Auto Audio Agony Resolved, Eliminating Stereo Hiss

Cafe Arcane Auto Audio Noise Reduction CableI don’t do a lot of driving, but when I do it is often long trips to visit family or to remote locations for hiking or other outdoor activities.  Rural radio being the wasteland that it is, I absolutely must have some audio entertainment in the car whether it is audiobooks, music or podcasts. A few years ago, I wired a 3.5mm jack into my car stereo so I could plug in most music players.  However, I quickly discovered that if I charged any audio device (iPod, media capable phone, etc) while playing audio over the speakers it picked up some pesky electrical interference that translated into an annoying buzz.

For the longest time I just put up with it, went without charging on shorter trips or alternated charging/listening on longer ones.  I had a hunch that there must be a way to shield the interference but most solutions I found casually searching and talking to audiophiles & electricians involved wiring large, inline devices or fiddling with the car’s electrical system.  Then last week I found this little blessing…


Although the manufacture bills it as “noise reducing”, I found my interference completely removed.  At less than the price of some UNSHIELDED cables, it has totally transformed my listening experience, and with an epic road trip on the horizon, not a minute too late.

Please note, this device is only for removing noise resulting from electrical interference. I have no reason to believe it will affect noise caused by poor/faulty connection in the audio system.  If you only experience noise while your device(s) are plugged in, this solution may work for you.

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