Travel: St. Louis to Mitchell

Technically, we started from some place east of Saint Louis and passed through the city in the wee hours of the morning.  Taking I-70 west we made Kansas City stopping for breakfast and gas along the way.  Pip broke out the knitting on and off working on “the project”.

From Kansas City we headed north on I-29.  That is one STARK drive until Sioux City.   North of Sioux City winter become pretty obvious, frozen rivers and lakes and standing snow on the fields (although none on the roads).  As a former denizen of the southern states, I was surprised to see only one police car in the last several hundred miles.   I used to count myself lucky if I saw less than a dozen on the drive from Atlanta to Raleigh.

Somewhere south of Sioux Falls, Pip took over driving and carried us through to I-90. She probably would have kept going, but I think we are making great time and we stopped for dinner and lodgings in Mitchell, South Dakota.

Notable sites include one Bison (on a park of some sort), a beaver lodge in a lake bordering a rest station and me trying to order iced sweet tea in South Dakota. 🙂

Dead Dinos:

  • Missouri:  $1.78/gallon
  • Iowa: $1.69/gallon
  • South Dakota $1.98/gallon


  • Starting Mileage, 2008-11-22: 133,016
  • Ending Mileage, 2008-11-22: 133,758
  • Traveled Today:  742 miles

Pictures after the cut.

St. Louis Gateway Arch

Missouri Wind Turbine

Iowa Beaver Lodge

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