Brisk Morning Walk

I walked to work for the first time this morning from my new place.  I decided to use the shorter, less scenic route this time to see what morning traffic and timing would be like. I dressed slightly cooler than normal, which was good since I warmed up fast when walking.  It was a few degrees below freezing but not particularly windy (aside from traffic breeze).  I had the sidewalks mostly to myself except for a few other hardy folks and the occasional business visitor in Buckhead, though I know that would change later in the morning.  The new sidewalks on Peachtree are particularly nice, being broad and well-buffered from the streets.  Overall, pretty uneventful… except for the “cold headache” I got upon entering our over-heated building.

This evening’s walk home will be twilight so we’ll see how that goes.  I might do the longer, more scenic walk tomorrow.  Maybe longer path in the morning, shorter path in the evening.

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