Bachelor Chow: Dead Simple Chicken Salad Wraps

This is bachelor chow, it is not the culinary arts. The premise is reasonably edible, easy to make, quick and non-fussy ingredients.  These are chicken salad wraps that require no cooking or techniques that should challenge even the most kitchen challenged. If you can throw ingredients at a tortillas and roll it up, then you can make these.

What’s you’ll need:

  • 1 Can of Pre-Cooked Chicken Breast, 5 oz
  • Creamy Salad Dressing (I prefer Ranch or Caesar)
  • 2 Large Tortillas (ready to eat)
  • Lettuce, Raw Mixed Greens, and/or Raw Spinach
  • Cheddar Cheese, Shredded

Drain your pre-cooked chicken and mix with salad dressing; chunky or fine, that’s your call. Don’t over do it or you’ll get a squirt of salad dressing in the eyes on your first bite. Lay both your tortillas out flat and put half of this mix into each in a long row, but leave a couple inches from the bottom edge of the tortillas (for folding later).

Sprinkle shredded cheese along the length of the chicken/dressing row. Then do the same with your salad greens.

Fold a flap of the tortillas at the bottom of the row of ingredients over then fold the flaps on either side over these.  This is a simple burrito wrap.  Watch the folks at Moe’s if want to try the magical origami version. Done right and held properly, you should be able to eat, rather than wear, your chicken salad wrap.

Makes: Two

Cost: $1.50 each

Filling: Quite

Healthy: You could go with fat-free salad dressing and whole grain tortillas but I’d rather you not tell me you did.

There are probably hundreds of variations on the wrap sandwich, experiment and find your favorite combination.  I’m also fond of one I call…


Replace creamy salad dressing with red wine vinaigrette and Dijon mustard.  Replace cheddar cheese with crumbled blue cheese or feta.  Add avocado, tomato and diced onions (all raw) to salad portion.

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