Trail Fever

Although you won’t find a warning on the CDC web site, Trail Fever has struck again.  I’ve definitely got all the symptoms… reviewing new gear reports, pouring over trail maps, reading trail condition reports and weighing things down to the quarter-ounce.

Accordingly, Pip and I went on a quick half-day to the Hike Inn / Appalachian Approach Trails near Amicalola Falls last Saturday.  The morning chill wore off soon enough and apparently we weren’t alone in the epidemic.  A little more crowded than I’d like, so I think I’ll advocate some more remote and obscure trails next time.   We have both recently upgraded packs to some lightweight Camelbaks (Blowfish for me, Day Star for her). Both are expandable but small enough to keep us “clutter conscious” about keeping our gear down to reasonable levels.  I’m going to pick up the adapter for my water filter so we can fill them without the need to remove the water bladder or pack in the future.

On a more aggressive note, I’m casting a covetous eye back at the Benton MacKaye Trail… 288 miles one-way (red path).  Possible to do as a series of section hikes, but it (or its 600 mile loop version) sure would make a nice substitute for my Appalachian Trail aspirations.  🙂

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