St. John Ambulance First Aid Podcast

stjohn.jpgMy quest to keep my iPod full continues. I’ve subscribed to another wave of promising looking podcasts and I’ll be working my way through them, deleting the noise and keeping the signal. I recently partook of a First Aid podcast by St. John Ambulance and while St. John Ambulance and I would both tell you that while a first aid snippet from a podcast is no substitute for solid medical training, they do are good refreshers and basic do/don’t knowledge for the average jane.

St. John Ambulance is an international charity, based in England, dedicated to the teaching and practice of medical first aid. There are many groups (priories) across different countries, and the collective falls under the direction of the Order of St. John. The order’s mottoes are Pro fide (For the faith) and Pro utilitate hominum (For the service of mankind). (Wikipedia)

I came across their podcast while searching specifically for first aid tips to listen driving to/from hiking trips. Each cast is only a few minutes and focus on a very specific topic. At the time of this post, there were over 20 podcasts, the most current of which addresses Hyperventilation. Although they state these are only for cursory information, I really do wish they’d consider a more indepth and detailed version.

The St. John Amulance First Aid series can be listened to as download, subscribable podcasts or online at their website in a variety of formats.

To learn more visit the St. John’s Ambulance web site.

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