Bureaucracy in Action… Form of a Pointless Online Application!

Welcome to the Georgia Department of Driver Services web site. We are proud to offer you the ability to update your driver’s license address with this easy, online form.

You need meet only 8 simple requirements (see URL above). In just a few weeks time, we’ll email you an error message. This email will contain instructions on how to reach our office for assistance with your error message. When you call, we’ll be happy to tell you that we don’t know why this error message occurs, what it means or how to resolve it. We can also tell you that since you only get ONE online change (attempt) per renewal period, you won’t be able to use our helpful online application again. All further attempts to use the online application will be automatically rejected and you’ll now have to visit your local Temple of Disgruntled Civil Servants. There, a bored police officer at an obviously non-working metal detector will flirt pathetically with staffers while scowling at your messenger bag and fondling his taser suggestively.

Thank you for using our online application. The Georgia Department of Driver Services is glad they could be service. Please take a moment to add us to your MySpace Friends Space.

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