Vietnamese Coffee Makers

I found these in a thrift store ages ago for next to nothing but I’d thought they’d gotten lost in a move or maybe I left them at a LARP.  Imagine my pleasant surprise when they turned up in the dark recesses of a kitchen cabinet that I was cleaning and reorganizing.  Might as well as take the opportunity to tell you how to make an amazing tasty and easy version of coffee.

The process of Vietnamese coffee cups is incredibly simple, basically just a variation of pour-over with a few twists.

  • 3 tablespoons of medium ground Vietnamese coffee*
  • 1-2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk (to taste)
  • 6 ounces near-boiling water

Start your water boiling.

Place your coffee grounds inside the metal brewer and loosely screw down the top.

Pour your sweetened condensed milk in the bottom of a cup.  A glass one makes for a dramatic presentation as the brewed coffee will float above the milk until stirred.  Whatever cup you choose make sure the rim of the coffee brewer can sit securely over the lip of the cup.

Once your water reaches a boil, allow it to cool to just below boiling. Place the coffee brewer on top of the cup and pour a small amount of your hot water over the filter (if it drips through, you used too much).  Wait a few seconds for the grounds to absorb the moisture, tighten the filter snugly, and the pour the remainder of your hot water into the brewer.  This will allow the grounds to expand slightly and open up before the rest of the water begins to filter down through them.

You can add a couple more ounces than specified in this final pour, if you like your coffee a bit milder.

In 3-5 minutes the last of the water should have made its way through the compressed grounds.  Admire your layered wonder for a moment, then stir and enjoy.

* If you can’t find actual Vietnamese coffee, a good quality medium dark roast should stand in fine.


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