Starting a New Regime: P90X

After much chart making, I started the P90X exercise routine this morning.  Its been a while since I followed someone else’s routine instead of one of my own devising.  I’d forgotten all the things that annoy me about most routines*, but I’m going to soldier through it nonetheless and assess whether or not its for me after 30 days (of the 90 day schedule).

For those not familiar with P90X, it’s an intermediate to advanced program designed to target all body areas with a minimal amount of equipment and space. The exercises and schedule are pretty brutal and I found myself going through my Six Steps of Fitness Coping during the course of the first day’s schedule…

  • Optimism
  • Surprise
  • Disgust
  • Anger
  • Delirium
  • Exhaustion

After charting my performance for today’s routine “Abs and Chest/BacK” I got a sobering wake up call about just how little hiking does for those areas (as compared to Legs and General Endurance).

Once I shake off the lingering shame, I may share my Progress, Measurement and Schedule worksheets.

Tomorrow is Plyometrics, which is Greek for “Look Like a Dork”.

* Most routines use exercises that require extremely good form, which beginners and casual users almost certainly have no experience with.  I personally prefer routines that are intuitive and graduate simple forms into more complex/demanding ones. P90X fails in both these regards and is really not appropriate casual work outs.

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