Buckhead Fruitstand

orange.pngI noticed a peculiar truck parked in the lot of one of the businesses along my morning walk to work yesterday. It had large folding panel sides and benches. This morning, there was an older gentlemen stocking it with fruit! Apparently, he has an arrangement with the business owner and parks here in the morning to sell produce from the local farmer’s market. Bought an orange from him and called it breakfast. 🙂

Just for clarification, this is NOT the produce stand across from the Buckhead Barnes and Nobles. This gentleman’s stand is on Maple Drive NE, just south of Peachtree Road.

I only wish his stand were more visible or prominently located, so more people could see it. Maple Drive is mostly local Buckhead neighborhood traffic. If he’s there again tomorrow, I’m going to ask if he’s considered putting up a temporary sign where Maple intersect Peachtree.

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