50 Classics: Watership Down

Although work had all but eaten my brain yesterday, I did manage to eventually unwind enough to sit down and finish Watership Down from my slowly shrinking list of 50 Classics. I’d seen the animated version decades ago in bits and pieces and remembered it fondly.  As you’d probably guess, the book is better, giving a deeper and more thorough view of the world of Watership Down.  The book is rich with fanciful lupine culture and society. I found myself having to refer to the glossary several times early on, but you pick it up rather quickly. I suppose there’s just something about English fiction writers and creating their own lexicons.  In any case, I felt the book stood the test of time and memory well.  Although the characters are rabbits, they are not fluff and cuddles.  Themes of death, sacrifice and brutality are common, as well as an obvious examination of certain societal organizations.  Children as well as adults are equally capable of enjoying the novel because of its multiple levels.

And yes, my favorite rabbit is Blackberry. 🙂

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