How Not To Cover Your A$$

So I walk into my local Wachovia with a small freelance check to deposit.  Its actually a slow day at the bank and there is no line. I reach the counter as I’ve done dozens of times this year with the signed check and prepare to swipe my bank card to deposit it.  The teller then informs me that I have to fill out various paperwork to deposit.  I assume there is a mistake and explain that I have an account here and only wish to deposit it (no withdrawal).  She persists and I have to ask is this some new policy?  This is one of the two branches I always use and I’ve never been asked to do any of this. She explains that this has always been the case and that I am mistaken.  I suggest that SHE is mistaken and ask to speak to a supervisor. I’m informed that the supervisor is “around here somewhere” and she waves to the other part of the bank suggesting that I go find her without another word.  I thank her for making my banking experience as inconvenient as possible.

Having no luck locating anything resembling a supervisor, I return to work where I look up that branch’s direct number. Calling, I get the same teller (though I don’t recognize it at first).  When I ask to speak to the branch manager I’m asked why.  I explain that I need to register a complaint regarding customer service.  Then things get odd.

The teller says that the manager is not available (but does not offer to let me leave a message). I inquire about an assistant manager.  They are not available either. I ask if I could have their voice mail to leave a message.  I’m told that I can leave my message with her and she’ll make sure they get it.  Uh-huh, sure.  I curtly reply that I’m not comfortable with that and will try again later.

At this point I call the Wachovia Customer Support line and wrangle my way to their regional office.  I gave them the details of my encounter and await follow up.

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