Puppies & Kittens: A Break From the Descent of America

By request, I’ll be spreading out the news of the ongoing centralization of power in the Unites States with other articles to avoid chronic depression in my visitors. I figure I’ll stick with perennial crowd pleasers of animals, which no one completely hates (with the possible exception of Dick Cheney) and technology, which I feel comfortable writing about in a glossy-eyed sort of technophile sort of way. Without further ado, here is your Puppies & Kittens post of the day.

petpeek.jpgDoes your dog languish behind a fence, despondently isolated from the wonders of the outside world? Other than the occasional walk or doggie-date, does she spend her time scratching out the days on a calendar tree and working on her prison tattoos? Well, no more! Now you can literally give your dog a window to the outside world with Pet Peek. From the Pet Peek website:

Pet Peek, The Window for Your Fence can easily make that possible. The Pet Peek is a durable, clear, hard plastic dome 9.5 inches in diameter, with a black trim-ring and all necessary hardware for easy do-it-yourself installation into your wooden fence. It is an attractive addition to your fence. Dogs are curious, they want to know what’s happening out there! Help satisfy their curiosity and make it possible for them to have a peek. Each PetPeek™ window $29.98 plus S&H. Visit the PetPeek website to order and for more information.

catdoor.jpgAs we all know, cats are far more responsible and intelligent than dogs, so they not only get a peek at the outside world but they get to indulge themselves in it. While cat doors are not uncommon, they create a security risk in neighborhoods with strays, door-to-door salesmen and other wildlife such as squirrel terrorists. Borrowing inspiration from our immigration and travel policy, the folks at PetGadget now carry the Infrared Locking Cat Door. From the PetGadget Website:

Give your cat the freedom he desires by installing a cat door that will allow admittance to him and him alone. You’ll never have to deal with strays entering your home with the Infrared locking cat door, which communicates with a key worn on your pet’s collar. The cat door’s four-way manual locking system will allow you flexibility in mandating your pet’s movements. Choose from: In Only, Out Only, In and Out, or Locked, which denies access from either side. The Infrared Locking Cat Door is appropriate for cats up to 15 pounds. Visit the PetGadget website to order and for more information.

jitterbug.jpgFinally, not to exclude those barely pets, such as lizards, amphibians and snakes… Does your “kind of a pet” sullenly munch dried meal worms or other long expired treats? Does he/she/it long for the stimulation and challenge of live prey that their ancestors used to have when they stalked us in prehistoric times? Well, you can fulfill this primitive need with the Jitterbug Vibrating Feeding Dish. Also from the PetGadget Website:

The Jitterbug Vibrating Feeding Dish is a great alternative to feeding live insects. It makes food come alive and triggers feeding behavior in insectivorous reptiles. It is battery-operated and features a five- minute auto shut-off for long battery life. Visit the PetGadget website to order and for more information.

If all this fails to temporarily distract and amuse you, I have no choice but to send you to CuteOverload, the home of all things “awwwwwwh”.

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10 Responses

  1. Morgan says:

    Lemon could get that for her dogs, but Hugo’s head would probably get stuck and then I’d be sad and cry, because I love him best.

  2. Mystech says:

    I personally think the outside of the PetPeek should be painted to resemble an astronaut helmet, fishbowl or toilet bowl. Take your choice, all look funny or appropriate around a dog’s face. Think of the photo opportunity! 🙂

  3. Pipistrella says:

    My only objection is that the dog wouldn’t be able to catch scents through the little window. That, and your snide Cat Person remarks.

  4. Mystech says:

    Good point, some air holes in the PetPeek would greatly improve the experience for the dog.

    Snide? Sorry, I must have been channeling my inner cat. 😉

  5. Kathymonster says:

    I’d have to get multiple portholes for my mutt, and then pray he doesn’t get his head stuck in them!

    Thank you for the distraction…much better than some other RL issues that are going on.


    PS: The STOA would like a retraction concerning the insinuation that they would stoop to using a cat door to enter a target residence. Squirrels are, after all, higher up on the intelligence scale than that, and why use a ground entrance when attic eaves are much more compatible?

    *giggle* couldn’t resist…

  6. Mystech says:

    With the squirrels its not so much an issue of intelligence or stooping. You see, we are talking about a creature that collectively and individually has no higher goal than the complete and total destruction of our way of life. They eagerly hurl themselves upon electrical transformers to start fires and cut off vital power supplies, as well as lunging in front of vehicles to cause wrecks. Suffer thee not a squirrel!

  7. Lemon says:

    “As we all know, cats are far more responsible and intelligent than dogs, so they not only get a peek at the outside world but they get to indulge themselves in it.”

    Bwah, please. Outdoor cats are a bane, the poor things. It’s not their fault because they’re just being cats, but people who let their cats roam are irresponsible, and despite always swearing that THEIR cats don’t do that, the damn things wind up loose in other people’s yards, killing chipmunks and birds. My mother has had to have several carted off by animal control.

    The pet peek is so thoughtful, but I do not recommend it for MinPins. Mine is nosy enough and barks at EVERYTHING ON EARTH. In fact, I’m considering outfitting her in a little blindfold when I put her out so that she can’t interact with the outside world anymore. Besides, we have the ever-klassy white trash Pet Peek, the small hole in the wood fence that is juuuust large enough for Ripper to stick her head through and bark at people.

  8. implementor says:

    So, we’re taking a break from the descent of our nation to talk about standard chinese restaurant fare?


  9. Mystech says:

    Ducks? Why, I love Peking Duck!

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