Travel: Prologue

Yesterday I vacated my studio.  Apartment manager and I did walk through and signed off everything.  A completely painless process.  Looking at my loaded vehicle, I decided to ship one last box via UPS.  Frankly,  an under-packed car appeals to me more on a security and safety level.  Sent it ground, so I’ll probably beat it there.

The first leg of the journey is a prequel to the actual trip, and a drive I’ve made many times before; Raleigh. I’ll be in Raleigh all day today (11/20), and Pip and I hit the road in earnest tomorrow morning.  At some point, she has promised to pack.  We are planning a “dark o’clock” departure from the North Carolina… wish me luck in rousing her and coming away with all ten fingers.

For your viewing pleasure, I give you this familiar treat from the drive from Atlanta to Raleigh:

For those of you all about the data:

Dead Dinos:

  • Georgia:  $1.96/gallon
  • South Carolina: $1.76/gallon
  • North Carolina: $1.99/gallon


  • Starting Mileage, 2008-11-19: 131, 847
  • Ending Mileage, 2008-11-19: 132, 247
  • Total Traveled so far: 400 miles

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