Twitter in a Nutshell

A friend recently expressed that he just didn’t understand the value of Twitter. He’s not the first person to express confusion. Another had asked me just what exactly it was and why would anyone do it. In short, here’s everything you need to know about Twitter as Joe Internet.

Twitter is a form of micro-blogging. That is to say, short blog entries often made at frequent (some might say irrelevant) intervals.

From the reader perspective micro-blogging is a compromise between the obsessive need to know what is going on and a chronically short attention span.

From the blogger point of view, micro-blogging allows the author to write things just short enough to guarantee they’ll be be read in full by their audience BEFORE said audience can decide that they’d really didn’t want to know about the topic in question anyway.

Congratulations, you are now a hip and in-the-know member of the Intertube community. I look forward to seeing your Twitter account and subscribing you to mine in the next 47.5 seconds.

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