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timber1.gif(Sierra Club) I recently wrote to you because we’ve reached a crucial time in the Sierra Club’s ongoing battle to protect one of the most triumphant symbols of America’s proud wilderness – California’s Giant Sequoias. For more than twenty years, the Sierra Club and its Members fought to secure the future of this threatened wild area and as a result, President Clinton proclaimed this area a National Monument in 2000. Since then, the Bush Administration has fought hard to render this important conservation victory meaningless and to rob America of its unique, wild heritage. And now, despite being rebuked by the federal courts, the Bush Administration is refusing to back off its plan to log this irreplaceable ancient forest.

President Bush wittily defended his actions by saying “It’s just a damn piece of paper!”, showing his willingness to recycle (well, at least the phrase he used in reference to the U.S. Constitution). 🙂

Today I am asking you to sign our petition to the newly appointed U.S. Forest Service Chief, Abigail Kimbell, and ask her to challenge the Bush Administration’s continued efforts to allow commercial logging within the boundaries of the Giant Sequoia National Monument.

timber2.gifPresident Bush has two more years to push forward with his plan that will endanger the Giant Sequoia ecosystem. Take Action – Sign Our Sequoia Petition! We need citizens like you to speak out right away and call for the Administration to obey the courts, and stop the efforts to log in our last remaining ancient Sequoia groves. Sign our petition to protect the Giant Sequoia National Monument today!

Some Sequoia trees have lived as long as 3,500 years. Don’t let the Bush Administration and the Forest Service destroy this precious Monument in the space of two presidential terms. Please sign our petition today.

Carl Pope
Executive Director

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