Twitter Digest: 2009-05-13

  • Depending on your tolerance level for pseudo-farians (mine’s high), nice video for commuters about bike security: #
  • Would the continued rise of local, independent media and citizen journalism really be that bad? Local Emphasis, Universal Distribution. #
  • Let’s face it; a good portion of the mega-news providers are simply information cannibalism. Funny considering their take on aggregation. #
  • It’s a good sign for humanity when “Sting” the musician is once again a higher Google search result than “Sting” the wrestler. #
  • Gmail user? What percentage of your limit have you used. I’m sitting at a surprisingly modest 13% (though I’m not an attachment packrat). #
  • Billboard Top USA Singles 2008 play list finally complete… Gee, that only took FIVE months. 🙂 #
  • Renter’s Glossary; When they say “lower level unit”, they mean “basement”. Flee. #
  • Renter’s Glossary; When they say “tucked away”, they mean “demilitarized zone”. #
  • Pump Up The Jam! The Strawberry Jam, that is: #
  • This thing just begs to be made into a high-end or executive business card: #

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  1. Adam Miller says:

    I’m sitting at around 16%. Most of the time my input rate matches the growth rate. Occasional bursts of files being transferred bump it up, but otherwise the overall percentage is nearly constant.

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