The Arts of LARP, Finished Review

After a long break, I wrapped up my reading of David Simkins’ The Arts of LARP.  Not going to lie, the last third was significantly slower read.  I had hoped it would cover more utilitarian topics and suggestions for LARP, but that was not to be.  So if you’re a LARP veteran out there and are looking to write that book, still plenty of opportunity in that area. 😉

Instead, the last third of the book is heavily dedicated to literary, philosophical and academic, with some bonus material on technology in LARP.  While it isn’t what I’d hoped, it will definitely be of interest to many folks looking for introspection into the social/cultural significance of LARP.

Overall I don’t regret reading the book, but it feels like the first third was written for folks with little or no knowledge of LARP that want a high level introduction.  The middle third might be targeted at an audience with experience with LARP looking to broaden their understanding of other LARPs in comparison and contrast.  And the last third feels like it would appeal to an academic analysis of LARP (with a few loose ends tied up).

No regrets but it might it might be a tough read since these three appeals seem somewhat mutually exclusive.


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