Catching Fake Social Network Accounts With TinEye

TinEye Image Search PluginTinEye has been a useful tool for some time now:

  • Finding image collection a single image belong to.
  • Tracking down articles that go with orphaned images.
  • And, of course, finding the original source of borrowed images.

Here is another use for it.

In an effort to “game” social networks for various reason (SEO, phishing, etc), people will fabricate online identities.  Often, they’ll borrow the images they use in their profiles to complete the effect.  TinEye offers a nice browser plugin for Chrome which adds a right-click context menu to search for image matches using their (free) service.   Once installed, you have this feature:

As with all software, only install from a reputable source.  In this case, the TinEye plugin can be found on the Official Chrome Web Store.

Got additional uses for TinEye?

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