The Sculpture of John Lopez

I think I first saw the work of John Lopez in an art magazine in a waiting room years ago but neglected to remember the name at the time. I later Googled around for things like “clockwork buffalo” and “scrap metal horse” until I found his work.  It didn’t take long and it was worth it.  I’ve seen his pieces referenced heavily in Steampunk sites and groups, but I think tagging him as a “Steampunk Artist” is a grave disservice and underestimation of his style and voice.

These are monumental works but the way he chooses and refines each piece into something greater than the sum of its parts is integral to their creation story. His western line in particular, fascinates me.  The idea of these rusting pieces of scrap and “junk” languishing in the very landscape that inspires the images they will be transformed into is simply beautiful and perfect.  I don’t want to romanticize any of the ugly parts of the history of the American West, but if anything can be called good can come of those events, this should surely be counted among them.


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