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Yes, I’m a long time comic book fan (from before they were popular on hipster t-shirts).  Although, I’ve taken numerous hiatuses and I’m no longer a “collector” I still enjoy the graphic novel medium.  I recently shared my recent reading list with some friends on Google Buzz and asked for their recommendations for things I might have overlooked or otherwise not heard of.  Here’s what I got back:

Recently Read and Enjoyed

  • DMZ
  • Fables
  • Freak Angels
  • Hellblazer
  • Invincible (a guilty pleasure)
  • Jack of Fables
  • Scalped
  • The Boys (another guilty pleasure)
  • The Unwritten
  • The Walking Dead

Recommended by Friends

  • Sinestro Corps War (Did NOT do it for me)
  • Planet Hulk
  • Blackest Night mini-series
  • Chronicles of Wormwood, Vol 1 (Finished)
  • Iron Man: The Armor Wars
  • Knights of the Old Republic (Didn’t really hook me)
  • Queen and Country (Currently reading and enjoying)
  • I Kill Giants
  • Northlanders (Currently reading and enjoying very much)
  • Chew
  • GI Joe: Cobra
  • Gotham Central Police Department
  • Powers
  • Black Summer (Just finished it, loved it.)
  • No Hero
  • The Twelve
  • Welcome to Hoxford (Finished)

Needless to say, I have a lot of stuff to read now.  Thanks for all the recommendations!  🙂

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4 Responses

  1. Tom Morris says:

    As someone that does a comic book podcast, those are some great selections. I’d also recommend some of the recent Amazing Spider-man trades. The Gauntlet arc has been fantastic. Another one i’d recommend is THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SCROOGE McDUCK. It won the Eisner a few years ago.

  2. Mystech says:

    Thanks, Tom! What’s the name and address of your podcast page or feed?

  3. Corry says:

    You should read Wormwood, Miriam is reading it, looks really interesting.

  4. Mystech says:

    Good call on Chronicles of Wormwood. I read the first series recently and have been meaning to try the second one soon!

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