Low Tide at Golden Gardens Park

starfish_ggWe’ve been experiencing some exceptionally low tide in the Seattle area this week, so midday yesterday, I decided to walk down to Golden Gardens Park and do some beach combing with my camera. Apparently, quite a few people had the same idea but it wasn’t too bad.

I was amazed at the difference the super low tide made in the landscape and the amount of sea floor exposed as a result. I kept looking out at the ozean expecting a tsunami to roll in.  The wildlife, on the otherhand, was having a bonanza.  Crows, gulls, herons and other birds were treated to a normally submerged seafood buffet and the tracks of raccoon could be see at the margins of the beach (though I suspect they were there for the picnic refuse in garbage bins too).

Link to photo album and some short video clips after the cut.

–> View Full Photo Album: Low Tide at Golden Gardens Park

Exposed Geoduck Breathing
[flv:SANY0023.flv 600 338]

Just Some Waves Rolling In
[flv:SANY0026.flv 600 338]

Take That, Annoying Beach Goer
[flv:SANY0040.flv 600 338]

If They Could Bite Me, I’m Sure They Would
[flv:SANY0041.flv 600 338]

Heron Wading in Sand for Prey
[flv:SANY0049.flv 600 338] It did eventually find something and pull it up out of the sand from rather far down.

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    […] and video clips from yesterday’s low tide at Golden Gardens Park, Seattle: https://www.arcane.org/?p=3365 […]

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