Commuter Shortcut

I was updating the custom Google Map I keep with all the resources near my place that can be reached on foot or by bike and I noticed that many of the smaller roads that access Peachtree Road and subsequently cross other major roads have been blocked off at some point in the past to through traffic. This is obviously to prevent drivers from using neighborhoods and communities (full of residents, children and pets) as shortcuts, but it got me wondering if those shortcuts were still accessible to pedestrians/cyclists.  On a hunch I explored one on my walk to work this morning.

I was delighted to find that not only was it accessible to pedestrians and cyclists but obviously and intentionally so.  Also along the way I got to see a spot where locals had converted a small, unused plot into a “pocket park”; a small combination playground and sitting park nestled away inside the urban neighborhood. A very nice use of a piece of land too small to squeeze a McMansion on to and too big to let go to waste.

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