50 Classics: The Call of the Wild

callwild.jpgWhile often consigned the High School reading list, I put The Call of the Wild on my 50 Classics list to read for two mature reasons. Firstly, it captures the gold rush era in an intimate microcosm. While sparing the reader the historical details, it captures the essence of the period from eye-level (eye-level for a dog, at least). Secondly, I never get tired of London’s primordial imagery during the course of Buck’s physical and spiritual journey. If his descriptions of “the Call” do not transport you to the primitive and natural depths of your soul, then I’m saddened at the civilized concrete that has settled around your spirit. Even as a self-avowed “cat person”, I am never unmoved by emotional expanse London endows Buck and his fellow canines with. Always an excellent read for an evening, particularly a cold and bleak one. 🙂

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