plants. flavescent, adjective turning yellow. flavic(ant), adjective yellow; yellowish. flavid, adjective golden yellow.
fleerverbto laugh lecherously or derisively
flense, flenchverbcut up or skin, especially whale or seal.
fleurettenounornament in the shape of a small flower.
flewsnounpl. pendulous lips; chops
flexanimousadjectivementally flexible
floccifyverbto consider worthless
floccilationnounsearching for imaginary objects
flocculateverbcollect into lumps or tufts; a. having hairy tufts. flocculent, adjective woolly; consisting of soft flakes; tufted. flocculence, noun flocculus, noun (pl. - li ) flake; small tuft. flocculation, noun
floriated, floreatedadjectivedecorated with flowers and leaves.
florilegiumnoun(pl. -gia) collection of flowers; description of flora; anthology.
floruitphrase'he flourished'; period during which person lived (abbr. fl.); dates indicating when a person was active, especially in brackets after person's name.
fluminous, fluminoseadjectivepertaining to or having many rivers.
focillateverbto comfort
fodientadjectivepertaining to digging.
Foehnnoundry warm wind blowing down northern slopes of Alps.
foiternounriddle or puzzle
foliaceousadjectivepertaining to, like or consisting of leaves or laminae.
folie a' deuxphrasea shared psychosis or delusion, especially one passed from one to another
foliferousadjectivebearing leaves. foliform, adjective leaf-shaped.
foliolateadjectivepertaining to or having leaflets. folioliferous, adjective bearing leaflets.
fomesnoun(pl. -mites ) substance carrying infection.
fons et origophrase'source and origin'.
fontinaladjectivegrowing by or in springs.
foramennoun(pl. -mina ) small orifice. foraminate, adjective having such; v.t. pierce. foraminous, adjective
foraneousadjectivepertaining to forum.
forcipateadjectivelike forceps.
fordonounto exhaust through overwork
forfexnounpair of scissors
forficateadjectivedeeply forked. forfication, noun
forisfamiliateverbto disinherit; to shed parental authority
formicationnounthe feeling that bugs are crawling on you
forslugverbto lose or destroy by sluggishness
fossanoun(pl. -sae) depression or cavity, e.g. in bone.
fossariannouna clergyman moonlighting as a gravedigger
fossickverbsearch for by turning or picking over, especially for gold; rummage. fossicker, noun
fossorialadjectivefor use in digging. fossor, noun grave-digger.
fotherverbto stop a leak
foudroyantadjectivestriking, as lightning; sudden, dazzling
foveate, foveatedadjectivepitted. foveolate, adjective bearing small pits.
fraenum, frenumnounfold of membrane restraining an organ, as beneath the tongue.
framisnouncomic doubletalk blending actual words with made-up words
frampoldadjectivepeevish, touchy, quarrelsome
franionnounthe perennial hedonist, reveler
freemartinnounsterile female twin calf.
fremescentadjectivean incipient murmur; becoming noisy
fretumnoun(pl. -ta) constriction.
frigoricadjectivepertaining to cold. frigiferous, frigorific, adjective causing cold.
fringillineadjectivelike a finch; belonging to finch family of birds. fringillaceous, fringilliform, fringilloid, adjective finch- like.
frisettenouncurly fringe, often of artificial hair, worn on the forehead.
frisketnounparchment or paper mask used in printing or retouching work.
fritnounprepared material from which glass is made.
fritillarynounseveral kinds of spotted butterfly and bulbous plant.
frondesceadjective noun verbv. -i. open leaves. frondiferous, frondigerous, adjective bearing leaves or fronds. frondiform, adjective frond-shaped. frondivorous, adjective feeding on leaves. frondose, adjective having or like leaves. frondescence, noun frondescent, adjective
frontogenesisnounmeeting of two different air currents creating weather front.
frottagenounrubbing, especially the making of rubbings on thin paper of objects underneath, e.g. ornamental brasses.
frotteurnounsomeone who gets their kicks by rubbing against people in crowds
frowardadjectiveperverse; willfully contrary; obstinately disobedient;refractory
fructuousadjectiveproductive; fruitful; profitable
frumentynoundish of hulled wheat boiled in milk, with sugar. frumentaceous, adjective like or made of grain.
frustraneousadjectivevain, useless
fucatoryadjectivecounterfeit; deceitful
fucusnoun(pl. -ci ) kind of flat seaweed; rockweed. fucoid, noun & a. (plant) like seaweed. fucous, adjective
fugaciousadjectivefleeting; ephemeral; transitory; evanescent
fuglemannounsoldier standing in front of others to demonstrate drill, etc.; model.
fulgentadjectiveradiant. fulgid, adjective glittering.
fulgurantadjectivelike lightning. fulgurate, v.i. flash. fulgurating, adjective Medicine, applied to intense sudden pains. fulgurous, adjective flashing.
fuliginousadjectivelike soot. fuliginosity n.
fuligulineadjectivepertaining to or like a sea duck; belonging to sea duck family of birds.
fullamsnouncheater's dice
fulmarnoungull-like sea bird.
fulminateadjective noun verbv. -i. explode; thunder; denounce in loud or violent manner. fulminant, adj.Medicine, developing suddenly. fulmineous, fulminous a. pertaining to or like thunder and lightning. fulmination, fulminator, n. fulminatory, adj.
fulsomeadjectiveexcessive or overdone to the point of being in bad taste or even at times nauseating
fulvousadjectivetawny. fulvescent, adjective somewhat tawny.
fumaciousadjectivefond of smoking
fumatorynounplace for fumigating. fumiduct, noun smoke vent.
funambulistnouna tightrope walker
fundusnounbase of an organ or part furthest from its opening.
funestadjectiveharbinger of evil or death
fungibleadjective noun(thing) mutually interchangeable.
funicularadjectivepertaining to small cord, rope or tension. funicular railway, cable mountain railway. funiform a. cord- or rope-like. funipendulous, adjective hanging by a rope.
furcate, furcaladjectivebranched. furcellate, adjective slightly branched. furcation, noun
furcula, furculumnoun(pl. -lae or - la) any forklike part, especially the wishbone.
furibundadjectivefurious, enraged
furor loquendiphrasea passion to speak
furor scribendiphrasea passion to write
furorenounoutburst of public indignation; outburst of enthusiasm.
furunclenounboil. furuncular, furunculous, adjective furunculoid, adjective like a boil. furunculosis, noun outbreak of boils.
fusarolenounArchitecture, decoration resembling a string of beads.
fuscousadjectivedark in color; tawny.
fuseenounlarge-headed match; spirally grooved spindle used as counter weight in old clocks.
fusiformadjectivespindle-shaped. fusoid, adjective
fussocknouna big, fat woman
fustiannounpompousness, pretentiousness
fustigateverbto beat; to criticize severely
fusumanounsliding paper screen separating rooms in Japanese house.
fuzeenounred signal light used by RR to warn approaching trains
fyrdungnounmilitary training session
gabellenountax on salt.
gaberlunzienouna wandering, or licensed, beggar
gabionnounwicker-work cylinder filled with earth or stones for building fortifications, harbour bars, etc. gabionade, noun structure made with gabions.
gadoidadjective noun(fish) of the cod family.
gadroonnounform of fluting; Architecture, notched moulding.
gaduinnounsubstance occurring in cod-liver oil.
galactophagistnouna milk drinker
galantynounshadow play.
galeanounBiology, helmet-shaped structure. galeate, galeiform, adjective helmet-shaped.
galeanthropynounthe delusion that one has become a cat
galericulateadjectivecovered with a hat
galileenounchurch porch, or chapel at entrance.
galimatiasnoungibberish; confused, meaningless jargon
galingalenounginger-like plant, or sedge, with aromatic root used in medicine.
galleassnounlarge armed 16th-century vessel with oars and sails.
galliardadjectivegay; gallant; n. lively 16th-century dance.
galliardisenoungreat merriment
gallimaufrynounhash of liver and other organs; hotch-potch.
gallinaceousadjectivelike a chicken or pheasant
gallionicadjectiveindifferent; careless; irresponsible
gallipotnounsmall ceramic pot for medicine, etc.
gallowaynounbreed of small horse and black cattle.
galumptiousadjectivetiptop; first-rate; superlatively good
galvanicadjectivepertaining to direct current from electric battery; giving or receiving shock. galvanism, noun current electricity; study of electric currents and their effects. galvanize, v. treat with galvanic current; stimulate into sudden excitement; coat with zinc. galvanometer, noun instrument measuring small electric currents. galvanoscope, noun instrument indicating presence and direction of small electric currents.
gambiernounyellow dye and astringent substance obtained from a vine of Malaysia.
gambrelnounhorse's hock; kind of roof with pentagonal gable.
gambrinousadjectivefull of beer
gamelottenounfibre for paper, etc., obtained from sedge.
gamicadjectivesexual; requiring or resulting from mating.
gamogenesisnounsexual reproduction. gamogenetic, adjective
gamophobianounfear of marriage
ganchverbto execute by impaling on stakes or hooks
gandoura, gandurahnounshort, loose, sleeveless garment of Levant and Asia Minor.
ganguenounrock or earth yielding ore.
ganisternounkind of flinty rock used for road faces and lining furnaces.
ganoidadjectiveapplied to hard, smooth, bright fish-scales; having such scales; n. fish with such scales.
ganoinnoun(enamel-like substance forming) the surface of ganoid scales.
ganosisnounreducing shine of marble, especially on naked parts of statue.
gapeseednounanything that causes stares; or someone who stares
garderobenounwardrobe; private room, privy.
garganeynounkind of teal.
garniturenounembellishment, ornamentation.
gasconadenounboasting; bravado
gaskinnounpart of the hind leg of a horse
gasogene, gazogenenounapparatus for aerating liquids.
gastriloquistnounventriloquist. gastriloquial, adjective gastriloquism, noun
gastrolaternounglutton. gastrolatrous, adjective gastrolatry, noun gluttony.
gaultnounheavy clay.
gavagenounforcible feeding.
gazophylaciumnouna treasury
gealadjectivepertaining to the earth.
gecknounan object of scorn; a dupe
geestnounold superficial alluvial soil.
Geflugelte Wortephrasewinged words: eloquent language; expressions that have traveled from one language to another
Gegenscheinnounsoft light in sky opposite sun; counter-glow.
gelasinnoundimple-like dent which appears in your cheeks when you smile
gelasticadjectivepertaining to or used in laughing
gelidadjectivecold; frozen.
geloscopynoundetermining someone's character or future by the way they laugh
gemebundadjectivea constant moaning
gemeladjectivein pairs; twin.
geminateverbdouble; arrange in pairs; a. so arranged. geminiflorous, adjective having paired flowers. geminiform, adjective double. geminous, adjective
gemmulenounsmall gemma. gemmulation, noun production of gemmule. gemmuliferous, adjective bearing gemmules.
genarchnounhead of family.
genesicadjectivepertaining to generation or genital organs. genesiology, noun study of heredity or procreation. genesiurgic, adjective connected with generation.
genethliac(al)adjectivepertaining to nativity and position of star at birth. genethlialogy, noun casting of nativities.
genethliaconnouna birthday poem
genetotrophicadjectivedenoting a defect in metabolism which prevents the normal assimilation of essential food elements.
genetrixnoun(pl. -rices) mother.
geniconnouna sexual partner imagined by one who is dissatisfied with their partner
geniculateadjectiveabruptly bent. geniculation, noun
genomenouncomplete set of chromosomes of a particular organism. genomic, adjective
gensnoun(pl. gentes) ancient Roman clan; group with common male ancestor.
gentilitialadjectivepertaining to nation or family; of high birth. gentilitious, adjective
geochronynounchronology used in geology. geochronic, adjective
geocyclicadjectivepertaining to earth's rotation or revolution; revolving round earth.
geodynamicadjectivepertaining to forces within the earth. geodynamics, noun study of such forces.
geognosynoungeological study of materials forming the earth. geognost, noun student of geognosy. geognostic, adjective
geogonynountheory or study of formation of the earth. geogonic(al), adjective
geoidnounfigure of the earth. geoidal, adjective
geomancynoundivination by lines and figures. geomantic, adjective
geophagousadjectiveeating earth. geophagia, geophagism, geophagy, noun
geophilousadjectiveliving in or on the ground; growing under the ground.
geophytenounplant growing in earth.
geopoliticsnounstudy of relationship between geographical situation and politics of a nation.
georamanounmap of world on inside of globe viewed from within.
georgicadjectivepertaining to agriculture; rural; n. such poem.
geoscopynounexamination of earth and soil. geoscopic, adjective
geoselenicadjectivepertaining to earth and moon.
geostrophicadjectivepertaining to deflection due to earth's rotation.
geotaxis, geotaxynounBiology, movement directed by gravitation. geotactic, adjective
geotechnicsnounstudy of increasing the habitability of earth.
gephyrophobianounmorbid fear of bridges and passing over or under them.
gerascophobianounfear of growing old
geraticadjectivepertaining to old age and decadence. geratology, noun biological study of decadence.
gerendumnoun(pl. -da) thing to be done.
germanadjectiveof same parents; of one's parent's brother or sister. cousin-german, first cousin.
geromorphismnouncondition of appearing older than one is
gharrynounlight horse-drawn carriage.
giaournouninfidel; Christian.
gibusnounopera hat.
gidnounbrain disease of sheep.
giddhomnouna frantic galloping movement made by cows when plagued with flies
gigotnounleg of mutton.
gilravageverbto celebrate noisily; to go on a rampage
ginglymusnounhinge joint. ginglymoid, adjective pertaining to or like a ginglymus.
girandolenouncluster of water-jets or fireworks; fountain with spreading spray; any such radiating ornament.
girasolenounan opal which turns red in the sunlight
girningverbact or process of contorting one's face; snarling
glabrousadjectivefree from hair or down; hairless; bald
glairnounwhite of egg; any similar substance; v.t. cover with glair. glaireous, adjective
glandiformadjectiveacorn-shaped. glandiferous, adjective bearing acorns.
glaucescentadjectivesomewhat glaucous.
glaucousadjectivegrey-green; green-blue; yellow-green.
glebenounsoil; land attached to benefice. glebe house, parsonage.
gledgenounto squint the eyes
gleetnounmucous discharge, especially from urethra; v.i. emit such discharge.
glenoidadjectiveshaped like a shallow depression.
glirineadjectivedormouse-like. gliriform, adjective
globigerinanoun(pl. -ae ) protozoon living in surface waters of the sea. globigerina ooze, deposit of the chalky shells of globigerinae on the sea floor.
globulicideadjective noun(substance) destroying blood corpuscles. globulicidal, adjective globulimeter, noun instrument measuring red corpuscles in blood. globulin, noun kind of protein in blood.
glochidiate, glochideousadjectivebarbed; bristly.
glomerateadjectivecollected compactly together. glomeration, noun
glomerulenouncompactly clustered flower-head. glomerulate, adjective
glomerulusnoun(pl. -li) intertwined cluster of organisms, nerve fibres, etc., especially capillaries in the kidney. glomerular, adjective
glossaladjectivepertaining to tongue. glossalgia, noun pain in tongue. glossator, glossographer, noun writer of glosses or commentaries. glossectomy, noun removal of tongue. glosseme, noun smallest meaningful unit of a language. glossitis, noun inflammation of tongue. glossoid, adjective tongue-like. glossolalia, glossolaly, noun gift of tongues. glossology, noun terminology; study of language; medical study of tongue. glossopathym, noun disease of tongue. glossophagine, adjective feeding with tongue. glossoplegia, noun paralysis of tongue.
glossolalianounnonsensical talk; gibberish
glucagonnounpancreatic hormone which raises blood-sugar level and reduces appetite.
glumenoundry bract of grass flower. glumaceous, glumose, adjective like or composed of glumes glumiferous, adjective bearing glumes.
glutitionnounact of swallowing.
glycaemianounpresence of glucose in the blood.
glypticadjectivepertaining to carving, especially of gems. glyptics, glyptography, noun gem-carving. glyptology, noun study of gem engravings.
gnathal, gnathicadjectivepertaining to jaw. gnathism, noun formation of upper jaw; use of such formation as basis for classification. gnathonic, adjective flattering.
gnathonicadjectivefalsely flattering; fawning; sycophantic; parasitic
gnomicadjectivefull of aphorisms or maxims; or wise and pithy
gnomonnounanything that points out time of day by its shadow
gnotobiosisnounrearing of organisms in germ-free environment. gnotobiote, noun germ-free animal. gnotobiotic, adjective
gobemouchenouna gullible person
godemichenouna dildo
godetnounpanel inserted to make skirt flare.
gomphosisnoungrowth of tooth into bone cavity.
gonalgianounpain in knee.
gonfalonnounhanging banner. gonfalonier, noun standard-bearer; medieval Italian magistrate.
gonionnoun(pl. -nia) angle, especially of lower jaw. goniometer, noun instrument measuring angles. goniometry, noun trigonometry.
gonitisnouninflammation of knee.
gonoblastnounreproductive cell. gonochorism, noun separation of sex, dioecism; development of sex differentiation. gonocyte, noun gamete-producting cell.
gormandizeverbeat greedily or voraciously, noun gourmandise.
gorseddnounassembly for giving prizes, degrees, etc., at close of eisteddfod; meeting of bards and druids.
gracileadjectiveslender. gracility, noun
gradatimadverb'step by step'
gradinnounone of a tier of steps, seats, etc.
gradinenouninstrument used by sculptors
gradusnounabbreviation of gradus ad Parnassum, dictionary used in composition of Latin verses.
graipnounpitchfork used for hurling manure
grallatory, grallatorialadjectivepertaining to wading birds.
graminaceousadjectivegrass-like; pertaining to grass family of plants. gramineal, gramineous, adjective graminivorous, adjective feeding on grass. graminology, noun study of grasses. graminous, adjective grassy.
grammaloguenounword represented by one shorthand sign; such sign.
grammaticasternouna petty grammarian; a pretentious grammaticalpedant
grammatolatrynounworship of letters or words
grandgousiernounperson who will eat anything and everything
grandisonantadjectivesounding great; pompous. grandisonous, adjective
grangerizeverbillustrate, especially by interleaving, with additional pictures. grangerism, noun
granulocytenounkind of white blood cell. granulocytic, adjective
grapholagnianouna more than passing interest in obscenepictures
graphometernounangle-measuring instrument.
graphospasmnounwriter's cramp.
grapnelnounsmall anchor or hook.
grassationnounact of attacking violently; a lying in wait to attack
graticulateverbdivide (pattern, etc.) into squares for easiness of reproduction. graticulation, noun graticule, noun grid of lines used with the eyepiece of a microscope, telescope, etc., for measuring or locating objects; grid of lines on a major chart.
gratis dictumphrasean unsolicited or voluntary remark; mere assertion
gratuitousadjectivedone freely; needless; groundless. gratuity, noun gift of money; tip.
gratulantadjectiveexpressing joy or satisfaction; congratulatory
gravamennoun(pl. -mina) substance of a grievance or charge.
gravedonouncold in the head.
graveolentadjectivehaving a rank smell; fetid; stinking
gravidadjectivepregnant. gravida, noun pregnant woman.
gravificadjectivethat which makes heavy or produces weight
greavenounarmour covering lower leg.
greavesnountallow refuse.
gregarianadjectivebelonging to the herd or common sort
gremialnounpertaining to bosom or lap; n. bishop's apron.
grikenouncrack or slit in rock or stone
grilsenounyoung salmon.
grisaillenounglass painted with grey pigment.
grisettenounyoung working girl.
grivoiserienounlewd and lascivious behavior; a lewd act
groakverbto watch people silently while they're eating, hopingthey will ask you to join them
grobianismnounrudeness; boorishness
gromaticadjectivepertaining to surveying. gromatics, noun surveying, especially of camp.
groynenounwooden breakwater.
gruineadjectivelike or pertaining to crane (bird).
grumenounclot; clotted liquid. grumose, adjective comprising a cluster of granules. grumous, adjective clotted.
gryllidnouncricket (insect); a. pertaining to or like cricket; belonging to cricket family of insects.
guaiacumnounresin of a tropical American tree, used as rheumatic remedy.
guddlenounto catch fish barehanded
gugnouncoalmine shaft that slopes downward
gugussenouna young, effeminate man who trysts with priests
guillochenounarchitectural ornament of intertwined curved lines or bands.
guipurenounkind of large-patterned heavy lace.
gulesadjective nounHeraldry, red.
gulositynounenormous appetite; greediness
gumbotilnoundark sticky clay, formed by the weathering of boulder clay or glacial drift.
gungenounmarket; granary.
gurgitateverb nounv. -i. bubble. gurgitation, n. ebullition.
gustationnounact of tasting; sense of taste. gustatory, adjective
guttanoun(pl. -ae) drop. gutta-percha, noun rubber-like substance. gutta rosacea, acne rosacea. gutta serena, amaurosis. guttate, adjective like a drop; having spots like drops. guttiferous, adjective yielding gum. guttiform, adjective drop- shaped. guttation, noun exudation of drops of moisture. .
gutturotetanynounthroat spasm causing stammer.
gyascutusnouna huge, imaginary, four-legged beast with legson one side longer than on the other, enabling it to walkeasily on hillsides
gymnophobianounfear of nudity
gynaecocracynoundomination of society by women. gynaecocratic, adjective
gynaecologynounbranch of medicine dealing with diseases of women, especially disorders of the reproductive system. gynaecologic(al), adjective gynaecologist, noun
gynaecomanianounsexual craving for women.
gynaecomorphousadjectivehaving female form or characteristics.
gynandromorphnounanimal having both male and female characteristics. gynandromorphic, adjective gynandromorphism, noun
gynecoidadjectiveof or like a woman
gyniatricsnountreatment of women's diseases.
gynicsnounknowledge of women.
gynoeciumnoun(pl. -cia) Botany, pistils collectively.
gyrinidnounwhirligig beetle; a. like or pertaining to this; belonging to the gyrinid family of beetles.
gyrographnouninstrument recording wheel's revolutions.
gyromagneticadjectivedenoting the magnetic properties of the spinning electron in an atom.
gyromancynounfortunetelling by walking in a circle until dizzy; the fortune is determined by where the person falls
gyrostaticsnounstudy of rotating bodies and their properties.
gyrovaguesnounmonks who wander from one monastery to another
gyveverbto chain someone up in shackles
habilimentsnounclothing, especially for a particular purpose; equipment, fittings.
habromanianounextreme euphoria
hachurenounline used in shading maps to indicate steepness of slope; v.t. shade with hachures.
hadeharianounconstant use of the word 'hell'
hagiarchynoungovernment by priests. hagiocracy, noun government by holy persons.
hagiarchynoungovernment by religious types
hagiolatrynounworship of saints
hagiologynoundescription of holy persons or writings; study or writing of saints' lives; list of saints. hagiologic(al), adjective hagiologist, noun
hagioscopenounopening in transept wall for viewing altar. hagioscopic, adjective
halationnounspreading of light, seen as bright blur at edges in photographs.
halfpacenoundais; small landing on staircase.
halibiosnouncollective life of sea. halibiotic, adjective
halitusnounbreath; exhalation. halituous, adjective halituosity, noun
hallelnounpsalm(s) of praise.
hallucaladjectiveof or pertaining to the big toe
halluxnoun(pl. -uces) big toe; hind toe of birds. hallucal, adjective
haloidadjectivelike salt; n. halide. halolimnic, adjective applied to sea creatures adapted to fresh-water life. halomancy, noun divination by salt. halometer, noun device for measuring the crystals of salts. halophilous, adjective growing in salt water. halophyte, noun plant growing in salty soil or water. haloxene, adjective unable to live in salt water.
haloticadjectiveeasy to catch
hamadryadnounwood nymph associated with one particular tree; king cobra.
hamalnounporter; litter-bearer; male servant.
hamartiologynoundivision of theology dealing with sin. hamartiologist, noun
hamartophobianounfear of sin or sinning
hamateadjectivehooked; hook-like. hamiform, adjective hook-shaped. hamirostrate, adjective with hooked beak.
hanapernounbox for documents
hapax legomenonnoun(pl. -legomena) word or phrase of which there is only one recorded use.
hapaxanthousadjectivehaving one flowering period only.
haplographynounaccidental omission of letters, words or lines in copying.
haploidadjectivesingle; Biology, having the specific chromosome number; n. such cell. haploidy, noun state of being haploid.
haplology, haplolalynounomission of syllable(s) of word in pronunciation. haplologic, adjective
haplotypenounsingle species contained in a genus.
haptodysphorianoununpleasant sensation felt by some peoplewhen touching peaches, cotton, or similar surfaces
harageousadjectiverough and bold
harengiformadjectiveshaped like a herring.
hariolateverb nounv. -i. prophesy; tell fortunes. hariolation, n.
harmattannoundry east wind blowing from Sahara.
harpagon, harpagonoungrapnel; harpoon.
harpaxophobianounfear of robbers or of being robbed
harpocraticadjectiverelating to silence
hartalnoungeneral strike.
hartshornnounplantain; sal volatile.
haruspexnouna fortuneteller who used animal innards and lightning for her predictions
hasletnounanimal's fry or entrails, especially braised or compressed into a meat loaf.
haslocknounwool on sheep's throat.
hastateadjectivespear-shaped; like blade of halberd.
hatchmentnoundiamond-shaped escutcheon bearing deceased person's arms.
hauberknountunic-like coat of mail.
haulmnounstalks of potatoes, beans, etc.
haustellumnoun(pl. -la) sucking proboscis. haustellate, adjective having a haustellum, as a fly. haustorium, (pl.- ia) food- absorbing outgrowth from fungus or parasitic plant. haustorial, adjective haustellate.
haut mondenoun'high world'; high society. haut ton, noun high fashion; bon ton.
haute écolenoun'high school'; mastery of difficult horsemanship.
havelocknouncloth hanging from back of soldier's cap as protection against sun.
havildarnounsepoy sergeant.
hayselnounhaymaking season.
hebdomadnoun(group of) seven; a week. hebdomadal weekly; consisting of a week. hebdomadary, adj.
hebdomadaladjectiveonce every seven days; weekly
hebephrenianounschizophrenia occurring at puberty. hebephrenic, adjective
hebesphalmologynounstudy of juvenile delinquency
hebetateverbmake or become blunt or dull; a. dull-witted. hebetation, noun hebetative, adjective
hebeticadjectivepertaining to or occurring at puberty.
hebetudenoundullness, stupidity
hecatombnounsacrifice of one hundred animals; wholesale slaughter.
hecatontarchynoungovernment by 100 persons.
hecceitynounthat which makes something different from anything else
hecticadjectivehabitual, especially in wasting diseases; consumptive; popularly, excited; feverish.
hectographnounduplicating machine using gelatine slab; v.t. duplicate thus. hectographic, adjective hectography, noun
hederaceousadjectivepertaining to or like ivy. hederate, adjective crowned with ivy. hederic, adjective hederiferous, adjective bearing ivy. hederiform, adjective shaped like ivy leaves. hederigerent, adjective bearing or ornamented with ivy. hederose, adjective having much ivy.
helcologynounMedicine, study of ulcers. helcoid, adjective ulcer- like. helcosis, noun ulceration. helcotic, adjective
heliacaladjectivenear or pertaining to sun.
heliofugaladjectivemoving away from sun.
heliologynounastronomical study of sun. heliologist, noun
heliophilousadjectiveattracted by sunlight. heliophilia, noun heliophile, heliophiliac, noun
heliophobianoundread or avoidance of sunlight; excessive sensitiveness to sunlight. heliophobe, noun heliophobic, adjective
heliophytenounplant flourishing in sunlight. heliophytic, adjective
heliosisnounsun scorching of plants; sunstroke.
heliostatnouninstrument using a mirror to reflect sunlight in a fixed direction, used for studying the sun or signalling messages.
heliotaxisnounmovement towards or away from sunlight. heliotactic, adjective
helleborenounseveral kinds of plant, especially the Christmas rose; alkaloid poison extracted from hellebore root.
helminthnounintestinal worm. helminthagogue, noun anthelmintic. helminthiasis, helminthism, noun infestation with helminths. helminthic, adjective helminthoid, adjective like helminth. helminthology, noun study of helminths. helminthous, adjective infested with helminths.
helminthophobianounfear of being, or becoming, infestedwith worms
helobiousadjectivedwelling in marshes. helodes, noun marsh fever; a. marshy.
helomanounMedicine, corn. helosis, noun state of having corns.
helotomynouncutting of corns.
helvenounhandle; hilt.
hemagogueadjective noun(drug) promoting discharge of blood or menstrual flow. hemagogic, adjective
hemarthrosisnounextravasation of blood into joint.
hematencephalonnounhemorrhage into brain.
hemathermnounwarm-blooded animal. hemathermal, hemathermous, hematothermal, adjective
hematicadjective noun(drug) acting on blood; pertaining to, like, or colored like, blood.
hematobicnounparasitic in blood. hematobious, adjective hematobium, noun (pl. -ia.), such organism.
hematocelenouncavity or tumour containing blood.
hematonicadjective noun(drug) stimulating formation of blood.
hematopoiesisnounformation of blood. hematopoietic, adjective
hematorrhoeanoundischarge of blood.
hematurianounpresence of blood in urine.
hemeralopianounability to see only in faint or no light; day blindness. hemeralope, noun hemeralopic, adjective
hemeraphonianounable to speak only at night
hemerology, hemerologiumnouncalendar.
hemialgianounpain in one half of body or head. hemianopsia, hemianopia, noun blindness affecting half the field of vision. hemicrania, noun hemialgia of the head. hemifacial, adjective pertaining to one side of face. hemiplegia, noun paralysis of one half (left or right) of body.
hemipteranounorder of insects containing the bugs. hemipteral, hemipteroid, hemipterous, adjective hemipteran, hemipteron, noun bug. hemipterology, noun study of hemiptera.
hemitery, hemiterianouncongenital malformation. hemiteratic, adjective
hemogastricadjectivemarked by gastric hemorrhage.
hemolysisnoundestruction of red blood corpuscles. hemolytic, adjective
hemophthalmianoundischarge of blood into eye.
hemoptysisnounspitting of blood.
hemospasianoundrawing of blood to part. hemospastic, noun & a.
hendecagonnoun11-sided plane figure. hendecahedron, noun 11-sided solid figure. hendecasyllable, noun verse line of 11 syllables.
hendiadysnounuse of two nouns joined by and, instead of a noun and an adjective.
henismnounphilosophical belief that existence is of one kind only.
henoticadjectivepromoting harmony or peace.
heortologynounstudy of religious festivals, year, etc. heortologion, noun calendar of feast days.
hepaticadjectivepertaining to or like liver; liver-colored; n. liver medicine; liverwort. hepatology, noun botanical study of liverworts. hepatitis, noun inflammation of liver. hepatoid a. like liver.
hephaestic, hephaestianadjectivepertaining to Hephaestus, Greek god of fire and iron-working; pertaining to smiths.
heptadnoungroup of seven.
heptameridenounwriting in seven parts. heptameter, noun verse line of seven feet. heptamerous, adjective having seven divisions; Botany, having the parts of flower in sevens. heptapody, noun heptameter.
heptarchnounmember of heptarchy. heptarchal, heptarchic, adjective heptarchy, noun government by seven persons; group of seven allied but independent kingdoms, especially of Anglo-Saxon England.
heptasyllablenounverse line or word of seven syllables. heptasyllabic, adjective
hepterisnoungalley with seven banks of oars.
hereditamentnouninheritance; hereditable property. hereditable, adjective capable of being inherited.
heresiarchnounleading heretic. heresiography, heresiology, noun study of or treatise on heresies.
heresynoununorthodox religious belief. heretic ), noun heretical, adjective hereticate, hereticize, v. denounce as heretic. hereticide, noun killer or killing of heretic.
heriotnounpayment to feudal lord on death of tenant.
herissonnounpivoted beam with iron spikes, protecting wall, passage, etc.; soldier's punishment of being made to sit astride a herisson.
heritornounowner; inheritor. heretrix, heritrix, noun heiress.
hermeneuticadjectiveexplaining; interpreting. hermeneutics, noun definition of laws of interpretation of Scriptures.
Herrenvolknoun'master race'; superior nation.
hesperianadjectiveof the west; western; occidental
hesternaladjectivepertaining to yesterday.
hesternopothianouna pathologic yearning for the good olddays
hesychasticadjectivesoothing. hesychasm, noun omphaloskepsis.
heterismnounextra-marital sex; communal marriage
heterizeverbtransform. heterism, noun variation.
heterochiraladjectivelaterally inverted.
heterochromaticadjectivepertaining to or having different colors. heterochromia, heterochromy, noun state of being heterochromatic. heterochromous, adjective
heterocliteadjectiveabnormal; irregular; n. such word, thing or person.
heterodynenounRadio, production of 'beats' by superimposition of oscillations of slightly different frequency upon the waves being received; use of this 'beat' frequency in radio reception; interference, especially whistle, due to heterodyne; v.i. produce heterodyne; cause interference thus. s.
heteroepynounpronunciation different from standard. heteroepic, adjective
heterographynounspelling different from standard, or in which same letter represents different sounds.
heterolateraladjectivepertaining to opposite sides.
heterologousadjectivediffering; comprising different parts or parts in different proportions. heterologic(al), adjective heterology, noun
heteromorphicadjectiveof abnormal form; having different forms. heteromorphism, noun heteromorphous, adjective
heteroousianoundifference of substance. heteroousian, a.; n. Theology, adherent of belief that Son is of different substance from Father.
heteropathynounallopathy; excessive sensitivity. heteropathic, adjective
heterophemynounaccidental speaking or writing of words different from those meant. heterophemize, v.i. heterophemism, heterophemist, noun
heterophorianounsquint due to weak muscle. heterophoric, adjective
heterosisnountendency of a cross-bred individual to show greater vigour and capacity for growth than its parents.
heterotaxisnounabnormality in arrangement. heterotactic, heterotactous, heterotaxic, adjective
heterotelicadjectiveexisting for an outside or extraneous purpose
heterotopianoundisplacement of an organ from its normal position in the body. heterotopic, adjective
heterotrichosisnounhaving variegated colored hair.
hexadnoungroup of six. hexadic, adjective
hexapodnouninsect; a. pertaining to insects; having six feet.
hexarchynoungroup of six allied but independent states.
hexerisnoungalley with six banks of oars.
hibernaclenounwinter quarters. hibernacular, adjective hibernaculum, noun (pl. -la) hibernacle; winter bud.
hic jacetphrase'here lies'; epitaph. hic sepultus, 'here is buried'.
hidalgonoungentleman; noble of lower rank.
hidrosisnounperspiration, especially excessive. hidrotic, noun & a. (drug) causing perspiration.
hiemaladjectivepertaining to winter.
hieracosphinxnounsphinx with head of hawk.
hieraticadjectivepriestly, especially applied to ancient Egyptian writing used for religious works.
hierocracynoungovernment by clerics. hierocratic, adjective
hierofastidianoundislike of holy things
hierogramnounsacred symbol. hierogrammat(e), noun writer of sacred annals or hieroglyphics.
hierographynounwriting on religious subjects. hierology, noun religious knowledge or tradition; hagiology.
hieromachynounquarrel between clerics. hieromancy, noun divination by sacrificed objects.
hierurgynounreligious worship or work. hierurgical, adjective
hinterlandnouninland area behind coast or coastal town.
hippiaternounhorse-doctor. hippiatric, adjective hippiatry, hippiatrics, noun
hippocrepiformadjectiveshaped like a horseshoe.
hippoidadjectivepertaining to or like a horse.
hippologynounstudy of the horse. hippological, adjective hippologist, noun
hippophagousadjectiveeating horse-flesh. hippophagi, eaters of horse-flesh. hippophagism, hippophagy, noun
hippophilenounlover of horses or horse-riding. hippophobia, noun dread of horses.
hippotomynounhorse's anatomy. hippotomical, adjective hippotomist, noun
hircarra(h)nounspy; messenger.
hircineadjectivepertaining to or like goats; indecent. hircinous, adjective with goat-like odour.
hircismusnounstinky armpits
hirrientadjective nountrilled (sound), as r.
hirudineanadjective noun(pertaining to) leech. hirudine, adjective hirudinoid, adjective like a leech.
hirundineadjectivepertaining to or like a swallow; n. such bird. hirundinous, adjective
hispidadjectivebristly. hispidity, noun hispidulate, hispidulous, adjective with minute bristles.
histologynounstudy of or treatise on organic tissue. histological, adjective histologist, noun histography, noun description of such tissues. histolysis, noun decay of same. histopathology, noun (study of) effects of disease on tissues.
hodiernaladjectivepertaining to today.
hodometrynounmeasurement of length of ship's voyage. hodometrical, adjective
holagoguenoundrug expelling all morbid humours.
holarcticadjectivepertaining to or being the whole arctic region.
holismnounphilosophical theory that evolutionary factors are entities and not constituents; theory that a complex system is more than the sum of its parts. holistic, adjective holistic medicine, medicine that considers the whole person, including psychological and social factors, rather than treating just the symptoms of a disease.
holmnounriver island; river plain.
holmgangnouna duel fought on an island
holobaptistnounbeliever in baptismal immersion.
holocrineadjectiveapplied to gland whose secretion is composed of its own disintegrated cells.
holophotenounapparatus for directing most or all of available light in one direction. holophotal, adjective
holophrasenounsingle word expressing complex idea. holophrasis, noun use of holophrase. holophrastic, adjective
holophrasisnouna whole phrase or idea expressed in one word
holophyticadjectiveobtaining food by photosynthesis. holophyte, noun
holoplexianoungeneral paralysis.
holostericadjectiveentirely solid.
holotypenounoriginal type specimen used in defining and describing a species or variety. holotypic, adjective
holozoicadjectiveobtaining food by eating complex matter, in the manner of an animal.
hominaladjectivepertaining to mankind; human. hominid n. & a. (pertaining to) a fossil ape-man. hominiform, adjective having human shape. hominivorous, noun man-eating. hominoid, noun & a. man- like (animal).
homochiraladjectiveidentical in form.
homodyneadjectiveRadio, pertaining to detection of radio wave with wave of exactly same frequency.
homoeochronousadjectivedeveloping at same period of offspring's as of parent's life.
homoeophonynounsimilarity of sound.
homoeoteleuticadjectivehaving same or similar endings. homoeoteleuton, noun use of such words in close proximity.
homographnounword having same spelling as, but different meaning from, another. homographic, adjective having different symbol for each sound. homography, noun
homoiousianounsimilarity in substance. homoiousian, a.; n. Theology, adherent to belief that Son is of essentially similar but not identical substance with Father.
homolateraladjectiveon the same side.
homologateverbconfirm; approve; agree. homologation, noun
homologousadjectiveexactly or relatively corresponding in structure. homologize, v. make homologous. homologue, noun such thing. homology, noun
homomerous, homomeraladjectivehaving similar parts.
homoousianounsameness of substance. homoousian, a.; n. Theology, adherent to belief that Son is of same substance with Father.
homophylicadjectiveof same race. homophyly, noun similarity due to common ancestry.
homotaxisnounsimilarity of arrangement. homotactic, homotaxeous, homotaxial, homotaxic, adjective
homozygotenounorganism or cell having the same alleles for a particular inherited characteristic. homozygosis, noun condition of being a homozygote. homozygotic, adjective
horaladjectivepertaining to hour(s); hourly. horary, adjective marking the hours; hourly; lasting for an hour only.
horapthianouna neurotic preoccupation with one's youth
hormenounPsychology, vital energy directed to an active purpose. hormic, adjective hormist, noun believer in horme as fundamental psychological factor.
hornbooknounancient child's schoolbook comprising alphabet, digits, etc., on parchment covered with sheet of horn.
horographynounaccount of the hours; art of constructing timepieces. horographer, noun
horologenountimepiece. horologer, horologist, noun watch-maker. horologic, adjective horology, noun clock-making; science of measuring time. horometry, noun measurement of time.
horrentadjectivea. bristling. horrescent, adjective expressing horror.
horripilationnounbristling of hair or creeping of flesh, due to cold, fright, etc. horripilate, v.i. & t. cause or suffer this.
horrisonantadjectivemaking horrible sound.
horrisonousadjectivesounding very bad; horribly discordant
hospitateverbwelcome; be guest. hospitation, noun
humectantadjective nounmoistening (substance). humectation, noun
humicubationnounlying on the ground in penitence
hustingsnounpolitical platform
hyalineadjectiveglassy; transparent. hyalescent, adjective becoming or somewhat glassy. hyalography, noun engraving on glass. hyaloid, adjective like glass. hyalopterous, adjective with transparent wings.
hydatidnounfluid-filled cyst, especially containing tape-worm larva. hydatidinous, adjective hydatiform, adjective like a hydatid. hydatigenous, adjective producing hydatid.
hydracidnounoxygen-less acid.
hydragogueadjective noun(drug) causing discharge of water.
hydrargiricadjectivepertaining to mercury. hydrargiria, hydrargiriasis, hydrargirism, hydrargirosis, noun mercurial poisoning.
hydremianounexcessively watery condition of blood. hydremic, adjective
hydriotaphianounurn burial.
hydrogenicadjectiveGeology, formed by water. hydrogeology, noun study of geological action of water.
hydrognosynounhistorical description of earth's water surface.
hydromancynoundivination by water.
hydronnounplastic which is rigid when dry and soft when wet.
hydrophanousadjectivebecoming transparent when immersed in water. hydrophane, noun such kind of opal.
hydrophidnounsea snake. hydrophoid, adjective
hydrophytenounplant growing in or by water. hydrophytic, adjective
hydropic(al)adjectivedropsical. hydropigenous, adjective causing dropsy.
hydrotaxisnounmovement towards or away from water.
hydrotechnynounuse of water for driving machinery, etc. hydrotechnic(al), adjective hydrotechnologist, noun
hydrothoraxnounwater liquid in the pleural cavity.
hydroticadjective noun(drug) expelling water or phlegm.
hydrotimetrynounmeasurement of hardness of water. hydrotimeter, noun instrument used in this. hydrotimetric, adjective
hyetaladjectivepertaining to rain. hyetograph, noun rain gauge; chart of average rainfall. hyetography, noun study of rainfall distribution. hyetology, noun study of all precipitation. hyetometer, noun rain gauge. hyetometrograph, noun recording hyetometer.
hygrophanousadjectiveseeming transparent when wet, and opaque when dry. hygrophaneity, noun
hygrophilousadjectiveBotany, living in water or moist places.
hygrophthalmicadjectivemoistening the eye.
hygrothermaladjectivepertaining to heat and humidity. hygrothermograph, noun instrument recording humidity and temperature.
hylenounmatter. hylic, adjective material. hylism n. materialism.
hylomorphismnounmaterialist conception of universe. hylomorphic(al), adjective hylomorphist, noun hylomorphous, adjective having material form.
hylopathismnounbelief in capability of matter to affect spirit. hylopathist, noun
hylophagousadjectiveeating wood.
hylotheismnounidentification of God with matter or universe. hylotheist, noun hylotheistic(al), adjective
hylotomousadjectivecutting or boring in wood.
hylozoismnounbelief that all matter has life. hylozoist, noun hylozoistic(al), adjective
hymenopterousadjectivehaving four membranous wings. hymenoptera, (sing. hymenopteron) order including such insects. hymenopterist, noun student of hymenoptera. hymenopterology, noun study of hymenoptera. .
hyoidadjective noun(pertaining to) U-shaped bone at base of tongue.
hyoscinenounsleep-inducing drug obtained from plants of nightshade family. hyoscyamine, noun similar drug obtained from henbane.
hypaesthesianounincomplete sensory power.
hypalgesianoundiminished sensitivity to pain.
hypengyophobianounfear of responsibility
hyperacusis, hyperacusianounabnormal keenness of hearing.
hyperaemianounexcess of blood in a part. hyperaemic, adjective
hyperaesthesianounexcessive sensitivity. hyperaesthetic, adjective
hyperalgesianounundue sensitiveness to pain.
hyperaphianounabnormal keenness of touch.
hyperbatonnoun(pl. -ta) inversion of normal word order. hyperbatic, adjective
hyperboreanadjective noun(dweller) in extreme north or cold.
hyperbulianounundue eagerness for action; rashness.
hypercathexisnoundesire amounting to mania for an object.
hyperdulicadjectivevenerating Virgin Mary highest of all human beings. hyperdulia, noun
hypergamynounmarriage with person of same or higher caste only.
hypergolicadjectiveapplied to rocket fuel which ignites spontaneously on contact with an oxidizing agent.
hyperhedonianounabnormal pleasure from doing ho-hum things
hyperkinesia, hyperkinesisnounmuscle spasm; hyperactive condition of children.
hypermeternounhypercatalectic verse line; person above average height. hypermetric(al), adjective
hypermetropianounlongsightedness. hypermetropic(al), adjective hypermetropy, noun
hyperopianounhypermetropia. hyperope, noun hyperopic, adjective
hyperosmianounabnormal keenness of sense of smell. hyperosmic, adjective
hyperpneanounabnormally fast breathing.
hypertrichosisnounexcessive hairiness.
hypertrophynounexcessive growth of a part; v.i. grow to abnormal size. hypertrophic, hypertrophied, adjective
hyphema, hyphaemianounanaemia; extravasation of blood.
hypheresisnounomission of sound, syllable or letter from word.
hypnagogicadjectivecausing sleep; occurring while falling asleep or waking.
hypnesthesisnounimpaired sensitivity. hypnesthetic, adjective
hypnopedianounprocess of introducing information into the brain while asleep.
hypnopompicadjectivepreventing or dispelling sleep; occurring while waking.
hypobolenounrhetorical device of anticipating objections in order to refute them.
hypobulianoundiminution in ability to act or decide. hypobulic, adjective lacking willpower.
hypocathexisnounabnormal absence of desire for an object.
hypocaustnounancient air chamber or series of chambers for heating rooms.
hypochondriumnouneither of two regions of the upper part of the abdomen.
hypocorismanounpet name. hypocoristic(al), adjective
hypodynamianoundiminution in strength. hypodynamia cordis, hypodynamia of the heart.
hypogastricadjectivepertaining to lower middle abdominal region. hypogastrium, noun that region.
hypogealadjectivesubterranean. hypogean, adjective growing underground. hypogeic, adjective hypogeiody, noun surveying underground.
hypogeneadjectiveGeology, plutonic. hypogenic, adjective
hypogeousadjectivehypogean. hypogeum, noun (pl. - gea) underground part of building.
hypoglottisnoununderpart of tongue. hypoglossitis, noun inflammation of this.
hypolimnionnounlower, colder layer of water in a lake.
hyponastynounstronger growth on the under side of a plant part. hyponastic, adjective
hyponychialadjectiveunderneath finger- or toe-nail.
hypophobianounlack of fear
hypophonic, hypophonousadjectiveMusic, acting as accompaniment.
hypophrenianounfeeble-mindedness. hypophrenic, adjective
hypophysisnounpituitary gland. hypophyseal, hypophysial, adjective hypophysectomy, noun removal of pituitary. hypophyseoprivic, hypophyseoprivous, adjective due to deficient pituitary secretion.
hypopneanounabnormally shallow breathing
hyposmianoundeficient sense of smell
hypostasisnoun(pl. -ses ) support; hypostatised substance; essential substance; Medicine, sediment; hyperaemia of an organ; Theology, substance of the Trinity; person of the Trinity; whole personality of Christ. hypostatic, adjective hypostatize, v. regard as separate substance; assume (hypothetical thing) to be real.
hyposthenianoundebility. hyposthenic, adjective
hypostrophenounMedicine, relapse or turning over; Rhetoric, return to main theme after digression.
hyposynergianounincomplete co-ordination.
hypothecateverbmortgage; deposit as security. hypothecary, adjective hypothecation, noun hypothecatory, adjective
hypotrichosisnounlack of hair.
hypotyposisnounvivid description.
hypsiloidadjectivelike letter upsilon.
hypsographynountopographical relief, and its observation; the representation of this in maps. hypsometry, noun measurement of heights above sea-level. hypsophobia, noun dread of heights.
hyssopnounkind of mint, remedy for bruises.
hysteresisnounlag in the effect of a change of force, especially in magnetisation. hysteretic, adjective
hysterogen(ic)adjectiveproduced or developed later; causing hysteria.
hysteroidadjectivelike womb or hysteria.
hysteron proteronnouninversion of natural order or sense, especially of words; fallacy of proving or explaining a proposition with one presupposing or dependent on it.
hysteropathynoundisease of womb. hysterorrhexia, noun rupture of womb. hysterotomy, noun Caesarean cut.
iamatologynounmedical study of remedies.
iatric(al)adjectivemedical. iatraliptics, noun medical treatment by rubbing with oil. iatrochemistry, noun application of chemistry to medical theory and treatment. iatrogenic, adjective applied to a disease or condition induced in a patient by a doctor or medical treatment. iatrology, noun medical science or treatise. iatrotechnics, noun practical therapeutics.
iatromisianoundislike of doctors
ichnitenounfossil footprint.
ichnogramnouna footprint
ichnographynounmap; ground plan; making of maps and plans. ichnographic(al), adjective
ichnologynoungeological study of fossil footprints. ichnomancy, noun divination by footprints.
ichornounwatery fluid discharged from wound; fluid supposed to fill veins of Greek and Latin gods. ichorous, adjective ichorrhoea, noun discharge of pus-like fluid.
ichthus, ichthysnounamulet or talismanic carving in shape of fish. ichthyic, adjective pertaining to fishes. ichthyism, noun fish-poisoning. ichthyofauna, noun fish life of region. ichthyography n. treatise on fishes. ichthyoid, adjective fish-like. ichthyolatry, noun worship of fishes. ichthyolite, noun fossil fish. ichthyology, noun study of fishes. ichthyomorphic, adjective fish-shaped. ichthyophagy, noun eating of fish. ichthyophagist, noun ichthyornis, noun toothed fossil bird of America. ichthyosaur(us), noun large fossil marine reptile. ichthyosis, noun congenital disease characterized by thickened, scaly skin. ichthyotoxism, noun fish-poisoning.
ichthyomancynounfortunetelling with fish offal
iconolagnynounsexual stimulation from pictures or statues
ictericadjectivepertaining to jaundice; n. remedy for jaundice. icterine, icteritious, icteritous, adjective yellowish. icteroid, adjective like jaundice; yellow. icterus, noun jaundice.
ictusnounstress in verse; Medicine, fit; sudden pulsation or stroke. ictic, adjective
ideateverbform ideas; imagine; conceive. ideation, noun ideational, ideative, adjective
idee fixephrasea fixed, obsessive idea; unyielded notion, conviction or focus
idem per idemphrasethe same by the same: describing an allusion,illustration, or reference that adds nothing to the understandingof a matter
idem sonansphrasesounding the same: the principle in law that themisspelling of a word or name in a case, contract, etc., doesnot invalidate the document
ideogenynounstudy of origin of ideas. ideogenetic, adjective initiating ideas. ideogenical, adjective ideogenous, adjective of mental origin.
ideogram, ideographnounsymbol in picture-writing representing idea of thing; any symbol universally recognized. ideography, noun
ideopraxistnounone who puts ideas into practice
idioblastnounisolated cell differing greatly from surrounding cells or tissue. idioblastic, adjective
idiochromaticadjectivehaving characteristic coloration.
idiocrasy, idiocrasisnounconstitutional peculiarity. idiocratic, adjective
idioelectric(al)adjectiveable to be electrified by friction.
idioglossianounsecret speech or language, especially invented by children; psychological condition in which speech is so distorted as to be unintelligible.
idiographnountrademark. idiographic(al), adjective pertaining to or dealing with the individual or unique.
idiolalianounmental state characterized by use of inventedlanguage
idiolallanouncrazy condition in which the victim makes up his own language
idiomorphic, idiomorphousadjectivehaving its own peculiar or proper form.
idiopathynounpeculiar characteristic; disease not caused by another. idiopathetic, idiopathic(al), adjective
idioplasmnounpart of protoplasm bearing hereditary characteristics; germ plasm. idioplasmatic, idioplasmic, adjective
idiospasmnounlocalized cramp. idiospastic, adjective
idiothermous, idiothermicadjectivewarm-blooded. idiothermy, noun
idioticonnouna dialect dictionary
idolothyteadjective noun(sacrifice) offered to idol. idolothytic, adjective
idolumnoun(pl. -la) phantom; fallacy.
idoneousadjectiveapt; suitable
ignavianounidleness; laziness
ignavy, ignavianounlaziness.
ignis fatuusnoun(pl. ignes fatui ) 'foolish fire'; light produced over marshland; will-o-the wisp; any misleading idea or thing.
ignoratio elenchiphraseignorance of the refutation: the fallacy ofarguing astray from the point at issue; stressing or 'proving'what is irrelevant
ignoscencynounforgiveness; a forgiving nature
ignotum per ignotiusphrasethe unknown (explained) by means of the more unknown: an annoyingly obscure explanation
ileumnounlast part of small intestine. ileac, adjective ileitis, noun inflammation of ileum. ileus, noun complete obstruction of intestine.
iliumnoun(pl. ilia) bone forming part of pelvis; hip bone. iliac, adjective pertaining to the loins. iliacus, noun flexor muscle of thigh.
illachrymableadjectiveunable to cry
illaqueateverbto catch or trap
illationnouninference; act of inferring. illative, a.; n. such word (as therefore).
illeismnounaffected or excessive use of the third-person pronoun'he' or 'one', esp. in reference to oneself
illicitatornounan auctioneer's shill
illinitionnounact of rubbing on.
illocutionaryadjectivepertaining to or describing an utterance that,reflecting the speaker's emotions, conveys more or something otherthan its literal meaning, such as a question implyingdissatisfaction
illutationnouna mud bath
illuviumnoun(pl. -iums, -ia) material removed from soil layer by rainwater and deposited in lower layer. illuvial, adjective illuviate, v.i. undergo illuviation. illuviation, noun accumulation of illuvium.
imagonoun(pl. -goes, -gines ), adult form of insect.
imbatnounperiodical cool wind of Cyprus and Levant.
imbonitynounlack of good qualities
imbreviateverbdraw up as a brief; enrol.
imbricateadjectiveoverlapping; v.i. & t. be or make imbricate. imbrication, noun intricacy. imbricative, adjective
imbrueverbdye; soak.
imbruteverbdegrade; become brutish.
immanentadjectiveindwelling; inherent; all-pervading. immanence, noun
immeabilitynounstate of being impassable or lacking power to pass.
immerdverbto cover with excrement
immergeverbplunge in; immerse oneself in something. immergence, noun
immorigerousadjectiverude, boorish
immortellenouneverlasting dried flower.
immundadjectiveunclean; foul; filthy
immunoassaynoundetermination of presence and quantity of a substance through its action as an antigen.
immureverbimprison; entomb.
impacableadjectivenot pacifiable.
impactitenounslag-like glassy object found on surface of the earth, probably formed from rock melted by the impact of a meteor.
impanationnounintroduction or embodiment of Christ's body in Communion bread. impanate, adjective
imparitynoundisparity. imparisyllabic, noun & a. (word) having different number of syllables in different cases.
impastonounapplication of pigment thickly, in painting; such pigment.
impavidadjectivenot afraid; fearless; undaunted
impecuniousadjectivepoor. impecuniosity, noun
impennateadjectiveflightless; pertaining to penguins; n. penguin.
imperatornouncommander, ruler.
imperdibleadjectiveincapable of being lost
imperscriptibleadjectivenot recorded.
impetigonounpustulous skin disease. impetiginous, adjective
impetrateverbask for; obtaining by asking. impetration, noun impetrator, noun impetrative, adjective
impignorateverbmortgage; pawn;, adjective pawned. impignoration, noun
impinguateverbto fatten
impostumate, imposthumateverbform or inflict an abscess. impostumation, noun
imprecateverbpray for (evil); curse. imprecation, noun imprecatory, adjective
improcreantadjectivesexually impotent.
improlificateverbto impregnate
impropriateverbtransfer (ecclesiastical revenue) to layman. impropriation, impropriator, impropriatrix, noun
in cameraphrase'in private chamber'; in secret; in private.
in esseadjective'in existence'.
in invidiamphrasein ill-will or to excite prejudice
in malam partemphrasein bad part: in a bad sense
in media resphrasein the middle of the thing, or directly into thecourse of a story of plot without any preliminaries
in posseadjective'in possibility'.
inamoratonoun(fem. -ta) lover; beloved person.
inaniloquentadjectiveloquacious, windy, garrulous
inanitionnounemptiness; starvation; exhaustion.
incalescentadjectivebecoming warm or warmer. incalescence, incalescency, noun
incanousadjectivecovered with soft white hairs.
incardinateverbmake cardinal; receive (priest) from another diocese.
incarnadineadjectivecrimson; flesh-colored; v.t. dye crimson.
inconcinnitynoununsuitableness; ineptitude
inconditeadjectivecrude, unfinished
inconnunoun(fem. -ue) unknown person; stranger.
incrassateverbto make or become thick or thicker; to thicken;inspissate
increpationnouncriticism, censure
incretionnouninternal secretion; hormone. incretionary, incretory, adjective
inculcateverbimpress on mind by frequent repetition. inculcation, noun inculcative, inculcatory, adjective
inculpateverbto blame, accuse, incriminate
incunabulanoun(sing. -lum) early printed books, especially printed before AD 1500; any early or beginning period. incunabulist, noun student of these. incunabular, adjective
incuseadjective noun(impression, especially on coin) stamped in.
indabanounpalaver; conference.
indagateverbinvestigate. indagation, indagator, n.indagative, adjective
Index Librorum Prohibitorumphrase'list of forbidden books' of the Roman Catholic Church. Index Expurgatorius, list of books allowed only in expurgated form.
indictum sitphraselet it be unsaid
inditeverbcompose; write down; describe. inditement, noun
indolesnouninherent disposition.
induciaenounpl. armistice.
indueverbput on; assume; endow; supply.
indumentumnoun(pl. -ta, -ums) thick, woolly or hairy covering.
indurateverbharden. induration, noun indurative, adjective
induratedadjectiveobstinate, hardened, unyielding, made unfeeling
ineluctableadjectiveinevitable; irresistable
inerm(ous)adjectiveBotany, without prickles.
inexpugnableadjectivethat cannot be taken by assault or storm; unconquerable; impregnable
inexsuperableadjectiveinsurmountable, impassable
infandousadjectivetoo horrible to mention, unspeakably awful
infandousnounsomething so bad it should never be mentioned
infarctnounportion of dead and scarred tissue in an organ resulting from congestion or blockage of a blood vessel serving it. infarction, noun
inferiaenounpl. sacrifices to beings of underworld.
infeudationnoungranting of feoff; transfer of tithes to layman.
inficeteadjectivedull, unfunny, deadly serious, humorless
inflorescencenounflowering; arrangement of flowers in a plant; flower cluster or head. inflorescent, adjective
infracaninophilenounchampion of the underdog
infractverbinfringe. infraction, noun violation, especially of law.
infucationnounputting on make-up
infumate(d)adjectiveblackish; smoky.
infundibular, infundibulateadjective nounadjective
infuscate(d)adjectivebrownish; obscured.
infusoriaadjective nounn. -pl. pl. (sing, -ian) class of protozoa found in water. infusorial, infusorian, adj. infusoriform, infusorioid, adj. like an infusorian.
ingannationnoundeception; fraud
ingeminateverbrepeat; reiterate; to emphasize by repetition
inglenounfire in a fireplace
inglernouncrooked horse breeder
ingluviesnounbird's crop. ingluvial, adjective
ingravescentadjectivecontinually becoming more severe.
ingravidateverbto impregnate
inguinaladjectivepertaining to or near the groin.
ingurgitateverbswallow up; guzzle. ingurgitation, noun
inhereadjective verbv. -i. belong intimately and by nature; be a part of. inhesion, inherence, n.inherent, adj. innate; fixed; settled; constituting an inseparable part or attribute.
inhumeverbbury. inhumation, noun
iniquitousadjectiveunjust; wicked. iniquity, noun
innascibleadjectivewithout a beginning
inosculateverbunite; combine; blend. inosculation, noun
inquilineadjectiveliving in another's nest or dwelling; n. such animal. inquilinism, inquilinity, noun inquilinous, adjective
inquinateverbto corrupt
insalubriousadjectiveunhealthy, deleterious
inscenationnounmise en sc�ne.
insolateverbexpose to sunlight. insolation, noun such exposure; sunstroke; medical treatment by sun-bathing; radiation from sun.
insouciancenounindifference; carefreeness. insouciant, adjective
instaurationnounrestoration to former excellence. instaurator, noun
insufflateverbblow on or into; breathe upon. insufflation, noun insufflator, noun
insulseadjectivetasteless, flat, insipid
insusurrationnounwhispering in the ear; insinuation
intarsianounpattern of inlaid wood; art of making such patterns. intarsiate, adjective
intellectionnounsuperhuman knowledge; act or exercise of intellect; synecdoche.
intempestiveadjectiveinopportune; out of season. intempestivity, noun
intenerateverbsoften. inteneration, noun
intensionnounintensity; intensification; exertion of mind or will; Logic, properties implied by a concept or term.
inter aliaphraseamong other things
inter sephrase'among themselves'.
interamnianadjectivebetween rivers.
intercalaryadjectiveinserted in the calendar; bissextile; leap (year); interpolated. intercalate, v. intercalation, noun
intercalationnounan insertion or interposing, as of a word between other words in a sentence
intercardinaladjective noun(point) half-way between two cardinal points of compass.
interciliaryadjectivebetween eyebrows.
intercollineadjectivebetween hills.
intercosmicadjectivebetween or among stars.
intercostaladjectivebetween ribs.
interdigitateverbto interlace the fingers
interfenestraladjectivebetween windows. interfenestration, noun such distance.
interfluvialadjectivebetween two rivers flowing in same direction. interfluve, noun such area.
intergernverbto snarl back
interjacentadjectivesituated between; intervening. interjacence, interjacency, noun
interlunaradjectivepertaining to period between old and new moon. interlunation, noun such period; interval of darkness.
internecionnounmutual destruction
internuncionoungo-between; papal emissary.
interoceptornounsensory receptor responding to stimuli arising within the body, especially the viscera. interoceptive, adjective
interosculateverbintermix; have common biological characteristics. interosculant, adjective intersecting. interosculation, noun
interpellateverbarraign or question for explanation. interpellant, adjective interrupting; n. person interpellating. interpellation, noun interpellating; interruption. interpellator, noun
interpellationnouna formal questioning or challenging regardingan action or policy
intersilientadjectivesuddenly emerging in the midst of something
intertessellationnouncomplicated interrelationship.
intertonicadjectivebetween accented sounds or syllables.
intertrigonouninflammation of skin caused by friction between moist surfaces. intertriginous, adjective
intimanoun(pl. -ae ) Anatomy, inner lining of organ or vessel.
intorsionnountwisting, twining. intort, v.i.
intradosnouninterior curve of arch
intravasationnounMedicine, entrance of externally formed matter into vessels.
intra-vitamadjectiveduring life.
introitnounpsalm or hymn chanted at approach to altar of celebrant priest; first part of Roman Catholic Mass.
introjectionnounincorporation of external ideas and attitudes into one's own personality. introject, v.
intromitverbinsert; admit. intromission, noun intromittent, adjective
introrseadjectiveinward facing.
inulanounelecampane. inulaceous, inuloid, adjective like inula.
inunctverbanoint. inunction, noun act of anointing; ointment; rubbing of ointment into skin. inunctum, noun lanolin ointment.
invaginateverbsheathe; infold; draw part of tube, etc., inside other part. invagination, noun act of invaginating; part invaginated; intussusception.
inveterateadjectiveconfirmed; long-established. inveteracy, noun
invinationnouninclusion or embodiment of blood of Christ in Communion wine.
inviscateverbmake sticky; entrap with sticky substance. inviscation, noun
invita minervaphraseminerva being unwilling: without any naturaltalent or inspiration
involucrenouncovering, especially whorl of bracts in plant. involucral, adjective like an involucre. involucrate, adjective having an involucre.
involuteadjectivecurved spirally inwards; complicated. involution, noun
invultuationnounstabbing of wax image of person to be injured as form of witchcraft.
iodoformnounantiseptic made from iodine and alcohol. iodotherapy, noun medical treatment with iodine.
ipse dixitphrasehe himself has said (it): an unsupported assertion, or a presumption bearing no evidence of its truth or validity
ipsissima verbaphrasethe very words
iracundadjectiveeasily provoked, quick-tempered, irascible
iradenounMuslim edict, especially sultan's decree.
irascentadjectivebecoming angry. irascible, adjective easily angered; irritable. irascibility, noun
iridicadjectivecontaining iridium; pertaining to iris of eye.
iridologynoundiagnosis based on examining iris of eye. iridologist, noun
irisationnouniridescence. iriscope, noun apparatus producing iridescence.
iritisnouninflammation of iris of eye. iritic, adjective
irredentaadjective'unredeemed'; applied to part of country under another's rule. irredential, adjective irredentism, noun policy of attempting to recover such region to country that has lost it. irredentist, noun
irrefragableadjectiveindisputable; unbreakable.
irrefrangibleadjectivethat cannot or should not be broken; inviolable
irremeableadjectiveallowing of no return; irrevocable.
irreptitiousadjectivecreeping stealthily
irruptadjective verbv. -i. burst in; enter violently. irruption, n. irruptive, adj.
isagogenounintroduction. isagogic(al), adjective isagogics, noun introductory study of Bible.
isallobarnounline on map passing through all places with equal changes in pressure over a certain period.
isanemonenounline on map connecting all places with same wind velocity.
isarithmnounline on map passing through places of same density of population.
ischialgianounsciatica. ischialgic, adjective
ischidrosisnounsuppression of perspiration.
ischiumnoun(pl. -ia) bone forming base of each half of pelvis.
isinglassnounform of gelatine made from fishes' air bladders; agar-agar.
isobathnounline of map passing through all points of equal depth below water.
isocheimnounline on map passing through all places with same average winter temperature. isocheimal, isocheimenal, isocheimic, adjective
isochronousadjectivelasting equal time; recurring at equal intervals. isochronal, isochronic(al), adjective isochronize, v. isochronism, noun isochronon, noun chronometer.
isochroousadjectiveof uniform color.
isoclinaladjective noun(line on map passing through all places) with same magnetic dip; having equal inclination. isoclinic, adjective
isocracynounequal rule; possession of equal power by all. isocrat, noun isocratic, adjective
isocrymenounisotherm for coldest period of year. isocrymal, isocrymic, adjective
isodiabaticadjectivepertaining to equal heat transmission.
isodynamicadjectivepertaining to or having equal force. isodynamia, noun
isogenesisnounsameness of origin. isogenetic,, isogenic, isogenous, adjective isogeny, noun
isogeothermnounline connecting points of equal temperature below the earth's surface.
isoglossnouna line of a dialect map delimiting localities in which some feature of speech is found. isoglossal, adjective
isogonaladjectivehaving equal angles. isogonic, a.; n. line on map passing through all places with same magnetic declination.
isographynounimitation of other person's hand-writing. isographic(al), adjective
isohelnounline on map passing through all places with same hours of sunshine.
isohyetnounline on map passing through all places with same rainfall. isohyetal, adjective
isokeraunicadjective noun(line on map connecting places) with equal or simultaneous occurrence of thunderstorms.
isomernouncompound of same elements in same proportions by weight as another, but having different structure and properties. isomeric, adjective isomerize, v. isomerism, noun isomerous, adjective having same number of parts, peculiarities, etc.
isonomynounequality of legal rights. isonomic, isonomous, adjective
isonymnounword of same derivation or form as another; cognate word. isonymic, adjective isonymy, noun
isoplethnounline on map passing through places with same numerical values for a meteorological feature.
isopolitynounequality of political rights. isopolitical, adjective
isopsephicadjectivenumerically equal. isopsephism, noun
isopycnicadjective noun(line passing through points) of equal density.
isorropicadjectiveof equal value.
isoseismaladjective noun(line on map passing through places) of same intensity of earthquake shock. isoseismic(al), adjective
isostasynounstate of equilibrium due to equal pressure on all sides. isostatic, adjective
isotherenounisotherm for average summer temperature. isotheral, adjective
isotronnoundevice for separating isotopes.
ithyphallicadjectiveindecent; pertaining to verse line of three trochees.
ixiodicadjectivepertaining or due to ticks. ixiodian, ixiodid, noun & a. (pertaining to) a tick.
izlesnounsparks and soot coming out of a chimney
izzardnounancient word for the letter Z
jabotnounlong frill in front of bodice.
jacinthnounorange-colored variety of the gem hyacinth. jacinthe, noun orange color.
jaconetnounkind of thin cotton fabric, especially with one side glazed.
jactancynounboasting. jactation, noun boasting; Medicine, tossing or shaking of body.
jactitationnounloud or public bragging; or excessive twitching and restlessness
jaculationnounhurling or darting, as of spears. jaculiferous, adjective with arrow-like prickles. jaculatory, adjective
jaculativeadjectivedarting, sporadic
jalousienounblind or shutter with slats slanting upwards and inwards.
jambolannounplum-like tree of Java with fruit used as astringent and drug. jambool, jambul, noun jambolan.
jampannounkind of sedan chair.
janicepsnounmonster with two heads which look in opposite direction
Janiformadjectivelike the Roman god Janus; two-faced.
jannockadjectivepleasant; outspoken; honest; generous.
jaspéadjectivemottled or streaked with color.
jecoraladjectivepertaining to the liver. jecorize, v. impregnate with ultra-violet rays; make similar in value to cod-liver oil.
jejunatornounone who fasts
jennetnounsmall Spanish horse; she-ass.
jentacularadjectivepertaining to breakfast.
jeofailnounmistake made by a lawyer in court
jeremiadnounmournful prophecy, story or complaint.
jerqueverbexamine papers of (a ship) for smuggling attempts, etc. jerquer, noun customs officer who jerques ships.
jessnounringed strap round hawk's leg.
jeunesse doréephrase'gilded youth'; rich young people.
jobationnountedious criticism
jocoseriousadjectivea combination of funny and serious
jointurenounsettlement of estate on wife to become effective on death of husband; v.t. settle jointure on. jointress, jointuress, noun woman holding jointure.
jongleurnounmedieval wandering minstrel; troubadour; juggler.
jorumnounlarge bowl containing drink; its contents.
jugaladjectivepertaining to cheek or cheek bone.
jugateadjectivein pairs; applied to two overlapping heads on coin. jugation, noun
jugularadjectivepertaining to neck or throat; n. such vein. jugulate, v. kill by cutting throat or strangling; check by drastic measures.
jugulateverbto check or suppress by extreme measures; or to cut the throat of
jumelleadjectivein or with pairs.
jumentousadjectivehaving a strong animal smell
juncaceousadjectivepertaining to or like a rush; belonging to rush family of plants.
juraladjectivepertaining to law or legal rights. juramentum, (Latin) n. ( pl. - ta) oath. jurant, noun & a. (person) taking oath. jurat, noun sworn public officer; magistrate; municipal officer of Cinque Ports; statement at end of affidavit showing circumstances in which it was sworn. juration, noun swearing. juratorial, adjective pertaining to jury. juratory, adjective pertaining to oath.
jurisconsultnounlegal expert.
jusnoun(pl. jures) law; legal power or right. jus gentium, law of nations. jus inter gentes, international law. jus primae noctis, droit du seigneur.
jus et norma loquendiphrasethe law and rule of speaking: common usage
jussiveadjectiveGrammar, signifying command.
juvenescentadjectivebecoming young. juvenescence, noun
juvenilianounpl. writer's or artist's youthful, early works.
jyngineadjectivepertaining to or like a wryneck; belonging to wryneck subfamily of birds.
kaddishnounJewish prayers for the dead.
kairinnouna fever reducing drug, named after a Greek word meaning in-the-nick-of-time
kakemononounJapanese vertical wall-picture or inscription mounted on a roller.
kakidrosisnounsecretion of malodorous perspiration.
kakistocracynoungovernment by the worst citizens
kakorrhaphiophobianounfear of failure
kalokagathianouna combination of the good and the beautiful in a person
kalonnounthe kind of beauty that is more than skin deep
kalopsianouncondition where things appear more beautiful thanthey really are
kampongnounMalay village.
kaolinnounchina clay, used in porcelain manufacture and in medicine.
kaonnounPhysics, elementary particle of the meson family.
karakanountree with edible seeds and fruit.
karakulnounsheep of Central Asia; curled black fleece of its lambs.
karimptionnouna crowd; a mass
karyokinesisnouncell division, especially of nucleus. karyoplasm, noun protoplasm of cell nucleus. karyotin, noun sustainable matter of nucleus.
kashruthnounthe state of being kosher
katabasisnounmilitary retreat. katabatic a. moving downhill, sinking (of winds).
kathakalinounhighly stylized form of S Indian drama, using dance and mime.
katharometernouninstrument measuring alterations in composition of gas mixture.
kathenotheismnounpolytheism with a head god
katowsenouna ruckus, tumult, din
kaurinoungum- and timber-yielding tree of New Zealand; its white timber; its resin found in lumps in ground.
kecklenounnautical term meaning to wind something with a rope
keddahnounelephant trap.
kedgenounsmall anchor; v.t. move (ship) by hauling on anchor dropped ahead from boat.
kedogenousadjectiveproduced by worry
keelivinenounlead pencil
keelsonnounwooden or steel structure lengthwise within ship's frame to bear and distribute stress.
kefnounsleepiness, caused by drugs; hashish, etc.
kelimnounwoven rug, made in W Asia.
keloidnounfibrous skin tumour, especially over scar; raised scars forming pattern on body, in certain African tribes.
keltnounsalmon after spawning.
kenophobianounfear of empty or open spaces
keratogenicadjectiveable to cause growth of horn, skin, hair, etc. keratogenous, adjective horn-producing. keratoid, adjective horny. keratode, noun keratose substance. keratose, noun & a. (substance) of horny fibres. keratosis, noun excessive growth of horny tissue of skin.
keraunographnouninstrument detecting distant thunderstorm; pattern made by lightning on struck object. keraunoscopia, keraunoscopy, noun divination by thunder.
keraunophobianounfear of thunder and lightning
keraunoscopianounfortunetelling by thunder
kerdomeletianounexcessive attention to material wealth
kerlerapverbto cavort; to play
kermesnounred cochineal-like dye made from dried bodies of certain female insects of Mediterranean; evergreen oak on which these insects feed.
kerogennounkind of bitumen found in oil shale. kerosene, noun fuel oil also called paraffin.
kerygmanounchristian preaching
kerygmaticadjectivepertaining to preaching, especially of gospel.
ketchnountwo-masted fore-and-aft rigged sailing vessel.
ketonenounchemical compound of carbon, obtained by distilling salts of organic acids. ketonaemia, noun presence of ketone, especially acetone, in blood. ketonic, adjective ketonize, v. convert into ketone. ketogenesis, noun production of ketone, especially in diabetes. ketosis, noun presence of excess of ketone in body.
khamsin, khamseennounhot wind of Egypt blowing from Sahara; dust storm.
khoja(h)nountitle of respect for teacher or wise man.
kia oraphrase'be well'; good health!
kibenounchapped place on skin; ulcerated chilblain.
kickshawnouna tidbit or delicacy
kieselguhrnounfine powder once used in dynamite
kieselguhrnounpowdery substance, mainly silica, used in filters, explosives, etc.
kilderkinnounmeasure of capacity, about 18 gallons; cask holding that amount.
kinesalgianounmuscular pain. kinesiatrics, noun medical treatments by muscular movements.
kininnounhormone causing contraction of smooth muscle; hormone that promotes cell division and development in plants.
kinonounred gum containing tannin, obtained from several tropical trees.
kippagenouncommotion, confusion, excitement
kitthogeadjective nounleft-handed or awkward; or a left-handed orawkward person
klephtnounbrigand. klephtic, adjective klephtism, noun
knissomancynounfortunetelling by incense-burning
knoutnounwhip with leather and wire thongs; v.t. flog with a knout.
knullernounchimney sweep who solicits his services door to door
knurnounknob; knot in wood.
koftgarinouninlaying of gold on steel.
kohlnoundark eye make-up used in Asia.
kokumnounpretending to be sympathetic
koniologynounstudy of dust and germs in atmosphere. koniometer, koniscope, noun instrument measuring amount of dust in air.
kopophobianounfear of physical or mental exhaustion
korfballnounbasketball-like game played between two teams of six men and six women each.
kosmokratornounthe ruler of the world
kourbashnounwhip of hide; v.t. flog with a kourbash.
krasisnounaddition of water to Communion wine.
kreatophagianounthe eating of raw meat
krisnounMalay dagger with scalloped blade.
kukrinounbroad curved Gurkha knife.
kumissnounfermented camel's milk, used as a beverage by Asian nomads
kwistgoednouna spendthrift
kymatologynounstudy of wave motion.
kymatologynounthe science of waves
kymographnouninstrument recording pressure curves, etc. kymographic, adjective
kyphosisnouninward curvature of the spine. kyphotic, adjective
kyphoticnouna person who has a hump on his back
labanotationnouna method of writing down the movements, etc., of ballet diagrammatically.
labefact, labefyverbweaken. labefactation, labefaction, noun
labefyverbto weaken
labellateadjectivelipped. labelloid, adjective lip-like. labellum, noun (pl. - la) lip of flower's corolla.
labidophorousadjectivewith a pair of pincer-like organs.
labileadjectiveprone to change; unstable
labiodentaladjectivepertaining to or pronounced with lips and teeth; n. such sound, as f. labiomancy, noun lip-reading. labionasal, noun & a. (sound) pronounced with lips and nasal passage, as m. labiovelar, noun & a. (sound) pronounced with rounded lips and back of tongue raised, as w.
lacertiliannounanother name for a lizard
lachesnounnegligence; carelessness.
lachrymaladjectivepertaining to tears and weeping; organs secreting tears; crying fits. lachrymary, adjective lachrymation, noun lachrymator, noun substance or gas causing tears. lachrymatory, noun narrow-necked vase; tear-bottle. lachrymiform, adjective tear-shaped. lachrymist, noun weeper. lachrymogenic, adjective causing tears. lachrymose, adjective tearful.
laciniateadjectivefringed; jagged, slashed. laciniform, adjective like a fringe. laciniose, adjective lacinulate, adjective with fine or small fringe. laciniation, noun
lacisnounnetwork; filet lace.
laconicumnouna steam bath
lactariumnoundairy. lactary, adjective pertaining to milk.
lactateverbv. -i. secrete milk; suckle young; n. salt or ester of lactic acid. lactation, n.
lactealadjectivepertaining to milk; n. & a. (vessel) conveying chyle. lactean, adjective milky.
lactescentadjectivelike milk; secreting milk; yielding milky substance. lacteous, adjective milky. lactescence, noun
lactivorousadjectiveliving on milk
lacunanoun(pl. -ae ) gap; interval; hiatus. lacunal, lacunose, lacunar, lacunary, adjective
lacuscularadjectivepertaining to pools.
lacustrineadjectivepertaining to lakes. lacustral, adjective lacustrian, a.; n. lake-dweller.
ladronenounrobber. ladronism, noun brigandage.
laevoductionnounmovement leftwards. laevogyrate, laevorotatory, adjective turning to left, especially plane of polarized light. laevoversion, noun turning of eyes to left. laevulose, noun kind of very sweet sugar obtained from sucrose. .
lagannoungoods lying on sea-bed, often at marked spot.
lagenanoun(pl. -ae) flask. lageniform, adjective flask-shaped.
lagophthalmus, lagopthalmosnouncondition of incomplete closure of eye. lagopthalmic, adjective
lagoticadjectivehaving rabbitlike ears
laicadjectivenot clerical or ecclesiastical; lay. laicism, noun anticlericalism. laicize, v. divest of ecclesiastical nature; give over to lay control.
lallationnouninfant's talk, or speech similar to it; pronunciation of r as l.
lallophobianounfear of speaking
lalochezianounfilthy talk to relieve tension
laloplegianounloss of speech caused by paralysis.
lamanounTibetan monk or priest. lamaic, lamaistic, adjective lamaism, lamaist, noun lamasery, noun lama monastery.
lambentadjectiveshining gently or playing about surface; flickering; gently radiant. lambency, noun
lambertnoununit of brightness: brightness of surface radiating one lumen per square centimetre.
lambrequinnounornamental hanging over upper part of window or along the edge of a shelf; border pattern with draped effect used in ceramics; covering for helmet.
lamellanoun(pl. -ae ) thin plate or layer. lamelloid, adjective like lamella. lamellose, lamellar, lamellary, adjective lamellated, adjective composed of such. lamellation, noun
lamianounmythical monster with snake's body and woman's head and breasts.
lamiaceousadjectivepertaining to or like mint; belonging to mint family of plants.
laminanoun(pl. -ae) thin plate or layer; flake. laminal, laminose, laminous, laminar, laminary, adjective laminate, v.i. & t. split into laminae; bond several laminae together; plate with metal; a. shaped like or composed of laminae. lamination, noun
lammergeiernouneagle- and vulture-like bird of prey, largest of Europe; bearded vulture.
lampadedromynounfoot race with lighted torches, especially relay race in which torch is passed on. lampadephore, noun torchbearer.
lampadomancynounfortunetelling with the flame of a torch
lamprophonynounspeaking in clear, loud voice.
lampyridadjective noun(pertaining to) glow-worm or fire-fly. lampyrine, adjective
lanameternounmechanical means of determining quality of wool. lanate, adjective woolly.
lanceolateadjectivehaving shape of lance-head, especially tapering at each end. lanceolation, noun
lancinateadjectivelacerate; pierce. lancination, noun
landaunounfour-wheeler carriage with folding hood and removable top. landaulette, noun coupé with folding hood.
landesnounpl. desert or marshy lowlands beside sea.
languescentadjectivebecoming tired
languet(te)nountongue-like appendage or outgrowth.
laniaryadjective nouncanine (tooth). laniariform, adjective
lanugonounwoolly down, especially covering human fetus. lanuginose, lanuginous, adjective downy.
lapacticadjective nounpurgative. laparectomy, laparotomy, noun operation for removal of part of wall of abdomen.
lapidateverbstone to death. lapidation, lapidator, noun
lapideousadjectiveof or cut in stone. lapidicolous, adjective living under stones. lapidific, adjective forming stone. lapidify, v. turn into stone.
lapillusnounsmall fragment of volcanic rock
lappetnounflap or fold (on garment); fleshy lobe.
lapsus calamiphrasea slip of the pen; lapsus pennae
lapsus linguaenoun(pl. same) 'slip of the tongue'. lapsus memoriae, slip of memory.
larboardnounarchaic, port.
laresnounn. -pl. pl. local or tutelary gods. lares and penates, household gods.
larineadjectivepertaining to or like gulls.
larithmicsnounstudy of population statistics.
larmoyantadjectivetearful; weeping.
lascarnounnative sailor or soldier.
lashernounweir; water in or pool below weir.
lassipedesnountired feet
lasslornadjectivestood up by one's lady
latebricoleadjectiveliving in holes.
lateenadjectiveapplied to triangular sail rigged on spar forming angle of 45° with mast. lateener, noun lateen-rigged vessel.
laterigradeadjective noun(animal) moving sideways or crab-wise.
lateritenounGeology, red clay formed by weathering of oxide- bearing rocks. lateritic, adjective lateritious, adjective brick-red in color.
lateroversionnounMedicine, sideways displacement of organ.
latescentadjectivebecoming latent.
laticostateadjectivehaving broad ribs. latidentate, adjective having broad teeth. latipennate, adjective having broad wings. latirostrate, adjective having broad beak.
latitidinariannouncharacterized by liberality in opinion or inaction; tolerant in one's views
latitudinarianadjective noun(person) having broad and free views, especially religious. latitudinarianism, noun
latitudinousadjective(of attitude, interpretation) having breadth.
latrantadjectivesnarling, complaining
latticinionounkind of glass with white veins.
laureateadjectivecrowned with laurel wreath as prize or sign of distinction; n. such person, especially poet; prize-winner;, v. bestow laurel wreath on. laureation, noun
laurencenounbending of lightwaves by heat as seen on pavement on hot summer day
lavagenounwashing (out). lavation, noun
laxationnounact of loosening; state of being loosened.
layettenounclothing, bedding, etc., for new-born child.
lazarnounleper; any plague-stricken person. lazaretto, noun leper hospital.
lecanomancynounfortunetelling by looking at water in a basin
lecheurnouna devotee of oral intercourse; a licker
lecithaladjectivehaving yolk. lecithity, noun
lecternnounreading desk. lection, noun variant reading in a particular edition of a text.
lectionarynounlist of parts of Scriptures ordered to be read in churches.
lectualadjectivenecessitating confinement to bed.
leguleianadjectivelike lawyer; pettifogging; n. lawyer. leguleious, adjective
leguminousadjectiveapplied to plants with seeds in pods. legume, noun vegetable; leguminous plant grown as forage; pod. leguminiform, adjective pod-shaped. leguminose, adjective
leiotrichousadjectivesmooth-haired. leiotrichy, noun leiophyllous, adjective smooth-leaved.
leisternountrident for spearing fish.
lemmanoun(pl. -mas, -mata ) Logic, major premise; (argument or theme used as) the title of a composition; Lexicography, word considered as a headword, accompanied by all its inflected forms. Botany, flowering glume of grass.
lemnaceousadjectivepertaining to or like duckweed; belonging to duckweed family of plants.
lemuresnounspirits of dead.
lenitiveadjective nounsoothing (drug); gentle laxative; palliative. lenity, noun gentleness; leniency.
lenticadjectivepertaining to or living in still water.
lentiginousadjectivefull of freckles
lentigonoun(pl. -tigines ) freckle or freckle-like condition. lentiginous, adjective freckly; scurfy.
lentitudenounslowness; lethargy. lentitudinous, adjective
leodiceanadjectivelacking religious fervor; or lacking strong feelings generally; indifferent
leontiasisnounkind of leprosy giving leonine appearance to face. leontiasis ossea, hypertrophy of facial bones.
lepidopterousadjectivehaving four scale-covered wings. lepidopteran, lepidopteron, noun (pl. -ra) such insect, as moth or butterfly. lepidopterology, noun study of such insects. lepidopterologist, noun
lepidosisnounscaly skin disease. lepidote, adjective scurf-covered.
leporidadjectivepertaining or belonging to the family comprising rabbits and hares; n. animal of this family. leporine, adjective pertaining to or like a hare.
leptocephalousadjectivehaving very narrow head. leptocephalia, noun such condition. leptocephalus, noun (pl. -li ) larva of conger eel; conger eel; leptocephalous person.
leptochroousadjectivehaving very thin skin. leptochroa, noun
leptodactylousadjectivehaving slender toes
leptologianounsubtle speech or quibbling
leptophyllousadjectivehaving long thin leaves.
leptorrhineadjective(person) with long thin nose. leptorrhinism, noun
lestobiosisnoun(pl. -ses ) mode of life characterized by furtive stealing, especially as found where two species of ant live side by side.
Lethenounriver of Hades in Greek mythology, whose waters grant oblivion; forgetfulness of past; peace of mind. Lethean, adjective lethiferous, adjective deadly.
lethiforousadjectivedeadly; destructive
lethologicanouninability to remember the right word
lethonomianouna propensity for forgetting names
leucocytenounwhite corpuscle of blood. leucocytic, adjective leucocytoid, adjective leucocytosis, noun increase in number of leucocytes in blood.
leucomanounwhiteness and thickening of cornea. leucomatous, adjective
leucomelanous, leucomelanicadjectivea. having dark hair and eyes, and fair skin.
leucopenianoundecrease in number of leucocytes in blood. leucopenic, adjective
leucophyllousadjectivewith white leaves.
leucopoiesisnounformation of leucocytes. leucopoietic, adjective
leucousadjectivewhite; fair; albino.
levantverbv. -i. flee from creditors.
levatornoun(pl. levatores ), muscle raising limb or part.
levigateverbmake smooth; polish; mix thoroughly; reduce to powder or paste; a. smooth. levigation, levigator, noun
leviratenouncustom requiring a man to marry his brother's widow.
lewisitenounChemistry, blistering liquid, derived from arsenic and acetylene, used in war; Geology, yellow or brown mineral containing antimony.
lexnoun(pl. leges ) law. lex domicilii, law of the country where a person is domiciled. lex fori, law of the country where an action is brought. lex loci, law of the country where a transaction, tort, etc. occurs. lex non scripta, unwritten law. lex talionis, law of an eye for an eye; law of equal retaliation.
lexiphanicadjectiveusing many long words; bombastic. lexiphanism, noun
lexiphanicismnounpriggish, over-latinized writing; pretentious vocabulary or grandiose phraseology
liaiseverbv. -i. establish and maintain contact; co-operate. liaison, n. communication, contact and co-operation; illicit sexual relationship; thickening agent for soups and sauces; pronunciation of normally silent final consonant before word beginning with a vowel.
libanophorousadjectiveyielding incense. libaniferous, libanotophorous, adjective
libeccio, libecchionounsouth-west wind.
liberticidenoundestruction or destroyer of liberty. liberticidal, adjective
librateverbv. -i. oscillate before settling into equilibrium; be poised; balance. libration, n. Astronomy, apparent swinging of moon's visible surface. libratory, adj.
libriformadjectivelike liber.
licentiatenouncertificated member; person with licence to practise. licentiation, noun
lictornounmagistrate's attendant bearing fasces in ancient Rome. lictorian, adjective
lidarnounsystem of using lasers in the same way as radar: acronym of Light Detection and Ranging.
lienaladjectivepertaining to spleen. lienic, adjective lienitis, noun inflammation of spleen.
lienterynoundiarrhoeal discharge of incompletely digested food. lienteric, adjective
liernenounArchitecture, short secondary rib connecting principal ribs especially in Gothic vaulting.
ligateverbtie. ligation, noun ligature, noun tie; link; bandage; two conjoined letters, as fl.
ligneousadjectivewood-like; containing wood. lignescent, adjective rather woody. lignicolous, adjective living in wood. lignify, v.i. & t. become or make woody. ligniperdous, adjective destroying wood. lignite, noun woody brown coal. lignum vitae, Latin, 'wood of life'; several W Indian and other varieties of guaiacum tree.
ligulenounthin outgrowth at junction of leaf and leafstalk. ligulate, adjective having ligule; strap- shaped. liguloid, adjective like ligule.
limacineadjectivepertaining to slugs. limaceous, adjective limacoid, adjective slug-like.
limationnounpolishing; smoothing; correction of astronomical errors.
limbateadjectivehaving border, especially (Botany) of different color from the rest. limbation, n
limennoun(pl. limens, limina ) Psychology, threshold; limit below which a stimulus becomes imperceptible.
limesnoun(pl. limites ) ancient Roman fortified boundary.
limicolousadjectiveliving in mud. limicoline, adjective living on shore; pertaining to wading birds.
liminaladjectivepertaining to or at threshold.
limitropheadjectivesituated on border or along boundary; adjacent.
limivorousadjectiveswallowing mud.
limnverbportray; paint; delineate. limner, noun
limneticadjectivepertaining to or inhabiting fresh water. limnobiology, noun study of freshwater life. limnology, noun general study of lakes and ponds. limnophilous, adjective inhabiting freshwater ponds.
limoniadnounmeadow nymph.
limophoitosnouninsanity due to lack of food
limosisnounurgent desire to eat chalk
limuloidadjective noun(pertaining to) king crab.
linaceousadjectivepertaining to or like flax; belonging to the flax family of plants.
linctusnounmedicated syrup for throat.
lindennounlime tree.
lineamentsadjective nounn. -pl. facial features or outline; distinctive characteristics. lineamental, adj.
liparoidadjectivefatty. lipase, noun enzyme hydrolysing fats. lipogenous, adjective fat-producing.
lipogramnouncomposition in which all words containing a certain letter or letters are omitted.
lipographynounaccidental omission of a letter or syllable.
lipoidadjectivelike fat. lipoidal, lipoidic, adjective lipolysis, noun disintegration of fat. lipoma, noun ( pl. - mata ) fatty tumour. lipomatosis, noun presence of many lipomata; obesity.
lipothymy, lipothymianounswoon. lipothymial, lipothymic, adjective
lippitudenounsoreness or bleariness of eyes.
lipsanographernounwriter about relics. lipsanotheca, noun holder for relics.
liquateverbseparate or purify (metals) by heating to liquify certain components.
liquescentadjectivemelting. liquescence, liquescency, noun
lissotrichousadjectivehaving straight hair. lissotrichan, lissotrichian, adjective lissotrichy, noun
literationnounrepresentation of sounds by letters.
lithiasisnounformation of calculi in body.
lithochromynounpainting on stone. lithochromatics, noun chromolithography.
lithoclasenounGeology, crack in rock. lithoclast, noun stone breaker; stone- breaking instrument.
lithogenesisnounstudy of rock formation; calculi formation. lithogenetic, adjective lithogenous, adjective producing stone.
lithoid(al)adjectivestone-like. litholatry, noun worship of stones. lithology, noun study of rocks or calculi. lithontriptic n. & a. (substance) dissolving stones in bladder. lithophagous, adjective swallowing or burrowing in, stone lithophilous, adjective growing among stones. lithophyte, noun plant growing on rock. lithopone, noun white pigment used in paints consisting of a mixture of zinc sulphide and barium sulphate. lithosphere, noun earth's outer crust. lithotomy, n.cutting for stone in bladder. lithotrity, noun breaking up stone in bladder.
litmusnoundye obtained from lichens, used in chemical tests, being turned red by acid and blue by alkali.
litotesnounrhetorical device of understatement.
littoraladjectivepertaining to or on seashore; n. such region
livedonounblueness of skin due to congestion.
lixiviateverbseparate by washing with solvent; treat with lye, etc. lixiviation, noun lixiviator, noun lixivium, noun solution resulting from lixiviation; lye.
lobateadjectivehaving lobes. lobal, lobar, adj. lobe-like.
lobulenounsmall lobe. lobular, lolulate(d) a. having lobules.
locativeadjective nounGrammar, (case) signifying place where.
locellusnoun(pl. -li ) compartment of cell. locellate, adjective divided into locelli.
locheticadjectivewaiting for prey; in ambush.
lockrumsnounideas that aren't very popular
locomobileadjective nounself-propelling (machine).
locoum, lokoumnounTurkish delight.
loculusnoun(pl. -li) cell; cavity; compartment. locular, loculate, adj having or divided into loculi. loculation, noun
locum tenensnoun'holding place'; deputy.
locus classicusphrasea place of the highest class: illustrative, model passage from a literary work or classic that is commonly citedfor its style, usage, etc.
locus communisphrasea public place: commonplace passage that is often quoted; cliche expression
loganamnosisnouna mania to recall forgotten words
logodaedalynounverbal legerdemain, esp. in the imaginative or capricious coining of new words; word skill
logogoguenounperson laying down law about words.
logogram, logographnounsign representing word. logogrammatic, adjective logography, noun reporting, as of speeches, etc., in long-hand by relays of writers.
logolepsynounan obsession with words
logoleptnouna person who is obsessed with words
logomachynouna dispute over words; semantic contentious getting away from issues or reality
logometernoundevice or scale for measuring chemical equivalents. logometric, adjective
logomisianoundisgust for particular words
logopedianounstudy of speech defects.
loimicadjectivepertaining to plague. loimology, noun study of plague.
longanimitynounsilent suffering while planning revenge
longenounrope or place for training horses.
longeronnounstructure running length of aircraft fuselage.
longueurnouna long and tedious section of a book, play, etc.
loppettnounto stumble while walking or running
loquiturverbv. -i. 'he (she) speaks'.
lordosisnounforward spinal curvature. lordotic, adjective
lorenounspace between eye and beak or snout. loral, adjective loreal, noun & a. (scale, etc.) situated on the lore.
lorgnettenounpair of spectacles or opera glasses on a handle.
loricateadjectivecover with protective layer; encrust; plate. lorication, noun
loticadjectivepertaining to or living in fast-flowing water.
lotophagousadjectivelotus-eating; indolent. lotophagi, noun pl. lotus-eaters; day-dreamers.
loucheadjectivedisreputable; morally dubious.
lovertineadjectiveaddicted to love-making
loxodographnoundevice for recording ship's course. loxodrome, noun line on globe equally oblique to all meridians. loxodromics, noun sailing on loxodromes.
loxoticadjectiveslanting, distorted
lubricitynounslipperiness; wiliness; indecency; lubricious, lubricous, adjective
lucarnenoundormer window.
lucentadjectiveshining; clear. lucence, lucency, noun
lucernaladjectivepertaining to lamp.
luciferousadjectiveilluminating, literally and figuratively
lucriferousadjectiveprofitable, lucrative
lucripetousadjectivemoney hungry
luctationnouna struggle for success
luctiferousadjectivesad and sorry
lucubrateadjective noun verbv. -i. study laboriously, especially at night; work by artificial light. lucubration, n. act or result of lucubrating; over-elaborated literary work. lucubrator, n. lucubratory, adj. pertaining to night work; laborious.
lucubrationnounto burn the midnight oil; suggesting pretentious,laborious study
luculentadjectivereadily understood; clear; lucid
lucus a non lucendophrasean absurd word derivation; illogical explanationor non sequitur
ludibriousadjectiveludicrous; making fun of
ludicropatheticadjectiveludicrous and pathetic
luesnounsyphilis; any similar disease. luetic, adjective
Luftmenschnounsomeone with his head in the clouds
lumbricaladjective(pertaining to) small muscle of palm or sole.
lumbricineadjectivepertaining to or like an earthworm. lumbriciform, lumbricoid, adjective like an earthworm. lumbricosis, noun infestation with intestinal round- worms.
lunateadjectivecrescent-shaped. lunation, noun changes of moon; interval between successive new moons.
lunettenouncrescent-shaped ornament or object; opening or window in vault.
lunisticenountime each month at which moon is farthest north or south. lunistitial, adjective
lunula, lunulenouncresent-shaped mark or organ; 'half-moon' on finger nail. lunulate, adjective bearing lunula; like a small crescent. lunulet, noun crescent- shaped spot.
lupanariamnounlubricious, lascivious, and lewd
lupulinnounyellow powder on hop cones, used as sedative. lupuline, lupulinous, adjective like a hop-cluster. lupulinic, adjective pertaining to lupulin or hops.
lurdan(e)adjective noundull and lazy (person). lurdanism, noun
lurgularynounthe act of poisoning water
lustrationnounpurifying rite, especially washing. lustral, lustrical, adjective used in lustration. lustrate, v. purify.
lustrinenounlustrous silk or cotton material.
lustrumnoun(pl. -ra) period of five years; purification of Roman nation every five years; census.
lusus naturaenoun'sport of nature'; freak.
lutaceousadjectivepertaining to or made of mud.
lutariousadjectivepertaining to, living in, or lookinglike mud
luteousadjectiveyellow; yellowish. luteolous, adjective somewhat yellow. lutescent, adjective yellowish.
lutoseadjectivecovered with mud or clay.
lutrineadjectivepertaining to or like an otter; belonging to the otter subfamily of animals.
lutulentadjectivethick; muddy. lutulence, noun
luxateverbdisplace; dislocate. luxation, noun
lydditenounhigh explosive for shells, largely picric acid.
Lydianadjectivepertaining to ancient Lydia, noted for its wealth and voluptuousness; luxurious; effeminate.
lygophilianounlove of darkness
lymacatexisnounneurotic preoccupation with dirt
lynceanadjectivepertaining to or like a lynx; keen-sighted.
lypemanianounintense nervous depression.
lypophrenianouna vague feeling of sadness, seeminglywithout cause
lysimeternoundevice measuring percolation of water through soils and the removal of soluble constituents.
lysisnounChemistry, disintegration or destruction of cells; Medicine, gradual recovery from disease. lysigenic, lysigenous, adjective formed by lysis. lysin, noun substance causing lysis. lysogen, noun antigen increasing lysin production.
lyssanounrabies or hydrophobia. lyssic, adjective lyssophobia, noun dread of going insane.
lyssophobianounfear of becoming mad
lyterianadjectiveMedicine, pertaining to lysis.
lythcoopnounan auction sale of the contents of a house
maarnounvolcanic crater without a cone, usually filled by a lake.
macarismnounpleasure in another's joy; a beatitude. macarize, v. pronounce blessed; praise; congratulate.
macarizeverbto make happy; to praise
macaronicadjectivemixing words from different languages, especially Latin with vernacular or Latinized vernacular words; n. verse of this type. marcaronicism, noun
macedoinenounmixed diced vegetables; mixed fruit in syrup of jelly.
macerateverbsoften and separate by soaking; grow or make lean. maceration, noun macerator, noun
machairodontadjective nounsabre-toothed (animal).
machicolationnounapertures in parapet or floor of gallery for firing upon persons below. machicolate, v. furnish with these
machinulenounsurveyor's instrument for obtaining right angle.
macilentadjectivelean; thin
macklenounblurred or double impression in printing.
maconochienounarmy tinned stew.
macradenousadjectivewith large glands.
macrencephalic, macrencephalousadjectivehaving large brain pan.
macrocephalousadjectivelarge-headed. macrocephalus, noun (pl. -li ) such person.
macrocytenounabnormally large red blood corpuscle. macrocythaemia, macrocytosis, noun presence of these in blood.
macrodontadjectivelarge-toothed. macrodontia, macrodontism, noun
macrographnounreproduction of object natural size or larger. macrographic, adjective macrography, noun large handwriting; viewing of object with naked eye.
macrologynounexcessive or repititious words or phrases
macromanianoundelusion in which things seem larger than natural size. macromaniacal, adjective
macromasticadjectivepertaining to large breasts
macrometernouninstrument for finding size and distance of distant objects.
macrophallicadjectivehaving an unusually large phallus.
macrophobianounfear of long waits
macropsia, macropsynoundisease of eye causing objects to seem very large.
macropterousadjectivelarge-winged; large-finned.
macroscianadjective noun(person) casting long shadow; inhabitant of polar region.
macroseismnounsevere earthquake. macroseismic, adjective macroseismograph, noun instrument recording this.
macrosmaticadjectivehaving a supersensitive nose
macrosomatousadjectivehaving an abnormally large body
macrotianounlargeness of ears. macrotous, adjective large-eared.
macrotomenouninstrument for making large sections for anatomical study.
macrotousadjectivehaving large ears
macruraladjectivepertaining to, like or belonging to the crustacean division including lobsters, prawns, etc. macruran, noun macrurous, adjective having long tail.
mactationnounsacrificial murder
maculanoun(pl. -ae ) colored spot. macular, adjective maculate(d), adjective bearing maculae; spotted; defiled. maculation, noun
maculateadjectivedefiled; impure
maculenounmacula; mackle. maculiferous, adjective bearing macules. maculose, adjective spotted.
madarosisnounloss of eyelashes or eyebrows. madarotic, adjective
madefyverbto wet
madescentadjectivegrowing damp.
madrasahnounIslamic college, or school attached to mosque.
madreporenounstony coral. madreporian, madreporic, madreporiform, adjective
maenadnoun(pl. -ades ) bacchante; wildly excited woman. maenadic, adjective maenadism, noun
magiricsnounart of cookery. magirology, noun
magistrandnoununiversity student in fourth year.
magnanerienounart or place of rearing silkworms.
magnetohydrodynamicadjectivepertaining to a method of generating electricity directly by passing an ionized gas through a magnetic field at an extremely high temperature. abbr. MHD.
magnetonnoununit of magnetic moment.
magniloquencenoungrandly high-flown, lofty speech; pompous language
magniloquentadjectiveusing high-flown language; bombastic. magniloqence, noun
maidannoun(in India) open space used as park, parade ground, etc.
maieuticadjectivepertaining to Socratic method. maieutics, noun Socratic method; midwifery.
maigreadjectiveRoman Catholic, not containing meat or its juices, thus permissible on days of abstinence; (of a day) on which abstinence is enjoined.
mainournounstolen property discovered on thief's person. in or with the mainour, in the act; red-handed.
majolicanounelaborate, highly-colored, glazed Italian pottery; faience. majolist, noun maker of majolica.
majusculenouncapital or other large letter. majuscular, adjective
mal de mernounseasickness. mal du pays, homesickness.
mala fideadjective'in bad faith'. mala fides, bad faith.
malacianounsoftening of tissue; craving for a certain food. malacodermous, adjective having soft skin. malacology, noun study of molluscs. malacophonous, adjective soft-voiced. malactic, adjective emollient.
malacissationnounthe process of making something soft and pliable
malagmanoun(pl. -mata ) emollient plaster.
malaisenoununeasiness; indefinable feeling of illness or discomfort.
malaradjectivepertaining to cheek(-bone).
malaxverbsoften by kneading or diluting. malaxage, noun such softening of clay. malaxate, v. malaxation, malaxator, noun
maledictionnouncurse. maledictive, maledictory, adjective
malefic(ent)adjectiveevil; harmful. maleficence, noun
maliferousadjectiveproducing evil; unhealthy, as a climate
malingerverb nounv. -i. feign illness, especially to evade duty. malingerer, n.
malismnounthe theory that the world is mostly bad
malneirophrenianoundepress following a nightmare
malnoianouna vague feeling of mental discomfort
malvaceousadjectivepertaining to or like a mallow; belonging to mallow family of plants.
malvasianoungrape from which malmsey is made. malvasian, adjective
malversationnounmisconduct; corruption; misuse of public or other funds.
mammillanoun(pl. -ae ) nipple. mammilliform, mammilloid, adjective like nipple. mammillar, mammillary, adjective mammillate, adjective having mamillae, or similar outgrowths. mammilation, noun
mammocknounto tear something to shreds
mammothreptnouna spoiled child
mancinismnounfavoring left hand
manciplenouncollege or monastery steward.
mandamusnoun'we command'; Law, Crown writ commanding performance of an action.
mandorlanounany almond-shaped object or ornament, especially (in painting, sculpture) area of light surrounding the risen Christ.
mandrelnounspindle supporting work in lathe, etc.
mandriarchnounfounder or head of monastic order.
manducateverbmasticate; eat. manducation, noun manducatory, adjective
manègenounhorsemanship; teaching or school of horsemanship.
manesnounn. -pl. pl. spirits of dead; ghosts.
manetnoun'he (she) remains'.
mangonizeverbto traffic in slaves
mangosteennounlarge reddish orange-like fruit of E Indies.
mania-a-potunounmadness resulting from too much gargle
maniaphobianounfear of insanity
manicateadjectivehaving dense woolly growth which can be peeled off.
manikinnoundwarf; Medicine, anatomical model; mannequin.
maniplenounnarrow embroidered band worn hanging from left arm by celebrant priest; subdivision of Roman legion consisting of 120 to 200 men.
manipulandumnounsomething that is to be manipulated
manometernouninstrument measuring pressure of gases, or blood-pressure. manometric(al), adjective manometry, noun
mansuetudenounsweetness of temper; tameness.
manteletnounbulletproof screen
manticadjectivepertaining to or having powers of prophecy or divination; divinely inspired. manticism, noun divination.
mantillanounlight cloak, cape or veil, especially of Spain.
mantissanoundecimal part of logarithm.
mantologynounfortunetelling; a fortuneteller
mantranounsacred word or syllable.
manubiaryadjectiverelating to the spoils of war
manubrialadjectivehandle-shaped. manubrium n. (pl. - bria) handle-shaped part.
manuductionnouncareful guidance; leading by the hand; introduction; guide. manuductory, adjective
manumissionnounformal liberation of a slave
manumitverbliberate (slave). manumission, noun manumissive, adjective
marascanounbitter wild cherry. maraschino, noun liqueur distilled from juice of this.
marasmicadjectiveof the gradual loss of flesh and strength; of a wasting of the body
marasmusnounintense emaciation due to malnutrition. marasmic, marasmous, adjective marasmoid, adjective like this.
marcasitenouncrystallized iron pyrites, used in jewellery. marcasitic, adjective
marcescentadjectivewithered, decayed, weak
mare clausumnoun'closed sea'; territorial waters. mare liberum, 'open sea'; sea outside territorial waters. mare nostrum /, 'our sea'; Roman name for Mediterranean.
maremmanoun(pl. -me ) marsh; landes; miasma. maremmatic, adjective
margravenountitle of nobility, equivalent of marquess. margravial, adjective margraviate, noun jurisdiction of margrave. margravine, noun margrave's wife or woman having power of margrave.
maricolousadjectiveinhabiting the sea. marigenous, adjective produced by or in sea. marigraph, noun tide gauge.
Mariolaternounworshipper of the Virgin Mary. mariolatrous, adjective mariolatry, noun
maritodespotismnounruthless domination by a husband
marlinenounline of two loosely twisted strands.
marlinspike, marlinespikenounpointed tool used to separate strands of rope and for other purposes.
marlockverbto cavort, frolic
marmarizeverbtransform into marble. marmarosis, noun
marmorealadjectivepertaining to or like marble. marmaraceous a. marmorate, adjective veined like marble. marmoric, adjective pertaining to marble.
marquenoun(emblem of) brand, make; taking possession of object as pledge or reprisal. letters of marque, authorisation by Crown of seizure of foreign goods, etc., as reprisal; privateer's commission.
marranonounJew converted to Christianity, especially merely to evade persecution. marranize, v. marranism, noun
marronnounchestnut. marrons glacés, chestnuts preserved or coated with sugar.
marsupiumnoun(pl. -ia) pouch of skin in which marsupial carries young.
martello towernounsmall round coastal-defence fort.
martinetnounstrict enforcer of discipline.
martingalenouncheck-rein holding horse's head down; betting system, especially of doubling stakes.
martletnounmartin (bird); Heraldry, footless, beakless bird, denoting fourth son.
maschalephidrosisnounmassive sweating of the armpits
masclenoundiamond-shaped scale or plate; Heraldry, lozenge with lozenge-shaped opening in centre. mascled, adjective covered with mascles.
masseternounmuscle raising lower jaw.
massotherapynounmedical treatment by massage.
mastigophobianounfear of punishment
mastitisnouninflammation of breast or milk gland.
mastoidadjectivenipple- or breast-like; denoting such bony outgrowth behind ear. mastoidectomy, noun operation to remove mastoid bone. mastoiditis, noun inflammation of mastoid cells. mastoidotomy, noun surgical incision into mastoid.
mataeologynounuseless of pointless discourse; worthless conversation
mataeotechnynounan unprofitable science or art
materfamiliasnoun(pl. matresfamilias ) mother or female head of family.
materianounmatter. materia ex qua, material out of which (something is made). materia in qua, material in which (something subsists). materia medica, study of medical remedies.
mathesisnounlearning; wisdom; mathematics. mathetic, adjective
matinadjectivepertaining to morning. matinal, adjective matins, noun morning prayer.
matrass, mattrassnounlong-necked round-bodied chemical flask; closed glass tube.
matriclinousadjectiveshowing inherited characteristics of the female parent. matricliny, noun
matriheritaladjectivepertaining to inheritance in female line. matrilineal, adjective tracing descent in female line. matrilocal, adjective pertaining to marriage in which husband goes to reside with wife and her family. matripotestal, adjective pertaining to mother's power.
matripotestaladjectivepertaining to maternal control
mattocknounpick-like digging tool.
mattoidnouna congenitally insane person
maturateverbbecome mature or ripe; cause to suppurate. maturation, noun maturative, adjective
maturescentadjectivebecoming mature. maturescence, noun
matutinaladjectivepertaining to or occurring in morning.
matutolagnianounantemerdian sexual desire
matutolypeanoungetting up on the wrong side of the bed
maulsticknounpainter's stick for steadying the hand.
maundnounmeasure of weight in Asia, equivalent of from 25 to 82 lbs.
maundernounincoherent talk
maundynounoriginally, ceremony of washing of feet of poor by sovereign; modern, alms-giving by sovereign in its stead. Maundy money, such alms. Maundy Thursday, Thursday before Easter, on which the ceremony was performed and the money is distributed.
mauvaisadjective(fem. -vaise ) bad; wicked. mauvaise foi, 'bad faith'. mauvais quart d'heure, brief bad or embarrassing experience. mauvais sujet, 'bad or wicked subject' or person.
mavisnounsong- or misselthrush.
maximalismnoununcompromising adherence to maximum demands, as in trade dispute, etc. maximalist, noun radical; extremist.
mazarineadjective noun(of) reddish-blue hue.
mazomancynounfortunetelling by a nursing baby
mazophilousadjectivepertaining to mammary mania
meableadjectiveeasily penetrable.
meacocknounan effeminate or cowardly man
meatusnounpassage of the body. meatal, adjective
mechanolaternounworshipper of machines. mechanomorphic, adjective having form of machine. mechanotherapy, noun medical treatment by mechanical means.
mechanomorphismnounthe doctrine that the universe is fully explicable in mechanistic terms
mechlinnounvery expensive kind of lace
mecometernounlength-measuring instrument. mecometry, noun
meconiumnounmucoid substance in new-born baby's intestines, excreted as first faeces.
meconologynounthe study of opium and its effects
meconophagismnounopium addiction
medianicadjectivepertaining to spiritualist medium, or prophet. medianimic, adjective medianimity, medianity, noun
mediastinumnoun(pl. -na) chest cavity containing heart. mediastinal, adjective mediastinitis, noun inflammation of tissue enclosing organs in mediastinum.
medicasternouna medical quack
megacephalicadjectivehaving large head. megacephaly, noun
megacephalousadjectivehaving a large head
megachiropteranadjective noun(pertaining to a) fruit bat. megachiropterous, adjective
megadontadjectivehaving large teeth.
megalonisusnouna tendency to exaggerate
megalophobianounfear of large things
megalophonousadjectivehigh-sounding; having loud voice. megalophonic, adjective
megalophthalmusnounstate of having large eyes. megalopic, adjective large-eyed; pertaining to megalops.
megalopsnounlarval stage of crab.
megameternouninstrument for finding longitude from stellar observations.
megapodadjectivehaving large feet. megapode n. such bird of Australasia, as jungle fowl, brush turkey, etc.
megaprosopousadjectivehaving large face.
megapterineadjective noun(pertaining to a) humpback whale.
megascopenounmagnifying magic lantern. megascopic, adjective magnified; macroscopic.
megatheriumnounfossil sloth-like animal. megathere, noun megatherian, megatherine, megatherioid, adjective
megathermnounplant thriving only in tropical heat and moisture. megathermic, adjective
megrimnounmigraine; whim. megrims, low spirits.
meharinounracing dromedary. meharist, noun soldier riding one.
meiosisnounrhetorical understatement, or representing something as less or more minor than it actually is as a form of ironic emphasis
mekometernounkind of range-finder.
melaenanounblack vomit or bowel discharge. melaenic, adj.
melalgianounpain in limbs.
melampodiumnounChristmas rose.
melasmanoundark patch of skin.
meldometernouninstrument for finding melting points.
meleagrineadjectivepertaining to or like a turkey; belonging to turkey genus of birds.
melicadjectivepertaining to song; lyric; n. such poetry, especially of ancient Greece.
meliceris, meliceranounn. tumour or exudation of honey-like matter. meliceric, melicerous, adj.
melinitenounexplosive resembling lyddite.
meliorismnounbelief that world and humankind tend to grow better. meliorist, noun melioristic, adjective meliority, noun improved state.
meliphagousadjectivefeeding on honey.
melismanoun(pl. -mata ) melody; song; melodic ornamentation. melismatic, adj. in florid style, especially of singing one syllable on a number of notes. melismatics, noun such florid singing.
melissophobianounfear of bees
melitaemia, melithaemianounn. presence of excess of sugar in blood.
melittologynounstudy of bees. melittologist, noun
meliturianounsugar diabetes. melituric, adj.
mellaginousadjectivepertaining to or like honey. melleous, adj. like or containing honey.
mellifluent, mellifluousadjectivea. sweet-sounding; flowing with honey. melliferous, adjective honey-producing. mellisonant, adjective sweet-sounding. mellivorous, adjective eating honey.
melliloquencenouneuphonious speech; sweet talk
melologuenounrecitation with musical accompaniment. melomania, noun mania for music.
melomaniacnouna music lover
melophonicadjectivepertaining to music. melopoeia, noun composition of music.
memento morinoun'remember you must die'; n. reminder of death, or of shortness of life.
memoriteradjectivefrom memory; by heart.
menacmenounthe menstruating part of a woman's life
menarchenounfirst appearance of menses.
mencefulnounpolite, considerate
mendaciloquencenounlying as a fine art; adroit prevarication
mendaciousadjectivetelling lies, especially habitually. mendacity, noun
Mendelianadjectivepertaining to Gregor Mendel, and his theory of inheritance; n. believer in his theory. Mendelism, noun
mendicantnounbeggar; a. begging. mendicity, mendicancy, n .
menhirnounupright monolith.
menologynouncalendar of months; calendar of saints' days.
menorrhagianounexcessive bleeding during menstruation. menorrhoea, noun normal menstrual bleeding. menoschesis, noun temporary suppression of menstruation. menostaxis, noun abnormally long period.
mens reanouncriminal intent, knowledge that an act is wrong.
mensaladjectivepertaining to or for table; monthly.
menstruumnoun(pl. -ua) solvent.
mensualadjectivepertaining to month; monthly.
mentationnouncerebration. mentiferous, adjective telepathic.
mentimutationnounchange of mind
mentulateadjectivewell hung
mepacrinenounsynthetic anti-malarial drug formerly called atebrin.
mephiticadjectivebad-smelling; noxious
mephitisnounfoul exhalation from earth; stink. mephitic, adjective mephitic air, air devoid of oxygen. mephitism, noun poisoning by mephitis.
meraciousadjectiveunadulterated, full-strength, pure
meraculousadjectivedemi-dirty, slightly filthy
meralgianounneuralgia of thigh.
mercaptannounchemical which smells like garlic
merdivorousadjectiveeating dung
merisisnounBiology, growth by cell division. merismatic, adjective dividing into segments by internal partitions. meristem, noun embryonic plant tissue capable of growth by division. meristic, adjective divided into segments; pertaining to number or variation of body parts.
merismnouna pairing of contrasted terms to express a totality,and thus form a synecdoche, e.g. now and then
merlonnounnarrow wall between embrasures in battlements.
merogenesisnounsegmentation. merogenetic, adjective merogony, noun growth of embryo from part of egg. meromorphic, adjective fractional. meropia, noun partial blindness.
mésalliancenounmistaken marriage; marriage into lower social class.
mesencephalonnounmidbrain. mesencephalic, adjective
mesenterynounmembrane enclosing intestines. mesenterial, mesenteric, adjective mesenteritis, noun inflammation of mesentery
mesialadjectivemiddle. mesiad, adv. towards the middle.
mesicadjectiveadapted to conditions with a balanced supply of moisture.
mesocardianounplacing of heart in middle of thorax.
mesocephalicadjectivehaving medium-sized head. mesocephalus, noun (pl. -li ) such person.
mesochroicadjectivehaving color of skin midway between light and dark races.
mesodenounpart of ode between strophe and antistrophe.
mesodontnounwith teeth of medium size.
mesognathismnounstate of having jaws of medium size. mesognathic, mesognathous, adjective
mesoprosopicadjectivewith face of medium width.
mesothermnounplant thriving only in moderate temperature.
messuagenouna house and the land around it
metabasisnountransition; transfer. metabatic, adjective
metabiosisnounreliance by an organism on another to produce favourable environment; change due to external agency. metabiotic, adjective
metacarpusnounhand between wrist and base of fingers. metacarpal, a.; n. bone of the metacarpus.
metachemistrynounspeculative or theoretical, or subatomic, chemistry.
metachromatismnounchange of color.
metachronismnounanachronism dating thing later than its correct date.
metachrosisnounability to change color voluntarily.
metagenounofficial measurement; fee paid for something.
metagnosticadjectivebeyond understanding.
metagrobolizeverbthe mystify
metalepsisnounrhetorical device of changing figurative sense by metonymy. metaleptic(al), a.; Medicine, applied to muscle associated with others in action.
metallogenynounstudy of origin of ores. metallogenic, metallogenetic, adjective
metamericadjectivepertaining to serial segmentation of body; isomeric. metamerism, metamery, noun metamerous, adjective
metanoianounpenitence; spiritual conversion.
metaphonynounumlaut. metaphonic(al), adjective metaphonize, v.
metaphrasenounliteral translation; v.t. translate literally; paraphrase. metaphrast, noun person putting verse into different metre, or prose into verse. metaphrastic, adjective
metaplasianounchange of one kind of tissue into another.
metaplasmnounlifeless matter in cell; Grammar, alteration in spelling of word. metaplastic, adjective pertaining to metaplasm or metaplasia.
metapoliticsnountheoretical political study. metapolitical, adjective metapolitician, noun
metasomatosisnounGeology, chemical metamorphism. metasomasis, metasomatism, noun metasomatic, adjective
metastasisphrasecasual mention of a subject as if it were unimportant; responding to a person's criticism or insult with a riposte that uses or plays on his or her words
metasthenicadjectivehaving strong hindquarters.
metastrophenounmutual exchange. metastrophic, adjective
metatarsusnounfoot between ankle and base of toes; instep. metatarsal, a.; n. bone of metatarsus.
metathesisnoun(pl. -ses ) transposition of letters or sounds in a word. metathesize, v. metathetic(al), adjective
metazoanounpl. (sing. -zoon ) all animals except protozoa. metazoal, metazoic, adj.metazoan, n. & a.
metempiricadjectivetranscending but associated with empirical knowledge. metempiricism, noun metempirics, noun study of metempiric ideas.
metempsychosisnoun(pl. -ses ) passage of soul into another body at death. metempsychose, v. transfer a soul.
metemptosisnounomission of day from calendar to correct date of new moon.
metensomatosisnounpassage into another body of soul after or before death.
metolnouncoal tar derivative used in developing pictures
metonymynounfigurative use of a word for another closely associated with it, especially of attribute for its subject (as the crown for the sovereign or monarchy). metonymical, mentonymous, adjective
metopicadjectivepertaining to forehead. metopomancy, noun divination by face or forehead.
metoposcopynounjudging character by studying the face
metritisnouninflammation of womb.
metrologynounstudy of weights and measures. metrological, adjective metrologist, metrologue, noun
metromanianouna mania for writing verse
metronymicadjective noun(name) derived from mother's or ancestress's name; pertaining to descent in the female line. metronymy, noun metronymic usage.
meusenoungap through which wild animal's track passes.
mezzo-relievonoun(carving in) relief between alto-relievo and bas-relief.
mi-carêmenounSunday in mid-Lent, a festival day.
micrandernoundwarf male plant. micrandrous, adjective
microcephalic, microcephalousadjectivea. small-headed microcephalism, microcephaly, noun microcephalus, noun (pl. -li ) such person.
microdontadjectivewith small teeth. microdontism, noun microdontous, adjective
microlipetnounsomeone bothered by trifles
micrologynounexcessive devotion to minute details; art of using the microscope.
micromanianounform of insanity in which patient constantly depreciates himself, or imagines that he has become very small. micromaniac, noun
microphagousadjectivefeeding on small objects. microphagy, noun
microphyllousadjectivehaving minute leaves.
micropodal, micropodousadjectiven. having extremely small feet.
micropsianounoptical defect causing objects to appear smaller than their real size.
micropterousadjectivehaving small wings or fins. micropterygious, adjective having small fins.
micropylenounmicroscopic orifice in plant ovule or female cell. micropylar, adjective
microseismnounsmall earth tremor. microseismic(al), adjective microseismology, noun study of these. microseismometer, noun instrument measuring these.
microsomatousadjectivehaving small body.
microstomatous, microstomousadjectivea. having small mouth. microstome, noun small opening.
microthermnounplant thriving only in very low temperature. microthermic, adjective
microtianounabnormal smallness of ear.
micrurgynounart of dissecting, etc., under microscope. micrurgic(al), adjective micrurgist, noun
micturitionnounurination, especially abnormally frequent. micturate, v.i.
middennouna dunghill
migniardadjectivedainty, delicate; mincing
miles gloriosusphrase'braggart soldier'.
miliarianounprickly heat. miliary, adjective (characterized by a rash) like millet seeds.
militateverbv. -i. be influential, have an effect.
millesimaladjective(pertaining to) thousandth part.
milliadnouna thousand years.
milliaryadjectivepertaining to miles, especially ancient Roman.
milliporenounkind of branching coral. milliporite, noun fossil millipore.
mimesisnounimitation, especially in literature and art or by animal of its surroundings, etc. mimetic, adjective mimetism, noun mimicry.
mimographynounrepresentation in writing of language of signs.
minatoryadjectiveportending punishment; threatening; menacing
miniaceousadjectivehaving color of red lead. miniate, v. paint with red lead; decorate with red letters or rubrics; illuminate (manuscripts). miniator, noun
miniateverbcolor with red paint
minifyverbminimize; diminish the size or importance of.
minikinadjective noundelicate, dainty or affected (person).
minimifidianadjectivehaving smallest possible degree of faith. minimifidianism, noun
minimusnouna tiny creature
miniumnounvermilion; red lead.
minivernoununspotted ermine fur; any white fur.
minnesingernountroubadour-like poet of medieval Germany.
minuendnounnumber from which another has to be subtracted.
miosis, myosisnounexcessive contraction of the pupil of the eye. miotic a. & n. (substance) causing this.
miothermicadjectiveGeology, pertaining to present temperature conditions.
mirabile dictuphrasewonderful to relate
miradornounwatch-tower, or other architectural feature with fine view.
mirepoixnounsautéed vegetables used as base for braising meat, etc.
mirific(al)adjectivewonder-working; miraculous.
misandrynoundislike of men
misapodysisnounhatred of undressing in front of someone
misarchistnouna person who hates authority
misdemeanantnounperson guilty of misdemeanour.
mise en scènenounstaging, scenery, etc., of play; setting; locality; surroundings.
miserabile dictuphrasemiserable to relate
miserotianounaversion to sex
misocainianounhatred of anything new or strange, such asnew ideas
misocanpnistnouna hater of tobacco smoke
misocapnicadjectivehating tobacco smoke. misocapnist, noun
misodoctakleidistnounone who hates to practice the piano
misogallicadjectivehating the French.
misogamynounhatred of marriage. misogamic, adjective misogamist, noun
misologynounhatred of logical discussion or reason
misoneismnounhatred of change or novelty. misoneist, noun
misopedianounhatred of children, esp. one's own
misopolemicaladjectivehating war.
misoscopistnouna hater of beauty; a recluse
misosophynounhatred of wisdom
misotheismnounhatred of gods or God. misotheist, noun
misotramontanismnouna hatred of the unknown
misoxenynounhatred of strangers
misprisionnounerror of omission or commision; misdemeanour; contempt, scorn. misprise, v. & n. scorn.
mistigrisnounpoker game where the joker is used
mistralnounstrong cold north wind of S France.
mithridatismnounimmunity from poison obtained by consuming series of small doses. mithridatic, adjective mithridatize, v.
mitraillenoungrape and other small shot. mitrailleur, noun machine-gunner. mitrailleuse, noun machine-gun.
mitraladjectivemitre- or bonnet-shaped. mitriform, adjective mitre-shaped.
mittimusnoun'we send'; n. writ for committing to prison or removing records to other court; congé.
mnemenounPsychology, persisting effect of memory of past events. mnemic, adjective mnemist, noun
mnesicadjectivepertaining to memory. mnestic, adjective pertaining to memory or mneme.
mockadonounancient woollen fabric; inferior material; tawdry.
modenanoundark purple color
mogadorenounribbed silk necktie material.
mogigraphianounwriters' cramp
mogigraphia, mogigraphynounn., writing only with difficulty. mogilalia,, noun speaking only with difficulty.
mohonounboundary between the crust and upper mantle of the Earth: abbreviation of Mohorovic discontinuity. mohole, noun borehole into the Earth's crust as far as the moho.
molimennounstrenuous effort or labour.
moliminousadjectivemassive; momentous
molinaryadjectivepertaining to mills or grinding.
mollescentadjectivesoftening. mollify, v. soften; appease. mollipilose, adjective downy. mollities, noun Medicine, softness. mollitious, adjective softening; voluptuous.
molochnouna system or method that requires frightful sacrifice
molossusnounverse foot of three long syllables.
molysmophobianounfear of dirt or contamination
Momusnoungod of ridicule; carping critic; satirist. disciple, son, etc., of Momus, person continually poking fun.
monachaladjectivemonastic. monachate, noun period of monkhood. monachize, v.i. & t. become or cause to become a monk or monkish. monachism, noun
monadnoununit; atom; microcosmic element underlying reality; God. monadic, adjective monadism, noun philosophic theory that universe is composed of such elements.
monandrynounmarriage to only one man at a time. monandric, monandrous, adjective
monarticularadjectiveof or affecting only one joint.
monatomicadjectivehaving one atom, or only one atom in molecule; univalent. monatomicity, monatomism, noun
monepicadjectivecomprising one word, or single-worded sentences.
moniliformadjectivehaving narrow intervals or joints resembling a string of beads.
monismnounphilosophical belief that matter, mind, etc., consist of one substance only, which is the only reality. monist, noun monistic, adjective
monitionnouncaution; warning, especially legal. monitory, a.; n. letter containing a monition.
monoblepsia, monoblepsisnounn. normality of vision with one eye, but confusion when both are used; color-blindness for all but one color.
monocarpicadjectivefruiting only once.
monocerosnoununicorn; swordfish. monocerous, adjective having one horn only.
monochordnounmusical instrument with one string; similar apparatus determining musical intervals; clavichord.
monochronicadjectiverelating to one period of time.
monoclinenounGeology, single upward band or fold. monoclinal, adjective
monocoqueadjective noun(denoting) aircraft structure in which the outer skin carries all or most of the torsional and bending stresses; (denoting) car structure in which the body is integral with and shares the stresses with the chassis.
monocotyledonnounplant having a single cotyledon. monocotyledonous, adjective
monocracynounautocracy. monocrat, noun monocratic, adjective
monocularadjectivehaving, pertaining to, or for one eye only. monoculist, monoculus, noun one-eyed person. monoculous, adjective
monodramanounplay acted by one person only; dramatic account of thoughts of one person. monodramatic, adjective
monodromicadjectiveuniform in value. monodromy, noun
monodynounsong on one note or by one voice; dirge; melody.
monodynamicadjectivehaving only one power or ability. monodynamism, noun belief in one force causing all activity.
monoeciousadjectivehaving male and female organs in same organism, especially having male and female flowers on same plant. monoecism, noun
monogenesisnounsingleness of origin; theory that all human beings derive from one man and woman, or that all life derives from a single cell; asexual reproduction; development without change of form. monogeneous,, monogenetic, monogenic, monogenous, adjective monogenism,, monogeny n.
monoglotadjective noun(person) knowing one language only; a. written in one language only.
monogonynounnon-sexual reproduction.
monoideismnounobsession with a single idea. monoideic, adjective monoideist, noun
monolatrynounworship of one god only out of many believed to exist. monolater, monolatrist, noun monolatrous, adjective
monolingualadjectivemonoglot. monolinguist, noun
monoliteraladjectivecomprising one letter only.
monologynounsoliloquy; monopoly of the conversation. monologian, monologist, noun monologic(al), adjective monologize, v.i.
monomachynounduel. monomachist, noun
monomanianouninsanity on one subject only; obsession to insane degree with one subject. monomaniac, noun monomaniacal, adjective
monometallismnounuse of one metal as currency standard; theory advocating this. monometallist, noun
monomialadjective noun(name or expression) comprising one term only.
monomorphicadjectivehaving same form throughout life. monomorphism, noun monomorphous, adjective
monoousianadjectivehaving same substance.
monophagousadjectiveeating one kind of food only. monophagia, monophagism, monophagy, noun
monophobianoundread of solitude.
monophonousadjectiverepresenting same sound, as f and ph; giving tones singly.
monophthalmusnouncongenital absence of one eye. monopthalmic, adjective
monophthongnounsingle vowel sound. monophthongal, adjective monophthongize, v. pronounce as monophthong.
monophyleticadjectivederived from one common parental stock. monophyleticism, noun
monoplasmaticadjectiveof one substance. monoplastic, adjective of one form.
monoplegianounparalysis of one part of body only, especially one limb. monoplegic, adjective
monopodenoun(creature) with one foot, especially such fabulous Ethiopian race. monopodial, monopodic, monopodous, adjective monopodium, noun (pl. -dia) Botany, main axis of growth. monopody, noun verse measure of one foot.
monopolyloguenoundramatic entertainment with interpretation of many rôles by one person. monopolylogist, noun
monopsonynounmarket situtation where there is only one buyer for a product.
monopsychismnounbelief in one universal soul.
monopterosnoun(pl. - tera) building with single ring of columns supporting a roof. monopteral, adjective
monoptotenounnoun (or adjective) occurring in a single oblique case. monoptotic, adjective
monopyrenousadjectiveapplied to single-stoned or single-kernelled fruit.
monorchidadjectivehaving one testicle
monoschemicadjectiveusing same metrical foot throughout.
monosemynounfact of having only one meaning. monosemous, adjective
monospermous, monospermaladjectivea. single-seeded. monospermy, noun fertilization of egg by one sperm cell only.
monoticadjectiveaffecting one ear only.
monotocousadjectivelaying one egg, or bringing forth one young, only.
monotremenounprimitive Australian egg-laying mammal, e.g. duck- billed platypus. monotrematous, adjective
monozygoticadjectivedeveloped from one zygote only.
monstrancenounEcclesiastical, vessel for exposing eucharist.
monticlenounsmall hill
mopusnouncoin which is very small
moquettenounthick-piled upholstery fabric or carpet.
moranoun(pl. -ae ) unit of metre in prosody, equivalent of one short syllable; Law, postponement; default.
morbillinounpl. measles. morbillary, morbilliform, adjective like measles. morbillous, adjective
morbusnoundisease. morbus Gallicus, 'French disease'; syphilis.
morcellateverbdivide into small portions. morcellation, noun
mordaciousadjectivetending to bite; caustic, sarcastic. mordacity, noun
mordantadjectivebiting; caustic; cutting; sarcastic
mordentnounmusical device of alternating quickly a tone with another a half-tone lower.
morelnounkind of edible fungus; black night-shade. morello, noun dark-colored cultivated cherry.
morganaticadjectivepertaining to or denoting marriage of person of royal blood to person of inferior rank, by which the latter does not receive the royal spouse's rank nor do the children inherit his or her titles or property. morganatical, adjective
morganizeverbdo away with secretly; burke.
morigerousadjectiveobedient; obsequious
morologynoundeliberate nonsense of foolishness for effect
morphogenesis, morphogenynounn. development of morphological characteristics. morphogenetic, morphogenic, adjective
morphographynounmorphological description or study. morphographer, noun artist portraying forms. morphographic(al), adjective morphographist, noun