DSM-IV Supplemental Entry: Econopath

General Traits & Warning Signs:

Individual exhibits exceptional glibness and superficial charm, particularly among casual or newly established relationships. Particularly adroit at Congressional Hearing interviews.

Core interpersonal relations centered on hostility and domination. Other people are primarily categorized as victims and assets to be used. Humiliation and dominance displays towards victims prominent, particular when their usefulness is over.

Displays a fundamental inability to recognize the rights of others. Self-serving behaviors at the extreme expense of others not only permissible, but central to their behavior.

Feels a central entitlement to certain things as their inherent right, trumping legal, moral and societal standards.

Exercises extreme facility in lying, to the degree that it is often impossible for them to exhibit veracity on a consistent basis. This often leads to the creation and immersion in complex belief systems about their justifications, abilities and events in the real world.

Belief systems and accounts of events highly malleable to serve needs. Considers others less intelligent by default.

Displays the ability to quickly switch from artificial but convincing portrayals of warmth, joy, love and compassion to aggressive or emotionless states. Engages in inappropriate behaviors (laughter at injury or misfortune of others) when they are stressed or believe their supremacy is assured.

Considers failure, weakness or legitimate emotions in others proof of their superiority over other individuals.

Inability to take responsibility for personal failures or consequences of their actions on the well being of others. In the case of the former, responsibility is shifted to the inadequacy of others or their malice. In the case of the former, they are unable to engage in empathy.


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