Travel: Superior, MT to Seattle, WA

Sorry about being a day late with this.  Been spending time with family, recovering from drive and generally enjoying the charms of Seattle with Pip by my side.

The last leg of our journey was relatively short in comparison.  We crossed out of Montana and into Idaho.  Although I-90 passes though a narrow point of the state, Idaho more than makes up for the brevity with winding, scenic mountain roads.  Ominous road signs about snow chains and plunging from the roadway were unnecessary as the snow and ice was confined to the mountain sides and trees during our trip through the state.

Cour de Alene was shrouded in clouds as we drove through, making it delightfully somber and eerie.  Pip was hypnotized.

Eastern Washington is an abrupt change; flat plains with small spurs of igneous rock occasionally poking through thin soil.   This becomes quite grand around the Columbia River, however.  The river cuts through millions of years of strata to reveal beautiful layers of lava flows and mineral deposits.  We simply had to stop and hike around a bit.

After the Columbia River, the landscape remains subdued.  Western Washington is radically different and once signs started indicating Seattle was near, it promptly began raining and continued raining until we reached Seattle proper.  I kid you not.  🙂

Dead Dinos:

  • Montana $1.85/gallon
  • Washington $2.02/gallon


  • Starting Mileage, 2008-11-24: 134,861
  • Ending Mileage, 2008-11-23: 135,286
  • Traveled Today:  425 miles

Pictures after the cut.

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