Praise for Personal Education with The Teaching Company

The Teaching CompanyI like listening to something while working. Sometimes it is a podcast, more often it is music. Right now, it is one of The Teaching Company’s courses. The Teaching Company has a compelling, if perhaps niche, angle.  Essentially, they distill university level topics into audio (and some video) courses on a huge range of topics. Each is given by respected and talented lecturers in their respective fields.

I can not recommend them more highly.  For adult education, life learners or non-majors looking to round out their personal knowledge, they are incredible.  Sure, I know there are lots of lecture courses out there but few are well structured & delivered and as comprehensive.

But there is a drawback… they are quite expensive (at least by my economic class). Fortunately, many good public libraries carry some of their courses. Their catalog goes pretty far back, so check dates.  Outdated material and courses get updated.

All that being said, trying to fill out one’s understanding of string theories while designing web content is probably asking a bit much of a mediocre mind like mine.

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