Google & T-Mobile G1 Android Phone

All the good stuff is there, but there are several items between the three parties responsible (Google, HTC and T-Mobile) that annoy me.  Some are easy to fix and may change under customer pressure and as delivery date arrives.  Whether they remain unaddressed and end up being dealbreakers remains to be seen.

  • Proprietary headphone jack (requires extUSB dongle… sold separately)
  • No tethering (possibly supported by development if T-Mobile doesn’t block)
  • Special price for new customers only? (Some vagueness about this remains)
  • “Unlimited” Data throttling… 1GB per “period” (So my smart phone becomes dumb if its too smart)
  • No stereo bluetooth (Already announced that this will be supported by later updates)
  • No video capture (Possibly added in later updates)
  • No UMA/GAN (Would have been nice for all us landline-less people)

Since no device or service is perfect, I generally allows three strikes before taking a pass on something that otherwise fulfill my needs.  Any guesses which three of the above are on my personal list?

UPDATE: Who says bitching doesn’t accomplish anything.. T-Mobile has dropped data cap on 3g, will allow tethering and will include the damn dongle for free. All with just 24 hours of internet bitching by the blogosphere.

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  1. October 23, 2008

    […] my last round of whining was so productive, I thought I’d share my new G1 wish/todo […]

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