Who Do You Look Like?

Or alternatively… Who Looks Like You?  A couple folks have commented my passing familiarity to T.E. Lawrence in a few photos. That’s cool, it helps me feel justified in my desire to lounge around in Bedouin clothing, much to the chagrin of Homeland Security. I recently came across an old historical photo which contains another startling similarity regarding Gollwyn and I wanted opinions from folks that know him.

I mean, come on!  It looks just like Gollwyn AND he’s sitting with Joseph Stalin.  Its not photoshopped, I swear!  I have my suspicions that Gollwyn is actually an immortal Communist at this point, but I’ll accept other reasonable explanations, like time travel.  🙂

So, who do YOU look like?  Pictures welcome, will post.

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20 Responses

  1. Shieldhaven says:

    At Barnes & Noble, many of my cow orkers insisted (to my confusion) that I looked like Oscar Wilde. I don’t see it, so much.

  2. Mystech says:

    I think I can see what they mean, Shieldhaven. Around the eyes and nose particularly. Wilde’s hair, head and mouth though are different enough to throw the comparison off if I get too picky.

  3. Morgan says:

    I’ve been told I resemble Drew Barrymore when I’m carrying a little extra weight (same chin).

    YOU look like Sean Maher, who played Simon Tam in Firefly.

  4. Suibhne says:

    No one has ever pointed out anyone I resemble. I find this frustrating come Halloween since the best costumes are for things you can pull off without too much effort 🙂 I am vastly entertained by the picture of Gollwyn and concur he’s probably an immortal Communist.

  5. Imperatrix says:

    Yep. It’s Gollwyn. Could be worse. People have been telling me I look a lot like Vanessa Williams. Snu?

  6. tomdpimp says:

    I’ve been told many times that I look like Jim Brewer from SNL. When you had glasses I would say you reminded me of some Pictures I had seen of Trotsky.

  7. Pipistrella says:

    I’m told that Cher has been impersonating me in public in an attempt to win recognition in the LARP world.

  8. Pipistrella says:

    For Morgan – Have you noticed that Lemon looks like Drew Barrymore too? It’s the smile.

    For Suibhne – from some angles Julianne Moore looks like you.

  9. Mystech says:

    Morgan, you absolutley look like Drew Barrymore. This is indisputable. Imperatrix, I think the Vanessa Williams things is a passing similarity; similar eyes but completely different nose and your features are more elfin, imho (all of which is a good thing). Suibhne, I’m not sure who you resemble, but whoever they are, they’re lucky. Jim Breuer isn’t a bad comparison either, Tom, but got to talk about that Trotsky thing. 🙂

  10. Mystech says:

    Lol, Pip as Cher, I’d almost forgotten! Who is the actress in your LJ icon again too? The resemblance isn’t as strong but that expression is all Pip. 🙂

  11. Jeremiah McCoy says:

    I have never been told I look like someone but I have been told I sound like the voice of Garfield from the old cartoon.

  12. Mystech says:

    You’ve got a great voice, Jeremiah. I’ve listened to your podcast.

  13. Lemon says:

    Morgan–I get Drew Barrymore too, especially when she does red hair or does a Charlie’s Angels movie. ALL the TIME. And recently I’ve gotten Julia Stiles, which is somewhat inexplicable to me.

    Regarding the original post: I am laughing to hard to respond at this time.

    Suibhne looks like Julianne Moore.

  14. Chinook Wind says:

    That IS Gollwyn. Uncanny!

    I’m told I look like Janeane Garofalo; I think it’s more the attitude and the sarcasm than the looks. Somehow, both my sisters look like Sandra Bullock, but apparently I look like my dad and therefore ended up with Garofalo. Sigh!

    Suibhne, you look remarkably like Julianne Moore, actually.

  15. Joie says:

    I get the, “You look like someone famous,” thing at least once a week. I can’t list all the comparisons I’ve gotten so far (nor can I remember them), but the three that seem to pop up most often are Mena Suvari (but only in goth club gear, for some reason), Christina Ricci (mainly during her blonde/redhead period), and most frequently Kirsten Dunst.

    I also conclude that Gollwyn is an immortal communist. Or a least it runs in the family, since the guy in the pic could be an ancestor.

    As for you, something about you strongly reminds me of Aaron Eckhart.

  16. Mystech says:

    For the record, the first Google Images search for “Julianne Moore” is nice but not exactly work safe. You’ve been warned (may want to turn your Google image search to “moderately safe” in the workplace). A safer version which supports the similarity can be see here:

    or here


  17. Imperatrix says:

    Something else you might want to consider trying:


    Yes, you do have to register, but that’s what hotmail is for, right? 😉

  18. Pipistrella says:

    That’s Louise Brooks in my LJ icon. I actually look nothing like her. It’s just a very grainy still and a similar haircut – although my hair has grown out now.

    I have seen pictures of Cher that looked embarrassingly like me.

  19. Gieseppi says:

    I realy think Gollwyn is pulling a fast one on all of us. He’s been around since the beginning of time but doesn’t want us to know.

    Yes I could realy see Pipistrella as Cer or the other way around.

    Ok, don’t laugh, I get this all the time, it was so bad at D*C last year that Mertii and I did an interview with some web thingy (I can’t remember but I bet mertii can) Ron Jeremy. I’ve gotten it a few times in the past but ever since That TV show the Sureal Life, I get it at work, I get it at Con, I get it in the grocery store……

  20. jigsawdiva says:

    the funny thing is I couldn’t remember who Gollwyn was supposed to be.. UNTIL I saw the picture. That’s pretty eerie.

    Pip, no, no, no. Not Cher. Patti Smith. You’re better-looking of course.

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