Seattle Walkabout

Even though the weather was a bit misty today, I decided to walk to a nearby neighborhood to check out a gaming store (man cannot live by MMO alone), Gary’s Games & Hobbies. It turned out to be a cozy shop with a heavy stock of card & board games but a reasonable number of RPGs as well.  They feature some in-store gaming, but nothing that piqued my interest. I meant (and forgot) to check to see if they had an in-store bulletin board.  The website’s a bit lackluster but the staff was nice and the clientele featured all the “usual suspects” of gaming stores. 🙂  No releases that I was looking for, but I’ll definitely drop by again in the near future.

Afterward, I felt vital caffeine levels plummeting so I ducked into the Wayward Coffeehouse for some coffee and wifi.  I immediately noticed something odd about the decor…. numerous references to Browncoats and items on the menus like Mudder’s Milk. I think I’ve stumbled on some not-so-closet Firefly/Serenity fans.  The Serenity Anniversary banner on the wall and these menu specials cinched it:

Yeah, definitely a geek heavy day for me. 🙂

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