Twitter Digest: 2009-05-14

  • Riiiiight Apple, Macs don’t crash, they perform “autonomously initiated performance enhancing restarts”. Not an OS-bash, just fair truth. #
  • Now we both know that can’t be it. Macs need absolutely no support whatsoever; they run on sunbeams, unicorn smiles and faerie dust. 🙂 #
  • Wow, I really stirred up a fanboi/grrl hornet’s nest. Honestly, the hardware is nice but the OS is nothing to enshrine. #
  • Incredibad, so bad, its good… well, sorta. #
  • Changing the naming convention of your deliverables doesn’t exactly help when you need fast turn around updates to a site. #
  • Liking The Kills, Midnight Boom album. How’d I miss this? #
  • “Propaganda”, the magazine. Now there’s a flashback. #
  • You ever notice how when anyone pulls a stick from a fire in movies or television it works as a perfect torch (burning steadily & brightly)? #

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