Welcome to Springville

Maybe I’ve been chomping at the bit to run Ten Candles for too long, but this came to me during lunch today and I need to get back on writing (anything). So here you go…

Welcome to the town of Springville!
Population: 4,172

The alert broadcast system gave us hours of warning before the darkness came again. Stay vigilant, look out for each other, stay indoors and report if anyone goes missing. We’re a strong community, proud of what we’ve built here. Neighbors look out for each other here. Even with the phones and radios down, we signaled from house to house with lights and made sure everyone was safe in OUR town. Three days, we never wavered, we all made it through. The darkness passed on to the next town for now.

You are now leaving the town of Springville!
Population: 4,838

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