Management Powers Combine!

So right now I’m within ear shot of a web design meeting…. funny thing is the only web designer in the company (me) wasn’t invited. I love hearing what is essentially a coven of managers talk about how simple & easier various features and elements will be (knowing they can’t write a line of any programming code known to man).

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5 Responses

  1. implementor says:

    Didn’t you know that an MBA qualifies you to do anything, especially things you know nothing about? šŸ˜‰

  2. Mystech says:

    I’m amazed that MBA holders don’t don capes while in the office. šŸ™‚

  3. syn74x says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. TC used to do that to me all the time… including having a big “architecture” overview meeting… without once discussing it with, or inviting, the folks who came up with the architecture (like, um, me).

    That being said… I never fully considered myself a Manager, and have zero interest in wasting money on an MBA. Managing should be about strategically pulling in the right people to do stuff, not doing it for them.

  4. implementor says:

    The problem with most managers is that they don’t realize that they are there to facilitate whatever the other people there are doing. They get the idea that they know how to execute the job better than the people they hired to do just that. It’s fairly retarded. This is why I like when places hire from within the company for management positions, and hire an accountant to help with financial and business planning. That way, the MBA’s and their retardation gets left completely out of the process :).

  5. Mystech says:

    Now admittedly such meetings go much faster and smoother when management types don’t have the annoyance of non-managers in the way to point out the processes, strengths and limitations of the actual physical processes.

    Indeed, imagine how smoothly an ENTIRE company of such management types would run! Who needs designers, developers and laborers at all. They simply complicate things anyhow. šŸ™‚

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