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An iPod full of NPR

In what I consider a double win, I have quite a few NPR (National Public Radio) podcasts on my iPod at any given time. Not only does this allow me to listen to NPR...


Emergency Podcast

No, I’m not producing an Emergency podcast. Rather, I’m offering a brief review of the Weekly Emergency Podcast by Dr. Michael Ehrman. This podcast came to me by way of Podcast Pickle, a pod/vidcast...


The Bear’s Grove Podcast

So there I am looking for new and interesting ways to keep my iPod pegged at 90{a31f233dcfb9a68fbfb0fafc3ce96f3dbf18fa49e3f406b8ddf4c360aa321eb6} full when I came across some gamer podcasts. I had to do a double take at the...