LED Covid-19 Mask Project

So this was inspired by a a cheap clearance purchase from one of those Chinese “random crap” websites. Its a matrix of LED lights, tiny USB battery back and Bluetooth module. They are typically sewn into shirts, bags, hats, etc as a novelty way to display custom programmable simple dot-images and text. I decided it would make an wonderful component of a Covid-19 mask!

I created a sleeve to hold the screen, battery and cabling, but had to beg some help off a friend to get the straps and fitting closer to “mask shaped” *. Still needs a bit of refinement but something to while away the time. The electronics are removable, allowing it to be cleaned, but ultimately it is neither as comfortable or affordable as a nice, reusable mask.

However, it was a lot of fun to put together and customize the messages… including a special one for Ormewood Park. 😉

* I am legendarily bad with fiber crafts, and once set a sewing machine on fire by accident.

See more images and video:


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