D&D 5e Spell Component Database

A searchable/sortable table of all the material spell components for Dungeons & Dragons 5e and the spells they correspond with. Now updated with 2022 spells!

LevelSpell NameComponent
0Booming BladeMelee weapon, 1sp
0Dancing LightsBit of Phosphorus
0Dancing LightsBit of Wytchwood
0Dancing LightsGlowworm
0FriendsSmall amount of makeup applied to face
0Green-Flame BladeMelee weapon, 1sp
0InfestationLiving flea
0LightPhosphorescent moss
0MendingTwo lodestones
0MessageShort piece of copper wire
0Minor IllusionBit of fleece
0ResistanceMiniature cloak
0ShillelaghShamrock leaf
0ShillelaghClub or Quarterstaff
0Thorn WhipStem of plant with thorns
0Word of RadianceHoly Symbol
1AlarmTiny Bell
1AlarmPiece of Fine Silver Wire
1Animal FriendshipMorsel of Food
1Armor of AgathysCup of Water
1BaneDrop of Blood
1Beast BondBit of fur wrapped in cloth
1BlessSprinkling of Holy Water
1CeremonyPowdered silver, 25gp
1Chromatic OrbDiamond, 50gp
1Color SprayPinch of Powder, Red
1Color SprayPinch of Powder, Yellow
1Color SprayPinch of Powder, Blue
1Color SprayPinch of Sand, Red
1Color SprayPinch of Sand, Yellow
1Color SprayPinch of Sand, Blue
1Comprehend LanguagePinch of Soot
1Comprehend LanguagePinch of Salt
1Create or Destroy WaterDrop of Water
1Create or Destroy WaterGrains of Sand
1Detect Poison and DiseaseYew Leaf
1False LifeSmall amount of alcohol or distilled spirits
1Feather FallSmall feather
1Feather FallPiece of down
1Find Familiar10gp of Charcoal, Incense and Herbs
1Find FamiliarBrass Brazier
1GoodberrySprig of Mistletoe
1GreaseBit of pork rind
1HexPetrified Eye of Newt
1Ice KnifeDrop of water
1Ice KnifePiece of ice
1IdentifyPearl, 100gp
1IdentifyOwl feather
1Illusory ScriptLead-based ink, 10gp
1Jim’s Magic MissileRoyalty component, 1gp
1JumpGrasshopper's hind leg
1LongstriderPinch of dirt
1Mage ArmorBit of cured leather
1Protection from Good and EvilHoly Water
1Protection from Good and EvilPowdered silver and iron
1SanctuarySmall silver mirror
1Shield of FaithSmall parchment with holy text
1Silent ImageBit of fleece
1SleepPinch of fine sand
1SleepRose petals
1Snare25' rope
1Tasha's Hideous LaughterTiny tarts
1Tasha's Hideous LaughterFeather
1Tasha’s Caustic BrewBit of rotten food
1Tenser's Floating DiskDrop of mercury
1Unseen ServantPiece of string
1Unseen ServantBit of wood
1Witch BoltTwig from tree struck by lightning
2Acid ArrowPowered Rhubarb Leaf
2Acid ArrowAdder’s Stomach
2Aganazzar's ScorcherRed Dragon's scale
2AidTiny Strip of White Cloth
2Animal MessengerMorsel of Food
2Arcane LockGold Dust, 25gp
2Arcanist’s Magic AuraSmall Square of Silk
2AugurySpecially Marked Sticks, 25gp
2AugurySpecially Marked Bones, 25gp
2AugurySpecially Marked Tokens, 25gp
2BarkskinHandful of Oak Bark
2Borrowed KnowledgeBook, 25gp
2Cloud of DaggersSliver of Glass
2Continual FlameRuby Dust, 50gp
2Cordon of ArrowsArrows
2Cordon of ArrowsBolts
2DarknessBat Fur
2DarknessDrop of Pitch
2DarknessPiece of Coal
2DarkvisionPinch of Dried Carrot
2Detect ThoughtsCopper piece
2Dragon's BreathHot pepper
2Dust DevilPinch of dust
2Enhance AbilityFur of a beast
2Enhance AbilityFeather of a bird
2EnlargePinch of Powdered Iron
2Flame BladeLeaf of sumac
2Flaming SphereBit of tallow
2Flaming SpherePinch of brimstone
2Flaming SphereDusting of powdered iron
2Fortune’s FavorWhite pearl, 100gp
2Gentle ReposePinch of salt
2Gentle ReposeCopper coin (per eye)
2Gift of GabRoyalty component, 2gp
2Gust of WindLegume seed
2Heat MetalPiece of iron
2Heat MetalFlame
2Hold PersonSmall, straight piece of iron
2Immovable ObjectGold dust, 25gp
2InvisibilityEyelash encased in gum arabic
2Jim’s Glowing CoinRoyalty component, 2gp
2LevitateSmall leather loop
2LevitateGolden w ire bent into a cup shape with a long shank on one end
2Locate Animals and PlantsBit of fur from a bloodhound
2Locate ObjectForked Twig
2Magic MouthBit of honeycomb
2Magic MouthJade Dust, 10gp
2Maximillian's Earthen GraspMiniature hand sculpted from clay
2Melf's Acid ArrowPowdered rhubarb leaf
2Melf's Acid ArrowAdder's stomach
2MoonbeamSeveral seeds of moonseed plant
2MoonbeamPiece of opalescent feldspar
2Nathair’s MischiefPiece of crust from an apple pie
2Nystal's Magic AuraSmall square of silk
2Pass without TraceBurned leaf of mistletoe
2Pass without TraceSprig of spruce
2Phantasmal ForceBit of fleece
2ReducePinch of Powdered Iron
2Rime’s Binding IceVial of meltwater
2Rope TrickPowdered corn extract
2Rope TrickTwisted loop of parchment
2See InvisibilityPinch of talc
2See InvisibilitySmall sprinkling powdered silver
2ShatterChip of mica
2Snilloc's Snowball SwarmPiece of ice
2Snilloc's Snowball SwarmSmall white rock chip
2Spider ClimbDrop of bitumen
2Spider ClimbSpider
2Spike GrowthSeven sharp thorns
2Spike GrowthSeven small sharpened twigs
2SuggestionSnake's tongue
2SuggestionBit of honeycomb
2SuggestionDrop of sweet oil
2Summon BeastFeather, tuft of fur, fish tail in gilded acorn, 200gp
2Warding BondPair of platinum rings, 50gp each
2WebBit of spiderweb
2Wither and BloomWithered vine twisted in a loop
3Animate DeadDrop of Blood
3Animate DeadPiece of Flesh
3Animate DeadPinch of Bone Dust
3CatnapPinch of sand
3ClairvoyanceJeweled Horn, 100gp
3ClairvoyanceGlass Eye, 100gp
3Conjure BarrageAmmunition
3Conjure BarrageArrow
3Conjure BarrageBolt
3Conjure BarrageThrown Weapon
3Erupting EarthPiece of Obsidian
3FearWhite feather
3FearHeart of a hen
3Feign DeathPinch of graveyard dust
3FireballTiny ball of bat guano & sulfur
3FlyWing feather of any bird
3Galder’s TowerFragment of wood
3Galder’s TowerFragment of stone
3Galder’s TowerBuilding material
3Gaseous FormBit of gauze
3Gaseous FormWisp of smoke
3Glyph of WardingIncense & Powdered Diamond Dust, 200gp
3HasteShaving of licorice root
3Hunger of HadarPickled octopus tentacle
3Hypnotic PatternSmall glowing stick of incense
3Hypnotic PatternCrystal Vial of phosphorescent material
3Incite GreedGem, 50gp
3Leomund's Tiny HutSmall crystal bead
3Lightning BoltBit of Fur
3Lightning BoltRod of amber
3Lightning BoltRod of crystal
3Lightning BoltRod of glass
3Magic CircleHoly Water
3Magic CirclePowdered Silver and Iron, 100gp
3Major ImageBit of fleece
3Melf's Minute MeteorsNiter, sulfur and pine tar formed into a bead
3Non-DetectionPinch of diamond dust, 25gp
3RevivifyDiamonds, 300gp
3SendingShort piece of fine copper wire
3Sleet StormPinch of dust
3Sleet StormFew drops of water
3SlowDrop of molasses
3Speak with DeadBurning Incense
3Spirit GuardiansHoly Symbol
3Stinking CloudRotten egg
3Stinking CloudSeveral skunk cabbage leaves
3Summon FeyGilded flower, 300gp
3Summon Lesser DemonsVial of blood from humanoid killed in last 24 hours
3Summon ShadowspawnTears inside gem, 300gp
3Summon UndeadGilded skull, 300gp
3Tidal WaveDrop of water
3Leomund's Tiny HutSmall crystal bead
3TonguesSmall clay model of ziggurat
3Wall of SandHandful of sand
3Wall of WaterDrop of water
3Water BreathingShort reed
3Water BreathingPiece of straw
3Water WalkPiece of cork
3Wind WallTiny fan
3Wind WallFeather of exotic origin
4Arcane EyeBit of Bat Fur
4BanishmentDistasteful Item
4Black TentaclesPiece of tentacle from giant octopus
4Black TentaclesPiece of tentacle from giant squid
4ConfusionNutshells, 3
4Conjure Woodland BeingHolly Berry
4Control WaterDrop of Water
4Control WaterPinch of Dust
4DivinationSacrificial Offering, 25gp
4Evard's Black TentaclesPiece of tentacle from giant octopus
4Evard's Black TentaclesPiece of tentacle from giant squid
4Faithful HoundTiny silver whistle
4Faithful HoundPiece of bone
4Faithful HoundThread
4Fire ShieldBit of Phosphorus
4Fire ShieldFirefly
4Freedom of MovementLeather strap, bound around arm/limb
4Galder’s Speedy Courier25gp or materials goods of equivalent value
4Gravity SinkholeBlack marble
4Hallucinatory TerrainA stone
4Hallucinatory TerrainA twig
4Hallucinatory TerrainBit of green plant
4Ice StormPinch of dust
4Ice StormFew drops of water
4Leomund's Secret ChestChest, 5000gp
4Leomund's Secret ChestTiny Chest, 50gp
4Locate CreatureBit of fur from a bloodhound
4Mordenkainen's Faithful HoundTiny silver whistle
4Mordenkainen's Faithful HoundPiece of bone
4Mordenkainen's Faithful HoundThread
4Mordenkainen's Private SanctumThin sheet of lead
4Mordenkainen's Private SanctumPiece of opaque glass
4Mordenkainen's Private SanctumWad of cotton
4Mordenkainen's Private SanctumWad of cloth
4Mordenkainen's Private SanctumPowdered chrysolite
4Otiluke's Resilient SphereHemispherical sphere of clear crystal
4Otiluke's Resilient SphereHemispherical sphere of gum arabic
4PolymorphCaterpillar cocoon
4Private SanctumThin sheet of lead
4Private SanctumPiece of opaque glass
4Private SanctumWad of cotton
4Private SanctumWad of cloth
4Private SanctumPowdered chrysolite
4Resilient SphereHemispherical sphere of clear crystal
4Resilient SphereHemispherical sphere of gum arabic
4Secret ChestChest, 5000gp
4Secret ChestTiny Chest, 50gp
4Shadow of MoilUndead eyeball encased in gem, 150gp
4Stone ShapeSoft Clay
4StoneskinDiamond Dust, 100gp
4Summon AberrationPickled tentacle & eyeball in platinum inlaid vial, 400gp
4Summon ConstructOrnate stone & metal lockbox, 400gp
4Summon ElementalAir, pebble, ash, water inside gold-inlaid vial, 400gp
4Summon Greater DemonVial of blood from humanoid killed in last 24 hours
4Vitriolic SphereDrop of giant slug bile
4Wall of FireSmall piece of phosphorus
4Watery SphereDroplet of water
5AwakenAgate, 1000gp
5Bigby's HandEggshell
5Bigby's HandSnakeskin Glove
5CommuneVial of Holy Water
5CommuneVial of Unholy Water
5Cone of ColdSmall Crystal Cone
5Cone of ColdSmall Glass Cone
5Conjure ElementalBurning Incense
5Conjure ElementalSoft Clay
5Conjure ElementalSulfur
5Conjure ElementalPhosphorus
5Conjure ElementalWater
5Conjure ElementalSand
5Conjure VolleyAmmunition
5Conjure VolleyArrow
5Conjure VolleyBolt
5Conjure VolleyThrown Weapon
5CreationTiny Piece of Matter (of type created)
5DawnSunburst pendant, 100gp
5Dispel Evil and GoodHoly Water
5Dispel Evil and GoodPowdered Silver
5Dispel Evil and GoodPowdered Iron
5DreamHandful of sand
5DreamDab of ink
5DreamWriting Quill plucked from sleeping bird
5Flame StrikePinch of sulfur
5Greater RestorationDiamond Dust, 100gp
5HallowHerbs, Oils & Incense, 1000gp
5Hold MonsterSmall, straight piece of iron
5Infernal CallingRuby, 999gp
5Insect PlagueFew grains of sugar
5Insect PlagueSome kernels of grain
5Insect PlagueSmear of fat
5Legend LoreIncense, 250gp
5Legend LoreIvory strip, 50gp
5Legend LoreIvory strip, 50gp
5Legend LoreIvory strip, 50gp
5Legend LoreIvory strip, 50gp
5MaelstromPaper or Leaf in shape of a funnel
5Negative Energy FloodBroken bone
5Negative Energy FloodSquare of black silk
5PasswallPinch of sesame seeds
5Planar BindingJewel, 1000gp
5Raise DeadDiamond, 500gp
5Rary's Telepathic BondPiece of eggshell (two types)
5ReincarnateRare oils and ungents, 1000gp
5ScryingCrystal ball, silver mirror, font of holy water; 1000gp
5Steel Wind StrikeMelee weapon, 1sp
5Summon CelestialGolden reliquary, 500gp
5Summon Draconic SpiritObject with the image of a dragon engraved on it, 500gp
5Swift QuiverQuiver with at least one piece of ammo
5Telepathic BondPiece of eggshell (two types)
5Teleportation CircleRare chalks and inks infused with gems, 50gp
5Transmute RockClay
5Transmute RockWater
5Wall of ForcePinch of powder from clear gemstone
5Wall of LightHand mirror
5Wall of StoneSmall block of granite
6Chain LightningBit of Fur
6Chain LightningPiece of Amber
6Chain LightningPiece of Glass
6Chain LightningCrystal Rod
6Chain LightningSilver Pin
6Circle of DeathPowder of Crushed Black Pearl, 500gp
6ContingencyStatuette of Self Ivory Gems, 1500gp
6Create HomunculusClay
6Create HomunculusAsh
6Create HomunculusMandrake root
6Create HomunculusJewel-encrusted dagger, 1,000gp
6Create UndeadClay Pot filled with Grave Dirt
6Create UndeadClay Pot filled with Brackish Water
6Create UndeadBlack Onyx, 150gp
6DisintegratePinch of dust
6Drawmij's Instant SummonsSapphire, 1000gp
6Druid GroveMistletoe, harvested with golden sickle under light of full moon
6Find the PathDivinatory Tools: Bone, 100gp
6Find the PathDivinatory Tools: Ivory Sticks, 100gp
6Find the PathDivinatory Tools: Cards, 100gp
6Find the PathDivinatory Tools: Teeth, 100gp
6Find the PathDivinatory Tools: Carved Runes, 100gp
6Find the PathObject from location
6Fizban's Platinum ShieldPlatinum-plated dragon scale, 500gp
6Flesh to StonePinch of lime, water, and earth
6ForbiddanceSprinkling of Holy Water
6ForbiddanceRare incense
6ForbiddancePowdered Ruby, 1000gp
6Freezing SphereSmall crystal sphere
6Globe of InvulnerabilityGlass bead
6Globe of InvulnerabilityCrystal bead
6Gravity FissureFistful of iron filings
6Guards and WardsBurning Incense
6Guards and WardsSmall measure of brimstone
6Guards and WardsSmall measure of oil
6Guards and WardsKnotted string
6Guards and WardsSmall amount of umber hulk blood
6Guards and WardsSmall silver rod, 10gp
6Heroes' FeastGem-Encrusted Bowl, 1000gp
6Instant SummonsSapphire, 1000gp
6Magic JarGem, Crystal, Reliquary or Container, 500gp
6Mass SuggestionSnake's tongue
6Mass SuggestionBit of honeycomb
6Mass SuggestionDrop of sweet oil
6Move EarthIron blade
6Move EarthSmall bag of clay, loam and sand
6Otiluke's Freezing SphereSmall crystal sphere
6Programmed IllusionBit of fleece
6Programmed IllusionJade Dust, 25gp
6Soul CageTiny silver cage, 100gp
6Summon FiendHumanoid blood inside ruby vial, 600gp
6SunbeamMagnifying glass
6Tasha’s Otherworldly GuiseObject engraved with symbol Outer Planes, 500gp
6Tenser's TransformationFew hairs from a bull
6True SeeingOintment for eyes (mushroom powder, saffron, fat), 25gp
6Wall of IceSmall piece of quartz
6Wall of ThornsHandful of thorns
6Wind WalkFire
6Wind WalkHoly Water
7Create MaggenVial of Quicksilver, 500gp
7Create MaggenLife sized human doll
7Create MaggenIntricate crystal rod, 1500gp
7Delayed Blast FireballTiny ball of bat guano & sulfur
7Draconic TransformationStatuette of a dragon, 500gp
7Dream of the Blue VeilMagic item from destination world
7Dream of the Blue VeilWilling creature from destination world
7ForcecageRuby Dust, 1500gp
7Magnificent MansionMiniature portal carved from ivory, 5gp
7Magnificent MansionSmall piece of polished marble, 5gp
7Magnificent MansionTiny silver spoon, 5gp
7Mordenkainen's Magnificent MansionMiniature portal carved from ivory, 5gp
7Mordenkainen's Magnificent MansionSmall piece of polished marble, 5gp
7Mordenkainen's Magnificent MansionTiny silver spoon, 5gp
7Mordenkainen's SwordMiniature platinum sword, grip and pommel of copper and zinc, 250gp
7Planar ShiftForked, metal rod, 250gp (per Plane)
7Project IllusionSmall replica of caster, 5gp
7RegeneratePrayer wheel
7RegenerateHoly Water
7ResurrectionDiamond, 1000gp
7Reverse GravityLodestone
7Reverse GravityIron fillings
7SequesterPowdered diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire; 5000gp
7SimulacrumSnow/ice to creature size
7SimulacrumFingernail, hair or body parts of creature
7SimulacrumPowdered Ruby, 1500gp
7SymbolMercury, phosphorus, powdered diamond and opal; 1000gp
7Temple of the GodsHoly Symbol, 5gp
7Tether EssenceSpool of platinum cord, 250gp
7WhirlwindPiece of straw
8Abi-Dalzim's Horrid WiltingBit of sponge
8Antimagic FieldPinch of Powdered Iron
8Antimagic FieldIron Filings
8AntipathyLump of Alum Soaked in Vinegar
8CloneDiamond, 1000gp
8CloneCubic Inch of Flesh
8CloneVessel, 2000gp
8CloneSalt Water
8Control WeatherBurning Incense
8Control WeatherBits of Earth & Wood mixed in Water
8Dark StarShard of Onyx
8Dark StarDrop of the caster’s blood
8EarthquakePinch of dirt
8EarthquakePiece of rock
8EarthquakeLump of clay
8FeeblemindHandful of clay
8FeeblemindHandful of crystal
8FeeblemindHandful of glass
8FeeblemindHandful of minerals spheres
8Holy AuraTiny Reliquary, 1000gp
8Maddening DarknessDrop of pitch mixed with Drop of mercury
8Mighty FortressDiamond, 500gp
8Reality BreakCrystal prism
8SunburstPiece of sunstone
8SympathyDrop of Honey
8TelepathyPair of linked silver rings
9Astral ProjectionJacinth, 1000gp
9Astral ProjectionOrnately Carved Silver Bar, 100gp
9ForesightHummingbird feather
9GateDiamond, 5000gp
9ImprisonmentVellum Depiction
9ImprisonmentCarved Statuette
9InvulnerabilitySmall piece of adamnatine, 500gp
9Mass PolymorphCaterpillar cocoon
9Ravenous VoidSmall, nine-pointed star made of iron
9ShapechangeJade Circlet, 1500gp
9Time RavageHourglass filled with diamond dust, 5,000gp
9True PolymorphDrop of mercury
9True PolymorphDollop of gum arabic
9True PolymorphWisp of smoke
9True ResurrectionSprinkling of Holy Water
9True ResurrectionDiamonds, 25,000gp