Today’s Incredibly Dull but Efficient To Do List

  • Clean Kitchen 9:00am
  • Clean Bathroom 9:00am
  • Clean remainder of home 9:00am
  • Exercise 9:00am
  • Shave, shower and dress 9:00am
  • Breakfast 9:00am
  • Sort and drop off recycling, take out trash 11:00am
  • Grocery shopping 11:00am
  • Birthday gift shopping 11:00am
  • Department store shopping 11:00am
  • Feed the beast (gas for car) 11:00am
  • Trip to storage unit for possession pruning 11:00am
  • Lunch 2:00pm
  • Check mail 2:00pm
  • Wash, fold, iron laundry (2-3) loads 2:00pm
  • Water, weed and mind plants 2:00pm
  • Restock booze (trip to the Casa de Alcohol) 2:00pm
  • Another Shower & Power Nap 3:00pm
  • Freelance client programming 4:30pm
  • Organize new music (Ripping, ID tags, lyrics, cover art, etc) 6:00pm
  • Work on World Without Us and To Kill a Mockingbird, till whenever
  • Dinner with Guest (Stood up… movies, music and wine instead), till whenever

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2 Responses

  1. Syn74x says:

    Wow, lots on your to-do list. Mind you, the cleaning part sounds like much work until one realizes you have a studio. 😛

  2. Mystech says:

    Yeah, one of the many benefits of realizing that every single American doesn’t need +1200sq feet. 🙂

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