Drive-by Thought… “Post PC”? Really, Apple?

So, we are apparently living in a Post-PC world. I’m really glad this has been brought to my attention. Those 1-2 BILLION personal computer owners (versus 15 million iPad owners) out there really need to get with it.  Couple thoughts about this Post-PC world I recently woke up in…

If it is a Post-PC world, why do you still need to plug your device into one to activate it, back it up or restore it?

Can we safely assume that the design and programming of the iPad or iPhone all took place on an iPad or iPhone?  How about all the Apps created for it? How about all the commercial, ads and collateral material? It does raise a great chicken and egg question.

Sorry, but I just don’t buy it.  The personal computer, regardless of the operating system on it, is far from “Post”.  PCs aren’t “trucks”, tablets are more like tricycles.  Sure they are stable, provide a great entry/consumption platform that suits many people’s needs, and can even do some creative/design tasks, but they are not a replacement for a Personal Computer.  They are a supplement.

Given the right niche and need, I would readily recommend them to several types of users.  But let’s turn the Distortion Field down a couple notches and let new technology succeed on its own merits rather than confusing and deceiving people (“First mass-shipped Dual Core tablet”?  Suurrrreee Steve).

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  1. copyboy24 says:

    Agreed. The Post-PC argument would hold just a little more water if you weren’t required to have a PC to activate the iPad. If the solution is “Activate it at work” or “Have a friend activate it for you,” well, then that’s no solution at all.

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