New Year’s Resolutions

Health and Fitness.
My default physical state is reasonable. If left to its own devices, my body will carry a few extra pounds yet remain reasonably servicable. However, with age comes a faster degeneration of both muscle mass and efficiency. I don’t want or need to be a paragon of olympic fitness, but I would like a body that continues to give me the ability to engage in any reasonable level of activity I want to pursue.

Work on my personal business.

Necessity and no other options forced me to take what was side projects and occassional hobby venture (web design outside of the workplace) and turn it into a means of financial support. The last two years have been less than kind to many industries, not the least of which was mine. I’ve learned a lot during that period, and not just technologically. I’ve learned that I am capable of running my own small business. I’ve learned that I am the best AND worst boss I’ve ever had. And I’ve learned it never hurts to have options.

Let More Stuff Go

Stop worrying about or getting involved with stuff that doesn’t concern me. Seriously, it is ok to have opinions, but if something doesn’t affect you, isn’t something you are involved with, learn to let it go, G. There are enough things that need standing up to, defending and involvement without going LOOKING for those things that really are just insignifigant.


As an aside to the fitness issue, I want to get back into the outdoors. It is so easy to stay tethered to the city and the technology that makes up a great portion of my life but I feel I have really been away from the outdoors far too long. Whether by myself or with fellow enthusiasts that needs to change. “Walks in the Park” do not cut it. I want open sky over my head when I sleep and long trails under foot.

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  1. mom says:

    geoffrey well said good for you

  2. laudible. age brings acceptance. you’ll do fine. love dad

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