Simple Comparisons & Paradoxes

  1. Investment Industry Bailout = Government Financial Stewardship
  2. Universal Healthcare = Abomination
  1. Domestic Erosion of Civil Rights = Patriotic Protection of America
  2. Domestic Erosion of Civil Rights = Enemies of Freedom & Democracy
  1. Highest Incarceration Rate in the World = Firm stance on crime
  2. $232 Million in taxpayer dollars to a private CEO = Defending America’s Founding Principles
  1. 300,000 dead = Genocidal Madman
  2. 1,000,000 dead = Liberating Hero
  1. Profiteering through Hazardous Pharmaceuticals = Supporting US Medical Ingenuity
  2. Legalized Marijuana = Undermining Society
  1. Plunging Dollar & Plummeting Employment = Economic Adjustment
  2. Balanced Budget & Fiscal Responsibility = Failing to secure America’s security needs

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3 Responses

  1. implementor says:

    Personally, I think the investment industry bailout is an abomination as well. Bad financial decisions by private businesses, even big ones, should be met with the failure of those businesses. Sure, it hurts for a little while, but it’s not the long, widespread hurt that a weak dollar produces.

    And Universal Healthcare is an abomination. Ask the people waiting months and sometimes years for surgeries that can be scheduled here in a couple of weeks. I’d rather not have my healthcare run by the same people that run the DMV.

  2. Mystech says:

    I know your reasons aren’t founded as much in the anti-health care talk show propaganda, as they are in your dislike of government in general. I actually respect that motivation more, Imp.

    The “backlog” theory is a very popular piece from the play book. The case is that NOW in a purely private health care system you are in a back log dictated not only by your ability to afford treatment but by whether or not a wealthy individual has effectively outbid you for supplies & services.

    But we do options… ‘After all, you just go to an emergency room’ — George W. Bush. 🙂

  3. implementor says:

    Truthfully, it’s not only because of that, it’s because I think that healthcare is a service that can be delivered better by the private market than it can be by government.

    In a purely private environment like the one we have in this country, there isn’t any significant backlog due to whether someone has “outbid” you for supplies and services, there are enough doctors and medical professionals out there in our market that medical care is available whether you’re wealthy or not – a wealthy person pays the same amount for knee surgery as a non-wealthy person does, and doesn’t get it done any more quickly, either.

    Contrary to the socialized medicine propaganda machine, there are very, very few people in this country that aren’t either covered by government health insurance or truly can’t afford health insurance, the actual number is around 3%. There are, however, quite a few people that simply don’t want to pay for health insurance for themselves and their family in this country, and would rather spend that money on other things. We shouldn’t scrap our entire system, which does work very well (again, contrary to socialized medicine propaganda), and provides services in a quick and efficient way simply because there are people who are irresponsible and don’t want to pay for health insurance that they can afford.

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