When a “10” Isn’t, Gabriella Cilmi Album

Gabriella Cilmi Album TenI rarely completely pan an artist, but after listening to Gabriella Cilmi’s new album, Ten, I can confidently say that it could not be further from her debue album Lessons to Be Learned, and that is not a good thing in this case.

There is not a single track that compares to Sweet About Me or Sanctuary.  The entire contents of Ten are a plastic-mold injected bad attempt to capitalize on disco-funk nostalgia of all things. Ok, there is a half-hearted bonus remix of Sweet About Me on some versions, but even that just reminds me of how far Ten falls from Lessons To Be Learned.

An eye-candy filled, Barbarella homage video? Really? Could you engage in any more audio ledgerdemain?


I can only imagine that Cilmi was kidnapped by deranged music executives and forced to produce this album to purchase her freedom.  I’ll have to rewatch the video for any hostage hand signs.

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