Five More Internet Short Films

Continuing to catch up on the vast number of modern short films I’ve missed over the last couple years. I know I have a heavy preference for science fiction (or speculative fiction as Heinlein would insist), but I’ll see about diversifying a bit in future articles.

In 2017’s Seam, directors Rajeev Dassani and Elan Dassani, share a post-conflict world where sentient machines and humans live in an uneasy truce, divided and separate.  The parallels to our world are unmistakable.

Tom Teller’s 2016 short, Icarus, is set on a Mars colony beset by mechanical issues. Although rich in effects and the traditional trappings of science fiction, the story is deeply and movingly personal, exploring family and sacrifice.  This one is easily one of my favorites yet.

Ross Peacock and Ben Shillito’s 2016 offering, Augmented plays on the corporate profit at any price trope.  The core concepts are interesting and a bit more believable but it lacks any real connection beyond “company bad, revenge”. Could have benefited from a little more character development or motivation.

What is the Star Wars franchise with out fan fiction?  Dark Legacy is no sleeper, and plenty of folks are familiar with it.  The imagery is lovingly created and the choreography is excellent. The story and depth could have used a bit more flesh.  Still, we’ve come a long way from toy sabers in the backyard.

A small band discovers there is some mysterious energy in the music performance… technology fails, things melt, strangeness ensues. From the writer, to the camera work, to the actors, everyone delivers in Dylan Allen’s 2017 short film The Privates.  They could, and should, get a feature length movie out of this.  Also, I want this music.






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