Fruit Stands

fruittree.jpgAnd now for your totally non-sequitor post… You know what I’d like to see along my morning walk to work? Good old fashion fruit stand or produce vendor. Not the “poison dates in the Cairo market place, Indie!” sort, but a nice way to grab a single serving of something better than the ubiquitous bagel, biscuit or bar. Sure, I could stock up a produce drawer full of stuff but I like the impulsive choice and idea that its part of my morning routine. I suspect, however, that city regulations, uptight zoning prima donnas and simple logistics work against the possibility here.

And as if that weren’t non-sequitor enough… How about free harvest fruit trees along city streets instead of wortheless ornamental landscaping? Perhaps some blackberry bushes near the pretentious water fountains. Some refreshing grape trellises along that sunny stretch of pavement.

*reaches up and grabs an apple while waiting for the light to change*
Yes, a coworker gave me a particularly good bananna for breakfast this morning. It might have influenced me slightly.

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