Annual World Press Photo Contest Winners

(World Press Photo) The annual World Press Photo contest is at the core of the organization’s activities. It offers an overview of how press photographers tackle their work worldwide and how the press gives us the news, bringing together pictures from all parts of the globe to reflect trends and developments in photojournalism. First, second and third prizes are awarded in ten categories – for picture stories as well as for single images – to encourage the submission of across-the-board as well as in-depth news photography. Entries are judged for their news value and on the photographer’s creative skills. In the case of stories and portfolios, the edit of the material submitted is also taken into account.

Mystech: Warning, many of the images are intense and graphic; all are very stirring. I found myself having to take short breaks between viewing them all, just to let the full impact of some of them seep in and diffuse before viewing the next set. A link to the full gallery and some the ones that moved me the most are at the end of the article.

The winner of the World Press Photo of the Year, together with winners of first prizes (both for stories and for single images) in each category, receive a cash prize and a return air fare with hotel accommodation for the awards ceremony in Amsterdam.

World Press Photo of the Year Award

The main overall prize, the World Press Photo of the Year, is awarded for the single photograph that is not only the photojournalistic encapsulation the year, but represents an issue, situation or event of great journalistic importance, and does so in a way that demonstrates an outstanding level of visual perception and creativity. It has come to be regarded as the most prestigious international award for photojournalism in the world.

The award carries a cash prize of EUR 10,000, as well as expenses to travel to Amsterdam for the Awards Days in April. The winner also receives one of Canon’s latest professional digital cameras, and is given a solo exhibition within the context of the World Press Photo exhibition in Amsterdam.

The Golden Eye Awards

In each category both the photographer of the best single picture and the photographer of the best picture-story/portfolio receive a Golden Eye Award and a cash prize of EUR 1,500, together with sponsorship of their trip to Amsterdam for the awards ceremony. Winners of second and third prizes and those receiving honorable mention receive a Golden Eye Award and a diploma.

My Choices:

I initially had a list of of direct links to the images that I found particularly moving, but I simply can’t isolate them out of their context and the collection as a whole. Sorry, but I think it would weaken the impact of several of the photograph series to do so.

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  1. roger fortier says:

    What? No Anna Nicole, Britany, Cruise, Bennifer, Brad, Anjela, et al? What kind of news is this anyway? Snark, Snark!

  2. Mystech says:

    Sarcasm duly noted. 🙂

    Despite the best efforts of the White House and Fox News, there are a few journalists and photo-journalists left in the world.

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